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Here are listings for A&E Biography (and other prime-time evening programs), and here's a link for A&E Biography videos.
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A&E Programming Schedule

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NOTE: We are listing both EST/Pacific Time and individual television ratings.
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[NR] = Not Rated, news-related program.

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Monday, March 1, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Disappearance of
Madalyn Murray O'Hair
At first there seemed to be little prayer of
discovering the truth when the founder and family
of the American Atheist Organization vanished
into thin air.
This is the story of how an enterprising
reporter, a private investigator and federal
authorities unraveled the mystery behind the 1995
disappearance of Madalyn Murray O'Hair, her son
and his daughter. Interviews with detectives,
press and those closest to the case discuss how
justice was finally served. 

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Sammy "The Bull" Gravano
Explores the fascinating life of the Mafia's
best-known "rat." Sammy Gravano shattered the
mythical Cosa Nostra and revealed its seamiest
secrets to the world when he broke the Mafia's
blood oath of silence and testified against his
boss, John Gotti.

9-10pm -- Angel of Death: Killer Nurse - 
Charles Cullen is a nurse who says he killed as
many as 40 of his patients. In this compelling
hour, we look at the case through the eyes of his
victims' relatives and friends and a person who
claims to have survived one of Cullen's attacks.
Plus, expert psychologists and criminologists
help us understand the phenomenon of doctors and
nurses who take it upon themselves to play God.

10-10:30pm -- AIRLINE - For Better for Worse
Wedding bells are ringing at Southwest Airlines,
but not everything is going according to plan. In
Chicago, a passenger on her way to her nuptials
is denied boarding because she's too drunk to
fly. In Hollywood, a stuntman anxiously waits
with an engagement ring for his girlfriend -- but
will she show up? And pilots John Trumble and
Annie Fitzgerald elope to Las Vegas. 

10:30-11pm -- AIRLINE - High Spirits
Our look behind the scenes at Southwest Airlines
features the long-awaited Southwest Spirit party,
where the booze and music encourage supervisors
Mike and Yolanda to reveal their wild side. In
Chicago, seven women traveling to Las Vegas for a
bachelorette party hit the bar when their flight
is delayed. And some members of The Faithway
Doves, a family of gospel singers, are a little
jittery about flying. Will prayer help calm their


Tuesday, March 2, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Eliminating the
Elections for state office don't usually get much
coverage in the national press, but the 1998
Tennessee State Senate contest between Tommy
Burks and Byron "Low Tax" Looper is a notable
Learn how Burks, the heavily-favored incumbent,
was murdered at his farm with a single bullet to
the head. Investigators reveal what they found at
the scene and how they pieced together the case
against Looper. Disappearing days after the
murder was committed, detectives delved into his
past to find a man obsessed with power and
seemingly willing to do anything to win.
Maintaining his innocence, hear Looper's own
version of the story in a riveting jailhouse

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY®: Bada Bing Biography - Bugsy
Profile of the gangster who built the Flamingo
hotel and is credited with turning Las Vegas into
a gambling mecca. When Bugsy busted his budget,
the boys took a one-term write-off on his
account--his bullet-riddled body was found in

9-11pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Murder
Illustrated/Blood Relations & Killer on the
Strip/The Doll Murder
Investigators turn to the new field of sexual
homicide inquiry to reopen a case of sexual
mutilation, and forensic experts using
alternative light sources find evidence on a
shirt that traps a killer 20 years after his
crime. Then, a detective who works on the
unsolved murders of prostitutes tracks down a
murderous john; and a landlord's discovery of 25
panties stuffed inside a furnace helps solve the
grisly murder of a well-known socialite. (2-hour


Wednesday, March 3, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Trial of Louise
On February 4th, 1997 in the quiet Boston suburb
of Newton, Massachusetts, police received a
frantic 911 call from an 18-year old babysitter
that the child in her care had stopped breathing.
When the baby died shortly thereafter, Louise was
charged with murder, despite strident claims of
From the fateful phone call to the shocking
reversal of the verdict by the judge, re-examine
the headline case through interviews with the
maternal grandmother, the police, the doctors who
realized that the infant's injuries were old, and
a juror. 

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY®: Bada Bing Biography -
Genovese: Portrait of a Crime Family
A look at how the Genovese Family put the
"organized" into "organized crime", then backed
it up with a ruthless determination to remain
all-powerful in the mob world. Using rare
historical footage and new interviews with mob
experts, we reveal the family's tale through the
life stories of its four most charismatic bosses:
Charles "Lucky" Luciano, Frank Costello, Vito
Genovese, and Vincent "The Chin" Gigante.

9-10pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - A Mother's Story of
When Debbie Milke was sentenced to death for
allegedly arranging the murder of her
four-year-old son, the case was dogged by
controversy, largely owing to her mother's
Presenting a balanced and thoughtful look at the
Milke case, attorneys, detectives and private
investigators offer their insights and opinions,
and Milke offers her version of what really
happened in a rare audio interview. Milke's
mother, Janka, details what she sees as the
unfairness of the situation, contending that her
daughter was convicted and sentenced based on the
uncorroborated evidence of one police officer and
character testimony from embittered family
members. Was Milke guilty of facilitating the
murder of a little boy whom she considered an
"inconvenience," or is she yet another example of
the carelessness with which American courts
dispense the death penalty?

10-11pm -- Journey to Middle Earth: The Lord of
the Rings: The Return of the King - 
A behind-the-scenes look at the sets, special
effects, and people who made "The Lord of the
Rings" the most popular movie trilogy of all
time. Includes a trip to a pub with the Hobbit
boys and interviews with director Peter Jackson
and actors Viggo Mortensen, Ian McKellan, Miranda
Otto, and Orlando Bloom.


Thursday, March 4, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Atlanta Child
For nearly two years, Atlanta headlines
reverberated with stories of unspeakable terror
and loss as 29 African-American children were
killed, all but six of them teenagers or younger.
A lengthy federal investigation ensued, and Wayne
Williams was found guilty of mass murder.
Some still believe, however, that Williams was
not the killer, claiming that the prosecution
withheld evidence, and that white supremacists
were at least partially responsible.
Investigators, lawyers and police maintain that
the Klan was not involved. Hear from former FBI
profilers and Williams himself about this
controversial case.

