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A&E Listings

Here are listings for A&E Biography (and other prime-time evening programs), and here's a link for A&E Biography videos.
A&E provides listings on the 1st (times are EST/Pacific Time):

A&E Primetime Programming Schedule

Monday-Friday programs are each repeated once, 4 hours later

NOTE: We are listing both EST/Pacific Time and individual television ratings.
All are [TV G] or [PG]unless noted.
[NR] = Not Rated, news-related program.

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8:00 Biography. Post-Impressionists: Van Gogh & Gauguin.
In October 1888, two struggling artists joined forces in a tiny yellow house in the South of France. This is the story of the tense friendship between Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin and their "Studio of the South". Though it lasted only 9 weeks and revealed their radically different approaches to painting, their short collaboration proved critical to the development of each artists' work, identity, and destiny, and produced works that helped set the stage for much of modern art. CC [TV PG]
10:00 The Point. The Secret Life of a Serial Killer.
Story of Herb Baumeister, who committed at least seven murders, buried the bodies 15 feet from his back door, and kept his secret from wife and friends. Did he kill the young men in games of sexual strangulation? CC [TV PG]
11:00 Crossing Jordan. Born to Run.
Jordan (Jill Hennessy) is knee deep in strippers and Russian gangsters when she responds to a suspected murder-suicide at a local gentleman's club. Unconvinced by the police theory of a distraught, jealous lover, Jordan enlists the help of her colleagues Trey (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali) and Bug (Ravi Kappor) to reveal more with a detailed investigation of the Russian mob- run club. Meanwhile, Garret (Miguel Ferrer) must deal with a school scandal involving his daughter (guest star Alex McKenna). CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Tony Curtis: Tony of the Movies.
Clips from screen classics "Some Like It Hot", "Spartacus", and "The Sweet Smell of Success" highlight this look at Tony Curtis's 50-year career in show business. We also look back at his turbulent personal life, including his many marriages, the cocaine addiction in the 1980s that almost killed him, and the loss of his 22-year-old son to a heroin-related seizure. Daughter Jamie Lee Curtis, Jerry Lewis, childhood friend Joe Franklin, and Curtis himself offer candid comments. CC [TV PG]
9:00 Inspector Morse. The Way through the Woods.
The "Lovers' Lane Killer", accused of murdering five people, has been killed himself in a prison fight before his trial. But one of the victims' bodies has never been found, and Morse and Lewis discover that the case is far from closed. John Thaw and Kevin Whatley star. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. Thicker Than Water.
In the tense investigation of a bloody gang shootout, several officers are grilled about the possibility that a fellow cop may have been killed by friendly fire. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Jennifer Jones: Portrait of a Lady.
She married wealthy men and had a fairy-tale career as an actress, but behind the glamorous image, Jennifer Jones lived a stormy life. Our portrait of the Oscar winner ("Song of Bernadette") includes her affair and marriage to David O. Selznick; second marriage to Norton Simon, who was struck with a debilitating illness; daughter's suicide; and the philanthropy that has helped her overcome tragedy. Interviews include son Robert Walker Jr., stepson David Selznick, Carrie Fisher, and Charlton Heston. CC [TV PG]
9:00 Cold Case Files. The South Side Rapist/Silent Witness & Innocence Lost.
A series of brutal rapes goes unsolved for many years until a fluke audit of a license- plate number leads to the culprit; the murder of scientist Helena Greenwood, who was helping to develop DNA f orensic technology when she died, is solved 12 years later with the help of DNA evidence; and a Los Angeles County prosecutor uses criminal profiling to nab the notorious South Bay Rapist, who abducted and raped 6 young girls. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. Falling. Officer Bosco's (Jason Wiles) manic pursuit of a bank robber leads him to the brink of emotional breakdown, threatening his life and the lives of others. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Burt Reynolds: Down Fall and Deliverance.
Chronicles the life of a man who fulfilled the American Dream twice. Burt Reynolds rose from humble beginnings to become one of the most popular personalities in Hollywood, only to fall from grace professionally and financially. He's on a roll again, winning critical acclaim for recent roles and finding personal happiness. CC [TV G]
9:00 American Justice. Mail Order Murder.
A middle-aged man on trial for killing his beautiful young Russian wife points the finger of blame at another man. CC [TV PG]
10:00 City Confidential. Pittsburgh.
A church-going man's second wife dies the same way his first wife did, in a drowning accident at home. Was it coincidence...or murder? Paul Winfield narrates. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. The Unforgiven.
After two disturbing murder cases, a distraught Officer Sully (Skipp Sudduth) seeks the guidance of a priest (guest star Giancarlo Esposito) when he questions his faith in God. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Gene Tierney: A Shattered Portrait.
Story of the glamorous star of the silver screen whose private life was filled with pain and turmoil. Though she won acclaim for a string of movie hits and attracted the love of a prince, she struggled with personal crises and mental illness. Features rare photos, film clips, and intimate interviews with those who knew her best. CC [TV G]
9:00 Columbo. Sex and the Married Detective.
Lt. Columbo (Peter Falk) finds himself under observation by a world-famous sex therapist when he investigates her lover's murder at the clinic and tries to track down the suspected murderess--a phantom "lady in black". Guest stars: Lindsay Crouse, Stephen Macht, and Dave Florek. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. The Greater Good.
A loving family wants to adopt Carlos's (Anthony Ruivivar) AIDS-infected baby girl, but he resists because he wants to raise her himself--and because the family is white. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Mansfield Park (Movie).
Adaptation of Jane Austen's strongly autobiographical novel about a poor young girl, Fanny Price (Frances O'Connor), who is sent to live with her rich class-conscious relatives, then grows up to be more beautiful and smarter than everybody else. Jealousy, romantic entanglements, and scandal ensue. Also stars Jonny Lee Miller, Embeth Davidtz, and Alessandro Nivola. (1999) CC [TV PG]
10:30 American Justice. The Yorkshire Ripper.
The story of Peter Sutcliffe, the English gravedigger and killer who terrorized northern England in the 1970s with a series of macabre and savage murders. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. Unfinished Business.
As doctors try to save Bobby's (Bobby Cannavale) life, Officers Bosco (Jason Wiles), Yokas (Molly Price), and fellow cops scour the city in search of the shooter--a desperate drug addict (guest star Kirk Acevedo) who's on the run while hoping to score one last fix. Meanwhile, a helpless Kim (Kim Raver) watches emergency room doctors labor to save the victim's life, casting a vindictive eye at the junkie's overwrought sister (guest star Judy Reyes). Cops capture the shooter, but Bobby dies. CC [TV 14]

