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A&E Listings

Here are listings for A&E Biography (and other prime-time evening programs), and here's a link for A&E Biography videos.
A&E provides listings on the 1st (times are EST/Pacific Time):

A&E Primetime Programming Schedule

Monday-Friday programs are each repeated once, 4 hours later

NOTE: We are listing both EST/Pacific Time and individual television ratings.
All are [TV G] or [PG]unless noted.
[NR] = Not Rated, news-related program.

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 8:00 Cold Case Files.  The Boy and the Monster/The Secret in the 
Cellar. In Wisconsin, the body of a teenaged girl, missing her hands, is 
discovered in the woods and a three-year-old boy provides police with 
evidence that sends his father to prison for murder. Then, investigators 
doggedly pursue the killer of a Maine housewife, who mysteriously 
disappeared only to show up buried in her own cellar. CC  [TV PG] 
 9:00 Crossing Jordan.  Digger, Pt. 2. Jordan develops a personal 
connection with FBI criminal profiler Drew Haley as she tries to track 
down the serial killer known as Digger. Stars Jill Hennessy and guest 
star Chris Noth, her former "Law & Order" co-star. CC  [TV 14] 
 10:00 Third Watch.  Jimmy's Mountain.  CC  [TV 14] 
 11:00 Hollywood Reality.  The Barrymores, Pt. 2. Gary Sinise hosts 
this astonishing look at the history of the famous--and often infamous--
family of actors. He shares with us the insanity, trials, tribulations, 
addictions, and victories of the family that has reigned on stage and 
film for over 150 years. Part 2 includes a look at Drew Barrymore's 
turbulent life, which parallels her family's story all the way back to the 
1800s. CC  [TV PG] 

 8:00 Biography.  John Ritter: In Good Company. Portrait of the 
versatile actor best remembered for his zany character Jack Tripper in 
the TV comedy "Three's Company", but who's won critical acclaim for 
his dramatic performances as well. Includes interviews with Ritter, 
"Three's Company" co-stars Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt, and 
Henry Winkler. CC  [TV PG] 
 9:00 Role Reversal.   Have you ever wondered what it's like to be the 
opposite sex? In this groundbreaking program, two men and two 
women come together for an incredible experiment that puts gender 
stereotypes to the test--they swap sexes to see for themselves! 
Isolated from friends and family for one month, they undergo a sexual 
identity boot camp and learn to speak, act, and move as the opposite 
sex, then go out in public to face a series of difficult and often hilarious 
social situations. CC  [TV PG] 
 11:00 The Point.  Transgender Revolution. An uncensored look at 
America's transsexuals, including a female-to-male transsexual who 
works for the Tampa, Florida, sheriff's department, and a Southern 
"good old boy" who plans a surgical sex change.  CC  [TV PG] 
 8:00 Biography.  Debbie Reynolds. Chronicles the career of the film 
star who rebounded from broken marriages, near bankruptcy, and the 
demands of the movie industry. Includes clips from some of Reynolds' 
most popular movies, and interviews with daughter Carrie Fisher and 
friends Robert Wagner and Tony Randall. CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 Midsomer Murders: Death of a Hollow Man. The Causton 
Amateur Dramatic Society is in for a shock when a real razor is 
substituted for a fake one in its production of "Amadeus", leading to the 
death of the actor portraying Salieri. John Nettles, Daniel Casey, and 
Jane Wymark star in this 2-hour mystery adapted from the popular 
Caroline Graham novels. CC  [TV PG] 
 11:00 Third Watch: Journey to the Himalayas.
Guest stars: Ossie Davis and Laila Robbins. CC  [TV 14] 
 8:00 Biography.  Eva Braun: Love and Death. The speculation 
surrounding Eva Braun has persisted for decades: Was she Adolf 
Hitler's lover or just a close friend? And did she die in a Berlin bunker or 
did she escape to a secret life? Our profile tells the simple story of a 
simple girl who simply fell in love...with the wrong man. This common 
tale of love in the time of war is told through uncommonly candid home 
movies, most of them shot by Eva herself. CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 Cold Case Files.  Vintage Murder & Trouble in Paradise/In the 
Care of a Killer & Deadly Lies. DNA evidence on cigarettes helps 
unravel a rape-murder case 25 years after the crime; a confession to a 
"Baywatch" TV star helps solve a woman's murder; the mysterious 
death of a young boy is cleared up when his babysitter is forced to re-
enact the circumstances of his death; and divers searching for an 
antique car discover a murdered man's body. (2-hour version) CC  [TV 
 11:00 Third Watch: This Band of Brothers 
(guest star Wendell Pierce) CC  [TV 14] 