8-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Cop Killer/Evil Twin
& Pride & the Fall/The Nail File
After 46 years, LA homicide detectives take a
Lover's Lane bandit who also gunned down two
police officers into custody. Next, DNA testing
helps lead police in Florida to a suspected
killer, however the killer has an identical twin.
Who is the real killer? Then, a woman's fall from
a cliff in the Grand Canyon leads police to
uncover a series of grisly murders, and
investigators smoke out a killer when they find
crucial DNA evidence on his cigarette butts.
(2-hour version)

10-11pm -- With Malice - Reading, Writing, &
Detective Inspector Vivien Friend (Samantha
Spiro) and Detective Constable Rosie McManus
(Lindsey Coulson) suspect that a teacher who was
pushed out of his fifth-floor window was killed
because he witnessed an ex-pupil stab a homeless
man to death. But they find the crime is even
more sinister when their investigation leads to a
school headmaster with a very dark secret.


Friday, March 5, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The California
Killing Field
Charles Ng's 13-year crime spree began with petty
theft in San Francisco and ended with mass murder
and suicide in police custody.
Drawn from interviews with international law
enforcement, relatives of key protagonists and
the attorneys who argued the case, this is an in
depth review of Ng's long and sordid criminal
history from robbing a hardware store to the
gruesome discovery of mutilated corpses and
burned human bones on his property. Fleeing to
Canada to avoid trial, Ng was finally extradited
and sentenced to death. This is the full story of
the most expensive prosecution in California

8-10:30pm -- Escape from Alcatraz (movie)
The story of Frank Morris, the only man
ever to escape from Alcatraz, the notorious
Federal maximum-security prison built on an
island off San Francisco's coast and surrounded
by shark-infested waters. Clint Eastwood plays
Morris, who plots his escape with incredible
patience and ingenuity under the watchful eyes of
the haughty warden, played by Patrick McGoohan.
Fred Ward and Jack Thibeau co-star as two of
Clint's best pals in the slammer. (1979)

10:30-11pm -- AIRLINE - Winners & Losers
A passenger tries to con his way onto a Southwest
Airlines flight, a customer service supervisor
must find volunteers to leave two overbooked
flights, and flight attendants help a "Price Is
Right" contestant practice before the taping of a
show in this series that reflects our love-hate
relationship with commercial aviation. 


Saturday, March 6, 2004

7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Spokane: Predator
in the Parks
They were one of the most respected families in
Spokane--the father, a decorated WWII veteran who
became managing editor of the oldest newspaper in
Washington State; the mother, a former model and
charm-school matron widely regarded as the social
matriarch of the town. Then, in 1978, a serial
rapist began terrorizing the quiet,
family-friendly city. When police arrested the
couple's only son for the crimes, the Coe
family's whole world crumbled. Narrated by Paul

8-9pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Body of Evidence:
The Tom Capano Trial
Thomas Capano was a powerful, wealthy
well-connected man. A former Delaware prosecutor,
Capano was also mixed up in an affair that ended
in tragedy on June 27, 1996.
Retrace every link in the chain of events that
followed the disappearance of Capano's ex-lover,
Anne Marie Fahey. Though Capano soon became the
lead suspect, it wasn't until two years later,
when his brother confessed to assisting him with
the gruesome burial at sea, that the case finally
broke. Investigators and attorneys recount
Capano's admission that he dumped Fahey's body
into the water, while simultaneously claiming she
was the victim of another lover's jealous rage.
Review the press, publicity and inside
information to consider whether you think the
conviction should be overturned.

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - License to Kill/The
Tell-Tale Mark/The Supermarket Mystery
A quarter of a century after the murders of two
nurses, Canadian police suspect that a former
Toronto cop committed the crimes. A blow to the
head of a garbage collector in San Jose leaves
strange markings, and decades later a detective,
with help from forensic science, matches the
markings to the etchings of a vintage bar sign.
And, California police hope that DNA will help
them track down the man who stabbed and killed a
woman as she sat in her parked car in front of a
supermarket in 1985.

10-12am -- A&E's Live by Request Starring Kenny
Chesney - 
The contemporary country singer takes viewers
requests live from Nashville, Tennessee.


Sunday, March 7, 2004

7-8pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Natalie Wood
Her scene-stealing performance in the 1947
box-office surprise "Miracle on 34th Street"
ensured 9-year-old Natalie Wood a place in
moviegoers' hearts, and she later wowed audiences
in Rebel without a Cause and "Splendor in the
Grass". Offscreen, Wood struggled with
depression, attempted suicide, married actor
Robert Wagner twice, and drowned while boating
with Wagner and Christopher Walken. Includes
interviews with sister Lana Wood and daughters
Kate and Courtney Wagner.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Charles Manson
Profile of the drugged-out, hippie-like guru
whose followers murdered actress Sharon Tate and
six others in 1969. Includes interviews with
Manson and three of his gang, prosecutor Vincent
Bugliosi, and author Dominick Dunne, who
describes the fear that gripped Los Angeles after
the murders.

9-10pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - The Manson Women
A look at the hippie girls who gave unswerving
loyalty and love to their crazed guru, Charles
Manson. The group includes Susan Atkins, Leslie
Van Houten, and Patricia Krenwinkel, who followed
Manson's orders to commit mass murder, and
Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, who tried to
assassinate President Ford.

