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A&E Listings

Here are listings for A&E Biography (and other prime-time evening programs), and here's a link for A&E Biography videos.
A&E provides listings on the 1st (times are EST/Pacific Time):

A&E Primetime Programming Schedule

Monday-Friday programs are each repeated once, 4 hours later

NOTE: We are listing both EST/Pacific Time and individual television ratings. All are [TV G] or [PG]unless noted. [NR] = Not Rated, news-related program.

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8:00 Cold Case Files. Bodies in the Bay/Till Death Do Us Part. A 
sunset boat ride in Florida leads to death for a vacationing woman and 
her two daughters, and police investigate a Texas man whose three 
wives all died in mysterious fashions. CC [TV PG] 

9:00 Crossing Jordan. You Can't Go Home Again. Jordan (Jill 
Hennessy) investigates the death of her best friend from childhood, a 
hero firefighter who died in a suspicious blaze. With Miguel Ferrer, 
Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Ravi Kappor, and Ken Howard. Guest star: 
Tom Bresnahan. CC [TV 14] 

10:00 Third Watch. Act Brave. A gas explosion in a diner injures a 
group of civilians, including a trapped little girl (guest star Jolie Peters) 
whom paramedic Taylor (Amy Carlson) will not leave behind. 
Meanwhile, Officer Sully (Skipp Sudduth) is unhappily surprised by his 
energetic new wife Tatiana (Savannah Haske) when she brings home 
his elderly mother suffering from Alzheimer's. Jimmy (Eddie Cibrian) 
and Kim (Kim Raver) each try to impress a court-appointed adjudicator 
who will decide custody of their son. CC [TV 14] 

11:00 Hollywood Reality. Child Stars, Part 1 of 2. The first truly 
inside account of what it's like to be a child star in Hollywood. Here is 
the real story of how young celebrities deal with the fame, pressure, 
big money, and the trauma of being washed-up at age 12. Includes 
interviews with former child stars Fred Savage ("The Wonder Years"), 
Patty Duke ("The Patty Duke Show"), Jerry Mathers ("Leave It to 
Beaver"), Danny Bonaduce ("The Partridge Family"), Todd Bridges 
("Different Strokes"), and others. CC [TV G] 


8:00 Biography. Dick Van Dyke: Put on a Happy Face. Portrait of the 
actor, comedian, and song-and-dance man who won America's heart 
when he starred on TV's "The Dick Van Dyke Show" in the 1960s. But 
this is also the story of a shy loner, an alcoholic, and troubled actor 
who was devastated by his film and TV failures. This 2-hour special 
Includes interviews with Mary Tyler Moore and Carl Reiner. CC [TV G] 

10:00 The Point. Wartime Justice. A look at the growing controversy 
over how the justice system should treat individuals charged with 
terrorism. What will happen to those who have been detained and 
must appear before a military tribunal? And why are some individuals 
being held as wartime combatants without legal rights? CC [TV PG] 

11:00 Detective Beat. The War Against Gangs. Detectives Anthony 
Rivera and Rich Ramirez patrol the streets of East L.A. gathering 
information as part of OSS--Operation Safe Streets--the Sheriff's 
Department Gang Unit. Detective Nondice Mason works on an ongoing 
investigation of a $1,100 theft from a safe in a men's clothing store-- 
three of the employees agree to take lie detector tests. And Homicide 
Detectives Craig Melvin and Ray Rodriguez investigate the murder of a 
man whose body was found in the middle of the street. CC [TV PG] 


8:00 Biography. Andy Griffith: Hollywood's Homespun Hero. Profile 
of the "aw-shucks" actor from North Carolina who conquered 
Broadway, Hollywood, and TV. Includes clips from "The Andy Griffith 
Show", where he starred alongside Opie, Barney, Gomer, and Aunt 
Bee. CC [TV G] 

9:00 Midsomer Murders. Murder on St. Malley's Day. When Daniel 
Talbot, a student at Devington School, is stabbed and killed during the 
St. Malley's Day race, Barnaby and Troy look into the strange doings at 
the school's Pudding Club, a secret society for elite students. John 
Nettles, Daniel Casey, and Jane Wymark star. CC [TV PG] 

11:00 Third Watch. Superheroes, Pt. 1. Sully (Skipp Sudduth) 
targets a dangerous Russian mob boss (guest star Roy Scheider) 
when his stepson is beaten by the foreign thugs, and Bosco (Jason 
Wiles) feels betrayed by Yokas (Molly Price) when he's ordered to get 
psychiatric counseling. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Biography. Raymond Burr: The Case of the TV Legend. Life of 
the legendary star who worked hard to cover up his personal life. 
There is little documentation for two of three marriages Burr claimed, 
nor of a son he said died of leukemia; instead, he spent most of his life 
with a male companion. Includes interviews with "Perry Mason" co-star 
Barbara Hale and "Ironside" co-star Don Galloway. CC [TV G] 

9:00 Cold Case Files. The Widow and the Wolf/Unicorns and 
Alligators & The Texas Drifter/Fingerprint File. After the murder of her 
aunt goes cold, a woman helps launch an advocate group that brings 
awareness to cases that have gone unsolved. And police solve a 
young girl's rape and murder when the car where her body was 
discovered acts like a refrigerator, preserving half of her body. Then, 
Texas detectives use a DNA databank to catch a stalker. Next, 9 years 
after a murder, Georgia police match a fingerprint found at the scene to 
a prisoner now serving a life sentence and still claiming innocence. 

