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A&E Listings

Here are listings for A&E Biography (and other prime-time evening programs), and here's a link for A&E Biography videos.
A&E provides listings on the 1st & 16th (times are EST/Pacific Time):

A&E Programming Schedule

Monday-Friday programs are each repeated once, 4 hours later

NOTE: We are listing both EST/Pacific Time and individual television ratings.
All are [TV G] or [PG]unless noted.
[NR] = Not Rated, news-related program.

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Monday, December 1, 2003

12-2am -- BIOGRAPHY® - Dr. Seuss
A 2-hour profile of Theodor Seuss Geisel--also
known as Dr. Seuss--the beloved author of
children's books. Over 200-million copies of his
books have been sold worldwide, and they've also
been turned into Hollywood blockbusters--Jim
Carrey's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and the
2003 release of "The Cat in the Hat" starring
Mike Myers.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Will Smith
Profile of the Grammy-winning performer,
Oscar-nominated actor, and dedicated
philanthropist whose charm earned him the
nickname "Prince" at school. Smith earned
millions in the music business and then lost it
all before launching a hugely successful movie
career. Behind-the-scenes footage from his TV
sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air", clips from
his films, and interviews with family, friends,
and co-stars reveal the strength of character
that drives one of Hollywood's most bankable
from "Men In Black" to "Wild, Wild West."

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Traces of Murder/The
Bathtub Killer
A killer helps convict himself when he boasts
about his crime to prison cellmates; and New
Hampshire investigators probing the murder of a
pregnant woman found raped, strangled, and dumped
into her bathtub, get a new lead when they
discover a similar case in Florida.

10-11pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Archer City:
Under Suspicion
The inspiration for hometown-boy Larry McMurtry's
novel "The Last Picture Show", Archer City is a
classic American small town. But in 1990, the
sheriff's actions showed that, while Archer City
may be Mayberry with a Texas twang, he was no
Andy Taylor. A woman, under investigation for
shooting her estranged third husband, stunned the
town when she accused the sheriff of handling her
case in a way that Aunt Bea would not have
approved. And in Archer City, truth proved
stranger than fiction.


Tuesday, December 2, 2003

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Death in a Small
When Alvin Ridley reported the death of his wife
to the authorities, his neighbors were shocked.
In thirty years, no one had even seen her!
One of the most bizarre cases in the history of
Catoosa County, Georgia, interviews with Alvin
Ridley, himself, the medical examiner and the
prosecutor along with the voice of Virginia
Ridley, heard through her letters and diaries,
appear to support Alvin's contention that they
led a happy life. And neighbors and townspeople
weigh in with their views on the case that
shocked their community. Was the case of Alvin
and Virginia Ridley one of murder or a most
unusual love story?

8-10pm -- Horatio Hornblower: Loyalty - 
Movie. Reduced to lieutenant after a peace treaty
with France, Horatio ekes out a living at the
card table. He lodges with Mrs. Mason--whose
daughter becomes enamoured. Summoned by Admiral
Pellew and promoted to commander, Horatio
captains The Hotspur on a reconnaissance mission
to France--and lands in prison when he's
betrayed. Ioan Gruffudd, Robert Lindsay, Paul
McGann, and Julia Sawalha star in an original
movie based on C.S. Forester's sea tales set
during the Napoleonic Wars. (2003)
Repeated @ 10pm

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Murder in a College
In August of 1990, five students at the
University of Florida were killed in a 48-hour
period. The stabbing deaths threw the community
into a panic. Gun sales soared and the police
were baffled.
Chronicle the year-long investigation that
followed, as the main suspect was determined
innocent on the basis of DNA testing. Interviews
with officers, prosecution and defense attorneys
and a riveting jailhouse interview recounts what
really happened on those two bloody nights on a
college campus.

