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Here are listings for A&E Biography (and other prime-time evening programs), and here's a link for A&E Biography videos.
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A&E Programming Schedule

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Sunday, February 15, 2004

7-8pm -- Crossing Jordan - Sight Unseen

8-10pm -- Love, Hollywood Style - 
No one sells the idea of romance better than the
film industry. But where do fantasy and reality
intersect? Join us for a sizzling 2-hour
dissection of real-life passion as played out in
the bedrooms and boardrooms of Tinseltown,
featuring interviews with celebrities,
journalists, gossip columnists, and other experts
on affairs of the heart.

10-12am -- Cleavage - 
Sexy and fun, this 2-hour special surveys
mankind's fascination with breasts and cleavage,
from the goddesses of antiquity to today's
silicone-enhanced TV and film stars. Offering
their opinions on why two simple mounds of flesh
have wielded such power through the ages are
comedian Joan Rivers; Cosmopolitan's Helen Gurley
Brown; a plastic surgeon; a female body builder;
and others. Narrated by Carmen Electra.


Monday, February 16, 2004

7-8pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Killer in the County
The killer of four women goes free until cold
case detective John Little is brought in and
finds key evidence on a coffee cup. This portrait
of a ruthless murderer includes tapes of his
chilling confessions. When confronted with DNA
evidence, Faryion Wardrip pleaded guilty and is
currently on death row in Texas. We talk to all
of the investigators involved, some members of
victims' families, and Wardrip's brother, who
thinks Faryion should be executed immediately.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Ted Bundy
He was the dapper, charming monster who confessed
to killing 28 women during a 4-year reign of
terror and may have killed as many as 100 before
he was jailed and executed. Who was Ted Bundy?
How was his serial killer personality formed? And
how did he keep his violent nature hidden? We
interview prosecutors, detectives, psychiatrists,
forensic scientists, and Bundy's neighbors and
classmates to seek answers.

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Vanished
The story of serial killer James Rodney Hicks,
who left a trail of bodies and kept police,
prosecutors, and the FBI quite busy working on
his cases for over 20 years. Hicks murdered his
wife, his children's babysitter, and a

10-10:30pm -- AIRLINE - You Must be Kidding?
This day at Southwest Airlines is filled with
wacky situations for the beleaguered staff. A
drunk needs nine policemen to escort him from the
airport; two overweight customers have to take
the arm rest test and one of them is forced to
buy a second ticket; a traveler complains when
his plane's first officer spends a lot of time in
the toilet; and a passenger mutiny erupts when
holiday revelers find themselves on an overbooked
flight and they all refuse to give up their seat.

10:30-11pm -- AIRLINE - Luv Is in the Air
A&E's exclusive look at Southwest Airlines
features a day of romance. Flight attendant
Heather Hale waits for her boyfriend to arrive
from Switzerland, not knowing that he wants to
ask her a very important question. In Chicago, a
student is desperate to fly to New York to save
his relationship with his girlfriend, but every
flight is full. And beautiful 6-foot-tall
customer service supervisor Anita has trouble
fending off a 5-foot-tall admirer.


Tuesday, February 17, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Getting Away with
Melvin Henry Ignatow will never go to jail for
killing his fiancée in 1988, despite iron-clad
evidence that he planned and carried out the
Family members and lawyers from both sides
retrace this judicial travesty, which began when
Ignatow's former girlfriend, Mary Ann Shore,
confessed to helping to commit the murder and
taking photos of the crime as it happened.
Despite an extensive search, the photos were not
found, and the trial proceeded without them,
relying instead on Shore's testimony. To the
shock of nearly everyone, including the judge,
the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Then
the photos were found. Ignatow was convicted of
perjury and sentenced to five years in jail, but
double jeopardy prevented him for being tried for
the murder. A look at how constitutional
protections occasionally backfire.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Andrew Cunanan
A profile of the gay "gigolo" who became one of
the most wanted killers in America. Andrew
Cunanan left a trail of murder from Minnesota to
Illinois and New Jersey before killing fashion
icon Gianni Versace in Miami and committing
suicide in 1997. Friends, classmates, and others
who knew Cunanan tell us what they knew about the
serial killer.

9-11pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Lady in the
Box/Daddy Knows Best & Dawn of the Dead
Police solve the 1974 murder of an Ohio woman
when they get a crucial clue 20 years later--a
witness claims her husband built a coffin-shaped
box about the time the woman disappeared. And
when Marlene Major went missing, her husband
claimed no knowledge of her whereabouts--though
it soon became clear that he probably had a very
good idea where she was. 17 years passed before
there was a break in the case. Then, 20 years
after the shooting murder of a gas station
attendant, detectives get a lead.


