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A&E Listings

Here are listings for A&E Biography (and other prime-time evening programs), and here's a link for A&E Biography videos.
A&E provides listings on the 1st (times are EST/Pacific Time):

A&E Primetime Programming Schedule

Monday-Friday programs are each repeated once, 4 hours later

NOTE: We are listing both EST/Pacific Time and individual television ratings.
All are [TV G] or [PG]unless noted.
[NR] = Not Rated, news-related program.

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 8:00 Biography.  Tim Conway: Just Clowning
Around. Career of the funnyman whose first
dream was to become a jockey--but who grew
too big for the job. Breaking in on "The
Steve Allen Show", Conway went on to a 40-
year career in comedy. Features clips and
outtakes from his most hilarious bits on
"The Carol Burnett Show", and interviews
with Allen, Burnett, and Harvey Korman. CC
[TV G]

 9:00 Columbo.  It's All in the Game. Love
proves Columbo's toughest adversary when he
begins to fall for the charms of the
alluring chief suspect in his investigation
of the murder of a brutal playboy. The
episode was written by the series star
Peter Falk. With Faye Dunaway and Bill
Macy. CC  [TV PG]

 11:00 Third Watch.  Superheroes, Pt. 1.
Sully (Skipp Sudduth) targets a dangerous
Russian mob boss (guest star Roy Scheider)
when his stepson is beaten by the foreign
thugs, and Bosco (Jason Wiles) feels
betrayed by Yokas (Molly Price) when he's
ordered to get psychiatric counseling. CC
[TV 14]


 8:00 Finding Forrester.   Movie. A
brilliant, but troubled, African-American
teenager and a reclusive novelist teach
each other some important lessons about
life in this coming-of-age urban drama
directed by Gus Van Sant. With Sean
Connery, Rob Brown, F. Murray Abraham, Anna
Paquin, and Busta Rhymes. Matt D
amon makes
a cameo appearance. (2000) CC  [TV PG]

 11:00 Third Watch.  Superheroes, Pt. 2.
Police get caught in the crossfire between
rival gangs, Yokas (Molly Price) worries
about her frightened rookie partner, and
Doc (Michael Beach) receives news about his
medical malpractice suit. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00 Cold Case Files.  Pride and the
Fall/The Nail File. A woman's fall from a
cliff in the Grand Canyon leads police to
uncover a series of grisly murders, and
investigators smoke out a killer when they
find crucial DNA evidence on his cigarette
butts. CC  [TV PG]

 9:00 Crossing Jordan.  With Honor. Jordan
investigates a soldier who went AWOL from
Afghanistan and ended up dead in a Boston
alley, while Garret gets in the middle of a
pimp power struggle. With Jill Hennessy,
Miguel Ferrer, Ravi Kapoor, Kathryn Hahn,
and guest star Carlos Gomez. CC  [TV 14]

 10:00 Who Killed Laci Peterson? A Bill
Kurtis Special Report.  Direct from today's
headlines, Bill Kurtis looks at the
circumstances surrounding the death of 27-
year-old Laci Peterson, and the recent
charges brought against her husband Scott
who is accused of murdering both Laci and
their unborn son. CC  [TV PG]

 11:00 Paparazzi.  Home away from Home.
During her extended stay in Toronto, Lou
captures Renee Zellweger in many different
places: riding in her SUV to the "Chicago"
set and dining with an unknown man at
Sassafraz. Lou and Renee become an ongoing
story in the dance between star and celeb
photographer, and his photos are published
in magazines worldwide. Lou also recounts
his relationship with the Sutherland family
and how familiarity sometimes breeds
camaraderie. He gets shots of Keifer with
family and a companion in unguarded
moments. CC  [TV G]

 11:30 The Star Treatment.  #11. In this
behind-the-scenes look at celebrity
maintenance, we meet photographer Bob Frame
who has shot personal sessions with Johnny
Depp and Brad Pitt; Emme, host of E!
Entertainment's "Fashion Emergency", who
designs oversize fashions for the likes of
Rosie O'Donne
ll and Camryn Manheim; Perry
Zimmel, an agent representing Broadway
sensation Louise Pitre ("Mama Mia") and
Christopher Plummer; and Elite Celebrities
that managed the modeling careers of Brooke
Shields and Drew Barrymore. CC  [TV G]


 8:00 Biography.  The Rat Pack. A look back
at five hip entertainers and pop-star bad
boys who influenced American culture,
music, comedy, and style. Initially an
informal band of entertainers who partied
at Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall's
home, Bogey handpicked Frank Sinatra to be
"leader of the pack", which went on to
include Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter
Lawford, and Joey Bishop. Also includes a
look at the Pack's role in the 1960
primaries and election, in which they
campaigned hard for JFK. (4-hour format) CC
[TV G]


 8:00 Biography.  Mary Martin. Profile of
the actress and singer who flopped in
Hollywood but became a Broadway legend when
she starred in "South Pacific", "Peter
Pan", "The Sound of Music", and many other
hits. Features video clips from some of
Martin's most unforgettable performances
and interviews with son Larry Hagman (of
"Dallas" fame), Carol Channing, John Raitt,
Marge Champion, Florence Henderson, and
Theodore Bikel. CC  [TV G]

 9:00 Inspector Morse.  Service of All the
Dead. A quiet country church becomes the
scene of a series of gruesome killings.
John Thaw stars as Morse, along with Kevin
Whately as Sergeant Lewis and special guest
star Michael Hordern. CC  [TV PG]