8-10pm -- Horatio Hornblower: Duty - 
Movie. The Emmy Award-winning, critically
acclaimed Horatio Hornblower saga continues with
a bridegroom filled with trepidation. But Admiral
Pellew gives Horatio little time to ponder his
new state of matrimony, sending him in search of
the missing sloop Grasshopper, captained by their
old friend Bracegirdle. Ioan Gruffudd, Robert
Lindsay, Paul McGann, Julia Sawalha, Lorcan
Cranitch, and Jonathan Coy star in an original
movie based on C.S. Forester's sea tales set
during the Napoleonic Wars. (2003)

10-12am -- Horatio Hornblower: Duty - 
Movie. The Emmy Award-winning, critically
acclaimed Horatio Hornblower saga continues with
a bridegroom filled with trepidation. But Admiral
Pellew gives Horatio little time to ponder his
new state of matrimony, sending him in search of
the missing sloop Grasshopper, captained by their
old friend Bracegirdle. Ioan Gruffudd, Robert
Lindsay, Paul McGann, Julia Sawalha, Lorcan
Cranitch, and Jonathan Coy star in an original
movie based on C.S. Forester's sea tales set
during the Napoleonic Wars. (2003)


Thursday, December 4, 2003

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Atlanta Child
For nearly two years, Atlanta headlines
reverberated with stories of unspeakable terror
and loss as 29 African-American children were
killed, all but six of them teenagers or younger.
A lengthy federal investigation ensued, and Wayne
Williams was found guilty of mass murder. 

Some still believe, however, that Williams was
not the killer, claiming that the prosecution
withheld evidence, and that white supremacists
were at least partially responsible.
Investigators, lawyers and police maintain that
the Klan was not involved. Hear from former FBI
profilers and Williams himself about this
controversial case.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Scott Hamilton
The inspiring story of the Olympic ice-skating
champion who has overcome two serious illnesses.
As a child, Hamilton suffered a mysterious
intestinal problem that caused him to stop
growing, and as an adult, he beat testicular

9-11pm -- Holiday Ice Dreams - 
In this 2-hour holiday extravaganza, top
professional ice skaters perform at the Sovereign
Bank Arena in Trenton, New Jersey, including:
1994 Olympic Gold Medalist Oksana Baiul; Olympic
Gold Medalist Ekaterina Gordeeva; Canadian pair
Isabelle Brasseur and Lloyd Eisler, 2-time
Olympic Medalists; 1992 and '93 Silver Medal
winner and World Professional Champion Paul
Wylie; and 1998 Olympic Gold Medalist Ilia Kulik.


Friday, December 5, 2003

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Girl in the Box 
In the Spring of 1977, 20-year-old Colleen Stan
left school to hitchhike from Oregon to Los
Angeles. Little did she know when she accepted a
ride with Cameron and Janice Hooker that she
would end up their captive for seven years. 

Explore the case that became a national sensation
after Colleen finally escaped. Raped, tortured
and kept confined, often inside a coffin-like box
beneath the Hookers' waterbed, the Hookers
appeared mild-mannered and church going. Cameron
Hooker insisted that their perverse master-slave
relationship was consensual and that they were in
love. Colleen told a very different account. The
case remains riddled with contradictions, as
expert witnesses, investigators and attorneys
discuss what really happened.

8-10pm -- A Barry Manilow Christmas: Live by
Request - 

The internationally renowned superstar Barry
Manilow takes requests for Christmas songs and
performs live with a band, an orchestra, and
special guests including Cyndi Lauper. And in a
rare holiday treat, old friends Barry and Bette
Midler join together, via media magic, in a duet
that each taped separately. Broadcast from New
York City's historic Kaufman Astoria Studios in
Queens, Mr. Manilow also hosts this 2-hour
festive songfest. 

10-11pm -- Poirot - The Underdog
When a factory owner who wants to sell valuable
synthetic rubber to the Nazis is murdered, Poirot
must detect if the motive is political or
commercial. David Suchet stars.


Saturday, December 6, 2003

7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Albuquerque: The
Black Widow
Terri Gilbert, a prominent health care
consultant, claims self-defense after shooting
and killing her philandering husband Gene, a
leading attorney. The trial rocks the City of
Albuquerque and leads to a surprise verdict. Paul
Winfield narrates.

8-9pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - To Save Their Souls 
John Emil List lived with his wife, mother and
three children in a 19-room Victorian mansion in
Westfield, New Jersey. A mild-mannered
accountant, List was also a devout Lutheran, and
became convinced that the secular world was
eroding his family's faith and imperiling their
souls. His solution was murder. 