 8:00 Biography.  Oksana Baiul: After the Glory. The story of the 1994 
Olympic ice skating champion who had it all--fame, fortune, and 
success--only to see it crumble. Baiul, who was orphaned at 13, 
shocked the world when she defeated Nancy Kerrigan at the Olympics, 
but turned to the bottle and became a diva when the pressure of being 
a celebrity became too hard to handle. CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 American Justice.  A Questionable Doctor. A look at how the 
justice system handled an unique, Kevorkian-style case. Dr. L. Stan 
Naramore was convicted of attempting to murder a 78-year-old 
terminally ill woman and killing an 81-year-old farmer. But defense 
attorney Kurt Kerns persuades the Kansas Court of Appeal to issue a 
highly unusual ruling. Includes interviews with Naramore and Kerns. 
CC  [TV PG] 
 10:00 City Confidential.  Miami Beach: Smugglers & Speedboats. In 
the 1980s, Miami was perhaps America's hippest city. But the murder 
of wealthy Miami boat builder Don Aronow, shot while sitting in his 
Mercedes coupe on famed "Thunderboat Row" in 1987, put the 
spotlight on the city's glitz, glamour, and drug culture. And for years, 
Aronow's murder remained one of South Florida's most notorious 
mysteries. Narrated by Paul Winfield. CC  [TV PG] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  32 Bullets and a Broken Heart. 
(guest star Lisa Vidal) CC  [TV 14] 


 8:00 Biography.  Scott Hamilton: Winning Big. The inspiring story of 
the Olympic ice skating champion who has overcome two serious 
illnesses. As a child, Hamilton suffered a mysterious intestinal problem 
that caused him to stop growing, and as an adult, he beat testicular 
cancer. CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 Smuckers Stars on Ice 2003.   America's top figure skating 
show features Canada's Jamie Sale and David Pelletier and Russia's 
Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze, the two pairs involved in the 
infamous Olympics judging controversy. Scott Hamilton, Katarina Witt 
and Salt Lake City gold medallist Alexei Yagudin are also featured in 
this 2-hour spectacular presentation. CC  [TV G] 
 11:00 Third Watch: Officer Involved 
(recurring guest stars Eva LaRue and Samantha Buck) CC  [TV 14] 

 8:00 Expedition Egypt.  Sacred Places. The doors of Egypt's exotic 
and varied sanctuaries swing open to reveal their remarkable history. 
Includes Cairo's Ben Ezra Synagogue, which is said to stand where 
Moses was pulled from the bulrushes; the Church of St. Sergius, which 
was supposedly visited by Jesus; and Egypt's most magnificent, yet 
rarely filmed mosques. CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 Hauntings: Chicago. With a great lake on one side and a great 
prairie on the other, the forces of nature exert a mystic force on 
Chicago. It's home to perhaps the most haunted cemetery in the 
country, where lighted orbs dance through the woods, and one of the 
oddest haunted restaurants. Spirits of the St. Valentine's Massacre 
roam the site where the murders took place, and Clarence Darrow 
appears near the Museum of Science and Industry, where his ashes 
were scattered. Join us for a chilling tour of the Windy City. CC  [TV G] 
 10:00 Other World.  UFOs: The Innocent Years. In a comprehensive 
examination of the UFO experience up to WWII, we begin with a review 
of surprising imagery that dates back to prehistoric times. From cave 
paintings to medieval frescoes and the refined paintings of the 
Renaissance, artists have depicted airborne objects that bear a 
stunning resemblance to what we think of as UFOs. But in the late 
1940s, the modern era of UFO sightings took off with the mysterious 
crash of a flying object near Roswell, New Mexico. CC  [TV G] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  Nature or Nurture?  CC  
[TV 14] 
 8:00 Cold Case Files.  The South Side Rapist. A series of brutal rapes 
in St. Louis goes unsolved for many years until a fluke audit of a 
license plate number leads police to the culprit. CC  [TV PG] 
 9:00 Crossing Jordan.  Blue Christmas. After a cop killer dies in 
custody, Garrett launches a coroner's investigation to determine if a 
vengeful cop went too far in making the arrest. With Jill Hennessy, Ken 
Howard, and Miguel Ferrer and guest star D.W. Moffet. CC  [TV 14] 
 10:00 Third Watch.  Kim's Hope Chest. 
(guest stars Anne Twomer and Marisa Ryan). CC  
[TV 14] 
 11:00 Hollywood Reality.  Holocaust. "The Pianist", "Amen", "Max", 
and "Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary"--a look at the current wave of Hitler 
and Holocaust films in a look back at the making of The 
Diary of Anne Frank. CC  [TV PG] 