11:00 Third Watch. Superheroes, Pt. 2. Police get caught in the 
crossfire between rival gangs, Yokas (Molly Price) worries about her 
frightened rookie partner, and Doc (Michael Beach) receives news 
about his medical malpractice suit. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Biography. Ricardo Montalban: Pride and Passion. Profile of 
the handsome Mexican movie star who later hit it big on American TV 
as the star of "Fantasy Island" and the pitchman for Cordoba cars and 
their "rich Corinthian leather." Montalban also fought against negative 
Latino stereotypes in Hollywood and suffered spinal damage when a 
horse threw him during a film rehearsal. Includes interviews with 
daughter Anita and son Mark, Cyd Charisse, Edward James Olmos, 
Florence Henderson, James Whitmore, and William Shatner. Narrated 
by Bill Mumy. CC [TV G] 

9:00 American Justice. The Preppie Murder. A probe of the death of 
young Jennifer Levin, who was killed in New York City's Central Park 
while having sex with Robert Chambers, a handsome prep school 
graduate. CC [TV PG] 

10:00 City Confidential. Spokane. A quiet, family-friendly city is 
shocked when the son of a prominent family is accused of being a 
serial rapist. Narrated by Paul Winfield. CC [TV PG] 

11:00 Third Watch. Thicker Than Water. In the tense investigation of 
a bloody gang shootout, several officers are grilled about the possibility 
that a fellow cop may have been killed by friendly fire. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Biography. Rock Hudson: Acting the Part. The tragic story of 
the matinee idol who led a secret gay life for 30 years, and who 
shocked the world when he died of AIDS. This program was made with 
unprecedented access to Hudson's collections, including never-before- 
seen candid photos and home movies shot by Hudson himself. CC 
[TV G] 

9:00 Columbo. Agenda for Murder. Columbo (Peter Falk) matches 
wits with a brilliant attorney (Patrick McGoohan) responsible for the 
murder of the one man who could stifle his meteoric political career. 
Guest star McGoohan also directed the episode. CC [TV PG] 

11:00 Third Watch. Falling. Officer Bosco's (Jason Wiles) manic 
pursuit of a bank robber leads him to the brink of emotional 
breakdown, threatening his life and the lives of others. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Expedition Egypt. Life Beyond the Pyramids. At the ancient 
port city Mendes, we speak with archaeologist Donald Redford, who 
has been uncovering the lives of farmers, priests, and merchants. We 
also visit the ancient craftsman's village Deir el Medina to learn more 
about the lives of workers who toiled in the Valley of the Kings. CC 
[TV G] 

9:00 Hauntings. New Orleans. During Mardi Gras, New Orleans sets 
records for alcohol consumption; but there's another form of "spirit" for 
which the "Big Easy" is also famous. Meet a Voodoo Queen said to 
lurk the grounds of a gothic graveyard; the ghosts of two poisoned 
children who play in Myrtles Plantation; and a family of phantoms 
backstage at Le Petit Theatre. CC [TV G] 

10:00 Other World. UFOs: The First Encounters. A fascinating 
examination of ancient evidence of UFO visits to Earth. Includes a look 
at monuments of antiquity that point toward stars in the sky, and 
ancient texts that contain references to flying objects. CC [TV G] 

11:00 Third Watch. The Unforgiven. After two disturbing murder 
cases, a distraught Officer Sully (Skipp Sudduth) seeks the guidance 
of a priest (guest star Giancarlo Esposito) when he questions his faith 
in God. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Cold Case Files. Operation Jambalaya/Footprints in the Snow. 
A New Orleans police officer goes undercover on a Baton Rouge 
riverboat to gain a confession from one of the ship's maintenance 
workers who is suspected of murder. And a Wisconsin man, suspected 
of committing murder using a nunchukus, a weapon consisting of 
handles connected by a chain, goes on trial nearly 10 years after the 
victim's body was found on Christmas Eve 1987. CC [TV PG] 

9:00 Crossing Jordan. Believers. Jordan (Jill Hennessy) hops on the 
campaign trail and investigates the death of a Massachusetts senator's 
daughter found stabbed in a park, apparently murdered by her 
boyfriend--or was she? Jordan doesn't buy the police theory that the 
killing is a case of love gone bad. With Miguel Ferrer, 
Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Ravi Kappor, and Ken Howard. Guest star: 
Shawn Christian. CC [TV 14] 