10-11pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Sharon Tate
Story of the beautiful actress who was brutally
murdered by the Charles Manson gang in 1969 while
she was 8-months pregnant with director Roman
Polanski's child. Includes interviews with friend
Mia Farrow and sister Debra Tate, and clips from
a 1984 interview with Polanski that reveal his
feelings about Sharon, their marriage, and her
The fourth Matt Helm movie was cancelled due to this murder


Monday, March 8, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Brutal Revenge
Sheila Bellush was a beautiful young mother who
gained fame in her San Antonio community after
giving birth to quadruplets. But when the
children were nearly two, she was murdered in her
kitchen, leaving the children alone with their
dead mother for nearly 7 hours. 
Within a week, investigators traced the murder
scheme back to Sheila's ex-husband, Allen
Blackthorne. At trial, prosecutors claimed that
Blackthorne had offered $4,000 to have Sheila
beaten and added a $50,000 bounty if she was
maimed or killed. But the links between
Blackthorne and the killers were so tenuous, that
more than two years passed before he stood trial.
Watch crime-scene reports, expert legal analysis
and interviews with police, jurists and lawyers
on both sides for a shocking tale of brutal

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Simon Cowell
Profile of the smarmy, abrasive, and popular
British judge from the hit TV series "American
Idol". Includes some of the most outrageous
putdowns of "Idol" contestants by "Mr. Nasty",
the story of how he became a successful music
promoter before making it big on TV, and
interviews with girlfriend Terri Seymour and
"Idol" co-stars Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and
Ryan Seacrest.

9-10pm -- Who Killed Kathy Durst? - 
An investigation into the bizarre story of Robert
and Kathy Durst. Kathy disappeared mysteriously
20 years ago, and her husband Robert, the
eccentric millionaire real-estate heir, was
acquitted in November 2003 of the murder and
dismemberment of his elderly neighbor in Texas.
Kathy's family believes that Robert killed her,
too, and he is under investigation once again in
New York for involvement in her disappearance.

10-10:30pm -- AIRLINE - It Ain't Over til It's
A blizzard in Chicago causes massive
cancellations and delays at Southwest Airlines.
Two honeymooners rush to make it to Los Angeles
in time to catch a flight to Tahiti, but with
most flights grounded, they may not make their
connection. And a group of teenage Eminem fans,
who flew all the way from Idaho to LA to see
their idol, discover it may be a long time before
they set eyes on him.

10:30-11pm -- AIRLINE - Team Effort
It's a day of tension at Southwest Airlines. Erik
faces the worst nightmare of all ramp workers.
For the first time, he must push a $40 million
plane out of a tiny gate, knowing that a mistake
can cost the company millions and Erik his job.
In baggage claims, David has to control his own
nerves when a customer claims the airline lost
her luggage. And supervisors at LAX must confront
a swarm of dangerous bees who have set up hive at
Gate 13.


Tuesday, March 9, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Death in a Small
When Alvin Ridley reported the death of his wife
to the authorities, his neighbors were shocked.
In thirty years, no one had even seen her! 
One of the most bizarre cases in the history of
Catoosa County, Georgia, interviews with Alvin
Ridley, himself, the medical examiner and the
prosecutor along with the voice of Virginia
Ridley, heard through her letters and diaries,
appear to support Alvin's contention that they
led a happy life. And neighbors and townspeople
weigh in with their views on the case that
shocked their community. Was the case of Alvin
and Virginia Ridley one of murder or a most
unusual love story?

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Jim Jones
Profiles the charismatic pastor Jim Jones, whose
descent into unbridled paranoia killed his dream
and over 900 followers. In 1978, after moving his
People's Temple to the jungles of Guyana, Jones
ordered the murder of an investigating California
congressman as he was leaving with 15 defectors,
and the subsequent mass suicide.

9-11pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - A Hitchhike to
Murder/Never Forgotten & In the Care of a
Killer/Deadly Lies
Police must wait nearly 30 years before advances
in DNA technology give them the chance to convict
the killer of a young hitchhiker, and
Philadelphia police wage a 16-year hunt for the
man who raped and killed a 10-year-old girl.
Then, the mysterious death of a young boy is
cleared up when his babysitter is forced to
reenact the circumstances of his death, and
divers searching underwater for an antique car
discover a murdered man's body instead. (2-hour


Wednesday, March 10, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Death Row
Prostitute: Aileen Wuornos 
On January 31st, 1992, Aileen Wuornos was
sentenced to death for robbing and killing seven
An unusual case filled with twists and turns,
Wuornos was one of the few women classified as a
serial killer. Interviews with defense lawyers
and court exhibits reveal the story of the
self-titled highway hooker, from her troubled
childhood to the betrayal of her lesbian lover.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - The Menendez Brothers
Profile of the Beverly Hills brothers whose trial
for the murder of their parents and tales of
sexual abuse shocked the nation.

9-10pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Happy Face
Sometimes, people kill or claim the blame for
murder because they want to be famous. We delve
into the psychological motivations of murder and
infamy when a mild-mannered, grey-haired
grandmother accuses her boyfriend of the murder
of a woman that he didn't commit, angering the
man really responsible because he wanted "credit"
for his kill. Over the next 5 years, the real
culprit raped and murdered 7 more women before
being caught. His motivation? Notoriety.

10-11pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - New Orleans:
Betrayal in the Big Easy
A city rich with culture, New Orleans is also
notorious for crime. But in 1994, when Kim Groves
was gunned down in front of her home, the
32-year-old mother's death would prove anything
but ordinary--it revealed a ring of police
officers so corrupt that they abused their power
with drugs, payoffs, and murder. Narrated by Paul


Thursday, March 11, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Girl in the Box 
In the Spring of 1977, 20-year-old Colleen Stan
left school to hitchhike from Oregon to Los
Angeles. Little did she know when she accepted a
ride with Cameron and Janice Hooker that she
would end up their captive for 7 years. 
Explore the case that became a national sensation
after Colleen finally escaped. Raped, tortured
and kept confined, often inside a coffin-like box
beneath the Hookers' waterbed, the Hookers
appeared mild-mannered and church going. Cameron
Hooker insisted that their perverse master-slave
relationship was consensual and that they were in
love. Colleen told a very different account. The
case remains riddled with contradictions, as
expert witnesses, investigators and attorneys
discuss what really happened.

8-10pm -- Smucker's Stars on Ice 2004 - 
Smucker's is back with its most spectacular
figure-skating extravaganza ever. Produced and
directed by Olympic legends Scott Hamilton and
Christopher Dean, some of skating's most revered
stars perform, including gold medalist Alexi
Yagudin, 2002 Olympic pair champions Jamie Sale
and David Pelletier and Elena Berezhnaya and
Anton Sikharulidze, and world champion Todd
Eldredge. Specially-designed lighting and sound
effects, plus innovative choreography highlight
the show's theme--Time.