 8:00 Biography.  Robert Redford: Hollywood Outlaw. Robert Redford 
has dazzled movie audiences for nearly 40 years, but who's the man 
behind the Greek-god looks? This intimate portrait explores Redford's 
early years of rebellion; the woman who turned his life around; the 
passion for set design that led him to acting; his roles in such classics 
as "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and "The Sting"; and his 
fierce determination to keep his private life private. CC  [TV G] 
 10:00 The Point.  Inside Polygamy. A probe of the secretive world of 
Mormon polygamy in Utah, where an estimated 30,000-50,000 people 
live in polygamous relationships. Features a profile of the 1,500-
member Kingston family, which forces its girls to marry within the family 
between the ages of 14-16 and have a baby every year. CC  [TV PG] 
 8:00 Biography.  Paul Newman: Hollywood's Charming Rebel. A 
profile of the legendary actor and philanthropist. From early days on 
Broadway, in live TV drama during its Golden Age, and most notably in 
Hollywood blockbuster films, Newman's striking good looks and 
passionate intensity came to define the American leading man. 
Interviewees include Robert Redford and Katharine Ross. CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 Midsomer Murders: Death in Disguise. When the Master of a 
New Age commune is prematurely transported into the Other World, 
Chief Inspector Barnaby investigates. All fingers point to a ruthless 
tycoon who had only visited the commune in order to see his long lost 
daughter. Not convinced, Barnaby looks further into the lives all the 
inhabitants, including a couple who ran a brothel, a man who's hiding 
from his jealous wife, and a journalist who's not really a journalist. 
Starring John Nettles and Daniel Casey. Guest star: Colin Farrell. CC  
[TV PG] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  Ohio. The paramedics, firefighters, and police 
officers are dispatched to a hotel where a debate is scheduled between 
New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and First Lady Hillary Clinton, rival 
candidates for the U.S. Senate. With little else to do, Officers Bosco 
(Jason Wiles) and Yokas (Molly Price) argue the candidates' merits. 
And to pass time, Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) prods the other 
paramedics to reveal their most nightmarish work experiences. CC  [TV 

 8:00 Biography.  Maureen O'Hara: Wild Irish Rose. Portrait of the star 
who stood toe-to-toe with Hollywood's toughest leading men and put 
fire, brimstone, and beauty into her roles. Includes clips from O'Hara's 
best-loved films, and looks at her love affairs that were plagued by 
divorce, scandal, and tragedy. Anthony Quinn, director Chris 
Columbus, and her brother are interviewed. CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 Cold Case Files.  The Perfect Murder & Death of the 
Innocents/Lady in the Box. It takes nine years and cutting-edge 
forensic toxicology to solve the killing of a medical examiner's wife; a 
sheriff reopens the case of the deaths of two babies, hoping to get their 
mother to confess; and the murder of an Ohio woman is solved after 20 
years when police discover a crucial clue--the woman's husband was 
seen building a coffin-shaped box. (2-hour version) CC  [TV PG] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  Men. (guest star Ossie Davis) CC  [TV 14] 