 11:00 Third Watch.  Impulse. Bosco (Jason
Wiles) brutalizes a murder suspect. Davis
(Coby Bell) is incensed when his partner
Sully (Skipp Sudduth) goes to a movie with
Davis's recently widowed mother Maggie
(guest star Lonette McKee). Carlos (Anthony
Ruivivar) attempts to revive a premature
fetus whose mother he accidentally injured.
Despite Kim's (Kim Raver) warnings, Bobby
(Bobby Cannavale) welcomes his trouble-
prone brother (guest star Jon Seda) home
from prison. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00 Biography.  Jacqueline Kennedy
Onassis: In a Class of H
er Own. The
intriguing life of America's beloved beauty-
-from her often unhappy childhood, heady
days as First Lady of Camelot, dignity
through the grief of JKF's death, the
"Jackie O" days with Aristotle Onassis, and
later life as mother, book editor, and
grandmother, up to her early death in 1994.
CC  [TV G]

 9:00 Cold Case Files.  Bodies in the Bay &
'Till Death Do Us Part/Murder on the Menu.
A boat ride ends in death for a vacationing
woman and her daughters; police investigate
a man whose three wives all died
mysteriously; and detectives spend 20 years
making a case against a serial killer who
stalks waitresses. (2-hour version) CC  [TV

 11:00 Third Watch.  Faith. Fed-up with her
reckless husband (guest star Chris Bauer)
and pregnant, Officer Yokas (Molly Price)
must make her own life-and-death decision
as she helps track a rapacious rapist who's
terrorizing the neighborhood. Her partner,
a jealous Officer Bosco (Jason Wiles),
makes a tactical blunder when he confronts
his girlfriend Nicole (guest star Nahanni
Johnstone) about salacious rumors of her
sexual past. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00 Biography.  Diana: The True Story. A
rounded and fair picture of the life and
works of the late Diana, Princess of Wales,
featuring contributions from people within
her close circle of friends. Their
viewpoints are frank and sometimes critical
of the late Princess, making this more than
just a tribute program. Includes
information on the car accident that took
the lives of Diana and her lover, Dodi
Fayed. (1-hour version) CC  [TV G]

 9:00 American Justice.  While the Children
Slept. Tim Boczkowski, a well-liked member
of a community near Pittsburgh, is accused
of murdering his first wife in a bathtub
and his second wife in a hot tub. Includes
interviews with Tim's children Randy,
Sandy, and Todd. CC  [TV PG]

 10:00 City Confidential.   San Diego:
Badge of Dishonor. In December 1986, a
young college student was found murdered
off a remote highway overpass in San Diego.
The thought of a killer roaming the
ways of Southern California's sun-
drenched urban paradise had female drivers
in the area wrought with fear. But those
fears were surpassed when residents learned
that not only was a killer stalking the
streets, he was also wearing a badge!
Narrated by Paul Winfield. CC  [TV PG]

 11:00 Third Watch.  Exposing Faith.
Officer Faith Yokas (Molly Price) feels
neglected when a romantic 3-day weekend
alone with her husband Fred (guest star
Chris Bauer) crumbles after he enters a
foolish contest to win a truck. She tarts
herself up and takes a rebellious walk on
the wild side--where she encounters a
bohemian artist (guest star Anthony
DiSando) who frees her like an alluring
breath of fresh air. Meanwhile, Fred, Bosco
(Jason Wiles), and another contestant
(guest star Tim Meadows) compete for the
monster truck. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00 Biography.  Barbara Bush: First Mom.
The remarkable life of the first woman
since Abigail Adams to be wife to one U.S.
President and mother to another. Our
profile includes some lesser-known details
of Mrs. Bush's life, including: the death
of her 3-year-old daughter from leukemia;
the depression she suffered in the mid-
1970s; and her battles with Nancy Reagan
when Barbara felt she and husband George
had been given short shrift when he was
V.P. We also cover her long crusade against
illiteracy and her enormous popularity as
First Lady. CC  [TV G]

 9:00 Columbo.  Caution: Murder Can Be
Hazardous to Your Health. The murder of a
chain-smoking TV producer puts the rumpled
looking but guileful Lt. Columbo (Peter
Falk) up against a different type of
detective--television personality and
former porn star Wade Anders, whose crime-
buster program is one of the most watched
in the country, and who will do whatever it
takes to keep his sordid past from being
disclosed. Guest star: George Hamilton. CC

 11:00 Third Watch.  Walking Wounded.
Officers Bosco (Jason Wiles) and Yokas
(Molly Price) futilely scramble to find a
dealer selling a bad batch of "China Red",
a lethal mixture of her
oin that is claiming
addicts as fast as the paramedics can scoop
them up. Meanwhile, Sully (Skipp Sudduth)
sorts out his conflicted feelings for his
practical-minded Ukrainian girlfriend
Tatiana (guest star Savannah Haske) at the
urging of his partner Officer Davis (Coby
Bell). CC  [TV 14]


 8:00 Biography.  Bo Derek. Interviews with
Ann-Margret, Hugh Hefner, and Bo herself
highlight this portrait of the actress who
catapulted to sex-goddess status in the hit
movie "10". Her killer body and
controversial marriage put Bo in the
spotlight, but she left the glitz of
Hollywood behind in the 1980s, preferring
to live on her ranch. CC  [TV PG]