8:00 American Justice. Duty, Honor...and Murder.
The gruesome tale of David Graham and Diane Zamora, military academy cadets who threw their bright futures away when Diane discovered that David had an affair with Adrianne Jones. In a fit of jealousy, Diane and David killed Adrianne to "purify" their love--both received life sentences. With interviews with Graham and Adrianne's mother. CC [TV PG]
9:00 Cold Case Files. Mark of a Killer/Dead E nds.
A killer's bite marks and a jailhouse snitch lead to a murder conviction in a case gone cold for 8 years, and we join a group of supersleuths trying to solve the slaying of 18-year-old Jamie Weiss, found dead in her bathtub in 1996. CC [TV PG]
10:00 Crossing Jordan. Secrets & Lies, Pt. 2.
Jordan hopes a catatonic mental patient can help her find her mother's killer. Stars Jill Hennessy, Miguel Ferrer, Ken Howard, Kathryn Hahn, and guest stars Wallace Shawn and Jerry O'Connell. CC [TV 14]
11:00 Paparazzi. Chance & Circumstance.
Lou's job as an independent photographer gives him the freedom to get up and go anywhere at anytime in order to get a good shot. We see that Lou knows Toronto like the back of his hand and is solidly in tune with who's in town and why. Val Kilmer shows up with his new girlfriend and Lou snaps their picture, then he heads to Montreal where Nicole Kidman is shooting a film. In Montreal, he has no luck with the elusive Kidman and heads back to Toronto where he catches Woody Allen and wife Soon- Yi. CC [TV G]
11:30 The Star Treatment #23.
In a behind-the-scenes look at celebrities, meet Ivan Kane, who runs Deep and Forty Deuce, hotspots favored by Paula Abdul and Anna Nicole Smith. For the final touch in haute couture, Sarah Jessica Parker and Christina Aguilera visit handbag designer Jessica Albert-Goldman. Need luxury digs while in Canada? Follow the footsteps of Halle Berry and John Schneider straight to Nina Ferentinos, furnished accommodation specialist. And who trains Kevin Sorbo for TV and film stunts? Kirk Jaques. CC [TV G]