 8:00 Biography.  James Dean: Outside the Lines. Portrait of the 
Hollywood icon who redefined the image of the rebellious teenager 
before his tragic death at 24. Dean's quick ascent made the moody star 
even more volatile, earning him the nickname "The Little Bastard", and 
his passion for fast cars grew--a passion that would end his life. 
Features personal home movies that show several race cars, clips of 
Dean's TV appearances and films, and recollections of family, friends, 
and colleagues. Narrated by Bill Mumy (1-hour version). CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 American Justice.  Vanished. A local bad boy in a California 
town, once a suspect in the disappearance of a young woman, is 
suspected of a similar crime 13 years later. CC  [TV PG] 
 10:00 City Confidential.  Sunny Days, Deadly Nights on Mercer 
Island. A woman's naked body is found outside a Seattle nightclub, 
posed demurely with a pinecone in her hand. Narrated by Paul 
Winfield. CC  [TV PG] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  Spring Forward, Fall Back 
(guest star Lisa Vidal) CC  [TV 14] 


 8:00 Biography.  Katharine Hepburn: On Her Own Terms. Profile of 
the multi-Oscar-winning actress who starred in "The African Queen", 
"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?", and "On Golden Pond". Her 
professional and personal relationship with Spencer Tracy is also 
profiled. CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 Columbo.  Murder with Too Many Notes. When a famous film 
composer murders his assistant to conceal the fact that the talented 
young musician had been composing his award-winning scores, 
Lieutenant Columbo solves the crime in his own inimitable way. Peter 
Falk stars with Billy Connolly, Chad Willet, Hillary Danner, and Charles 
Cioffi. Directed by Patrick McGoohan. CC  [TV PG] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  A Thousand Points of Light. 
(guest stars Samantha Buck and Lisa Vidal) CC [TV 14] 
 8:00 Expedition Egypt.  Death and Rebirth. As we examine the many 
differences evident among Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the religion 
of the pharaohs, we learn that they did share in the belief that a better 
life awaits us after death. We'll look at the practice of mummification, 
spells, symbols of the pharaohs, and burial temples and mausoleums. 
CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 Hauntings: Atlanta. Despite continual renovation in the capital of 
the "New South", Atlanta boasts many buildings dating back to the Civil 
War. On a spirited tour of central Georgia, we visit five such venues, 
including the Kennesaw House and an 1848 house in Marietta, which 
served as hospitals in the Civil War. The first owners of former 
plantation houses Lockerly Hall and Barnsley Gardens drop by for 
visits. And at Andersonville, where 29,000 Union soldiers died in 
horrifying conditions, many ghosts roam the grounds. CC  [TV G] 
 10:00 Other World.  UFOs: Cause for Alarm. Studies some of the 
most disturbing UFO sightings, including: a 4-day extravaganza in 
1952, when UFOs cruised the skies over the White House; sightings in 
1967 near a secret U.S./Canadian submarine detection base; 
controversial events at the U.K./U.S. air base at Bentwaters, England; 
and the military's Test Area 51 in Nevada. CC  [TV G] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  Just Another Night at the Opera. 
(guest stars Samantha Buck and Wendell Pierce) CC  [TV 14] 
 8:00 Cold Case Files.  Vintage Murder/Trouble in Paradise. Police 
doggedly reopen a rape-murder case 25 years after the crime and find 
enough DNA evidence on the suspect's cigarette butts to bring him to 
justice. And a confession made to a "Baywatch" TV star helps police 
solve the three-year-old riddle of a wealthy Newport Beach woman's 
murder. CC  [TV PG] 
 9:00 Crossing Jordan.  Wrong Place, Wrong Time. Jordan and 
Garrett investigate a foiled bank robbery which left a customer and one 
of the thieves--disguised as Bill Clinton--dead. Stars Jill Hennessy, Ken 
Howard, Miguel Ferrer, Ravi Kapoor, and Steve Valentine. Jerry 
O'Connell and Mark Kiely guest star. CC  [TV 14] 
 10:00 Third Watch.  After Hours. CC  [TV 14] 
 11:00 Hollywood Reality.  Hollywood at War. From "The Quiet 
American" to "M*A*S*H", present-day and old Hollywood goes to war in 
the Korean and Vietnamese conflict. CC  [TV PG] 