 9:00 Models: The Real Skinny.   A 2-hour
in-depth look at four young women
struggling to make it in the cutthroat
world of modeling. They include Karolina
Kurkova, the youngest girl to appear on the
cover of "Vogue"; Sam Payette, who's
battling weight problems; Liya Kebede,
who's been seduced by the promise of fame
and fortune; and Jamie Bochert, a waitress
who came to New York penniless. CC  [TV G]

 11:00 Third Watch.  He Said/She Said.
Officers Yokas (Molly Price) and Bosco
(Jason Wiles) jeopardize their careers
during a sweep of prostitutes when they
casually misjudge an incident between a
young woman (guest star Erica N. Tazel) and
a man (guest star Teagle F. Bougere) in a
car to be consensual--but their decision
spirals out of control when the woman
claims she was sexually assaulted and the
cops laughed it off. Meanwhile, Carlos
(Anthony Ruivivar) considers Officer Davis
(Coby Bell) a potential roommate candidate.
CC  [TV 14]


 8:00 Cold Case Files.  Traces of
Murder/The Bathtub Killer. A killer helps
convict himself when he boasts about his
crime to prison cellmates; and New
Hampshire investigators probing the murder
of a pregnant woman found raped, strangled,
and dumped into her bathtub, get a new lead
when they discover a similar case in
Florida. CC  [TV PG]

 9:00 Crossing Jordan.  For Harry, with
Love and Squalor. Jordan is tempted to have

a romantic fling with a mysterious suitor,
and gangsters threaten to kill Garret's
grifter father. With Jill Hennessy, Miguel
Ferrer, Steve Valentine, and
Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, and guest stars
Carl Reiner and Brian Stokes Mitchell. CC
[TV 14]

 10:00 Third Watch.  Old Dogs, New Tricks.
Self-assured Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar)
learns humility the hard way when he falls
from the firefighters' pole and must remain
overnight in a hospital with a hateful,
crazed drunk (guest star Joel Marsh
Garland) for a roommate--and an attractive
nurse (guest star Annie Parisse) on duty.
Officer Bosco (Jason Wiles) lays a trap for
a drug dealer and gets the surprise of his
life. CC  [TV 14]

 11:00 Paparazzi.  And Baby Makes Three.
While Catherine Zeta-Jones is in Toronto
filming "Chicago", Michael Douglas and
their newborn child are living in nearby
Forest Hill. Celebrity photographer Louie
De Filippis is on the scene when they
arrive in town for Catherine's wardrobe
fittings. They carefully avoid being seen,
but Lou is determined to get rare family
shots. He snaps shots of Catherine shopping
with her son, of Michael with former co-
star Kathleen Turner, and Michael alone.
But will he ever get that elusive family
picture? CC  [TV G]

 11:30 The Star Treatment.  #12. From
hairstylist to psychic, we go behind the
scenes for insight, anecdotes, and all the
inside stuff about stars! Meet Vincent
Longo, make-up artist for Sigourney Weaver
and Winona Ryder; Lauren Sara, designer of
maternity wear for stars like Jane Leeves
and Demi Moore; Brooke Siler, Pilates
teacher for Madonna and Liv Tyler, who
discusses the Pilates method of body-
strengthening; and David Meister, fashion
designer for stars such as Lucy Liu and
Calista Flockhart. CC  [TV G]


 8:00 Biography.  Shirley Jones:
Hollywood's Musical Mom. "Oklahoma" made
her a star and "The Partridge Family" made
her TV-mom to a generation. Here's the life
of the actress with an angelic singing
voice who wowed Rodgers and Hammerstein at
18, married actor Jack Cassidy,
othered teen idol David Cassidy, and
wed comedian Marty Ingels against family
wishes. This 2-hour special features
interviews with Shirley, David Cassidy,
sons Patrick, Ryan, and Shaun Cassidy,
Marty Ingels, Danny Bonaduce, Rod Steiger,
and Sheila MacRae. CC  [TV G]

 10:00 Saving Private Lynch: A Bill Kurtis
Special Report.   An in-depth look at the
rescue of Private First Class Jessica Lynch
by American Special Forces from an Iraqi
hospital. According to Bush Administration
officials, an Iraqi passed a note to U.S.
Marines who launched the daring mission
that extracted Private Lynch from the
Nasiriyah hospital. Includes interviews
with the Lynch family, Senator John McCain,
and "Washington Post" reporter Peter Baker,
who first interviewed the brave Iraqi
citizen who risked his life to save her. CC

 11:00 Crossing Jordan.  Pilot. Jill
Hennessy stars as Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh--a
fearless medical examiner with a checkered
career and penchant for going beyond the
call of duty. After striking out in L.A.,
she returns to Boston and her former job
with the Massachusetts State Coroner's
Office. In the pilot, Jordan suspects that
a teenage prostitute's suicide might be a
cover-up for foul play involving city
officials. With Ken Howard as Jordan's ex-
cop father and Miguel Ferrer as her boss
Dr. Garret Macy. Guest star: Kyle Secor. CC
[TV 14]


 8:00 Biography.  Wayne Newton: The King of
Las Vegas. Profile of the pop singer known
as "Mr. Las Vegas". Takes a frank look at
his turbulent financial, family, and legal
battles, as well as his recording career,
which took off after his big hit, "Danke
Schoen". CC  [TV G]