Travel back to 1971 to examine the case that
attracted nationwide attention when police
discovered the mummified bodies of List's family
in the abandoned mansion, along with a letter
from List explaining why he had been forced to
kill. In a rare jailhouse interview, the
unrepentant List states that the sacrifice was
the only way to ensure his family's spiritual
salvation. Investigators and others close to the
case detail the nearly 20-year search for List,
who established a new life under the assumed name
of Robert Clark.

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Murder
Illustrated/Blood Relations
Police solve the murder and sexual mutilation of
Peggy Hettrick when they are finally able to link
graphic sexual materials found in the home of
suspect Timothy Masters, though no hard evidence
was ever found. And DNA from a semen stain helps
cops crack open the 23-year-old case of a man who
raped and killed his sister-in-law.

10-11pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Brutal Revenge
Sheila Bellush was a beautiful young mother who
gained fame in her San Antonio community after
giving birth to quadruplets. But when the
children were nearly two, she was murdered in her
kitchen, leaving the children alone with their
dead mother for nearly 7 hours. 

Within a week, investigators traced the murder
scheme back to Sheila's ex-husband, Allen
Blackthorne. At trial, prosecutors claimed that
Blackthorne had offered $4,000 to have Sheila
beaten and added a $50,000 bounty if she was
maimed or killed. But the links between
Blackthorne and the killers were so tenuous, that
more than two years passed before he stood trial.
Watch crime-scene reports, expert legal analysis
and interviews with police, jurists and lawyers
on both sides for a shocking tale of brutal


Sunday, December 7, 2003

6-8pm -- Columbo - Agenda for Murder
Columbo (Peter Falk) matches wits with a
brilliant attorney (Patrick McGoohan) responsible
for the murder of the one man who could stifle
his meteoric political career. Guest star
McGoohan also directed the episode.

8-10pm -- Playboy's 50th Anniversary Celebration
The man. The magazine. The mansion. From the site
of the hippest parties of the past 50 years comes
the ultimate anniversary celebration. With
Playboy's epoch-making 1953 debut issue, and its
pin-up of blossoming star Marilyn Monroe, Hugh
Hefner fired the sexual revolution's opening
salvo. Now guest stars Drew Carey and Jenny
McCarthy join Hef at the preeminent Playboy party
in a 2-hour special featuring greetings from
George Clooney, Bill Maher, KISS, Pamela
Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, and more.

10-12am -- Playboy's 50th Anniversary Celebration
The man. The magazine. The mansion. From the site
of the hippest parties of the past 50 years comes
the ultimate anniversary celebration. With
Playboy's epoch-making 1953 debut issue, and its
pin-up of blossoming star Marilyn Monroe, Hugh
Hefner fired the sexual revolution's opening
salvo. Now guest stars Drew Carey and Jenny
McCarthy join Hef at the preeminent Playboy party
in a 2-hour special featuring greetings from
George Clooney, Bill Maher, KISS, Pamela
Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, and more.


Monday, December 8, 2003

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Till Death Do Us
On February 1st, 1988, the Durham, North Carolina
police received a call that a man had been shot.
When they went to investigate, wife Barbara
Sanger told the officers the gun her husband kept
under his pillow had accidentally fired and shot
him in the head. 

According to shocked friends, coworkers and
family members, Barbara was a devoted wife,
mother and practicing Christian. As the
investigation proceeded, detectives learned that
Sanger was not the gentle, caring woman she
seemed, but rather a cold-blooded murder, who had
killed her previous husband ten years earlier.
Fearing her spouses would discover her shopping
and extramarital excesses, she had twice resorted
to murder. Interviews with investigators,
officers and lawyers give insight into this
intriguing case of a sinister wife with a double

8-9pm -- Biography Countdown - Top 10 Hitched &
When the famous and powerful hook up or break up,
their relationships can become the subject of
tawdry revelations and accusations. And the
public just can't get enough of it! In an hour
devoted to exploring and musing over
relationships, industry insiders dish about the
couples we loved to talk about in 2003,
including: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Paul
Simon and Art Garfunkel, Isaac Mizrahi and
Target, Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage, and
America and France. Viva la difference!