10:00 Third Watch. Sex, Lies & Videotape. Doc (Michael Beach) is 
dogged by a pesky TV reality series camera crew intent on making him 
a hero as he and partner Kim (Kim Raver) care for a family of gunshot 
victims--until they realize that the shooter was a relative wanted by the 
law who leads Officer Sully (Skipp Sudduth) and other police on a 
high-speed chase. Officer Bosco (Jason Wiles) is unaware of his 
partner Yokas's (Molly Price) debilitating pain from her cancer 
treatments as he pursues the suspect. CC [TV 14] 

11:00 Hollywood Reality. Child Stars, Part 2 of 2. The first truly 
inside account of what it's like to be a child star in Hollywood. Here is 
the real story of how young celebrities deal with the fame, pressure, 
big money, and the trauma of being washed-up at age 12. Includes 
interviews with former child stars Fred Savage ("The Wonder Years"), 
Patty Duke ("The Patty Duke Show"), Jerry Mathers ("Leave It to 
Beaver"), Danny Bonaduce ("The Partridge Family"), Todd Bridges 
("Different Strokes"), and others. CC [TV G] 


8:00 Biography. Barbara Walters: A Driving Force. Profile of the 
night club owner's daughter who went from secretary, sitcom writer, 
network news anchor, and celeb interviewer to cultural icon--all without 
being able to say her "Rs"! Interviewees include Henry Kissinger, Hugh 
Downs, Liz Smith, Ted Koppel, Beverly Sills, William Safire, and 
Monica Lewinsky. A 2-hour special presentation. CC [TV G] 

10:00 The Point. Suicide Bombers. CC [TV PG] 

11:00 Detective Beat. Murder or Not? Detectives Martin Rodriguez 
and Gary Miller must determine whether a woman's death is accidental 
or the result of her husband's beatings; Deputy Steve Opferman and 
Dental Board Investigator Terry Lane put together a case against a 
dentist accused of doing 14 unnecessary fillings on a patient in one 
visit; and Detective Wilynn Clinkscales investigates a 36-year-old man 
suspected of raping his 13-year-old neighbor. CC [TV PG] 


8:00 Biography. Jean Harlow: Platinum Bombshell. The life and 
loves of the original "blond bombshell" are revealed in this intimate 
profile that features rare home movies, extensive interviews, and clips 
from Jean's best and naughtiest films. CC [TV G] 

9:00 Midsomer Murders. Tainted Fruit. Barnaby and Troy investigate 
three strange murders in Midsomer Malham. A bankrupt car dealer 
falls through the roof of an old barn, a veterinarian is found dead on the 
tennis court, and a landlady is killed while sunbathing. John Nettles, 
Daniel Casey, and Jane Wymark star. CC [TV PG] 

11:00 Third Watch. The Greater Good. A loving family wants to 
adopt Carlos's (Anthony Ruivivar) AIDS-infected baby girl, but he 
resists because he wants to raise her himself--and because the family 
is white. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Biography. Ethel Kennedy: Carrying on. The extraordinary life 
of the wealthy Connecticut woman who married Robert Kennedy and 
helped him rise to political power. We'll examine Ethel's many 
tragedies, including the deaths of her parents in a mid-air explosion; 
the assassinations of her husband and brother-in-law, President John 
Kennedy; and the drug problems that plagued her children. CC [TV G] 

9:00 Cold Case Files. Family Secret/Blood Trail & The Burning 
Secret/Justice Delayed. Forty-one years after the crime, a woman 
implicates her brother and cousin in the murder of a policeman. 
Members of the Vidocq Society, a group of law enforcement 
professionals who volunteer their expertise to crack difficult cases, find 
blood-splatter evidence that helps solve a Texas murder. Then, a 
detective keeps a murder investigation going for 16 years and finally 
proves a woman killed her husband; and a rape victim fails to get a 
conviction on her attacker when the LAPD bungles the case. CC [TV 

11:00 Third Watch. Unleashed. Sherry Stringfield of "ER" guest stars 
as Dr. Susan Lewis. Searching for her missing 6-year-old niece, Dr. 
Lewis discovers that the girl many have been taken by her stepfather, 
a New Jersey cop. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Biography. Sally Hemings: Redefining History. The story of 
Thomas Jefferson's African-American slave who was part of the first 
presidential sex scandal in U.S. history. In 1802, Jefferson's political 
foes called Hemings his concubine, and recent studies have found that 
Jefferson may have fathered either one or possibly all of Heming's five 
children. We'll talk to two of Heming's descendants, a Jefferson 
descendant, and Annette Gordon-Reed, author of "Thomas Jefferson 
and Sally Hemings: An American Controversy". CC [TV G] 

9:00 American Justice. John Wayne Gacy: Buried Secrets. The 
bizarre case of the successful businessman and volunteer parade 
clown who murdered 33 men after luring them to his home in suburban 
Chicago. Tried in March 1980, he was finally executed in 1994. CC 
[TV PG] 