 9:00 Inspector Morse.  Absolute
Conviction. A wealthy entrepreneur, jailed
for stealing from his investors, is found
dead in his prison cell. Morse's
investigation his hampered by the prison
warden, who is concerned about the
reputation of her facility. John Thaw and
Kevin Whately star in this 2-hour mystery,
with guest star Sean Bean. CC  [TV PG]

 11:00 Third Watch.  A Hero's Rest.
ers Yokas (Molly Price), Bosco (Jason
Wiles), Sully (Skipp Sudduth), and Davis
(Coby Bell) fearfully search for a cop
killer. Bosco's new superior (recurring
guest star Brad Beyer) already hates him.
Patti D'Arbanville guest stars as Bosco's
irascible mother. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00 Biography.  Ann-Margret: Sugar &
Spice. Steamy portrait of the sexy siren of
the 1960s who rose above her kitten-with-a-
whip image to become an award-winning,
respected actress. Born in Sweden and
raised in Chicago, Ann-Margret also proved
her spunk by returning from a near-fatal
accident in the1970s that led to alcohol
problems and depression. CC  [TV G]

 9:00 Cold Case Files.  Operation Jambalaya
& Footprints in the Snow/The Widow and the
Wolf & Unicorns and Alligators. A police
officer goes undercover on a riverboat to
gain a murder confession from one of the
ship's maintenance workers, and a man,
suspected of committing murder using a
nunchukus goes on trial nearly 10 years
after the victim's body was found on
Christmas Eve. Then, a woman launches a
victims' rights group after her aunt's
murder, and a girl's rape and murder is
solved when the car where her body was
found acts like a refrigerator, allowing
DNA to be recovered from her body. (2-hour
version) CC  [TV PG]

 11:00 Third Watch.  True Love. Fists fly
as a vengeful Officer Bosco (Jason Wiles)
risks everything and tears after his
sobbing mother's abusive boyfriend
following another beating, while
Firefighter Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) gets
ambushed by a seething fellow fireman,
Lombardo (guest star Nick Sandow), who
spitefully pays him back double for
seducing his girlfriend. Also, the loveless
Officer Sully (Skipp Sudduth) meets an
attractive--and interested--Ukranian
neighbor (guest star Savannah Haske), and
makes a date. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00 Biography.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Writer Joss Whedon's story of a high-school
cheerleader who battles the undead suffers
a lackluster debut as a movie, but
resurfaces as a hit TV series. Includes
interviews w
ith Whedon and star Sarah
Michelle Gellar, who came to the show as a
17-year-old soap-opera actress. CC  [TV G]

 9:00 American Justice.  The Girl in the
Box. In 1977, Cameron Hooker kidnapped 20-
year-old hitchhiker Colleen Stan and forced
her to be his sex slave for seven years of
physical and psychological abuse. At times
she was even kept in a coffin-like box
under his bed. Yet through it all, she
stayed, even when it seemed she could
escape. In the end, it would be left to a
jury to answer the question: Was Colleen
Stan brainwashed, a willing partner in her
own enslavement, or was her relationship
with Cameron Hooker consensual? CC  [TV PG]

 10:00 City Confidential.  Ingleside: Dirty
Deals, Buried Secrets. Scandal comes to a
quiet, blue-collar Texan town when its
shady mayor is accused of murdering a
prominent businessman. Paul Winfield
narrates. CC  [TV PG]

 11:00 Third Watch.  Childhood Memories.


 8:00  Biography.  Alec Guinness. Profile of the 6-time Oscar nominee who
demonstrated a remarkable ability to transform himself into characters far
removed from his humble beginnings. Rare film clips, archival photos, and
interviews with film legends reveal how acting transported a poor youth
into one of the 20th century's greatest theater and film stars and into the
English aristocracy. Includes interviews with Ronald Neame, Charles
Sturridge, Glynis Johns, George Lucas, Mark Hamill, and Lauren Bacall. CC
[TV G]

 9:00  Columbo.  Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo. Columbo (Peter Falk)
unwittingly becomes part of a deranged woman's diabolical plot to destroy
the two men that she believes responsible for her husband's death in
prison. After murdering one, she moves in on the other--Columbo--with plans
to kill the person closest to him, his wife. Guest stars: Helen Shaver,
Roscoe Lee Browne, and Ian McShane. CC  [TV PG]

 11:00  Third Watch.  The Long Guns. In his ongoing guest to join the
police sniper team, Officer Bosco (Jason Wiles) befriends an embittered but
wily squad veteran (guest star Gerald McRaney), who instructs him on the
art of distance shooting. But when the older cop's demons push him over the
edge, a helpful Bosco bears the brunt of his mentor's self-destructive
tendencies. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00  Biography.  Loretta Lynn: True Story of the Coal Miner's Daughter.
The rags-to-riches story of the singing star whose life was the subject of
the movie "Coal Miner's Daughter". After raising four children and
herself the guitar, Loretta recorded such hits as "You Ain't Woman Enough",
"Don't Come Home A-Drinking", and "A Honky-Tonk Girl".
CC  [TV G]

 9:00  The Grand Ole Opry: 75 Years of America's Music.   Get ready for one
of the greatest country music celebrations ever when we commemorate the
75th anniversary of Nashvill
e's Grand Ole Opry. Thrill to the great moments
from the radio program, the glory days at Ryman Auditorium, and today's
Opry. Look back at the immortals who performed at the Opry, including Patsy
Cline, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, and Garth Brooks. And enjoy interviews
with Barbara Mandrell, Ricky Skaggs, Ronnie Milsap, and Trisha Yearwood. CC
[TV G]