Wednesday, February 18, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Killer Within
On November 22, 1987, a motorist got out of his
truck to stretch his legs and discovered the
naked body of 19-year-old Kathy Bonney shot 27
Investigators soon revealed that the victim's
father, 44-year-old Tom Bonney, was the murderer.
That Tom was the killer was uncontested. At issue
was whether he suffered from multiple personality
disorder, as demonstrated by a videotape of
Bonney under hypnosis that showed various
personalities. The prosecution argued that Bonney
was enraged to learn that his daughter was
involved with a married man, and that he was
fully aware of his actions. While the jury found
Bonney guilty of first degree murder, the lower's
court's decision was later overturned on a
finding that Bonney was incompetent. Held in a
maximum security prison in Raleigh, North
Carolina, attorneys and expert witnesses discuss
this case and the insanity defense.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - The Princesses of Monaco
The tiny principality of Monaco, ruled by the
Grimaldi Family for more than 700 years, became
world famous in 1956 when Prince Rainier married
American film star Grace Kelly. Their son, Prince
Albert, is heir to the throne, followed by
Princess Caroline, then Princess Stephanie, who
recently married a Portuguese acrobat 10 years
her junior. The princesses seem to have
everything--money, beauty, and social standing.
So why are their lives filled with scandal, and
why can't they stand each other?

9-10pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Murder by Mercedes
By now, most Americans have heard of Clara
Harris, the Texas dentist who killed her
adulterous husband. In July 2002, 44-year-old
Clara Harris was arrested in suburban Houston and
charged with murder. Her weapon of choice - a
$70,000 Mercedes-Benz sedan. AMERICAN JUSTICE:
MURDER BY MERCEDES observes that no one denies
that Harris committed the murder. The question
is, to what degree should she be held
responsible? Why did she do it? Had there been
mitigating circumstances? The tail end of the
crime was caught on video: Clara's car driving in
circles in the hotel's parking lot, seeming to
twice run over her husband's body. But what
happened before the video came on the scene? 
Clara's personality and considers the recent news
of her husband's affair - a combination that led
her to murder. But the events leading up to the
murder were not as publicized. Is it possible
that Clara, a professional, successful woman
leading a seemingly perfect life, just decided
one day to run over her husband? 

10-11pm -- Angel of Death: Killer Nurse - 
Charles Cullen is a nurse who says he killed as
many as 40 of his patients. In this compelling
hour, we look at the case through the eyes of his
victims' relatives and friends and a person who
claims to have survived one of Cullen's attacks.
Plus, expert psychologists and criminologists
help us understand the phenomenon of doctors and
nurses who take it upon themselves to play God.


Thursday, February 19, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Marijuana and Murder
The 1988 Anti-Drug Abuse Act, enacted by the
Reagan administration, stiffened sentencing so
that drug dealers who ordered killings were
subject to the death penalty. The first person
convicted and sentenced to death under this law,
however, was not a mafia don or kingpin, but a
small-town marijuana dealer from Piedmont. 
Re-examine this landmark case from the day police
found the remains of Marlin Shuler in an Alabama
whiskey through Clinton's last day in office when
he commuted Chandler's death sentence to life
without parole. Legal experts re-evaluate the
merits, including questionable witness testimony,
as prosecution and defense attorneys and
Chandler, himself, recall this highly politicized

8-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - A Map to Murder/Life
on the Run & Murder Illustrated/Blood Relations
After a long manhunt, cops close in on a serial
killer with the help of the Internet; and a drug
trafficker jumps bail, opens a bike shop, and
helps pioneer the sport of mountain biking while
on the lam. Then, police solve the murder and
sexual mutilation of Peggy Hettrick when they
finally link graphic sexual materials found in
the home of a suspect; and DNA from a semen stain
helps cops crack open the 23-year-old case of a
man who raped and killed his sister-in-law.
(2-hour version)

10-11pm -- With Malice - Daddy's Little Girl
The body of a young pregnant woman, missing for
three years, is found preserved in a concrete
tomb at a demolition site. As Detective Constable
Rosie McManus (Lindsey Coulson) and Detective
Inspector Vivien Friend (Samantha Spiro) dig
deeper into the case, they discover a dark
history of drugs, prostitution, and incest in
this exciting new dramatic series from England
that gives viewers the chance to see murder
investigations through the eyes of the cops
closest to the action.