10:00 City Confidential. Paradise Valley: Showdown in the High 
Desert. Here's the amazing tale of Claude Dallas, the rebellious 
trapper who's a legend in the Wild West town of Paradise Valley, 
Nevada. Convicted of involuntary manslaughter for shooting two law 
officers who tried to arrest him for violating wildlife laws, Dallas claimed 
that he thought they were going to take his life. We cover all the angles 
of this colorful story, including the intense manhunt for Dallas and the 
wild shoot-out that finally led to his capture. Paul Winfield narrates. CC 
[TV PG] 

11:00 Third Watch. Two Hundred and Thirty-Three Days. Taylor 
(Amy Carlson) has an emotional reunion with her family after the body 
of her father--a fellow firefighter--is recovered at the scene of the World 
Trade Center attacks. Guest stars include Veronica Hamel, Bruce 
Weitz, Ed Marinaro, and Roy Scheider. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Biography. Clara Bow: Hollywood's Silent Sexpot. Profile of the 
legendary silent film star whose on-screen sexuality was shocking for 
its day. Bow enjoyed unparalleled fame and popularity, but her career 
was over by the time she was 30. The former "It" girl spent the next 30 
years of her life struggling with mental illness and living as a recluse. 
CC [TV G] 

9:00 Columbo. Columbo Goes to the Guillotine. Lt. Columbo (Peter 
Falk) delves into the world of magic, ESP, and sleight of hand as he 
investigates the death of a magician who was beheaded by his own 
invention--a trick guillotine. Is there a tie to a prodigal psychic 
supported by a government-founded institute on parapsychology? 
Guest stars include Anthony Andrews, Karen Austin, and Anthony 
Zerbe. Directed by Leo Penn. CC [TV PG] 

11:00 Third Watch. Blackout. Sully's (Skipp Sudduth) words of 
warning to Davis (Coby Bell) prove prophetic during a power blackout, 
and Bosco (Jason Wiles) must rely on a drug-bust suspect to help an 
injured man. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Expedition Egypt. The Journey to Immortality. Egyptian 
civilization was based on the hope of eternal life after death. We 
explore some of the ancient places that reveal the secrets of the 
religion and study the sacred tomb hieroglyphs in the Valley of the 
Kings. At the cemetery of the pyramid builders in Giza and the Valley 
of the Golden Mummies in the Bahariyya Oasis, we learn more about 
Egyptian burial practices and methods. And we speak with Drs. Zahi 
Hawass and Salima Ikram to unravel the secrets of mummification. CC 
[TV G] 

9:00 Hauntings. Charleston. Visit the "Grand Dame" of the Old 
South, Charleston, where folks have reported mysterious apparitions 
for 300 years. Meet a lovelorn poet who wanders the Thomas Rose 
House, where he died in a duel; a beautiful murderess said to be still 
imprisoned in an abandoned jail; and a headless torso that appears at 
the Battery Carriage House. CC [TV G] 

10:00 Other World. Secret UFO Files. For more than a half-century, 
America's Central Intelligence Agency has systematically suppressed, 
distorted, and even fabricated reports of UFO sightings. With the 
assistance of the CIA's official historian and newly declassified 
documents, we provide an objective, balanced, and at times, highly 
controversial examination of the secret role the CIA has played over 
the years in concealing and controlling the official records of reported 
UFO sightings throughout the country. CC [TV G] 

11:00 Third Watch. Welcome to Camelot. The firefighters and 
paramedics assigned to the firehouse located at the corner of King 
Blvd. and Arthur--hence its nickname Camelot--often must work 
together with police officers from the adjacent 55th precinct station 
house in New York. Rookie Davis (Coby Bell) rankles partner Sully 
(Skipp Sudduth). Doc (Michael Beach) reassures newcomer Carlos 
(Anthony Ruivivar). Bobby (Bobby Cannavale) secretly loves co-worker 
Kim (Kim Raver), but she flirts with ex-husband Doherty (Eddie 
Cibrian). CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Cold Case Files. The Widow and the Wolf/Unicorns and 
Alligators. After the murder of her aunt goes cold, a woman helps 
launch Citizens Against Homicide, an advocate group that brings 
awareness to cases that have gone unsolved. And police solve a 
young girl's rape and murder when the car where her body was 
discovered acts like a refrigerator, preserving half of her body and 
allowing authorities to recover incriminating DNA from semen in her 
body. CC [TV PG] 

9:00 Crossing Jordan. Sight Unseen. After a schoolboy is killed in a 
traffic accident, Jordan (Jill Hennessy) discovers that the death actually 
occurred while he and a female classmate were being kidnapped. With 
Miguel Ferrer, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Ravi Kappor, and Ken Howard. 
Guest star: Lois Nettleton and Wallace Shawn. CC [TV 14] 