 8:00 Biography.  Elizabeth Taylor. Renowned for her legendary 
beauty and startling violet eyes, Oscar-winning actress Elizabeth Taylor 
has mesmerized audiences as much with her private life, including her 
love affairs and eight divorces, as her dramatic performances on the 
silver screen. This 2-hour profile recalls all the highly publicized events 
of Liz's life, including her torrid relationship with Richard Burton, her 
extravagant tastes, battle with addiction, brain surgery, and long 
crusade to raise funds to fight AIDS. CC  [TV G] 
 10:00 The Point.  Kidnapped Abroad. A look at the risk that Americans 
face when traveling abroad, what the U.S. government is doing about 
it, and what travelers can do to prevent and survive kidnappings. 
Includes the abduction and murder of Daniel Pearl, the "Wall Street 
Journal" reporter kidnapped in Karachi, Pakistan on January 23, 2002. 
CC  [TV PG] 
 11:00 The Point.  Danger on the Rails. Train tracks are so 
commonplace that most of us can't remember how many times we 
cross them each day; but are they safe? A look at some recent events 
sheds light on the stories of these frightening accidents.  CC  [TV PG] 

 8:00 Biography.  Diane Keaton: On Her Own. An interview with 
Woody Allen and clips from "Annie Hall", "Reds", and "Father of the 
Bride" highlight this portrait of the great actress. Includes a look at 
Keaton's off-screen romances with Allen and Warren Beatty, her 
decision to adopt, and her humanitarian pursuits. CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 Midsomer Murders: The Killings at Badger's Drift. Two 
gruesome murders reveal the sordid side of a sleepy English village, 
including old loves, new scandals, voyerism, blackmail, and incest. 
Adapted from Caroline Graham's popular "Inspector Barnaby" mystery 
novel series. John Nettles stars as Barnaby and Daniel Casey is 
Sergeant Troy in this 2-hour mystery, with guest stars Jonathan Firth 
and Renee Asherson. CC  [TV PG] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  Young Men and Fire. 
 (guest star Lisa Vidal) CC  [TV 14] 
 8:00 Biography.  Faye Dunaway. Portrait of the legendary actress 
who declared her plans to be a star at an early age and made good on 
her vow when she debuted on Broadway three weeks after graduating 
college. She followed up with a breakthrough performance in "Bonnie 
and Clyde" and continued her success with "Chinatown" and an Oscar-
winning turn in "Network". CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 Cold Case Files.  Frozen in Time & Little Girl Lost/Murder 
Illustrated & Blood Relations. Using a hair dryer to thaw a frozen 
corpse, detectives get to the bottom of a grisly murder; the discovery of 
a child's skeleton puts police on the trail of an "oddball" family; 
investigators use the new field of sexual homicide inquiry to reopen a 
case of murder and sexual mutilation; and forensic experts using 
alternative light sources find enough evidence on a shirt to trap a killer 
20 years after the crime. (2-hour version) CC  [TV PG] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  The Lost. 
(guest star Chris Bauer) CC  [TV 14] 