Friday, February 20, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Witness and the
In September 1972, a mob killer named Harry
Aleman gunned down Billy Logan. Bob Lowe
witnessed the killing from behind some bushes a
few yards away. 
Convinced that Lowe's testimony was essential to
the case against the notorious hitman, the
government offered Lowe incentives to testify and
agreed to relocate his family through the Witness
Protection Program. But when a corrupt judge
acquitted Aleman, Lowe began a downward spiral of
larceny, alcohol and drug abuse, which drove away
his wife and left him in prison. After finally
putting the pieces of his life back together from
his cell, he was given another chance to put the
Aleman in jail when revelations about the
original trial came to light. Finally, 25 years
after the fact, Lowe's testimony put Harry Aleman
in prison for life.

8-10pm -- The Usual Suspects - 
Movie. Complex but masterful crime thriller about
a group of hoods forced to pull off a dangerous
caper by an unseen and fearsome crime boss named
Keyser Soze. Top-notch cast includes Kevin Spacey
(who won an Oscar for his performance), Gabriel
Byrne, Bernicio Del Toro, Chazz Palminteri, and
Kevin Pollak. Directed by Bryan Singer. (1995)

10-10:30pm -- AIRLINE - Consider Yourself One of
the Family
Airline personnel talk about underwear with rap
star Sisqo, singer of the "thong song", and an
angry family tries to prove their toddler is less
than two years old so he can travel free in this
high-flying new series that provides viewers with
complete access to the inner workings and
emotional stories behind the daily life of
Southwest Airlines.

10:30-11pm -- AIRLINE - Beyond Their Control
At Chicago's Midway Airport, Southwest employees
spend 48 hours dealing with the chaos caused by a
power blackout in the East. In this high-flying
series, we provide viewers with complete access
to the inner workings and emotional stories
behind Southwest Airlines--from individual
passenger's tales and dramatic reunions to action
at the counter between passengers and employees.
Our "cast" of characters includes the personnel
who create a minor miracle every day by getting
the airline airborne.


Saturday, February 21, 2004

7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Hermosa Beach:
Missing in Paradise
Hermosa Beach is one of Los Angeles' last funky
beach towns--a place where the hip, young, rich,
and beautiful come together. But, this La-la-land
has a dark side. We investigate the murder of
Linda Sobeck, a swimsuit model murdered by a
killer who lurked behind his camera. Narrated by
Paul Winfield.

8-9pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - A Parent's Nightmare
David and Cynthia Dowaliby are tried for the
murder of their 7-year-old daughter in 1988, but
both are cleared because of lack of evidence. One
of the most controversial murder cases in Chicago
in the last 20 years, many still believe that the
Dowalibys are guilty.

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Mark of a
Killer/Dead Ends
A killer's bite marks and a jailhouse snitch lead
to a murder conviction in a case gone cold for 8
years, and we join a group of supersleuths trying
to solve the slaying of 18-year-old Jamie Weiss,
found dead in her bathtub in 1996.

10-11pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Portland:
Skinhead Slayer
Portland, Oregon once had a reputation as a
happy, hippie town that embraced diversity--until
1988 when racist skinheads went on a rampage,
beating an Ethiopian student to death. This is
the story of Ken Mieske, the skinhead who led the
assault, and Tom Metzger and Dave Mazzella, the
white supremacists who encouraged Mieske and
other skinheads to become head-cracking storm
troopers. Narrated by Paul Winfield.


Sunday, February 22, 2004

7-8pm -- Crossing Jordan - Digger, Pt. 1
The discovery of a floating corpse sparks a
nationwide hunt for a serial killer. Jill
Hennessy reunites with fellow "Law & Order" alum
Chris Noth in the first of a 2-part episode. With
Miguel Ferrer, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Ravi
Kapoor, and Ken Howard.