10:00 Third Watch. Transformed. After Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) sees 
his young son Joey (guest star Kristopher Scott Fiedel) break his arm 
in a fall, he must fight his way through a burning apartment building to 
save another frightened lad. A guilt-ridden Doc (Michael Beach) can't 
stay away from a recuperating teenager (guest star Geoff Wigdor) who 
was accidentally paralyzed while under his care. Elsewhere, a seething 
Taylor (Amy Carlson) can't stand a new probationary firefighter (guest 
star Jason Cerbone) who rubs her the wrong way. CC [TV 14] 

11:00 Hollywood Reality. Jack Nicholson. Did the Nicholson film 
"Hoffa" whitewash a criminal or a present a deserved homage to a 
working-class hero? David Mamet's screenplay, based on Robin 
Moore's original screenplay, traced Hoffa's life from the Great 
Depression until his disappearance in 1975. Did Mamet create an 
allegorical vision of Hoffa at the expense of historical accuracy? We 
ask Armand Assante, Danny DeVito, Teamster and Hoffa friend 
Roland McMaster, biographer Arthur Sloane, and Justice Department 
lawyer Ronald Goldfarb. CC [TV PG] 


8:00 Biography. Shirley Temple: The Biggest Little Star. Special 2- 
hour story of the most popular child star ever with many clips from 
Shirley's films, rare newsreels and photos, and interviews with close 
friends and co-stars. CC [TV G] 

10:00 The Point. Intimate Deception. A look at how bigamists get 
away with preying on vulnerable women. Features stories of a 
handsome model who was married to four women at the same time, 
and another man who married three women in a year while already 
married to a fourth. CC [TV PG] 

11:00 Detective Beat. Daddy's Money. Lakewood Abatement Team 
Investigator Deputy Bruce Cantley discovers that a man has spent all 
of his father's life savings while dad recovers from a stroke at a nursing 
home, and East Los Angeles Gang Detectives Anthony Rivera and 
Dana Duncan hunt down a gang member who threw beer bottles at 
them. Then, West Hollywood Station Detective Marla LaBerge 
prepares for her part-time job as an actress while sorting out why a 
teenage girl ran away from home. CC [TV PG] 


8:00 Biography. James Garner: Hollywood Maverick. His easygoing 
charm and dry humor made him one of America's most enduring TV 
and film stars. But Jim Garner's climb to the top included legendary 
battles against Hollywood power brokers, serious injuries, and 
depression. Our portrait includes the story of his successful legal fight 
against Warner Brothers, and features clips from the hit TV series 
"Maverick" and "The Rockford Files" and from memorable movies 
including "The Great Escape", "Victor/Victoria", and "Murphy's 
Romance". CC [TV G] 

9:00 Midsomer Murders. A Worm in the Bud. When Barnaby gets 
involved in a feud between two lifelong friends in love with the same 
woman, it's not long before a couple of corpses pop up to further 
complicate his life. John Nettles, Daniel Casey, and Jane Wymark star. 

11:00 Third Watch. Anywhere But Here. Paramedic Jerry Mankowitz 
(guest star Michael Rispoli) survives surgery but remains comatose. 
His shooting profoundly affects everyone, especially his wife, Jayme 
(recurring guest star Katherine Narducci) and three children. Doherty 
(Eddie Cibrian) gives ex-wife Kim (Kim Raver) a bulletproof vest. Doc 
(Michael Beach) and Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) must rescue a man 
after an explosion. Bosco (Jason Wiles) captures Jerry's attacker 
without firing a shot. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Biography. Alan Alda: More Than Mr. Nice Guy. Profile of the 
laid-back actor who met with mild success in movies and Broadway, 
then soared to stardom in the TV series "M*A*S*H". CC [TV G] 

9:00 Cold Case Files. The Answer in the Box/Maternal Instinct & 
Missing Informant/Man's Best Friend. Police solve the killing of an 11- 
year-old track star 10 years later when they obtain the DNA evidence 
they need in a cigarette butt dropped by the suspect. A mother is 
convicted of killing her 5-year-old daughter 13 years after the crime. 
Then, police solve a murder when divers find a skeleton in a car at the 
bottom of a river, and a dead dog's DNA helps crack open a 6-year-old 
case. CC [NR] 

11:00 Third Watch. Patterns. A videotape of Bosco (Jason Wiles) 
having sex in his squad car surfaces at the station house. Unaware 
that his own daughter is the woman on the tape, Captain Elchisak 
(recurring guest star James Rebhorn) merely reprimands Bosco. 
Bobby (Bobby Cannavale) and Kim (Kim Raver) argue heatedly. Doc 
(Michael Beach) brings Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) along on a personal 
mission. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Biography. Connie Francis: Sweetheart of Song. Portrait of the 
pop-music icon whose life was shattered when she was raped in 1974. 
Traces Connie's rise to stardom and her years of mental illness after 
the rape, during which she made death threats to friends and went on 
$100,000 shopping sprees. CC [TV G] 