8:00 Biography. Patton: A Genius for War.
Special 2-hour profile of the tough-as- nails military leader. Recalls his formative years at West Point, first taste of battle in World War I, and many successes in North Africa and Europe during World War II. Also looks at the downside of the Patton record, including his slapping of a shell-shocked soldier. CC [TV G]
10:00 The Point. Forced Confessions.
A look at how police extract fa lse confessions and send innocent people to jail. We examine the interrogation room techniques police use, including isolation and fabricated evidence, and some possible solutions to the problem. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Crossing Jordan. You Can't Go Home Again.
Jordan (Jill Hennessy) investigates the death of her best friend from childhood, a hero firefighter who died in a suspicious blaze. With Miguel Ferrer, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Ravi Kappor, and Ken Howard. Guest star: Tom Bresnahan. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Harrison Ford: The Reluctant Hero.
The life and career of the carpenter who became one of the top box- office stars in Hollywood history. Includes rare behind-the-scenes footage and exciting film clips from Ford's greatest movies including "American Graffiti," "Star Wars," and "Raiders of the Lost Ark." CC [TV G]
9:00 Inspector Morse. The Daughters of Cain.
Murder strikes at the heart of Oxford's academic community when a retired university fellow is stabbed to death. Morse's investigation uncovers a sordid world of drugs and undergraduate suicide. John Thaw and Kevin Whately star. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. Two Hundred and Thirty- Three Days.
Taylor (Amy Carlson) has an emotional reunion with her family after the body of her father--a fellow firefighter-- is recovered at the scene of the World Trade Center attacks. Guest stars include Veronica Hamel, Bruce Weitz, Ed Marinaro, and Roy Scheider. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Kurt Russell: Hollywood's Heavy Hitter.
Story of the handsome, rugged actor whose early dream of a baseball career ended with an injury. Heartbroken, Russell turned to acting, winning raves for "Silkwood", Escape from New York, and "Swing Shift", and met the love of his life, Goldie Hawn. Features rare archival photos, clips, and intimate interviews with colleagues. CC [TV PG]
9:00 Cold Case Files.
One Night on the Bayou & The Buckeye Misdemeanor/Vintage Murder & Trouble in Paradise.
Alligators feasting on a human corpse help police to c rack a murder investigation; Phoenix police discover that a preacher with 17 children is the culprit in a 20-year-old murder; DNA evidence on a rape suspect's cigarette butts bring him to justice; and a confession made to a "Baywatch" TV star helps police solve a wealthy woman's murder. CC [TV PG-L]
11:00 Third Watch. Blackout.
Sully's (Skipp Sudduth) words of warning to Davis (Coby Bell) prove prophetic during a power blackout, and Bosco (Jason Wiles) must rely on a drug-bust suspect to help an injured man. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Nicolas Cage: Wild at Heart.
Profile of the Oscar-winning actor known for his offbeat personality and independent spirit. Cage went from volatile outsider to box-office star in "Moonstruck" and "Leaving Las Vegas". Includes clips from Cage's most memorable work and interviews with family and friends that illuminate his private life. CC [TV G]
9:00 American Justice. Justifiable Homicide?
Two men on trial for killing an elderly man claim the old man got what he deserved. They tell the court that he had abused his family for decades and got away with it because the victims feared his connections to the local political machine. CC [TV PG]
10:00 City Confidential. Houston: Cheers and Fears.
To give her daughter a better chance of making the high-school cheerleading squad, Wanda Holloway conspired to kill another cheerleader and her mother. The case shocked the nation and exposed the obsession that many Americans have with football and cheerleading. Features an interview with Verna Heath, the mother targeted for death. Narrated by Paul Winfield. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. The Lost.
While searching for a kidnapping victim buried alive, Sully (Skipp Sudduth) feels overwhelmed. Paramedic Bobby (Bobby Cannavale) finds a tattered and lost 4-year- old boy who brings out his fatherly instincts. Faith Yokas (Molly Price) keeps her pregnancy secret from her husband (guest star Chris Bauer). Bobby, attracted to fellow paramedic Kim (Kim Raver), chides her for vi siting her injured ex-husband, fireman Jimmy Doherty (Eddie Cibrian), who remains hospitalized from his shooting. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. James Coburn.
Clips from "Our Man Flint" and "Affliction" highlight this look at the star who had a passion for acting and Eastern religion and who endured a decade-long battle against debilitating arthritis. James Coburn proved his versatility by playing cool "super spy" Derek Flint and the abusive alcoholic father in his Oscar-winning performance in "Affliction". CC [TV G]
9:00 Columbo. A Trace of Murder.
At a formal dinner, flamboyant financier Clifford Calvert (Barry Corbin) encounters former business partner Howard Seltzer (Raye Birk), who is suing him for unscrupulous practices. Heated words are exchanged and Calvert punches Seltzer. Calvert's wife Kathleen (Shera Danese) is humiliated at his behavior and escorts him out. Later, during a tryst with her lover (David Rasche), Kathleen dreams up a way to get her husband out of the picture so that they can enjoy his riches. Peter Falk stars. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. Faith.
Fed-up with her reckless husband (guest star Chris Bauer) and pregnant, Officer Yokas (Molly Price) must make her own life-and-death decision as she helps track a rapacious rapist who's terrorizing the neighborhood. Her partner, a jealous Officer Bosco (Jason Wiles), makes a tactical blunder when he confronts his girlfriend Nicole (guest star Nahanni Johnstone) about salacious rumors of her sexual past. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Caligula: Reign of Madness.
He ruled fewer than four years, made love to his sister, declared himself a living god, and died at age 28. His reign as Roman Emperor is recorded as a legendary frenzy of lunacy, murder, and perverse sexuality. Murderer, pervert, loving father, devoted son...Caligula was all of these. Join us as we look beyond the legend to an anguished life that is even more bizarre than the myth that surrounds him. CC [TV PG]
9:00 The Private Lives of Pompeii.
Thro ugh lavish dramatizations and computer graphics, this 2-hour special offers a fascinating look at the people who lived and died in Pompeii, the Roman town that was buried when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. Fictionalized characters grounded in historical fact include Scaurus Vettius, an ambitious freed slave, and Gaius Sabinus, the son of an aging aristocrat. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. Four Days.
Doc (Michael Beach) gets involved in a tense racial situation after the media focuses on the lone white victim in a bloody restaurant shooting. Nancy O'Dell guest stars. CC [TV 14]