8-10pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Oscar
Produced in cooperation with the Academy of
Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, our 2-hour
star-studded salute to the Academy Awards spans
the history of the most important show business
award, including its birth and design of the
statue, past winners and losers, the Red Carpet,
and behind-the-scenes ceremony footage. Features
interviews with Mel Gibson, Ron Howard, Tom
Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, and Nicole Kidman.
Find out why stars share a love/hate relationship
with that "Little Gold Man" Oscar!
Repeated @ 10pm

Monday, February 23, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Rape in Connecticut:
The Alex Kelly Story
Alex Kelly was an All-American boy: handsome,
athletic, smart and charming. But he was also a
rapist, who threatened to kill his victims if
they reported him to authorities. 
After being arrested and released on bail, he
fled to Europe. There, with his parents' aid, he
eluded capture and lived the high life for a
decade. Featuring interviews with both of his
victims as well as the authorities who eventually
helped bring Kelly to justice, this is the
complete story told for the first time.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Alec Baldwin
Riding high after his Oscar nomination for "The
Cooler", Alec Baldwin is back at the top of his
game. But his show business career has been a
bumpy ride. We look at the life of the actor from
Massapequa, Long Island, who seemed to have
everything he could ask for--big screen success,
big screen looks, and a beautiful wife in Kim
Basinger. But Baldwin has had to face a series of
personal and professional setbacks ranging from
bad career decisions to divorce.

9-10pm -- The True Story of Seabiscuit - 
True story of the amazing racehorse that lost his
first 16 races before galloping to glory and
becoming so famous that he garnered more
newspaper coverage in 1938 than any other
individual--man or beast--including FDR and
Hitler, and in 2003 had a feature film made about
him. Seabiscuit and the jockey, trainer, and
owner who guided him, all had to overcome
hardship as we see in this documentary special.

10-10:30pm -- AIRLINE - Relative Values
Family relationships are pushed to the limit
during another hectic day at Southwest Airlines.
A grandmother isn't allowed to travel with her
pressurized oxygen canisters; an elderly woman's
relatives are distressed because she's separated
from her life-saving medicine; and a couple that
have been waiting 10 years to adopt a child are
flying home with their new baby daughter, and an
emotional meeting with the rest of the family is

10:30-11pm -- AIRLINE - Beyond Their Control
At Chicago's Midway Airport, Southwest employees
spend 48 hours dealing with the chaos caused by a
power blackout in the East. In this high-flying
series, we provide viewers with complete access
to the inner workings and emotional stories
behind Southwest Airlines--from individual
passenger's tales and dramatic reunions to action
at the counter between passengers and employees.
Our "cast" of characters includes the personnel
who create a minor miracle every day by getting
the airline airborne.


Tuesday, February 24, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Cult Murders
In January 1990, Ohio police followed up on a
tip, unearthing the bodies of Dennis and Cheryl
Avery and their three young daughters.
Investigators soon zeroed in on Jeffrey Lundgren
as the prime suspect, but the case was far from
cut and dry. 
Law enforcement soon discovered that the killings
were done by of a group of religious zealots led
by Lundgren, who had convinced them that he was
Christ's final prophet, and that the murders
would help usher in the Second Coming. Videotaped
interrogations with some of the 13 cult members,
along with interviews with Lundgren's former wife
and two other followers, offer a glimpse into the
psyche of a man whose life was a series of
failures until he discovered the intoxicating,
deadly power of the divine.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Clint Eastwood
The remarkable life of the legendary actor and
director who's also been a producer, musician,
inn keeper, clothing manufacturer, golfer, and
politician. (1-hour version.)

9-11pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The Hunter Homicides
& The Skulls of Stanley Park/The Accidental
Killer/Little Sister Lost
In Vancouver, DNA tests identify the skull of a
14-year-old boy missing for 6 years; when a
second skull is found, investigators fear there's
a sexual killer in the area. In Florida,
detectives trace a gun used in a 4-year-old
murder to the killer, who confesses after
interrogation and then kills himself. A man
convicted in Maine of murdering his wife is later
convicted of killing his first wife in Maine. And
cold case cops find a genetic clue, 24 years
later, in the murder of a 15-year-old papergirl.


Wednesday, February 25, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Susan Smith
Story: A Mother's Confession
At 9pm on October 19th, 1994, a frantic woman
turned up on the doorstep of a home in Unicon
County, South Carolina claiming that a black man
had stolen her car at gunpoint with her two young
sons still asleep in the back seat. 
For the next nine days, the nation shared Susan
Smith's anguish and prayed that her boys would be
returned to her unharmed. In the months that
followed, the world discovered the true story of
a mother driven to murder her own children. The
citizens whose hearts went out to the woman
turned from compassionate to hateful, and the
black community was outraged first, that she had
feigned a black perpetrator and, second, that the
police continued searching for a black man even
after her confession. While the prosecution
sought the death penalty, the defense claimed the
tragedy resulted from a botched suicide attempt.
Get first-hand accounts from defense and
prosecution, the trial judge, several members of
the jury, the grandfather of the boys and South
Carolina law enforcement.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Natalie Wood
Her scene-stealing performance in the 1947
box-office surprise "Miracle on 34th Street"
ensured 9-year-old Natalie Wood a place in
moviegoers' hearts, and she later wowed audiences
in "Rebel without a Cause" and "Splendor in the
Grass". Offscreen, Wood struggled with
depression, attempted suicide, married actor
Robert Wagner twice, and drowned while boating
with Wagner and Christopher Walken. Includes
interviews with sister Lana Wood and daughters
Kate and Courtney Wagner.