 8:00 Biography.  Sally Field: Defying Gravity. We like her and are 
serving up a portrait of the feisty actress who leapt from TV's flighty 
"The Flying Nun" to Oscar-winning roles in "Norma Rae" and "Places in 
the Heart". Features clips from her varied film roles--from "Smokey & 
the Bandit" to "Forrest Gump" and "Steel Magnolias"--and looks at her 
directing and producing work. CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 American Justice.  A Murder before Homecoming. Implicated in 
the rape and murder of a cheerleader, a high-school homecoming king 
stuns a courtroom when he refuses a plea bargain that could save him 
from the death penalty. CC  [TV PG] 
 10:00 City Confidential.  Portland, Maine. Portland is a cold, isolated 
city, far removed from the American mainstream since establishment in 
1622. This isolation has made the people of Portland self-reliant and 
individualistic. In Maine, folks believe a man has to look out for himself, 
even if that means taking the law into his own hands. So it wasn't 
surprising when the owner of a popular tavern shot three men who 
came to his home after assaulting him at work; but Mainers were 
shocked when he was charged with murder. Paul Winfield narrates. CC  
[TV PG] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  Faith. 
(guest star Nahanni Johnstone)  CC  [TV 14] 

 8:00 Biography.  Vivien Leigh: A Delicate Balance. Tragic story of the 
Oscar-winning star ("Gone with the Wind" and "A Streetcar Named 
Desire"), whose life was consumed by alcoholism, tuberculosis, manic-
depressive illness, and rocky marriage to Laurence Olivier. Our profile 
chronicling her highs and lows includes interviews with John Gielgud, 
Kim Hunter, and Juliet Mills. CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 Columbo.  Undercover. Missing pieces of a vital photograph lead 
Lt. Columbo (Peter Falk) down a trail of murder. Along the way, the wily 
detective resorts to various disguises as he conducts a complicated 
underworld investigation. The teleplay was written by Gerry Day from 
the novel by Ed McBain. Guest stars: Ed Begley Jr., Burt Young, and 
Tyne Daly. CC  [TV PG] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  Four Days. Nancy O'Dell guest stars. CC  [TV 14] 

 8:00 Expedition Egypt.  Land of Magic. Magic was an essential 
element of ancient Egyptian life. Magic allowed the ancient Egyptians 
to reverse misfortune and influence health, wealth, love, and war. Even 
after the pharaohs disappeared and the ancient gods vanished, magic 
remained and was used by Egyptian Jews, Christians, and Muslims. 
CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 Beauty in a Jar.   The history of the American beauty culture and 
how it's affected women and society. This 2-hour documentary 
examines the changing notions of beauty over the past century: The 
white complexion and rosy cheeks look, the flappers, the lipstick craze, 
the natural look, the black-is-beautiful movement, and the glam-rock 
scene. CC  [TV PG] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  Jimmy's Mountain. (guest star 
Amy Carlson) CC  [TV 14] 

 8:00 Cold Case Files.  Silent Witness/Innocence Lost. The murder of 
scientist Helena Greenwood, who was helping to develop DNA forensic 
technology when she died, is solved 12 years later with the help of 
DNA evidence. And a Los Angeles County prosecutor uses criminal 
profiling to nab the notorious South Bay Rapist, who abducted and 
raped six young girls. CC  [TV PG] 
 9:00 Crossing Jordan.  Blood Relatives. A mother and her two young 
sons are brutally murdered and the only suspect is the family's 
distraught father, a former hockey star. With Jill Hennessy, Ken 
Howard, Miguel Ferrer, Ravi Kapoor, and guest stars Tom Verica, 
Kristen Wilson, and Lindsay Frost. CC  [TV 14] 
 10:00 Third Watch.  Know Thyself. (guest stars George Dzundza and 
Mia Farrow of Rosemary's Baby), and (Chris Bauer) CC  [TV 14] 
 11:00 "And the Nominees Are...".   An exciting preview of the 
Academy Awards, with a look at the nominees and films that will be in 
the spotlight on Oscar night. Includes interviews with nominees Diane 
Lane, Michael Caine, Julianne Moore, Martin Scorsese, and Adrien 
Brody. CC  [TV G] 