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - A Sealed Fate/Deadly
A murderer's saliva, found on envelopes that he
sealed, helps seal his doom 37 years after his
first killing. And Colorado police crack a cold
case 24 years later when they take a DNA sample
from the victim's son that proves that his father
murdered his mother.

10-11pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Spokane: Predator
in the Parks
They were one of the most respected families in
Spokane--the father, a decorated WWII veteran who
became managing editor of the oldest newspaper in
Washington State; the mother, a former model and
charm-school matron widely regarded as the social
matriarch of the town. Then, in 1978, a serial
rapist began terrorizing the quiet,
family-friendly city. When police arrested the
couple's only son for the crimes, the Coe
family's whole world crumbled. Narrated by Paul


Tuesday, December 9, 2003

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Death Row
Prostitute: Aileen Wuornos 
On January 31st, 1992, Aileen Wuornos was
sentenced to death for robbing and killing seven

An unusual case filled with twists and turns,
Wuornos was one of the few women classified as a
serial killer. Interviews with defense lawyers
and court exhibits reveal the story of the
self-titled highway hooker, from her troubled
childhood to the betrayal of her lesbian lover.

8-9pm -- Biography Countdown - Top 10 to Watch
2003--the Year of the Ram, a year that saw music,
theater, and other arts flourish. Our Top 10
Watch List includes a 300-pound "velvet teddy
bear" and an actor who dropped 30 pounds; a YMCA
worker who caused millions to pick up the phone
and an Irish lad who couldn't get off it; a
former physician who wants to resuscitate the
economy and a former actor who becomes a
governor. All have one thing in common--they
captured the spotlight in 2003, and none of them
show signs of giving it back.

9-11pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The Accidental
Killer/Little Sister Lost & Traces of Murder/The
Bathtub Killer
Montana detectives track down a man who murdered
his wife 25 years later after he's convicted of
killing his third wife in Maine under similar
circumstances; and after 15-year-old papergirl
Penny Parker goes missing, a search volunteer
finds her body. Watch cold case detectives find a
genetic trace, 24 years later, to the volunteer.
Then, a killer helps convict himself when he
boasts to cellmates; and investigators probe the
murder of a pregnant woman found dumped in her
bathtub. (2-hour version)


Wednesday, December 10, 2003

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Lying Eyes
On a hot July night in 1984, an intruder broke
into Jennifer Thompson's apartment and raped her
at knife-point. Two days later, she identified
Ronald Cotton, a black man with a former
attempted rape conviction, as the assailant. 

Examine the 11-year legal odyssey that followed,
including two convictions based on faulty
eye-witness testimony by Jennifer Thompson.
Steadfastly maintaining his innocence throughout,
Cotton reported that another inmate boasted how
Cotton was serving his time for the crime. It was
finally DNA sampling that proved beyond a doubt
that Cotton was innocent. Legal experts,
scientists and lawyers discuss how improved
forensic testing has helped ensure that only the
guilty pay for their crimes.

8-9pm -- Biography Countdown - Top 10 Most
2003 bred a crop of infamous newsmakers, and our
panel of experts selects the 10 most notorious,
putting their lives in perspective and under the
microscope. Our rogue's gallery includes Phil
Spector, Martha Stewart, Kobe Bryant, Scott
Peterson, Michael Skakel, Father John Geoghan,
North Korea's Kim Jong II, New York Times'
reporter Jayson Blair, and Robert Blake.

9-10pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - What the Girl Saw
On June 6, 1998, between midnight and 6:30 a.m.,
a man crept into 58-year-old Judith Johnson's
home, and raped and killed her--while her
6-year-old granddaughter Brooke slept. Brooke
told police that a man who looked and sounded
like "Uncle Clarence" did it. Despite new
evidence--including Brooke's reidentifying a
local resident, with a history of violent sexual
attack and a dead ringer for her uncle, as the
killer--Clarence Elkins' appeal was denied. His
wife vows to continue her fight to free him.

10-11pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - For Love or Money
Today, Celeste Beard Johnson is serving a double
life sentence at a maximum security prison in
Gatesville, Texas, for manipulating her lesbian
lover into killing her elderly, millionaire
husband Steven Beard. Tracey Tarlton, the
confessed killer, is currently serving a 20-year
sentence in a separate prison in Texas. The two
women tell conflicting stories of the events that
led to the murder of Steven Beard. 