10-11pm -- With Malice - Red Heads
Gritty British crime series that begins with the
discovery of a body and follows the Special
Crimes Unit investigation as it unfolds. When the
strangled corpse of a red-haired woman is found,
whose body was cleaned inside and out with
household bleach, Detective Constable Rosie
McManus (Lindsey Coulson) and Detective Inspector
Vivien Friend (Samantha Spiro) suspect her
traveling salesman husband. But the case takes
another twist when a second lonely redhead is
found drugged and disoriented.


Friday, March 12, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Murder in a College
In August of 1990, five students at the
University of Florida were killed in a 48-hour
period. The stabbing deaths threw the community
into a panic. Gun sales soared and the police
were baffled.
Chronicle the year-long investigation that
followed, as the main suspect was determined
innocent on the basis of DNA testing. Interviews
with officers, prosecution and defense attorneys
and a riveting jailhouse interview recounts what
really happened on those two bloody nights on a
college campus.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - James Garner
His easygoing charm and dry humor made him one of
America's most enduring TV and film stars. But
Jim Garner's climb to the top included legendary
battles against Hollywood power brokers, serious
injuries, and depression. Our portrait includes
the story of his successful legal fight against
Warner Brothers, and features clips from the hit
TV series "Maverick" and "The Rockford Files" and
from memorable movies including "The Great
Escape", "Victor/Victoria", and "Murphy's

9-10pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Carol Burnett
Everybody loves Carol, and viewers will enjoy
this review of her career. Includes clips from
her early TV appearances on "The Garry Moore
Show" and her own popular variety show.

10-11pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Alan Alda
Profile of the laid-back actor who met with mild
success in movies and Broadway, then soared to
stardom in the TV series "M*A*S*H".


Saturday, March 13, 2004

7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Ft. Lauderdale: Sin
in the Sun
Here's a scandal-filled saga about sex, money,
and hypocrisy. It's the tale of Kathy Willet, a
housewife turned prostitute and one of her
customers--Vice Mayor Doug Danziger, who had been
leading the fight against porn in Ft. Lauderdale.
When Danziger's liaison with Kathy was taped, his
career was destroyed--and Kathy's soared!
Narrated by Paul Winfield.

8-9pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Drowning in Lies:
The Trial of Edward Post
Edward Post drowned his wife in a bathtub to
collect the insurance money he needed to settle
his debts. But it took two trial convictions, two
appeals court reversals, and finally a guilty
plea to put Post away for good. Bill Kurtis
unravels the bizarre story.

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Daddy Knows
Best/Dawn of the Dead
When Marlene Major went missing, her husband
claimed no knowledge of her whereabouts. Though
it soon became clear that he probably had a very
good idea where she was, 17 years passed before
there was a break in the case. Then, 20 years
after the shooting murder of a gas station
attendant, detectives get a lead.

10-11pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Honesdale:
Highway to Hell
The people of a quaint Pennsylvania town filled
with summer homes and summer camps are horrified
when the local homecoming queen is killed in a
car accident with her drunken boyfriend at the
wheel. But the town is even more shocked when the
girl's brother grabs a gun and goes looking for
revenge. Narrated by Paul Winfield.


Sunday, March 14, 2004

7-8pm -- Crossing Jordan - Digger, Pt. 2
Jordan develops a personal connection with FBI
criminal profiler Drew Haley as she tries to
track down the serial killer known as Digger.
Stars Jill Hennessy and guest star Chris Noth,
her former "Law & Order" co-star.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Andy Griffith
Profile of the "aw-shucks" actor from North
Carolina who conquered Broadway, Hollywood, and
TV. Includes clips from "The Andy Griffith Show",
where he starred alongside Opie, Barney, Gomer,
and Aunt Bee.

9-10pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Don Knotts
Life of the comic actor who overcame a traumatic
childhood and a crippling bout with hypochrondia
to create the classic character Barney Fife on
"The Andy Griffith Show". Follows Don's career
from his big break on "The Steve Allen Show" to
his comeback on "Three's Company". Allen,
Griffith, and Ron (Opie) Howard share their
memories of Don,
"host" of the fantasy movie "Pleasantville."

10-11pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Ron Howard
Profiles the child actor who starred in two of
TV's most popular vintage series and grew into
one of Hollywood's top directors. Features scenes
from "The Andy Griffith Show", "Happy Days",
American Graffiti, and Cocoon, and interviews
with Griffith, Don Knotts, Henry Winkler, Nicole
Kidman, Tom Cruise, and Tom Hanks.


Monday, March 15, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Justifiable Homicide
Thurman Martin was a well-known, well-connected
figure in the tiny Georgia town of Ludowici. But
the 64-year-old "good ol' boy" was hated by his
family. And in May of 1997, his grandson, Billy
Crowder, decided to do something about it. 
When Martin disappeared, it was Crowder who
reported him missing. But when Joe Stanton, a
friend of Crowder, was overheard bragging that he
had helped him kill Martin, the case broke open,
and Stanton and Crowder were charged with murder,
manslaughter and armed robbery. Trial exposed the
decades of abuse that Martin had inflicted upon
his wife, children and grandchildren, and how
Crowder had finally done what so many others had
wished they could have done themselves. The
prosecution argued that it was a straightforward,
premeditated murder. The jury sided with the
defense and delivered a verdict intended to carry
a nominal 5-year sentence. To their shock and
dismay, the judge sentenced Crowder to life in
prison. Speak with jurors, lawyers from both
sides and reporters to examine every aspect of
this troubling case.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Bruce Lee
Story of the kung fu master who became a movie
box-office phenomenon, then died a mysterious
death. Features interviews with Kareem
Abdul-Jabbar and producer Blake Edwards, who were
Lee's students.

9-10pm -- Beauty under the Knife - 
An inside look at the $25-billion-a-year business
of cosmetic surgery where new techniques
promising extraordinary results inspire Americans
to undergo more than half a billion procedures a
year. We meet the patients and doctors fueling
this dramatic explosion. But there is a dark side
of this largely unregulated world where anyone
with an MD can perform these
procedures--sometimes with horrible consequences.