 11:00  Third Watch.  Falling. Officer Bosco's (Jason Wiles) manic pursuit
of a bank robber leads him to the brink of emotional breakdown, threatening
his life and the lives of others. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00  Cold Case Files.  Reconstructing Murder/Fire Flicks. In Wisconsin,
advances in forensic clay modeling help investigators identify a murder
victim whose skin was stripped from her head, neck, and legs. And in
California, police track down two boys who enjoy satanic rituals and
setting fires. CC  [TV PG]

 9:00  Crossing Jordan.  The Gift of Life. When a heart surgeon dies,
Jordan recalls how he nearly destroyed her career and life. Meanwhile, Bug
battles immortality by confronting the world of cryogenics. With Jill
Hennessy, Miguel Ferrer, Zeljko Ivanek, and Ravi Kapoor. CC  [TV 14]

 10:00  Third Watch.  The Unforgiven. After two disturbing murder cases, a
distraught Officer Sully (Skipp Sudduth) seeks the guidance of a priest
(guest star Giancarlo Esposito) when he questions his faith in God. CC  [TV

 11:00  Paparazzi.  From Princes to Pop Stars. A famous person's security
and entourage always confront a celebrity photographer. Some celebrities
have minimal security, others are surrounded by an army of people whose job
is to avoid "unwanted" attention and especially candid photos.
Photojournalist Louie De Filippis's job is to get the shot, and he is faced
with different circumstances and problems. This show details three such
situations as Lou tries to photograph Prince Andrew, Jackie Chan, and rock
star Bono. CC  [TV G]

 11:30  The Star Treatment.  #14. Meet Paul Timman, who talks about
creating tattoos for Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie, a
nd Jillian Wright,
facialist for stars like Gabriel Byrne and Tea Leoni. Learn the Hollywood
rules of the road from Dan Carlton, who drives for celebrities such as
Debbie Reynolds and Brad Johnson, and how Lauren Lawrence analyzes the
dreams of celebs like Joan Collins and Kelsey Grammer. CC  [TV G]


 8:00  Biography.  John Wayne: American Legend. A special 2-hour portrait
of the legendary actor whose portrayals of rugged, straight-shooting men
made him an American icon. Charlton Heston, Ron Howard, and Patricia Neal,
among others, offer their remembrances of "Duke".  CC  [TV G]

 10:00  Who Killed Laci Peterson?: A Bill Kurtis Special Report.   Direct
from today's headlines, Bill Kurtis looks at the circumstances surrounding
the death of 27-year-old Laci Peterson, and the recent charges brought
against her husband Scott who is accused of murdering both Laci and their
unborn son. CC  [TV PG]

 11:00  Crossing Jordan.  The Dawn of a New Day. Mackenzie Phillips guest
stars as a waitress whose unusual reaction to the shooting death of her cab
driver husband makes Jordan (Jill Hennessy) curious about the real story
behind the cabby's killing. Meanwhile, Garret (Miguel Ferrer) feels
uncomfortable with the attention he receives from "the weird 'intake'
girl", and Trey (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali) enlists "Bug" (Ravi
Kapoor) in a
quest to identify "Mr. Stinky", an unclaimed corpse whose tenure
at the
morgue has become lengthy. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00  Biography.  Humphrey Bogart. A look at one of Hollywood's greatest
enigmas--a consummate professional whose private life was filled with
alcohol and troubled marriages, a man who denounced the blacklist and later
recanted, and a star who wasn't physically big but who perfected the tough-
guy persona onscreen. Includes scenes from some of Bogie's greatest films
and former wife Lauren Bacall's rare home movies. CC  [TV G]

 9:00  Inspector Morse.  The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn. An Arab sheik,
desperate for his son to get an Oxford degree, bribes exami
officials. Stars John Thaw as Morse and Kevin Whately as Lewis in this 2-
hour mystery. CC  [TV PG]

 11:00  Third Watch.  This Band of Brothers. Candyman (guest star Wendell
Pierce) risks his life for Davis (Coby Bell). Matty (guest star Jon Seda)
hides from the police. Bobby (Bobby Cannavale) and Kim (Kim Raver) get
closer. Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) is upset about Doc's (Michael Beach)
relationship with Dr. Morales (guest star Lisa Vidal). Yokas (Molly Price)
is enraged by Bosco's (Jason Wiles) treatment of a wounded thief. CC  [TV


 8:00  Biography.  Spencer Tracy. Portrait of the actor considered one of
the best in the 20th century, who couldn't escape guilt over an unhappy
marriage and a congenitally deaf son. Despite triumphs in such classics as
"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" and "Judgement at Nuremberg",
he escaped his
problems with alcohol and affairs--most notably, with Katharine Hepburn. CC
[TV G]

 9:00  Cold Case Files.  The Cuff Link & Graveyard Shift/The Unluckiest
& The Deadly Triangle. Police solve an old murder case with a painstaking
examination of the tool mark on the plastic flex cuff that bound the
victim's hands, and a 15-year-old murder case is finally cracked open when
a disgruntled wife tells police that her husband committed the crime. Then,
a man sets fires to collect insurance money; and a prisoner tells a
detective that he can't help him with one murder investigation, but knows
plenty about another murder that took place 15 years earlier. (2-hour
version) CC  [TV PG]