8:00 American Justice. Vanished.
A local bad boy in a California town, once a suspect in the disappearance of a young woman, is suspected of a similar crime 13 years later. CC [TV PG]
9:00 Cold Case Files. Diary of a Serial Arsonist/The Lost Clue.
A highly regarded California arson investigator is suspected of setting a series of fires, and a man is convicted of raping and murdering his 68- year-old neighbor and stealing her Coke bottle and rare coin collections. CC [TV PG]
10:00 Crossing Jordan. Digger, Pt. 1.
The discovery of a floating corpse sparks a nationwide hunt for a serial killer. Jill Hennessy reunites with fellow "Law & Order" alum Chris Noth in the first of a 2-part episode. With Miguel Ferrer, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Ravi Kappor, and Ken Howard. CC [TV 14]
11:00 Paparazzi. Golden Days, Golden Nights.
In L.A., celebrity photographer Louie De Filippis covers the Golden Globe Awards, and we see how the 9/11 terrorist attacks changed star access, creating difficulties for an independent paparazzo. Lou tries to find new sources--a back door, a place where stars disembark from special buses, a spot where security is a tad less stringent, and where more revealing photos can be taken. Persistence pays off and he gets shots of Heather Locklear, Sting, Ralph Fiennes, Keith Richards, and Martin Sheen. CC [TV G]
11:30 The Star Treatment #26
Join us for a fun-filled ride on Hollywood's inside lane as we meet the people who pamper celebs, including: George Barris, who designed and built TV's Batmobile and the General Lee for "The Dukes of Hazzard"; Andy Ancelmo, vocal coach to singing stars such as Tony Bennett and Liza Minnelli; Eliza, who does the nails of Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Cindy Crawford; and Bash Dibra, who trains the dogs of Martin Scorcese and Matthew Broderick. A Bio Channel special presentation. CC [TV G]

8:00 Biography. Michael Douglas.
A look at the movie star who rose to fame in box office hits such as "Fatal Attraction", "Romancing the Stone", and "Disclosure". Includes interviews with co-stars and Danny DeVito. CC [TV G]
9:00 Fatal Attraction (Movie)
A married man has a brief fling with a woman, then watches his life unravel when she refuses to end the affair and terrorizes his family. Stars Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, and Anne Archer as Douglas's wronged wife. (1988) CC [TV 14-S]
11:30 American Justice. The Hillside Stranglers.