MONEY, both women share their stories, each still
holding with her own version. Steven Beard called
911 after being shot in the abdomen the night of
October 2,1999, in Austin, Texas. A single
shotgun shell was left behind and was the only
evidence for investigators to go on. Police
interviewed numerous friends and relatives. One
name kept coming up in the interviews, Tracey
Tarlton. The 42-year-old manager of a local
bookstore had met Celeste Beard Johnson at a
psychiatric hospital in Austin and the two women
had become friends. Police officers went to
question Tracey, who admitted to having a shotgun
and an affair with Celeste. After testing the
shotgun, police were able to definitively
determine the shell left at the murder scene was
shot from Tracey's gun. The next day, Tarlton was
arrested for murder and began telling the
authorities the dramatic tale of her relationship
with Celeste. Interviews include both Celeste and
Tracey, plus a jury member, prosecuting
attorneys, a defense attorney, and investigators.


Thursday, December 11, 2003

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The California
Killing Field
Charles Ng's 13-year crime spree began with petty
theft in San Francisco and ended with mass murder
and suicide in police custody. 

Drawn from interviews with international law
enforcement, relatives of key protagonists and
the attorneys who argued the case, this is an in
depth review of Ng's long and sordid criminal
history from robbing a hardware store to the
gruesome discovery of mutilated corpses and
burned human bones on his property. Fleeing to
Canada to avoid trial, Ng was finally extradited
and sentenced to death. This is the full story of
the most expensive prosecution in California

8-9pm -- Biography Countdown - Top 10 Survivors
As their names and faces graced the headlines,
their stories captivated the country. From
rescued war-hero Jessica Lynch to the improbable
return of Elizabeth Smart, our survivors'
abilities to overcome physical, emotional, and
philosophical deterrents make them unforgettable.
While some selected for our countdown were
already famous, like Halle Berry and Nicole
Kidman, others are average citizens with unique
tales to tell. We also hear from reporters who
brought these stories to the public.

9-10pm -- Holidays at the White House - 
A behind-the-scenes special that brings American
history to life as we document the enormous
effort and care the First Family and the White
House staff put into celebrating our national
culture, and embracing our changing traditions.
Includes a White House tour of the decorated
mansion by First Lady Laura Bush, and
multi-camera access to the Congressional
Christmas Ball.

10-12am -- Young Guns - 
Movie. Set in 1878, Emilio Estevez stars as
William Bonney (aka Billy the Kid) in this
Western based loosely on actual events. The
all-star brat-pack cast includes Kiefer
Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips, Charlie Sheen,
Dermot Mulroney, Casey Siemaszko, Jack Palance,
Terence Stamp, Randy Travis, and Brian Keith.


Friday, December 12, 2003

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Shattered Innocence:
The Fells Acres Abuse Case 
When forty-one children at the Fells Acres Day
Care Center in Malden, Massachusetts charged
Gerald, Violet and Cheryl Amirault of child
abuse, the evidence seemed uncontrovertible, and
the Amiraults were quickly tried and sentenced. 

According to the Amiraults, the children had been
coerced into their statements? Hear Cheryl and
Gerald Amirault tell their side of the story on
camera, along with two parents and a teacher who
criticize the nature and outcome of the
proceedings. Were the Amiraults victims of a
knee-jerk reaction and unscrupulous litigation?
You decide.

8-10pm -- Holiday at Pops! - 
The holiday tradition continues in this 2-hour
Christmas musical treat featuring the Boston Pops
Orchestra, conducted by Keith Lockhart, only the
third conductor of the Pops since 1930. Country
music star Vince Gill and renowned contemporary
Christian vocalist Amy Grant perform favorites
from their various popular Christmas albums.

10-11pm -- Poirot - The Lost Mine
Poirot investigates the death of a mysterious man
who owned a map marking the site of a valuable,
long lost silver mine. David Suchet stars as
Agatha Christie's Belgian detective with Hugh
Fraser, Philip Jackson, and Pauline Moran.