10-10:30pm -- AIRLINE - Don't Take No for an
In Chicago, Sandy comes to the rescue of the Park
Forest soccer team after their reservation falls
through on a rival airline. Val helps a passenger
track down his army buddy, last seen somewhere
between the ticket counter and the gates. They've
survived months together on active duty in Iraq,
but will they be able to reunite for their
journey home? Meanwhile at LAX, temperatures rise
when an airline mix-up separates parents from
their children.

10:30-11pm -- AIRLINE - Terminal Beauty
It's a busy and bizarre day at Southwest Airlines
when a woman treats the LAX terminal like her own
personal bedroom. Supervisor Yolanda meets
country singer Randy Travis before running into a
group of drunk and troublesome young women who've
been kicked off their flight. And in Chicago,
ramp staffers Hector and Juan hope they'll be
chosen to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at
Wrigley Field.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Lying Eyes
On a hot July night in 1984, an intruder broke
into Jennifer Thompson's apartment and raped her
at knife-point. Two days later, she identified
Ronald Cotton, a black man with a former
attempted rape conviction, as the assailant. 
Examine the 11-year legal odyssey that followed,
including two convictions based on faulty
eye-witness testimony by Jennifer Thompson.
Steadfastly maintaining his innocence throughout,
Cotton reported that another inmate boasted how
Cotton was serving his time for the crime. It was
finally DNA sampling that proved beyond a doubt
that Cotton was innocent. Legal experts,
scientists and lawyers discuss how improved
forensic testing has helped ensure that only the
guilty pay for their crimes.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - The Hussein Family
The saga of the Hussein family began with grand
aspirations. Saddam Hussein had a vision of a
dynasty that would live and rule for generations.
Now Saddam has been captured, his sons are dead,
and the rest of his family is either under arrest
or living in exile. We trace Saddam's family
roots back to the tribal Sunni Muslim area of
central Iraq, where family squabbles were
historically settled with brute force--a tribal
code that would guide Saddam throughout his life.

9-11pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The Burning Secret
/Justice Delayed & The Original Night Stalker
A satan-worshipping killer is brought to justice
15 years later by a dogged detective; and a
California woman tracks down the man who raped
her 7 years earlier, only to find out that the
statute of limitations on rape is 6 years. Then,
police ask for the public's help in finding a
serial killer who has eluded capture for 20
years. (2-hour version)


Wednesday, March 17, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Black Widow of
A gentle grandmother with a sweet smile, Margaret
Rudin did not look the part of a murderer. But
the discovery of her husband's charred body in
the desert outside Las Vegas opened an
investigation ending with Margaret behind bars. 
Having amassed a small fortune in real estate
after moving to Vegas in the 1960s, Rudin lived
the life of a high roller, dating and marrying
frequently. Margaret, his fifth wife, at first
appeared to be a good match, but their marriage
soon deteriorated, leaving him to state in his
will that if he were to die "by violent means,"
and one of his beneficiaries was found
responsible, that they be denied their share of
the estate. Drawing on interviews with police
investigators, lawyers for both sides, a juror
and Rudin herself, this is the tale of a marriage
gone fatally wrong.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - John Wayne Gacy
A politician, a clown, an entrepreneur, a family
man--these were the roles played by John Wayne
Gacy to hide the fact that he was a serial killer
who murdered 33 boys and young men. Rare archival
materials and interviews with family and friends
paint a portrait of Gacy from cradle to grave.

9-10pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Playing with Fire
Kenny Richey is scheduled to die for setting a
fire designed to kill his ex-girlfriend that
wound up killing a 2-year-old child. But with no
witnesses and the little existing physical
evidence tainted by investigators, Richey's was
not an open-and-shut arson case. Seventeen years
later, Scottish-born Richey, represented by an
ineffective public defender at trial, continues
to proclaim his innocence from a death-row cell
in Ohio. But his execution may be only months
away and time is running out.

10-11pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Little Rock: The
Politics of Murder
Who hired the hitman that killed Alice McArthur
in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1982? Was it her
criminal defense attorney husband or his mistress
Mary Lee Orsini? Bill McArthur met Orsini at the
crime scene of her husband's murder. Despite a
flimsy alibi, she was never charged in the murder
and retained Bill as her personal attorney. After
Alice's murder, Mary Lee and two other defendants
were convicted...but Bill was never indicted. We
probe the still hotly controversial case.
Narrated by Paul Winfield.


Thursday, March 18, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - When A Child Kills
Wearing a costume and face paint for Halloween,
11-year-old Nathaniel Abraham was anything but
innocent when police hauled him in for killing
18-year-old Ronnie Green. 
Interviews with police officers, investigators
and attorneys offer a comprehensive look at one
of the most controversial cases of recent years.
Determining that Abraham was fully aware of his
actions, he was tried and sentenced as an adult.
Hear heated arguments from both sides of the
juvenile justice debate and see how this case
impacted youth offenders.

8-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Ticket to
Nowhere/The Paper Route & The Green River Killer
A 13-year-old girl's mother is murdered and 20
years later she helps bring the killer to
justice; and a dogged policeman gets to the
bottom of the brutal murder of a 63-year-old
newspaper delivery woman. Next, with full access
to detectives on the Green River Task Force,
family members of victims, and the DNA analysts
who helped break the case, we join the 20-year
hunt for the man responsible for murdering 49
prostitutes and other women in the Seattle,
Washington area. (2-hour version)

10-11pm -- With Malice - Models & Millionaires
Millionaire property developer Dennis McKay, a
poor boy who made good, is a prime suspect when
the disfigured body of his beautiful wife washes
up on the banks of the Thames. Stars Lindsey
Coulson and Samantha Spiro.