8:00 Biography. Bill Bixby: Chasing Perfection.
The life of the actor who gained TV immortality when he starred on "My Favorite Martian" and The Incredible Hulk. Bixby's personal life was filled with terrible tragedies, including the death of his only child, the suicide of his ex-wife, and a grim cancer diagnosis. But no matter what life threw at him--on the set and off--Bixby was legendary for his determination, intense energy, and resilience. CC [TV G]
9:00 Inspector Morse. Death Is Now My Neighbor.
Morse's investigation of two killings in Oxfordshire gets him tangled up in the nasty election for Master of Lonsdale College. John Thaw and Kevin Whately star. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. Jimmy's Mountain.
After being severely shot, firefighter Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) fights pain and fear when he returns to the station a bit prematurely for a full day of emergencies, but he can't accept that his physical weakness prevents him from peak performance- -and his stubborn pride just might get him and other fire personnel killed. Meanwhile, a reserved female firefighter (guest star Amy Carlson) transfers in under a cloud of suspicion after previously charging a popular fireman with sexual harassment. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Profile of one of the nation's most controversial First Ladies, the smartest woman in the world! Traces her rise to prominence as a powerful attorney at the Rose Law Firm, champion of the rights of children and women, and partner to her husband in their difficult campaign for the White House! Includes a look at her involvement in policy-making, unprecedented for a First Lady! CC [TV G]
9:00 Cold Case Files. The Perfect Murder & Death of the Innocents/The Missing and the Dead.
It takes nine years and the work of cutting-edge forensic toxicologists to solve the murder of a medical examiner's wife; a determined sheriff reopens the case of the deaths of two babies, ho ping to get the mother to confess. And, when a motorist spots a fire on a country road, police arrive to find a woman's burned and battered remains, her skull smashed in to 97 fragments. Her reconstructed skull and blood found inside a TV set put a naval officer behind bars for the brutal murder of his girlfriend. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. Kim's Hope Chest.
Kim (Kim Raver) makes a desperate play for Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) in the faint hope of rekindling their romance and uniting their fractured family. Kim's sudden quest for a "normal" family is spurred by concern for her young son (guest star Kristopher Scott Fiedel) after he plays with matches and starts a fire at school. And Kim eventually must be brutally honest to deal with the real and imagined wounds inflicted by her mother (guest star Anne Twomey) and sister (guest star Marisa Ryan). CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Carol Burnett.
Everybody loves Carol, and viewers will enjoy this review of her career. Includes clips from her early TV appearances on "The Garry Moore Show" and her own popular variety show. CC [TV G]
9:00 American Justice. Justifiable Homicide?
Two men on trial for killing an elderly man claim the old man got what he deserved. They tell the court that he had abused his family for decades and got away with it because the victims feared his connections to the local political machine. CC [TV PG]
10:00 City Confidential. El Paso: Outlaw Attorney.
A flashy lawyer known for helping his drug-dealing clients beat the rap is murdered in the crime-infested border town of El Paso, Texas. Paul Winfield narrates. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. The Tys That Bind.
After Davis (Coby Bell) rescues a traffic reporter from a helicopter that crashed in the East River, a pretty woman (Sara Ramirez) who saw the news report introduces herself to him. But she doesn't want to date Davis--she's his half-sister. Davis is devastated to learn that his father, who was Sully's (Skipp Sudduth) partner and was killed on duty, loved another w oman and reared Gwen while married to Davis's mother. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Greta Garbo.
Garbo was one of the greatest film actresses of the 20th century--and one of the most secretive. This fascinating portrait looks at her sensual and brilliantly comic performances and the hermit-like private life she led after her self-imposed retirement. CC [TV PG]
9:00 Columbo. Ashes to Ashes.
When a flamboyant Hollywood gossip columnist vanishes, Columbo uses his inimitable detective skills to prove that she was murdered by her ex-lover, a suave funeral director. Peter Falk stars with Patrick McGoohan, who also directed the episode, and Rue McClanahan, Sally Kellerman, Spencer Garrett, and Catherine McGoohan. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. After Hours.
In a surreal episode, the off-duty paramedics, cops, and Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) blow off steam after witnessing a harrowing fiery car crash that killed some teenagers--but even as they try to drown their memories in booze and clumsy attempts at romance, the faces of the victims keep haunting them throughout their night of escapades. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Johnny Cash.
Rags-to- riches story of the son of a poor cotton farmer who learned guitar while in the Air Force during the Korean War. Without musical education, he rose to the top of the country-western world and proved himself an accomplished actor in several films. Highlights include interviews with daughter Rosanne and rock star Tom Petty. CC [TV G]
9:00 A&E's Live by Request Starring B.B. King and Friends.
The legendary blues master treats legions of fans to a live performance. Viewers can phone in or e-mail their song requests as B.B. King and friends perform at John Jay College in New York City. CC [TV G]
11:00 Third Watch. Know Thyself.
While the cops search the city for an overturned busload of escaped convicts, a distracted Officer Yokas (Molly Price) must confront her deteriorating domestic crisis when she visits her alcoholic father (guest star George D zundza) and long-suffering mother (guest star Mia Farrow), and a resentful Yokas sadly sees startling similarities in their lives and her own. In her own home, her alcoholic husband (guest star Chris Bauer) asks her to move out. CC [TV 14]