Saturday, December 13, 2003

7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Dallas: Arsenic and
Old Money
A probe into the mysterious 1991 murder of Nancy
Lyon, which revealed the dark secrets of the
affluent Dallas neighborhood of Park Cities.
Nancy's husband Richard is serving a life
sentence for poisoning her, but not everyone is
convinced that he did it. Paul Winfield narrates.

8-9pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Murder on the
Lisa and Kosta Fotopoulos were known as one of
the more prominent, successful couples in Daytona
Beach's thriving Greek-American community.
that it all came to an end suddenly in 1989 when
an intruder broke into their home and pumped a
single gunshot into Lisa's temple. Kosta grabbed
his own gun and killed the gunman. Incredibly,
Lisa was still alive and paramedics rushed her to
the hospital. The intruder was 18-year-old Bryan
Chase. The next day, a man called 911 and said
that he had been offered money by Kosta to kill
Lisa. He also said that 21-year-old Deidre Hunt
was Kosta's part-time bartender and his full-time

that Hunt described Kosta's "Hunter Killer Club"
when questioned by police. To become a member you
had to kill somebody. Deidre had qualified by
killing a 19-year-old drifter. And while
searching Fotopoulos's home police found the
shocking evidence, a videotape. In it, Kosta
instructed Deidre to kill the drifter, who was
seen tied to a tree. Deidre fired three shots
into the drifter's chest, and one through his
head. In 1990, Kosta was convicted on two counts
of murder and one count of attempted murder.
Deidre Hunt pled guilty to shooting the drifter
and was sentenced to death, but she was granted a
life sentence on appeal.

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - "Soft" Kill/Unsolved
Police run down more than 11,000 leads before
coming up with a suspect in the murders of three
Virginia girls; and the abduction and
strangulation of a California woman continues to
baffle investigators more than 11 years after the

10-11pm -- A Twisted Mind: The Andrew Luster
Story - A Bill Kurtis Special Report
Bill Kurtis examines the circumstances and events
surrounding the dramatic capture and return of
fugitive cosmetics heir Andrew Luster. In January
2003, Luster fled the United States just days
before the guilty verdict in his trial was
announced. He has been sent to California's Wasco
State Prison where he will begin serving a
124-year prison sentence for raping three women. 


Sunday, December 14, 2003

6-8pm -- Columbo - Columbo Goes to College
Lt. Columbo is invited as guest speaker in a
criminology course and squares off against two
cunning students, who are confident that they
have duped the lieutenant with various leads,
when their professor is found murdered. Peter
Falk stars with Stephen Caffrey, Gary
Hershberger, James Sutorius, and Robert Culp.

8-10pm -- Biography of the Year - 
In this 2-hour special, we'll count down the 10
most significant people of the year, ending with
the dramatic announcement of our choice for
Number 1--the person who made the greatest impact
during 2003. Previous winners include George W.
Bush in 2002, New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani
in 2001, and human genome pioneers Francis
Collins and Craig Venter in 2000.

10-12am -- Biography of the Year - 
In this 2-hour special, we'll count down the 10
most significant people of the year, ending with
the dramatic announcement of our choice for
Number 1--the person who made the greatest impact
during 2003. Previous winners include George W.
Bush in 2002, New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani
in 2001, and human genome pioneers Francis
Collins and Craig Venter in 2000.


Monday, December 15, 2003

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Raised on Hate 
Chevie O'Brien Kehoe was a model student, but his
father, a disgruntled Vietnam veteran, was a
white supremacist determined to home-school him
in the doctrine of racial hatred.
Practicing what his father preached, in January
1996, Chevie killed the Mueller family in
Russelville, Arkansas. Already wanted for a list
of crimes, Chevie managed to avoid state and
federal authorities for almost two years, but was
eventually caught after his brother tipped off
police. At his trial, Chevie's mother provided
damning testimony and he was eventually sentenced
to serve three consecutive life terms. But many
say that Chevie's father should also be held
accountable. Interviews with Chevie's mother and
prosecuting attorneys consider the thorny ethics
and legality of this case.