9-10pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Trial of Louise
On February 4th, 1997 in the quiet Boston suburb
of Newton, Massachusetts, police received a
frantic 911 call from an 18-year old babysitter
that the child in her care had stopped breathing.
When the baby died shortly thereafter, Louise was
charged with murder, despite strident claims of
From the fateful phone call to the shocking
reversal of the verdict by the judge, re-examine
the headline case through interviews with the
maternal grandmother, the police, the doctors who
realized that the infant's injuries were old, and
a juror. 

10-11pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Miami Beach:
Smugglers & Speedboats
In the 1980s, Miami was perhaps America's hippest
city. But the murder of wealthy Miami boat
builder Don Aronow, shot while sitting in his
Mercedes coupe on famed "Thunderboat Row" in
1987, put the spotlight on the city's glitz,
glamour, and drug culture. And for years,
Aronow's murder remained one of South Florida's
most notorious mysteries. Narrated by Paul


Thursday, February 26, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Vigilante Dad
On May 17, 1995, the Binghams were brutally
murdered. Ron Bingham was shot 23 times at close
range while his wife Linda took six bullets in
her back. A short while later, Ken Attasmith, a
former sheriff, turned himself into the police. 
Claiming that the Binghams had repeatedly raped
and abused his teenaged daughter, the police told
him that they were already aware of these
allegations and urged him to "return to his cop
roots" and investigate the Binghams himself. In
court, his defense team put forth a little-used
self-defense statute. But the prosecution
depicted Attasmith as a deadbeat dad who had
snorted uppers on the day of the murder. Rape,
revenge, murder and courtroom drama make this a
landmark case of vigilante justice.

8-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The Cuff
Link/Graveyard Shift & The Unluckiest Man/The
Deadly Triangle
Police solve an old murder with a painstaking
examination of the tool mark on the plastic flex
cuff that bound the victim's hands; and a
disgruntled wife reports her husband to the
police and helps solve a 15-year-old murder.
Then, a fire investigator helps crack the case of
an arsonist and killer who set a series of fires
to collect insurance money; and a prison inmate
tells a homicide detective that he knows plenty
about a murder that took place in California 15
years older. (2-hour version)

10-11pm -- With Malice - Rubbish
A child's partially dismembered body, found on a
Thames River garbage barge, leads Rosie to
discover a crime too heinous for her to bear in
this gripping dramatic series from England that
follows a murder investigation as it unfolds
through the eyes of the cops closest to the
action. Stars Lindsey Coulson as Detective
Constable Rosie McManus and Samantha Spiro as
Detective Inspector Vivien Friend, members of the
Metropolitan Police's elite Special Crimes Unit.


Friday, February 27, 2004

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Driven to Kill
In 1989, real estate developer Joseph McLaughlin
and his wife Marianne were walking from their car
in a Boston parking garage when she was hit and
run over. The driver of the car backed up over
her again before fleeing the scene, leaving
Marianne at the brink of death. Incredibly, she
The investigation that followed went on for half
a decade, as authorities continued to suspect
that Joseph, who had been living a double life
for years, was involved in the attack. But he was
standing beside Marianne when she was hit,
requiring police to track down whether he had
hired someone to kill her. Testimony from a
surprise witness finally ensured that justice was
served. Watch dramatic interviews with Marianne,
the informant whose testimony broke open the
case, and hear from several of the investigators

8-10pm -- Platoon - 
Movie. Written and directed by Oliver Stone, the
story is based on his experiences in Vietnam.
Charlie Sheen plays Private Chris Taylor, a naive
recruit who faces a moral crisis when a sergeant
orders a village massacre. Perhaps the most
accurate film about the brutality of the Vietnam
War, the top-notch cast in this gritty look at
the lives of a platoon includes Tom Berenger,
Willem Dafoe, Forest Whitaker, Kevin Dillon,
Johnny Depp, and Chris Pederson. (1986)

10-10:30pm -- AIRLINE - Times Change
A&E's exclusive look at Southwest Airlines
continues with pilot Steve Palmason's last flight
after 30 years of service. Friends and family are
onboard, and Southwest President Colleen Barrett
and legendary chairman Herb Kelleher wait to
greet him. Meanwhile, at LAX, supervisor Mike
Carr faces the delicate task of helping an
Alzheimer's patient clean up after he's had a
small accident.