9:00 American Justice. The California Killing Field. Story of the 
Hong Kong native and former Marine who, along with his friend 
Leonard Lake, was responsible for a grisly series of crimes. Charles 
Ng and Leonard Lake lived on property where police found mutilated 
corpses, over 40 pounds of charred bones, a torture chamber, and a 
video depicting two of their victims. Lake committed suicide after being 
nabbed in a petty theft, but Ng was convicted and sentenced to death 
after avoiding trial for 13 years. CC [TV PG-V] 

10:00 City Confidential. Hermosa Beach: Missing in Paradise. 
Hermosa Beach is one of Los Angeles' last funky beach towns--a place 
where the hip, young, rich, and beautiful come together. But, this La-la- 
land has a dark side. We investigate the murder of Linda Sobeck, a 
swimsuit model murdered by a killer who lurked behind his camera. 
Narrated by Paul Winfield. CC [TV PG] 

11:00 Third Watch. Hell Is What You Make of It. Rookies Carlos 
(Anthony Ruivivar) and Davis (Coby Bell) experience disillusionment 
with their new jobs and their training officers. Bosco (Jason Wiles) 
struggles with homophobia. A teenage junkie and prostitute (recurring 
guest star Nathalie Paulding) destroys Kim's (Kim Raver) faith in 
humanity, but Bobby (Bobby Cannavale) restores it. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Biography. Witness James Baldwin. Profile of the celebrated 
African-American writer and civil rights activist. Exploring his expatriate 
days in Paris and work with Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, we 
trace Baldwin's personal and professional successes and controversial 
struggles. In addition to showcasing such seminal texts as "Go Tell It 
on the Mountain", "Notes of a Native Son", "Giovanni's Room", and his 
play "Blues for Mr. Charlie", we include rare recordings of Baldwin 
reading his works. Narrated by Danny Glover. CC [TV G] 

9:00 Nero Wolfe. Death of a Doxy. When Orrie Cather asks Archie to 
go to his girlfriend's apartment to retrieve his wallet, which Isabel Kerr 
had lifted, Archie finds something that he didn't bargain for--a dead 
body. Maury Chaykin and Timothy Hutton star in this 2-hour mystery, 
with special guest star George Plimpton. CC [TV PG] 

11:00 Third Watch. Responsible Parties. Officer Yokas (Molly Price) 
sets off on a one-woman vendetta to collar the gangbanger 
responsible for the accidental shooting death of an 8-year-old boy, but 
her methods of dealing with one culpable gang member (guest star 
Rafael Baez) shock Bosco (Jason Wiles). Mercy Hospital's new doctor 
(recurring guest star Lisa Vidal) reprimands Yokas, Bobby (Bobby 
Cannavale), and Kim (Kim Raver). Out of ICU, Jerry (guest star 
Michael Rispoli) stuns Doc (Michael Beach) when he takes permanent 
disability. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Expedition Egypt. Ramses the Great. Renowned as one of 
Egypt's greatest rulers, his 67-year reign gave rise to the Ramses 
myth. Yet, his legend includes responsibility for the Exodus. 
Benevolent or brutal? We'll examine his possible political motives. CC 
[TV G] 

9:00 Hauntings. Gettysburg. In July of 1863, the Union and the 
Confederacy clashed in a bloody conflict at the sleepy Pennsylvania 
town of Gettysburg. The resulting battle left 50,000 killed and wounded 
in its wake! We explore some of the tales of the dead from this 
hallowed ground that some claim is the most haunted battlefield in 
America. CC [TV G] 

10:00 Other World. The Mysteries of Devil's Triangles. Join us as we 
explore and explain some of the most mysterious spots on earth-- 
Devil's Triangles--where an unusual number of unexplainable tragedies 
occur time and again. We'll visit the Bermuda Triangle, which has 
swallowed up ships, planes, and people, and the more deadly Great 
Lakes Triangle, where ghost ships are said to routinely sail. CC [TV G] 

11:00 Third Watch. Sunny, Like Sunshine. Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) 
enters a fast-burning building, refusing to leave when a rookie (guest 
star Sharrieff Puch) is lost inside. Bobby Caffey (Bobby Cannavale) 
visits his older brother (guest star Jon Seda) in prison, and tries to 
express his feelings to Kim (Kim Raver). Davis (Coby Bell) and Sully's 
(Skipp Sudduth) working relationship improves, but Doc (Michael 
Beach) and Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) get into a fistfight. Yokas (Molly 
Price) tells Bosco (Jason Wiles) not to lie for her. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Cold Case Files. The Baiting Game. Investigators in Virginia, 
probing the murder case of a sailor, seek the help of a forensic 
anthropologist from the "body farm" in the Great Smoky Mountains. Dr. 
William Bass became an expert on the human body's rate of decay by 
watching bodies rot at his plot at the University of Tennessee and 
keeping tables of weather data. CC [TV PG] 