 11:00  Third Watch.  Officer Involved. Davis (Coby Bell) shoots an
innocent man. Tensions escalate between partners Bosco (Jason Wiles) and
Yokas (Molly Price). Kim (Kim Raver) wonders about Bobby (Bobby Cannavale)
and Treva's (recurring guest star Yancy Butler) relationship. Doherty
(Eddie Cibrian) reveals he's dating a cop, Brooke Carney (recurring guest
star Eva LaRue). Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) questions Vangie's (recurring
guest star Samantha Buck) sanity. Rosie O'Donnell makes a cameo 
CC  [TV 14]


 8:00  Biography.  Cary Grant. Scenes from Grant's classic movies and
intimate interviews with friends and co-stars document the prolific career
of the English actor who won fame with his good looks and sophisticated
style. CC  [TV G]

 9:00  American Justice.  Who Killed Hannah Hill? The tragic story of 18-
year-old Hannah Hill of Akron, Ohio, whose murder may never be solved
because virtually every part of her case--from the police investigation to
the trial to the jury deliberations--was mishandled. CC  [TV PG]

 10:00  City Confidential.  Charlotte: Panther on the Run. The people of
sports-crazy Charlotte, North Carolina are shocked when Rae Carruth, a wide
receiver for the Charlotte Panthers pro football team, is linked to the
murder of his pregnant girlfriend. Narrated by Paul Winfield. CC  [TV PG]

 11:00  Third Watch.  The Lost. While searching for a kidnapping victim
buried alive, Sully (Skipp Sudduth) feels overwhelmed. Paramedic Bobby
(Bobby Cannavale) finds a tattered and lost 4-year-old boy who brings out
his fatherly instincts. Faith Yokas (Molly Price) keeps her pregnancy
secret from her husband (guest star Chris Bauer). Bobby, attracted to
fellow paramedic Kim (Kim Raver), chides her for visiting her injured ex-
husband, fireman Jimmy Doherty (Eddie Cibrian), who remains hospitalized
from his shooting. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00  Biography.  Clark Gable. The intimate personal story of the star who
became "King of Hollywood" with his performances in such classics
as "It
Happened One Night" and "Gone with the Wind". Gable was neither
the hero
nor carefree rogue he often portrayed--he never earned his father's
respect, he engaged in a string of relationships with much older women, and
he never knew the child he fathered in an affair with Loretta Young. His
daughter, Judy Lewis, speaks here about the struggle to find her own
identity. CC  [TV G]

 9:00  Columbo.  Strange Bedfellows. When a man kills his brother who is
squandering the family fortune and trie
s to frame a Mafia restaurateur, Lt.
Columbo (Peter Falk) meticulously follows the clues until the killer
ultimately traps himself. Guest stars: George Wendt and Rod Steiger. CC

 11:00  Third Watch.  Duty. Sully (Skipp Sudduth) is hurt and angered when
he is roughed up by Internal Affairs cops trying to squeeze a confession
out of him after a rogue cop accuses him of manufacturing evidence against
a child molesting killer. The allegations hit just when it seems he might
discover a little joy from his newfound romance with an attractive
Ukrainian neighbor (guest star Savannah Haske). Elsewhere, Kim (Kim Raver)
is concerned about Bobby's (Bobby Cannavale) mood change. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00  Tom Jones Live at Cardiff Castle.   The charismatic star sings many
of his 74 hit singles in a performance at the unique and inspiring Cardiff
Castle in his native Wales. Mr. Jones has sustained his popularity for more
than three decades, and his recordings span the spectrum from pop and rock
standards to R&B, rockabilly, and country. CC  [TV G]

 10:00  Biography.  Elvis & June. Traces Elvis's rise to fame in 1956 from
the perspective of 18-year-old June Juanico, his first fiancee--before
Priscilla--and reveals the details of Elvis's passionate love affair with
this teenager from Biloxi, Mississippi. It's a very personal view of 21-
year-old Elvis at the time he was changing the entertainment world...and
the world around Elvis was also changing him! Includes interviews with June
and her mother, and early friends of Elvis. CC  [TV G]

 11:00  Third Watch.  ...And Zeus Wept. A school shooting mobilizes the
cops, paramedics, and firefighters. Kim (Kim Raver) struggles with her
deepening depression. Yokas (Molly Price) receives disturbing news from her
doctor. Meanwhile, Sully (Skipp Sudduth) and girlfriend Tatiana (guest star
Savannah Haske) ponder their future together. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00  Cold Case Files.  Portrait of a Killer/The Tortured Truth. The
accidental discovery of a human scalp leads t
o the conviction of a man for
murder 18 years after the killing. And a teenager who likes to kidnap
younger boys and break their bones, kills one and tortures another. CC  [TV

 9:00  Crossing Jordan.  Someone to Count on. Jack Klugman ("Quincy")
on the coroner's garb again to guest star as Dr. Gelber, a medical examiner
who helps Jordan fight to clear an innocent girl of murder charges. Stars
Jill Hennessy, Miguel Ferrer, and guest stars Jerry O'Connell, Indigo, and
Brian Stokes Mitchell. CC  [TV 14]

 10:00  Third Watch.  The Greater Good. A loving family wants to adopt
Carlos's (Anthony Ruivivar) AIDS-infected baby girl, but he resists because
he wants to raise her himself--and because the family is white. CC  [TV 14]