8:00 American Justice. A Teenage Murder Mystery.
On the night of December 20, 1991, 16-year-old Laurie Show's mother found her lying in a pool of blood with a rope around her neck. Under the rope, a gaping wound spanned ear to ear. Laurie's last words, "Michelle did it," led to the arrest of Lisa Michelle Lambert. But what seemed to be an open and shut case would go on until 1998! CC [TV PG]
9:00 Cold Case Files. The Texas Drifter/The Fingerprint File/A "Rose" among Thorns.
Texas detectives use a DNA databank to catch a serial sexual stalker. Next, nine years after a murder, Georgia police match a fingerprint found at the scene to a prisoner now serving a life sentence and still claiming innocence. Finally, detectives find an Englishwoman's killer ten years after she was shot in her kitchen. CC [TV PG]
10:00 Crossing Jordan. Digger, Pt. 1.
The discovery of a floating corpse sparks a nationwide hunt for a serial killer. Jill Hennessy reunites with fellow "Law & Order" alum Chris Noth in the first of a 2-part episode. With Miguel Ferrer, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Ravi Kappor, and Ken Howard. CC [TV 14]
11:00 Paparazzi. What is the Price of a Picture?
This special one-hour episode looks at the life of celebrity photographer Louie De Filippis as he pursues shots of Madonna: first at her concerts, and then crossing the country in pursuit of candid photos of this celebrity phenomenon. It's Lou at his most determined. A Bio Channel special presentation. CC [TV G]