Friday, March 19, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Mother on Death Row
On June 6, 1996, 911 operators in Rowlett, Texas
received a call from 26-year-old Darlie Routier
claiming that an intruder had broken into her
home and viciously attacked her and her two
oldest sons, 6-year-old Devon and 5-year-old
Retrace the investigation that landed Darlie on
death row. Hear from advocates, including one of
the jurors, that the investigation was fatally
flawed, and that key leads and photo exhibits
were excluded from trial. Meet prosecution and
defense attorneys and watch Darlie's court
testimony and footage of the graveyard birthday
ceremony for her dead son that swayed the public
sentiment against Darlie.

8-10pm -- Dirty Harry - Movie. 
Clint Eastwood stars as Harry Callahan, a
take-no-prisoners San Francisco cop in one of the
best and most controversial films of the 1970s.
Callahan squares off against the psychotic killer
Scorpio, who kidnaps a girl and buries her alive,
demanding $200,000 in ransom. The film took the
law-and-order side in an era when the rights of
criminals were being expanded. With Harry
Guardino and Reni Santoni. (1971)

10-10:30pm -- AIRLINE - You Must be Kidding?
This day at Southwest Airlines is filled with
wacky situations for the beleaguered staff. A
drunk needs nine policemen to escort him from the
airport, two overweight customers have to take
the arm rest test and one of them is forced to
buy a second ticket, a traveler complains when
his plane's first officer spends a long time in
the toilet and a passenger mutiny erupts when
holiday revelers find themselves on an overbooked
flight and refuse to give up their seat.

10:30-11pm -- AIRLINE - Relative Values
Family relationships are pushed to the limit
during another hectic day at Southwest Airlines.
A grandmother isn't allowed to travel with her
pressurized oxygen canisters, an elderly woman's
relatives are distressed because she's separated
from her life-saving medicine, and a couple who
have been waiting 10 years to adopt a child are
flying home with their new baby daughter as an
emotional meeting with the rest of the family


Saturday, March 20, 2004

7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Boston: Betrayal in
The shocking story that tore Boston apart
racially when police were fooled into believing
that a black man had killed Carol Stewart, a
pregnant white woman. It took days for the city
to discover the horrible truth: Carol's husband,
Charles, shot her and then called 911 to claim
that an African-American car-jacker had committed
the crime. Narrated by Paul Winfield.

8-9pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Green Beret
Murder Mystery 
Among the fundamental tenets of constitutional
law are the right not to be tried twice for the
same crime and the principle that all people are
innocent until proven guilty. The case of Dr.
Jeffrey MacDonald suggested otherwise. 
In 1970, MacDonald's wife and two children were
murdered at their home in Fort Bragg, North
Carolina. Though MacDonald suffered serious
injuries, including a punctured lung and
testified that he saw people standing above him
as he lay on his couch, the Army brough criminal
charges against him. After a lengthy hearing, the
case against MacDonald was dismissed, and he
earned an honorable discharge. The Army never
stopped pursuing the case, however, and in 1974
MacDonald was convicted for the same crime by the
Grand Jury. Extensive interviews with MacDonald
and with military and civilian prosecutors and
defense lawyers examine whether MacDonald was
subjected to a modern-day witch-hunt.

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Terror in
Telluride/Signature of a Killer
A tipster's phone call helps solve the murder of
the heir to the U-Haul company fortune, and a
grisly murder case is solved two decades later
with the use of new fingerprint technology.

10-11pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - The Chicago Horse
The deaths of a string of champion racehorses may
be linked to the death of candy heiress Helen
Vorhees Brach. Narrated by Paul Winfield.


Sunday, March 21, 2004

6-8pm -- Columbo - A Bird in the Hand
From the Vegas Strip to the football field,
gambling and power lead to three deaths
investigated by Lt. Columbo (Peter Falk). Guest
stars: Greg Evigan, Steve Forest, and Tyne Daly.

8-12am -- The Last King - 
Movie. Sweeping drama about the turbulent reign
of England's Charles II, the dashing king known
for his many mistresses and court intrigues.
Weary and destitute after his father's execution
and a decade in exile, Charles restored the
monarchy in 1660 and ruled for 25 years--a reign
filled with religious strife, power brawls with
Parliament, 1665's Great Plague, the Fire of
London, and myriad royal liaisons with the most
fetching women of his day. Stars Rufus Sewell,
Rupert Graves and Diana Rigg. (200


Monday, March 22, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Kill Thy Neighbor:
George Trepal 
In a small Florida town in June of 1988, the Carr
family received an anonymous note in the mail,
reading: "You and all your so-called family have
two weeks to move out of Florida forever or else
you will die. This is no joke." 
Explore the tragic events that enfolded as four
months later, Peggy Carr was hospitalized with a
fatal illness of unknown origin as her son and
stepson battled for their lives with the same
mysterious symptoms. Hear how the case finally
broke when neighbor, George Trepal, speculated to
police that someone could use poison to chase off
unwanted neighbors. A look at how hatred, a
devious plot and a stupid slip-up led Trepal to
death row.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY®: Bios Gone Wild - Charlie
The troubled life of the Hollywood bad boy who
has starred in a string of acclaimed films while
struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Includes
scenes from "Platoon", Hot Shots!, and TV's
"Spin City", and the full story of the scandals
that have made Sheen a tabloid cover boy. In
1996, Sheen assaulted his girlfriend, and in
1998, he overdosed on drugs, forcing his father,
actor Martin Sheen, to sign an arrest warrant for
Charlie in a desperate attempt to save his life.

9-10pm -- The Secret Life of a Serial Killer - 
Story of Herb Baumeister, who committed at least
seven murders, buried the bodies 15 feet from his
back door, and kept his secret from wife and
friends. Did he kill the young men in games of
sexual strangulation?

10-10:30pm -- AIRLINE - All Creatures Great &
From penguins to party animals, the airport looks
like a zoo to Southwest Airlines staffers. A
nervous Colleen may have to deny boarding to
rowdy football fans. At 30,000 feet, penguin
passengers Pete and Penny get the star treatment
from flight attendants Sam Anderson and Janie
King. A man dressed as a tiger ignites intrigue
in Chicago. And when passengers complain about a
man in a short black miniskirt who's exposing
himself, Yolanda must tell the gentleman to cover
up if he wants to fly. 