 11:00  Paparazzi.  Big Shots. A look at the fine balance between chance
encounters and careful planning. Meg Ryan is in Toronto with her new
reported love interest, and Lou is there to get shots of the handsome
couple roaming the city streets carefree. However, once those shots hit the
newsstands, getting a picture of Meg becomes increasingly difficult. Al
Pacino, on the other hand, shows up everywhere. Snapping pictures of Al
poses very little problem for Lou. A Bio Channel special presentation. CC
[TV G]

 11:30  The Star Treatment.  #17. In this episode, we meet: Fender Guitar's
Dell Breckenfeld, who has built guitars for Sting and Eric Clapton; Sandy
Sokolowski, who does hair for Alec Baldwin and Tia Carrere; Annie Lever,
who walks the dogs of celebrities, including Mike Myers and Steven
Spielberg; and Jack Caputo, who has photographed the weddings of stars Sela
Ward and Connie Selleca. A Bio Channel special presentation. CC  [TV G]


 8:00  Biography.  Bob Hope. A 2-hour definitive portrait of America's most
beloved entertainer. Using extensive footage and excerpts from Bob's stage,
film, radio, and TV days, this profile focuses on his extraordinary career,
support for American troops, and savvy business dealings. CC  [TV G]

 10:00  The Point.  Kidnapped Abroad. A lo
ok at the risk that Americans
face when traveling abroad, what the U.S. government is doing about it, and
what travelers can do to prevent and survive kidnappings. Includes the
abduction and murder of Daniel Pearl, the "Wall Street Journal" reporter
kidnapped in Karachi, Pakistan on January 23, 2002. CC  [TV PG]

 11:00  Crossing Jordan.  The Ties That Bind. Jordan (Jill Hennessy) goes
to prison where she attempts to piece together a scenario to confirm her
hunch that the torso of a raped, murdered, and dismembered woman belonged
to a corrections officer killed on the job. Meanwhile, Jordan's home life
seems too confining as the stress of staying with her father (Ken Howard)
and his new girlfriend (guest star Lois Nettleton) causes her to clash with
her colleague Trey (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali). With Miguel Ferrer and Ravi
Kapoor. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00  Finding Forrester.   Movie. A brilliant, but troubled, African-
American teenager and a reclusive novelist teach each other some important
lessons about life in this coming-of-age urban drama directed by Gus Van
Sant. With Sean Connery, Rob Brown, F. Murray Abraham, Anna Paquin, and
Busta Rhymes. Matt Damon makes a cameo appearance. (2000) CC  [TV PG]

 11:00  Third Watch.  Men. Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) risks his life when he
volunteers to climb inside the blades of an industrial mixer to rescue a
trapped worker, while Doc (Michael Beach) demands that medics use all means
possible to keep his dying father (guest star Ossie Davis) alive--even if
it goes against the older man's wishes. Candyman (guest star Wendell
Pierce) returns after rehabilitation, but Davis (Coby Bell) accuses him of
being crooked after a pimp claims the veteran cop robbed him. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00  Biography.  Keanu Reeves. Profile of the devilishly handsome, risk-
taking actor who's lit up the screen in "Speed" and "The Matrix".
his luck in Hollywood, Reeves has had his troubles offscreen, battling
dyslexia, two life-threatening motorcycle accidents, the loss of his
River Phoenix to drugs, and the death of his former girlfriend, who was
killed in a car accident. Features interviews with musician Alice Cooper,
Gary Busey, and Laurence Fishburne. CC  [TV G]

 9:00  Cold Case Files.  The Baiting Game/The Boy and the Monster & The
Secret in the Cellar. Virginia investigators, probing the murder of a
sailor, seek the help of a forensic anthropologist from the "body farm"
the Great Smoky Mountains--an expert on the human body's rate of decay. And
the investigation of a teenaged girl's murder leads police to a notorious
gang, the Black Gangster Disciples, and a 3-year-old boy who saw too much.
Then, investigators doggedly pursue the killer of a Maine housewife, who
mysteriously disappeared, only to turn up in her own cellar. (2-hour
version) CC  [TV PG]

 11:00  Third Watch.  A Thousand Points of Light. When fire engulfs a
motel, Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) risks his life trying to save the mother of
two scared young boys, while Officers Yokas (Molly Price) and Bosco (Jason
Wiles) search for the most likely culprit to have started the blaze--the
abusive husband. Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) is on the hot seat when his
desperate pregnant girlfriend (guest star Samantha Buck) makes a life-
threatening move. Doc (Michael Beach) and Dr. Morales (guest star Lisa
Vidal) find a home. With Patti D'Arbanville. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00  Biography.  Mary Kay Letourneau. It's truth stranger than
fiction...a "Lolita" for modern times. This is the story of the teacher
shocked the nation when she was arrested for having an affair with a 13-
year-old student, Vili Fualaau. For the first time since going to jail,
Letourneau talks exclusively about her father, whose life also fell apart
when he had an affair with a former student; her unhappy marriage, forced
by her disapproving parents; and her continuing love for Vili, the father
of two of her children. CC  [TV PG]

 9:00  American Justice.  Death of a Bride. When a New Jersey woman is
murdered on her wedding day by her ex-boyfrien
d, the case stirs a heated
debate about the nature of crimes of passion. CC  [TV PG]

 10:00  City Confidential.  Great Falls: The Criminal Next Door. In 1980, a
prominent Washington, D.C. cardiologist was murdered in his expensive home.
The crime shocked the tiny Virginia town where he lived, but when the
investigation focused on a well-to-do neighbor, it tore the lid off the
secret lives that lurked beneath Great Falls' tranquil exterior. Narrated
by Paul Winfield. CC  [TV PG]