8:00 Biography. Hugh Hefner: American Playboy Revisited.
Raised in a strict Methodist home, Hugh Hefner became publisher of one of the world's most controversial magazines and an icon of the sexual revolution. Hefner began "Playboy" with $600 in 1952 and built it into a media empi re. Along the way, he became a celebrity, known for his lavish pajamas and lifestyle. Our 2-hour profile includes home movies, clips from his TV shows, and interviews with Hefner, Ray Bradbury, Camille Paglia, and daughter Christie, who took over "Playboy" when Hefner retired. CC [TV PG]
10:00 The Point. Forced to Shoot.
A look at the phenomenon of "suicide by cop", where someone who wants to commit suicide compels a police officer to kill him. We look at several cases, including one involving a man who wanted to call attention to the plight of deaf people and forced a cop to shoot him while TV cameras rolled. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Crossing Jordan. Believers.
Jordan (Jill Hennessy) hops on the campaign trail and investigates the death of a Massachusetts senator's daughter found stabbed in a park, apparently murdered by her boyfriend--or was she? Jordan doesn't buy the police theory that the killing is a case of love gone bad. With Miguel Ferrer, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Ravi Kappor, and Ken Howard. Guest star: Shawn Christian. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Wolfgang Puck: Recipe for Success.
The life of the chef who made formal dining fun, from his humble beginnings in the Austrian hillsides to his rise in Hollywood as America's original celebrity chef. Gourmet dining experts discuss Puck's influence on American food, and we get rare glimpses into the complex relationship between Puck and his wife and business partner Barbara Lazaroff. We also hear from Puck's celebrity friends, including Diane Sawyer, Michael Ovitz, and Steve Wynn. CC [TV G]
9:00 Inspector Morse. The Wench Is Dead.
Morse sets out to prove the innocence of men who were hanged for murder 140 years prior. John Thaw and Kevin Whately star. With Lisa Eichhorn, Judy Loe, and Clare Holman. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. Run of the Mill.
When a shocked Taylor (new series regular Amy Carlson) accidentally stumbles upon Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) in a compromising position with another woman at his bachelor party, she compounds the probl em by confiding in Bobby (Bobby Cannavale), and soon the juicy story spreads like wildfire throughout the firehouse. Meanwhile, Sully (Skipp Sudduth) grieves over the attempted suicide of an elderly man (guest star Jack Klugman) who once was his neighborhood cobbler. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Emeril Lagasse: Bam!
At age 12, he worked at his first job in a Portuguese bakery in Fall River, Massachusetts. Today, he has six restaurants and five cookbooks to his name. This profile of Emeril Lagasse traces his success to his first big break, when Chef Paul Prudhomme left the Commander's Palace in New Orleans, and Emeril filled the void by impressing owner Ella Brennan. Emeril soon became known around the country and launched one of the most popular shows on the Food Network. Includes an interview with Julia Child. CC [TV G]
9:00 Cold Case Files. Good Samaritan & Gun Shy/Cat and Mouse & Cabbie Killer.
New DNA technology and the national DNA databank help police hunt down a rapist- killer 11 years after he committed his crimes; a detective's painstaking recreation of a woman's shooting death proves it wasn't an accident; a 16-year-old letter helps solve a murder; and a firearms expert supplies the evidence needed to put a man on trial 41 years after the crime. (2- hour version) CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. History.
A disturbing visit from his former high school girlfriend (guest star Khandi Alexander) forces Doc (Michael Beach) to confront a horrible deed that he has hidden for years. Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) struggles to pass a crucial genetics exam that could cost him his shot at becoming a doctor. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Graham Kerr: The Galloping Gourmet.
Combining comedy with cooking and flavoring it with a slurp of wine, Graham Kerr's TV show, "The Galloping Gourmet", was a smash hit. But his high- cholesterol recipes led Weight Watchers to dub him "the most dangerous man in the world" and Kerr disappeared from TV virtually overnight. This profile delivers an inside account of how a terrible car accident and his wife's battle with drugs helped transform him into a man of religion. He also had culinary conversion, shifting to healthier foods. CC [TV G]
9:00 American Justice. The Wife Who Knew Too Much.
Story of high-profile Atlanta lawyer Fred Tokars, who hired a gunman to murder his wife in front of their two young children. Tokars, who sought to collect $2- million in life insurance and stop his wife from exposing his illegal drug-dealing activities, is serving a life sentence--and the insurance money was awarded to the children. CC [TV PG]
10:00 City Confidential. Chattanooga: Dangerous Trespassing.
When three visitors to Signal Mountain are murdered in the woods, suspicion falls on Frank Casteel, who liked to threaten trespassers with his shotgun. Includes an interview with Casteel's former mistress, who wore a wire to gather evidence against him. Paul Winfield narrates. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. A Hero's Rest.
Officers Yokas (Molly Price), Bosco (Jason Wiles), Sully (Skipp Sudduth), and Davis (Coby Bell) fearfully search for a cop killer. Bosco's new superior (recurring guest star Brad Beyer) already hates him. Patti D'Arbanville guest stars as Bosco's irascible mother. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Julia Child: An Appetite for Life.
A spicy look at the renowned TV chef and French cooking expert. Traces her life from privileged childhood to her cooking career, which didn't begin until she attended the Cordon Bleu at age 35. CC [TV G]
9:00 Columbo Goes to College.
Lt. Columbo is invited as guest speaker in a criminology course and squares off against two cunning students, who are confident that they have duped the lieutenant with various leads, when their professor is found murdered. Peter Falk stars with Stephen Caffrey, Gary Hershberger, James Sutorius, and Robert Culp. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. True Love.
Fists fly as a vengeful Officer Bosco (Jason Wiles) risks everything and tears after his sobbing mother's abusive boyfriend following another beating, while Firefighter Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) gets ambushed by a seething fellow fireman, Lombardo (guest star Nick Sandow), who spitefully pays him back double for seducing his girlfriend. Also, the loveless Officer Sully (Skipp Sudduth) meets an attractive--and interested--Ukranian neighbor (guest star Savannah Haske), and makes a date. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Fatal Attraction (Movie)
A married man has a brief fling with a woman, then watches his life unravel when she refuses to end the affair and terrorizes his family. Stars Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, and Anne Archer as Douglas's wronged wife. (1988) CC [TV 14-S]
10:30 American Justice. Ted Bundy: Serial Killer.
Between 1974, when his killing spree began (eight Seattle women), until his execution in 1989, handsome Ted Bundy left a scar on the American psyche with the numerous rapes and violent murders he committed throughout Washington, Utah, Colorado, and Florida as dramatized in the movie Deliberate Stranger. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. Duty.
Sully (Skipp Sudduth) is hurt and angered when he is roughed up by Internal Affairs cops trying to squeeze a confession out of him after a rogue cop accuses him of manufacturing evidence against a child molesting killer. The allegations hit just when it seems he might discover a little joy from his newfound romance with an attractive Ukrainian neighbor (guest star Savannah Haske). Elsewhere, Kim (Kim Raver) is concerned about Bobby's (Bobby Cannavale) mood change. CC [TV 14]