10:30-11pm -- AIRLINE - You Must be Kidding?
This day at Southwest Airlines is filled with
wacky situations for the beleaguered staff. A
drunk needs nine policemen to escort him from the
airport, two overweight customers have to take
the arm rest test and one of them is forced to
buy a second ticket, a traveler complains when
his plane's first officer spends a long time in
the toilet and a passenger mutiny erupts when
holiday revelers find themselves on an overbooked
flight and refuse to give up their seat.


Tuesday, March 23, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Millions of Reasons
to Kill
Dana Ewell was a cocky, rich kid obsessed with
money. And he concocted a scheme to get a lot of
it quickly. While eating Easter dinner at the
home of an FBI agent, a gunman broke into the
Ewell home, 200 miles away, and killed Dana's
mother, father and sister. 
With his family dead, Dana stood to inherit
millions, and he quickly became the prime suspect
despite his seemingly airtight alibi. This
chronicles the three-year investigation into the
Ewell murders and describes how detectives from
the Fresno County Sheriff's department finally
cracked the case against Dana. Prosecution and
defense lawyers talk about the four-month trial
that followed, and family friends and confidantes
reflect on what drove Dana and his accomplice to

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY®: Bios Gone Wild - Gary Busey
The tumultuous life of the actor who rocketed to
stardom in "The Buddy Holly Story" in 1978, but
whose career was derailed by drugs, alcohol,
obesity, and more than one brush with death.
Driving his Harley in 1988, Busey was thrown
headfirst onto a curb and had to undergo months
of grueling rehabilitation. After rebuilding his
career, he survived a cocaine overdose in 1995.

9-11pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The DNA Link/The
Secret Slide & The Widow and the Wolf/Unicorns
and Alligators
Detectives from three different departments in
Westchester County, New York team up to hunt a
serial killer; and decades after a woman is found
murdered under a bed at a flea-bag hotel, a man
known as the "Bus Stop Rapist" becomes the lead
suspect in the case. Then, a woman launches a
victims' rights group after her aunt is killed;
and a girl's murder is solved when the car where
her body was discovered acts like a refrigerator,
allowing DNA to be recovered from her body.
(2-hour version)


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - A Teenage Murder
This was one of the thorniest cases in
Pennsylvania jurisprudence, not solely due to the
heinous nature of the crime, but for the
precedent it set. Lisa Michelle Lambert was twice
tried and twice incarcerated for the same crime,
appearing to controvert the laws of double
Conviction was largely based on the hearsay
evidence of the victim's mother, who claimed that
as her daughter lay dying with a slit throat and
a rope around her neck, she uttered: "Michelle
did it." Examine the conflicting evidence and
complicated caselaw that led to this decision.
Featuring interviews with prosecutors, the
Attorney General of Pennsylvania, friends of the
victim and Lisa Michelle herself, this case is
proof of the legal maxim that hard cases make for
bad law.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY®: Bios Gone Wild - Heidi
Her Chanel-clad call girls were rumored to
service some of the most powerful men in the
world. Born to a liberal, hippie family, she was
only 27 at the time of her arrest, when the sex
and drugs came to a screeching halt. Find out
what led her on the road to pandering.

9-10pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Who Wants to Kill a
A Las Vegas tale of wealth, buried treasure,
drugs, and sex. It's the story of casino
millionaire Lonnie "Ted" Binion, who was found
dead in his home in 1998. Less than 48 hours
later, three men were arrested as they dug up
46,000 pounds of silver from an underground vault
belonging to Binion. As police investigated, the
murder trail led to Sandy Murphy, Binion's
live-in girlfriend and former topless dancer, and
Rick Tabish, who was Ted's friend and Sandy's

10-11pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Hermosa Beach:
Missing in Paradise
Hermosa Beach is one of Los Angeles' last funky
beach towns--a place where the hip, young, rich,
and beautiful come together. But, this La-la-land
has a dark side. We investigate the murder of
Linda Sobeck, a swimsuit model murdered by a
killer who lurked behind his camera. Narrated by
Paul Winfield.


Thursday, March 25, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Raised on Hate 
Chevie O'Brien Kehoe was a model student, but his
father, a disgruntled Vietnam veteran, was a
white supremacist determined to home-school him
in the doctrine of racial hatred. 
Practicing what his father preached, in January
1996, Chevie killed the Mueller family in
Russelville, Arkansas. Already wanted for a list
of crimes, Chevie managed to avoid state and
federal authorities for almost two years, but was
eventually caught after his brother tipped off
police. At his trial, Chevie's mother provided
damning testimony and he was eventually sentenced
to serve three consecutive life terms. But many
say that Chevie's father should also be held
accountable. Interviews with Chevie's mother and
prosecuting attorneys consider the thorny ethics
and legality of this case.

8-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Murder on the Menu &
Daddy Knows Best/Dawn of the Dead
A boy's toy Batmobile car provides an important
clue for detectives struggling to make a case
against a serial killer who stalks and kills
waitresses. Then, when Marlene Major went
missing, her husband claimed no knowledge of her
whereabouts--17 years later, it became apparent
that he had a very good idea of what happened.
And 20 years after the shooting murder of a gas
station attendant, detectives finally get a lead.
(2-hour version)

10-11pm -- With Malice - Lambs to the Slaughter
A convicted pedophile is bludgeoned to death, and
it looks like the work of vigilantes. But when
Friend and McManus look into the victim's
criminal record they discover that the children
he was supposed to have abused do not exist, and
he has a surprising real identity. Lindsey
Coulson and Samantha Spiro star.