10:30-11pm -- AIRLINE - Kids...Who'd Have Them?
It's another challenging day at Southwest
Airlines. In Chicago, distraught passengers
demand a Southwest manager compensate them for
the worst flight of their lives. Seems a rowdy
group of biker kids disrupted the flight all the
way from Las Vegas. Meanwhile, at LAX, a
10-year-old on his first unaccompanied flight is
lent a hand from a flight attendant, and after a
stressed mom and her two kids miss their flight,
their attempts to get home to San Diego push
everyone to the limit.


Saturday, February 28, 2004

7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Deadly Odds in
The shocking murders of attorney Vince Sherry and
his politically-active wife Margaret make the
summer of 1987 very hot in Biloxi, Mississippi.
Narrated by Paul Winfield.

8-9pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Blueprint for a
On the morning of March 3, 1992, an intruder
broke into a Maryland home killing a woman, her
crippled child and his nurse. Authorities
arrested the woman's estranged husband and an
accomplice. But while investigating the crime,
police located a how-to publication containing a
virtual blueprint for the murder. 
The victims' families were not content to go
after the actual killers, but went after the
publisher of the book. In a landmark decision,
the 4th circuit Virginia Court held that the case
had merit to proceed, despite the clear first
amendment issue. A fascinating review of how the
courts are reinterpreting "words of incitement"
under modern first amendment law.

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The Green River
The story of the nearly 20-year hunt for the man
responsible for the murders of 49 prostitutes and
other women in the Seattle, Washington area. With
full access to the detectives on the Green River
Task Force, family members of victims, and the
forensic DNA analysts who helped break the case,
we reveal how the murderer, who may be the
deadliest serial killer in American history, was
finally collared.

10-11pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Macon: Spoonful
of Arsenic
A Georgia town steeped in the traditions of the
Old South is riveted by the case of popular
restaurant owner Anjette Lyles, accused of
killing her daughter with arsenic and suspected
in the murders of her two husbands and a
mother-in-law. Narrated by Paul Winfield.


Sunday, February 29, 2004

6-8pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Oscar (see above)

8-10pm -- Dirty Harry - 
Movie. Clint Eastwood stars as Harry Callahan, a
take-no-prisoners San Francisco cop in one of the
best and most controversial films of the 1970s.
Callahan squares off against the psychotic killer
Scorpio, who kidnaps a girl and buries her alive,
demanding $200,000 in ransom. The film took the
law-and-order side in an era when the rights of
criminals were being expanded. With Harry
Guardino and Reni Santoni. (1971)

10-12am -- Inside the Playboy Mansion - 
"If you don't swing, don't ring." So advises the
Latin inscription posted at the entrance of the
Playboy Mansion as we learn in this exclusive,
behind-the-scenes look at the private world of
"Playboy" publisher Hugh Hefner. Includes a
guided tour of the mansion's palatial private
quarters; footage of some of the steamiest,
sexiest parties "Hef" has ever thrown; and
interviews with mansion regulars Bill Maher,
Pamela Anderson, Drew Carey, and Bill Cosby.

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January 2004
Note: Monty Python is now on only occasionally: "Meet a composer with the longest name imaginable, and the head of a chocolate company is asked about the inclusion of such ingredients as "crunchy frog" in his candies. The classic British comedy phenomenon of the 1970s is back, starring the six-man troupe of Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin."
Terry Jones' new series for A&E's History Channel is a semi-humorous 4-part look at truths and urban myths about the Middle Ages, illustrated by computer graphics and on-location scenery, Saturdays in January, 2004

Episodes of the quirky Northern Exposure are on Hallmark Channel now, Monday-Friday. And episodes of the even quirkier "Twin Peaks" are on Bravo @ 5am Tuesdays thru Saturdays. Monstervision review & host segments of the Twin Peaks movie "Firewalk With Me."

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