 11:00  Third Watch.  Young Men and Fire. Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) rappels
down a fiery 25-storey building to rescue a trapped Doc (Michael Beach) and
Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar), and hours later, the paramedics return the favor
when Doherty is gravely wounded and fights for his life. Yokas (Molly
Price) is unhappy to discover that she's pregnant. Dr. Morales (guest star
Lisa Vidal) and Doc settle into their apartment. Davis (Coby Bell)
celebrates his one-year anniversary on the police force and must decide
whether to remain a cop or study law. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00  Biography.  Will Rogers. The remarkable life of the beloved cultural
icon who was a cowboy, movie star, Ziegfeld Follies star, world traveler,
writer, humorist, public speaker, radio personality, entrepreneur, and
champion of the average man. Rogers was one of the most popular men in
America when he died in a plane crash in 1935. CC  [TV G]

 9:00  Columbo.  Murder, Smoke and Shadows. An egocentric film director
resorts to his mastery of special effects to murder a vengeful friend who
discovered the director's role in the movie-stunt death of the friend's
sister years before. Peter Falk stars with Fisher Stevens, Molly Hagan, and
Steven Hill. CC  [TV PG]

 11:00  Third Watch.  Demolition Derby. An explosion traps members of a
demolition team in a collapsing building--and the Third Watch must respond.
Starring Michael Beach, Coby Bell, Amy Carlson, Bobby Cannavale, Eddie
Cibrian, Molly Price, Kim Raver, Anthony Ruivivar, Skipp Sudduth, Jason
Wiles, and Chris Bauer. Gu
est stars: Terry L. Beaver, Toni Lewis, J.K.
Simmons, and David Vadim. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00  Biography.  Osama bin Laden: In the Name of Allah. The bloody life
and times of the Saudi terrorist who has been linked to a number of deadly
attacks against U.S. troops and citizens and who has called on Muslims to
kill Americans everywhere in the world. Follow Osama bin Laden's trail from
his privileged childhood as the son of a wealthy oil businessman to his
battle against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and his suspected
involvement in the infamous 2001 World Trade Center bombing. CC  [TV PG]

 9:00  Saudi Arabia: A Bill Kurtis Special Report.   An examination of how
terrorism, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and cultural misunderstandings
have shaken the 65-year alliance between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.
Includes a look at Osama bin Laden's use of Saudi operatives on 9/11, which
some believe was an attempt to undermine the Saudi royal family as well as
America. CC  [TV G]

 11:00  Third Watch.  Act Brave. A gas explosion in a diner injures a group
of civilians, including a trapped little girl (guest star Jolie Peters)
whom paramedic Taylor (Amy Carlson) will not leave behind. Meanwhile,
Officer Sully (Skipp Sudduth) is unhappily surprised by his energetic new
wife Tatiana (Savannah Haske) when she brings home his elderly mother
suffering from Alzheimer's. Jimmy (Eddie Cibrian) and Kim (Kim Raver) each
try to impress a court-appointed adjudicator who will decide custody of
their son. CC  [TV 14]


 8:00  Cold Case Files.  The Cuff Link/Graveyard Shift. Police solve an old
murder case with a painstaking examination of the tool mark on the plastic
flex cuff that bound the victim's hands, and a 15-year-old murder case is
finally cracked open when a disgruntled wife tells police that her husband
committed the crime. CC  [TV PG]

 9:00  Crossing Jordan.  Secrets & Lies, Pt. 1. Jordan discovers that the
apparent suicide of a mental patient was really a homicide, leaving
Detective Hoyt with a ward
 full of mentally ill murder suspects. Stars Jill
Hennessy, Miguel Ferrer, Ken Howard, and guest stars Jerry O'Connell and
Lindsay Frost. CC  [TV 14]

 10:00  Third Watch.  Two Hundred and Thirty-Three Days. Taylor (Amy
Carlson) has an emotional reunion with her family after the body of her
father--a fellow firefighter--is recovered at the scene of the World Trade
Center attacks. Guest stars include Veronica Hamel, Bruce Weitz, Ed
Marinaro, and Roy Scheider. CC  [TV 14]

 11:00  Paparazzi.  Miami to LA One Way. Miami was Lou's second home, and
he's back where he got the first pictures of the emerging Latin scene and
documented the rise of Miami as a celeb location.--from Jennifer Lopez to
Sylvester Stallone, Cher to Ricky Martin. However, this New Year's (2001-
2002) Miami is cold and rainy, and few stars have come to party. While
hired by P. Diddy to cover his party, Lou looks for other celebrities. He
eventually ends up in Los Angeles outside of The Ivy, a popular hangout. A
Bio Channel special. CC  [TV G]

 11:30  The Star Treatment.  #21. In this episode, we check out the stars
with "Vanity Fair" celebrity astrologist Michael Lutin, and drop
in for a
splash at Absolute Spa, which caters to the likes of Uma Thurman and Ethan
Hawke. Ron Teeguarden, foremost tonic herbalist and translator of Eastern
philosophy and health care techniques, describes working with Danny Glover
and Wesley Snipes. Then, artist and builder Barbara Butler shows us how she
dreams up playhouses for the kids of stars like Kevin Kline and Will Smith.
CC  [TV G]

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