9:00 Crossing Jordan. Digger, Pt. 1. The discovery of a floating 
corpse sparks a nationwide hunt for a serial killer. Jill Hennessy 
reunites with fellow "Law & Order" alum Chris Noth in the first of a 2- 
part episode. With Miguel Ferrer, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Ravi 
Kappor, and Ken Howard. CC [TV 14] 

10:00 Third Watch. Old Dogs, New Tricks. Self-assured Carlos 
(Anthony Ruivivar) learns humility the hard way when he falls from the 
firefighters' pole and must remain overnight in a hospital with a hateful, 
crazed drunk (guest star Joel Marsh Garland) for a roommate--and an 
attractive nurse (guest star Annie Parisse) on duty. Officer Bosco 
(Jason Wiles) lays a trap for a drug dealer and gets the surprise of his 
life. CC [TV 14] 

11:00 Hollywood Reality. Michael Caine. from "The Quiet American 
to "A Bridge Too Far; the multi-award winning, 40-year career of actor 
Michael Caine, including his most recent star turn in The Quiet 
American. CC [TV PG] 


8:00 Biography. Doris Day: It's Magic. Saga of America's darling who 
used her sparkling personality and girl-next-door looks to become one 
of the best-loved stars in movie history. Enjoy Doris singing her big hit 
"Que Sera, Sera" and scenes from her most popular movies, including 
"Pillow Talk" and "The Man Who Knew Too Much". Two-hour special. 
CC [TV G] 

10:00 The Point. The Recovery of NYC. With unprecedented access 
to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Fire Commissioner Nicholas 
Scopetta, this documentary shows how these two New York City 
leaders are rebuilding departments devastates by 9/11. Kelly must fight 
crime and prevent terrorism, while Scopetta must replace the 300 
firemen and chiefs killed. CC [TV PG] 

11:00 Detective Beat. Jane Doe. Homicide Detective Craig Melvin 
probes the murder of a woman burned to death; East L.A. Gang 
Detectives Anthony Rivera and Dana Duncan investigate a burglary 
involving a young hood with a history of stalking and raping women; 
and gang cop Deputy Robert Grey leads a SWAT team and Gang 
Enforcement police officers on an early morning search at the home of 
targeted hardcore gang members and finds a working meth lab. CC 
[TV PG] 


8:00 Biography. Prince Albert. Profile of the legendary husband of 
Queen Victoria, who cultivated the image of a loving family man in 
public but who schemed for power behind the scenes. Historians 
explain how ambition, not passion, fueled Albert's interest in Victoria, 
and how he used Victoria's obsessive love for him to gain political 
influence. CC [TV G] 

9:00 Midsomer Murders. Faithful unto Death. When a pretty 
housewife fails to turn up for bell-ringing practice, Inspector Barnaby 
discovers a nasty web of kidnapping, extortion, and murder. John 
Nettles, Daniel Casey, and Jane Wymark star. Based on the novels by 
Caroline Graham. [TV PG] 

11:00 Third Watch. Impulse. Bosco (Jason Wiles) brutalizes a 
murder suspect. Davis (Coby Bell) is incensed when his partner Sully 
(Skipp Sudduth) goes to a movie with Davis's recently widowed mother 
Maggie (guest star Lonette McKee). Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) 
attempts to revive a premature fetus whose mother he accidentally 
injured. Despite Kim's (Kim Raver) warnings, Bobby (Bobby 
Cannavale) welcomes his trouble-prone brother (guest star Jon Seda) 
home from prison. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Biography. Tammy Faye: Faith and Flamboyance. Story of the 
controversial TV evangelist who, along with former husband Jim 
Bakker, hosted the "The PTL Club", the most watched Christian 
broadcast in America. Follows Tammy Faye's life from age 10, when 
she began "speaking in tongues", to the meeting with Pat Robertson 
that launched her TV career and the sex scandal that destroyed the 
Bakkers' TV empire and sent Jim to jail. CC [TV G] 

9:00 Cold Case Files. Presumed Dead/The Tow Truck Killer & Mark 
of Cain/Death on the Freeway. DNA evidence helps crack the case of 
a white supremacist who strangled his girlfriend and put her body in a 
refrigerator, and hypnosis helps solve the murder of a deputy sheriff. 
Then, a man in Florida is reported missing and his roommate is the 
main suspect. Also, at first it looks like LAPD Sgt. George Arthur died 
in a car crash. But two days later, four bullets are found in his skull. CC 
[TV PG] 

11:00 Third Watch. History of the World. On Thanksgiving Day, 
Bosco (Jason Wiles) tries to resolve a family conflict in a restaurant, 
while his partner Yokas (Molly Price) attempts the same thing at home. 
Bobby's (Bobby Cannavale) mother (guest star Socorro Santiago) 
won't allow her son Matty (guest star Jon Seda) to attend the family 
holiday celebration. Davis (Coby Bell) will not perjure himself to 
support his partner Sully (Skipp Sudduth). Doc (Michael Beach) makes 
a date with a patient (N'Bushe Wright), who lies alone in a hospital 
bed. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Biography. Doris Duke: The Lonely Heiress. Claus von Bulow 
and others talk about the tragic life of the tobacco heiress. Isolated by 
wealth, Doris Duke was surrounded by a strange group of servants 
who some think responsible for her death. CC [TV G] 