 8:00 Third Watch.  Superheroes, Pt 1. (guest star Roy Scheider)  CC  [TV 14]
 9:00 Third Watch.  Superheroes, Pt 2.  CC  [TV 14] 
 10:00 Third Watch. The Long Guns (guest star Gerald McRaney) CC  [TV 14]
 11:00 Third Watch.  Falling. CC  [TV 14] 
 8:00 Biography.  Robert Duvall. A profile of the legendary actor who 
has portrayed such unforgettable characters as Boo Radley in "To Kill a 
Mockingbird", Tom Hagen in "The Godfather", and Lt. Kilgore in 
"Apocalypse Now". Despite his fame, Duvall shuns the limelight and 
lives on a farm where he's converted the barn to a dance studio. 
Includes interviews with Duvall, John Travolta, Billy Bob Thornton, and 
Gene Hackman. CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 A&E's Live by Request Starring Hall & Oates.   The pop music 
duo takes viewers requests at a live performance at John Jay College 
in New York City. Daryl Hall's falsetto combined with John Oates 
baritone led to a decade-spanning string of hit singles and proved the 
perennial appeal of white soul singers. The duo came to national 
prominence with the million-selling "Sara Smile" followed by "Rich Girl", 
which reached number one in the U.S. charts in 1977. CC  [TV G] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  Kim's Hope Chest. (guest star Kristopher Scott Fiedel) and 
(guest star Anne Twomey) and (guest star Marisa Ryan). CC  
[TV 14] 

 8:00 Biography.  Queen Noor: Between Two Realms. Chronicles the 
fairy-tale romance of Jordan's late King Hussein and all-American girl 
Lisa Halaby, who became Noor al Hussein--the "Light of Hussein"--
when they married. Features interviews with friends Harrison Ford and 
Stephanie Powers.  CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 Cold Case Files.  Through the Eyes of a Child & The Killer Next 
Door/Vanished. Cold Case Units use psychological profiling, forensic 
anthropology, and a convicted felon's rekindled memory to heat up old 
cases. In Missouri, a part-time missionary is convicted, 38 years later, 
of killing her 5-year-old stepdaughter, and the skeleton of a Michigan 
boy, dead for 10 years, leads police to a serial killer. Then, we follow 
the story of serial killer James Rodney Hicks, who left a trail of bodies 
and kept police, prosecutors, and the FBI quite busy for over 20 years. 
(2-hour version) CC  [TV PG] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  The Tys That Bind.  CC  [TV 14] 

 8:00 Biography.  The Woolworths: Five and Dime Fortune and 
Failure. Story of how Frank Winfield Woolworth began his "five and 
dime" stores, and paid cash to build the world's tallest skyscraper, the 
Woolworth Building, in 1913. CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 American Justice.  Crib Death? A woman accuses her ex-
husband of murdering their baby. Is it a tale of a woman scorned, or the 
chilling story of a cold-blooded child killer? CC  [TV PG] 
 10:00 City Confidential.  Philadelphia: Double Dutch Bust. In the 
high-flying 1980s, Larry Lavin was a clean-cut dentist living the good 
life in suburban Philadelphia. But, what his upper-crust neighbors didn't 
know was that Lavin led a double life--one that would finally be 
exposed by a shocking narcotics investigation. Narrated by Paul 
Winfield. CC  [TV PG] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  After Hours.  CC  [TV 14] 

 8:00 Biography.  Dave Thomas: Made to Order. Story of the lovable 
guy behind the Wendy's fast-food empire. He began with Kentucky 
Fried Chicken and invented the famous bucket of chicken with Colonel 
Sander's face on it. After leaving KFC, he started doing Wendy's 
commercials in 1989--the first of 500. CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 Columbo.  A Bird in the Hand. From the Vegas Strip to the 
football field, gambling and power lead to three deaths investigated by 
Lt. Columbo (Peter Falk). Guest stars: Greg Evigan, Steve Forest, and 
Tyne Daly. CC  [TV PG] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  Know Thyself. (guest stars George Dzundza and 
Mia Farrow of Rosemary's Baby, and Chris Bauer CC  [TV 14] 