8:00 American Justice. The Atlanta Child Murders.
Is Wayne Williams the monster responsible for killing 29 African Americans between 1979 and 1981? Or did the prosecution in Williams' trial withhold evidence that white supremacists were responsible? This in-depth probe explores the continuing controversy over the infamous Atlanta child murders that shocked the nation. We'll hear from the prosecutors, the defense attorney, a mother of one of the victims, and Williams, who keeps fighting for a new trial after nearly two de cades in prison. CC [TV PG]
9:00 Cold Case Files. Good Samaritan/Gun Shy.
New DNA technology and the national DNA databank help police hunt down a rapist- killer 11 years after he committed his crimes, and a detective's painstaking recreation of a woman's shooting death proves it wasn't an accident. CC [TV PG]
10:00 Crossing Jordan. Digger, Pt. 2.
Jordan develops a personal connection with FBI criminal profiler Drew Haley as she tries to track down the serial killer known as Digger. Stars Jill Hennessy and guest star Chris Noth, her former "Law & Order" co-star. CC [TV 14]
11:00 Paparazzi. Three Times Lucky.
This episode focuses on 48 hours in the life of celebrity photographer Louie De Filippis as he pursues shots of Richard Gere, Al Pacino, and Tom Cruise, all in Toronto at the same time. We see how Lou gets his inside information, how he tries to get shots of people who try to avoid him, and how he uses his hometown knowledge and inside information to outsmart the celebrities and their PR people. It's Lou at his most determined. A Bio Channel special presentation. CC [TV G]
11:30 The Star Treatment #1
In this fast-paced series, we profile people who pamper, coif, serve, instruct, mind, manage, clothe, transport, protect, advise, and cater in every conceivable way to the stars. In this episode, we meet Oribe, hairstylist to Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lopez, and Julianne Moore; Chef Raj Brandston, Diet Zone chef to celebrities Winona Ryder and Will Smith; and Simone Martel, planner for Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones's wedding and Arnold Schwarzenegger's charity events. CC [TV G]

8:00 The Nazi Officer's Wife.
The remarkable story of Edith Hahn Beer, a Holocaust survivor who married a Nazi officer, led a secret life in Germany during WWII, and bore a child--the only Jewish girl known to be born in a Nazi hospital. Based on her memoir, this 2-hour documentary explores issues of faith, family, and identity in a complex portrait of a woman who buried her true self in order t o survive. Features interviews with Hahn Beer and her daughter, Julia Ormond reading from her autobiography, and Susan Sarandon narrating. CC [TV PG]
Repeated at 10 pm

8:00 Biography. Henry Fonda: Hollywood's Quiet Hero.
Portrait of the beloved actor who thrilled audiences for decades with performances in such classics as "The Grapes of Wrath" and "Mr. Roberts". Examines his personal life, which included the suicide of his first wife Frances, the mother of Jane and Peter Fonda. CC [TV G]
9:00 Cold Case Files.
Looks at how law enforcers stick with cases for many years, using fresh evidence to win convictions or to free prisoners who were wrongfully jailed. We examine the unsolved murder of "Hogan's Heroes" star Bob Crane, meet a Dallas criminalist who uses state-of-the- art fingerprint matching to catch a rapist and murderer, see how Phoenix police solve the murder of a missing Navajo girl 20 years later, and talk to O.J. Simpson defense attorney Barry Scheck about DNA and an Illinois rape case. CC [TV PG]
10:00 City Confidential. Dallas: Arsenic and Old Money.
A probe into the mysterious 1991 murder of Nancy Lyon, which revealed the dark secrets of the affluent Dallas neighborhood of Park Cities. Nancy's husband Richard is serving a life sentence for poisoning her, but not everyone is convinced that he did it. Paul Winfield narrates. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. A Rock and a Hard Place.

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Note: Monty Python is now on only occasionally: "Meet a composer with the longest name imaginable, and the head of a chocolate company is asked about the inclusion of such ingredients as "crunchy frog" in his candies. The classic British comedy phenomenon of the 1970s is back, starring the six-man troupe of Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin."

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