9:00 American Justice. The Hillside Stranglers. An examination of 
the infamous case of serial killers Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi, 
who murdered 10 young women and girls in Los Angeles in 1977 and 
1978. CC [TV PG] 

10:00 City Confidential. San Francisco: Betrayal by the Bay. An 
account of the sensational murder trial of Jim Mitchell, accused of 
killing his brother Artie in 1991. A "dream team" of lawyers defended 
Jim, claiming the murder was really an accident. Jim had built a multi- 
million-dollar pornography empire with his brother Artie. Narrated by 
Paul Winfield. CC [TV PG] 

11:00 Third Watch. Modern Designs for Better Living. Davis (Coby 
Bell) inadvertently endangers a youth (recurring guest star Jade 
Yorker) he's trying to help. Doc (Michael Beach) learns that his father's 
(guest star Ossie Davis) overdose was not accidental. Police, 
paramedics, and firefighters converge on an extremely obese woman 
(guest star Sophie K) with a severe heart condition, who can't be 
extricated from her house unless some walls come tumbling down. CC 
[TV 14] 


8:00 Biography. Debbie Reynolds. Chronicles the career of the film 
star who rebounded from broken marriages, near bankruptcy, and the 
demands of the movie industry. Includes clips from some of Reynolds' 
most popular movies, and interviews with daughter Carrie Fisher and 
friends Robert Wagner and Tony Randall. CC [TV G] 

9:00 Columbo. Columbo Cries Wolf. In one of his most baffling 
cases, Columbo (Peter Falk) tries to prove that the flamboyant owner 
of a men's magazine murdered his business partner, a woman who 
had once been his lover. The rumpled-looking detective has evidence 
of murder, but a suspect maintains that there is proof the lady is very 
much alive. Guest stars: Ian Buchanan, Deirdre Hall, Rebecca Staab, 
and Alan Scarfe. CC [TV PG] 

11:00 Third Watch. Demolition Derby. An explosion traps members 
of a demolition team in a collapsing building--and the Third Watch must 
respond. Starring Michael Beach, Coby Bell, Amy Carlson, Bobby 
Cannavale, Eddie Cibrian, Molly Price, Kim Raver, Anthony Ruivivar, 
Skipp Sudduth, Jason Wiles, and Chris Bauer. Guest stars: Terry L. 
Beaver, Toni Lewis, J.K. Simmons, and David Vadim. CC [TV 14] 


8:00 Expedition Egypt. Cradle of Religion. In the past 5,000 years, 
Egypt has been home to many gods. Pharaohs, Jews, Christians, and 
Muslims have all lived and worshipped there, leaving monuments and 
symbols of their faith across the landscape. We learn how the ancient 
gods and rituals impacted on modern religions to create a spiritually 
unique country. We examine the progression of religions--from ancient 
Pharaonic Polytheism to Judaism and Coptic Christianity and the 
modern Islamic state. CC [TV G] 

9:00 Hauntings. New York. In New York--a state full of folklore, 
legends, and perhaps ghosts--we visit Manhattan's Merchant House 
Museum, where Gertrude Treadwell was born, died...and may still 
reside. At the Buffalo Naval Park, we search for George Sullivan's 
ghost aboard the USS Sullivans--the ship dedicated to the five Sullivan 
brothers who died together in WWII. In the Mohawk Valley, we stop off 
at the haunted Beardslee Castle, and on Staten Island, we tour 
Conference House, home to Revolutionary War spirits. CC [TV G] 

10:00 Other World. Roswell: Final Declassification. In 1947, a 
strange object fell from the sky near Roswell, New Mexico, and 
controversy brewed over what it really was. In November 2001, we 
convened a team of experts at the National Archives for an exclusive 
first look at the top-secret government files of the UFO incident. We 
unveil the remaining classified files--11 boxes with 17 notebooks of 
declassified files, photos, transcripts and audiotapes of dozens of 
witnesses, and 22 films and videos--in a definitive statement on the 50- 
year-old mystery. CC [TV G] 

11:00 Third Watch. Alone in a Crowd. Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) and 
other firefighters' delay causes a woman's death. Western medicine 
kills Doc (Michael Beach) and Carlos's (Anthony Ruivivar) Chinese 
patient. The suicide of his first partner causes Sully (Skipp Sudduth) to 
reflect on his own life. Starring Coby Bell, Amy Carlson, Bobby 
Cannavale, Molly Price, Kim Raver, Jason Wiles, and Chris Bauer. 
Guest star: Jon Seda. CC [TV 14] 

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