 8:00 Expedition Egypt.  Pyramids: Majesty and Mystery. Standing 
majestically for centuries, the world's great pyramids have long inspired 
and mystified scholars. Leading experts and historians explore the 
engineering genius that created some of the largest structures on the 
planet. From ancient Egypt to Central America, we visit these 
technological masterpieces. CC  [TV G] 
 9:00 Hauntings: The Rockies. They are the backbone of a continent, 
towering granite peaks that have lured adventurers to the American 
West for centuries. For some, this rugged landscape yielded incredible 
wealth. For others, its only offerings were tragic death. In a tour of 
Colorado's spookiest places, we visit Cripple Creek Hotel, Manitou 
Springs, the frontier town of Buckskin Joe, Molly Brown's Denver 
mansion, and Estes Park--where phantoms still cling to a life long past 
in the Haunted Rockies. CC  [TV G] 
 10:00 Other World.  UFOs: Nightmare. Examines the most debatable 
aspect of alien contact--human abduction! From the first recorded case, 
the 1961 kidnapping of Betty and Barney Hill, to the 1976 Allagash 
Incident, when four friends were whisked away while on a camping trip, 
we hear firsthand from participants and a neuroscientist, who offers 
more earthbound solutions. CC  [TV G] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  Run of the Mill. CC  [TV 14] 

 8:00 Cold Case Files.  The Perfect Murder/Death of the Innocents. It 
takes nine years and the work of cutting-edge forensic toxicologists to 
solve the murder of a medical examiner's wife. Then, a determined 
Alabama sheriff reopens the case of the deaths of two babies, hoping 
to get their mother to confess. CC  [TV PG] 
 9:00 Crossing Jordan.  Miracles & Wonders. Jordan's views on 
religion are tested when a man, who claimed to be St. Francis and bore 
the stigmata, dies in church and his body disappears from the morgue. 
Meanwhile, Max has a health problem that forces him to make a major 
life decision. Stars Jill Hennessy, Ken Howard, Miguel Ferrer, Ravi 
Kapoor, and Steve Valentine. Alex McKenna guest stars. CC  [TV 14] 
 10:00 Third Watch.  Requiem for a Bantamweight.  CC  [TV 14] 
 11:00 Hollywood Reality.  Robert Duvall. A look at the prolific 
writer/director/producer and star of "Assassination Tango", Robert 
Duvall, who also co-stars as Robert E. Lee in "Gods and Generals", the 
epic Civil War film based on Jeff Shaara's best-selling novel. CC  [TV 

 8:00 Biography.  John Travolta: Stayin' Alive. A look at the up-and-
down career of the actor who went from goofy teen in TV's "Welcome 
Back, Kotter" to disco king in "Saturday Night Fever" and drugged-out 
hitman in Pulp Fiction. Along the way, Travolta suffered the death of 
his lover Diana Hyland, found comfort in Scientology, and saw his 
movie career nosedive in the 1980s. Interviews with his wife Kelly 
Preston and colleagues, including Quentin Tarantino, Halle Berry, 
Nicolas Cage, John Woo, and Olivia Newton-John, highlight this 2-hour 
special. CC  [TV G] 
 10:00 A&E's Live by Request Starring Hall & Oates.   The pop 
music duo takes viewers requests at a live performance at John Jay 
College in New York City. Daryl Hall's falsetto combined with John 
Oates baritone led to a decade-spanning string of hit singles and 
proved the perennial appeal of white soul singers. The duo came to 
national prominence with the million-selling "Sara Smile" followed by 
"Rich Girl", which reached number one in the U.S. charts in 1977. CC  
[TV G] 
 8:00 Biography.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Profile of the comedienne who 
earned a place in TV history with her portrayal of Elaine on the hit 
sitcom "Seinfeld". Nicknamed "Little Yum Yum" by the Seinfeld cast, 
Louis-Dreyfus began her comedy career in improv, starred on 
"Saturday Night Live", made her film debut in Woody Allen's "Hannah 
and Her Sisters", and launched her own sitcom "Watching Ellie". 
I'll bet they don't even mention her first movie, Troll. CC  
[TV PG] 
 9:00 Midsomer Murders: Death's Shadow. A village is haunted by its 
past when a children's game leads to the brutal murders of three men. 
John Nettles and Daniel Casey star. Guest star: Vivian Pickles.  CC  
[TV PG] 
 11:00 Third Watch.  History.  CC  [TV 14]

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