Friday, March 26, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Free to Kill: The
Polly Klaas Murder 
Polly Klaas was abducted from her home in
Petaluma, California during a slumber party and
never seen alive again. Her killer, Richard Allen
Davis, had the proverbial rap sheet a mile long
with 25 arrests and protracted jail time. 
Does this represent a failure of the penal system
to perform one of its most vital functions? Take
a closer look at rehabilitation programs in the
modern penal system, with a probing analysis of
recidivism, prison and prisoner reform. Hear
Klaas's father discuss his rage and betrayal,
while jurors and attorneys provide a firsthand
look at the trial that finally put Davis away for

8-11pm -- The Last King - 
Movie. Sweeping drama about the turbulent reign
of England's Charles II, the dashing king known
for his many mistresses and court intrigues.
Weary and destitute after his father's execution
and a decade in exile, Charles restored the
monarchy in 1660 and ruled for 25 years--a reign
filled with religious strife, power brawls with
Parliament, and myriad royal liaisons with the
most fetching women of his day. Stars Rufus
Sewell, Rupert Graves and Diana Rigg. Edited, 3
hour version. (2003)


Saturday, March 27, 2004

7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Philadelphia:
Double Dutch Bust
In the high-flying 1980s, Larry Lavin was a
clean-cut dentist living the good life in
suburban Philadelphia. But, what his upper-crust
neighbors didn't know was that Lavin led a double
life--one that would finally be exposed by a
shocking narcotics investigation. Narrated by
Paul Winfield.

8-9pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Murder by Mercedes
By now, most Americans have heard of Clara
Harris, the Texas dentist who killed her
adulterous husband. In July 2002, 44-year-old
Clara Harris was arrested in suburban Houston and
charged with murder. Her weapon of choice - a
$70,000 Mercedes-Benz sedan. AMERICAN JUSTICE:
MURDER BY MERCEDES observes that no one denies
that Harris committed the murder. The question
is, to what degree should she be held
responsible? Why did she do it? Had there been
mitigating circumstances? The tail end of the
crime was caught on video: Clara's car driving in
circles in the hotel's parking lot, seeming to
twice run over her husband's body. But what
happened before the video came on the scene? 
Clara's personality and considers the recent news
of her husband's affair - a combination that led
her to murder. But the events leading up to the
murder were not as publicized. Is it possible
that Clara, a professional, successful woman
leading a seemingly perfect life, just decided
one day to run over her husband? 

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Killer in the County
The killer of four women goes free until cold
case detective John Little is brought in and
finds key evidence on a coffee cup. This portrait
of a ruthless murderer includes tapes of his
chilling confessions. When confronted with DNA
evidence, Faryion Wardrip pleaded guilty and is
currently on death row in Texas. We talk to all
of the investigators involved, some members of
victims' families, and Wardrip's brother, who
thinks Faryion should be executed immediately.

10-11pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Lynchburg: The
Heiress and Her Lover
On March 30, 1985, in Lynchburg, someone
viciously murdered one of the state's FFV--First
Families of Virginia--and her husband. Someone
entered Derek and Nancy Haysom's home and
attacked the couple--he was stabbed 39 times, she
was nearly decapitated. The grisly murders of the
socially prominent couple caused upper-crust
residents to fear a possible serial killer--but
police had another suspect, one much closer to
home. Narrated by Paul Winfield.


Sunday, March 28, 2004

7-8pm -- Crossing Jordan - Blue Christmas
After a cop killer dies in custody, Garrett
launches a coroner's investigation to determine
if a vengeful cop went too far in making the
arrest. With Jill Hennessy, Ken Howard, and
Miguel Ferrer and guest star D.W. Moffet.

8-10pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Oprah Winfrey
A special 2-hour profile of Oprah's rise from
humble beginnings to megastardom. Here is the
whole story: born to unwed parents; raped at age
9; pregnant at 14 with a baby that soon died;
doing TV evening news at 19; rise to talk-show
queen; and constant fight with fat. Friends Maria
Shriver, Maya Angelou, and Stedman Graham

10-11pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Dr. Phil
Profile of the tough-love psychologist who became
a star by doling out down-home advice on the
"Oprah Winfrey Show". Dr. Phil met Oprah when he
helped her beat a lawsuit brought against her by
Texas cattlemen, and soon he was winning fans on
her show by telling crybaby guests to "get real".
Includes interviews with Dr. Phil and Oprah.


Monday, March 29, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Oil, Money...and
Twenty years before the O.J. Simpson case, a
well-known Texas multimillionaire named Cullen
Davis showed that freedom can be bought, even in
the face of overwhelming evidence. 
On August 2, 1976, Davis went on a murderous
rampage in a Fort Worth mansion, killing two
people, including a 12-year-old girl, and
wounding two others. But despite a wealth of
evidence and eyewitnesses, Davis' high-powered
team of attorneys, including Richard "Racehorse"
Haynes, managed to win his acquittal. Then when
Davis was arrested nine months later for hiring a
hit man to murder the judge in his divorce case,
despite an FBI surveillance tape, Davis, once
again, walked! Candid interviews with Cullen
Davis and his celebrated "Racehorse" defense
lawyer review whether justice can be bought.

8-9pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - A Hitchhike to
Murder/Never Forgotten
Police must wait nearly 30 years before advances
in DNA technology give them the chance to convict
the killer of a young hitchhiker, and
Philadelphia police wage a 16-year hunt for the
man who raped and killed a 10-year-old girl.

9-10pm -- The Other Man - 

A special 1-hour documentary and exclusive
interview with former "Baywatch" star and Calvin
Klein model Michael Bergin, based on his upcoming
book "The Other Man". The book is Bergin's
account of his romantic relationship with Carolyn
Bessette before and during her marriage to John
F. Kennedy Jr. This marks the first time Bergin
has spoken publicly in great detail about the
Bergin-Bessette-Kennedy love triangle. 

10-10:30pm -- AIRLINE - There's Real Time...Then
There's Airline Time
In this high-flying new series, we provide
viewers with complete access to the inner
workings and emotional stories behind Southwest
Airlines -- from individual passenger's tales and
dramatic reunions to action at the counter
between passengers and employees. Our "cast" of
characters includes the personnel who create a
minor miracle every day by getting the airline
airborne in this series that reflects our
love-hate relationship with flying. 

10:30-11pm -- AIRLINE - Relative Values
Family relationships are pushed to the limit
during another hectic day at Southwest Airlines.
A grandmother isn't allowed to travel with her
pressurized oxygen canisters, an elderly woman's
relatives are distressed because she's separated
from her life-saving medicine, and a couple who
have been waiting 10 years to adopt a child are
flying home with their new baby daughter as an
emotional meeting with the rest of the family

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