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Matthew Broderick
Career of the actor who became famous playing
precocious teens in such hit movies as "Ferris
Bueller's Day Off". Born in New York City's
bohemian Greenwich Village, Broderick has won two
Tony Awards for his work on Broadway, starred in
"The Producers", and is a frequent target of
newspaper photographers when he goes out with his
wife, "Sex in the City" star Sarah Jessica
Parker. Includes interviews with Neil Simon,
Marsha Mason, and Harvey Fierstein.

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Pride and the
Fall/The Nail File
A woman's fall from a cliff in the Grand Canyon
leads police to uncover a series of grisly
murders, and investigators smoke out a killer
when they find crucial DNA evidence on his
cigarette butts.

10-11pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Virginia City:
Showdown at the Mustang Ranch
In the heart of Nevada's silver country lies
America's most infamous ranch--a ranch without
cows or cowboys that was closed by Uncle Sam in
1999. Before it was over, a brothel baron and
three city officials were placed in compromising
positions, and Virginia City lost its biggest
industry. Join us for a showdown at Mustang
Ranch. Narrated by Paul Winfield.

   Prime time listings for 12/16-12/30 never received, 8pm Biography only:
16  Green River Killer 
17  Patty Duke  
18  Santa Claus 
19  (movie) Horatio Hornblower: Loyalty 
20  episode of American Justice  
21  Lucy & Desi
22  Christina Onassis
23  Jimmy Stewart (see below)
24  Santa Claus
25  Columbo episode: A Bird in the Hand 
26  docu: The Unknown Jesus
27  episode of American Justice  
28  The A&E Movie: A Bronx Tale 
29  The Osmonds
30  Ron Howard 
31  PLAYBOY's 50th Anniversary Celebration Profile: Stewart, Jimmy (James Maitland) 1908 - 1997
Born James Maitland Stewart, on May 20, 1908 in Indiana, Pennsylvania, the first of three children to Elizabeth and Alexander Stewart. Alexander, a graduate of Princeton University, ran the prosperous family hardware shop that was founded in 1853. Stewart attended boarding school at the Mercersburg Academy where he was a member of the glee club, the school’s football team, and the dramatics club.
Like his father, Stewart attended Princeton University from 1928 to 1932. He studied architecture while at Princeton, but a classmate coaxed him into joining a fledgling theater group, the University Players. It was in this group that he befriended fellow thespian Henry Fonda. Following graduation, Stewart began acting in Broadway productions. Even though he never had a formal acting lesson, he had already achieved a moderate degree of success when, in 1935, he was offered a contract with MGM Studios. Moving to Hollywood where he roomed with Fonda, by 1936 Stewart had appeared in a slew of pictures, including The Murder Man (1935), Rose Marie (1936), Wife vs. Secretary, Small Town Girl, and After the Thin Man.
Stewart was a lanky 6 feet, 3 inches tall, whose good looks suggested more the gentleman next door than that of a silver screen heartthrob. With his boyish charm and soft-spoken unaffectedness, Stewart often seemed to be playing himself—that is, an everyday man—in many of his roles, a trait that endeared him to audiences and critics alike.
He starred in Frank Capra’s You Can’t Take It With You (1938), and he received his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his role in Capra’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939). In 1940, he filmed George Cukor’s The Philadelphia Story, costarring Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. Stewart’s comical yet touching performance as a newspaperman caught in a love triangle earned him his first Academy Award. He promptly mailed the Oscar to his family to be displayed in the window of his father’s hardware shop, where the statuette remained for over 25 years.
Meanwhile, World War II raged in Europe, and following his success with The Philadelphia Story, Stewart made history by joining the United States Army—the first Hollywood star to do so. However, he was initially rejected after failing his physical exam (he was 10 pounds underweight). He barely managed to pass the second physical, but, in 1941, prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, he was assigned to the U.S. Army Air Corps. With previous flying experience, Stewart served as a flight instructor until November 1943 when he was promoted to commander of a bomber squadron. Stationed in Europe, Stewart flew on over 20 missions and received numerous honors, including the Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross. He was promoted to the rank of colonel, and in 1959, he was appointed as a brigadier general in the Air Force Reserve.
During this time, Stewart worked on several films, but it wasn’t until after the war that he returned to making movies full-time. In his first notable project following the war, he starred with Donna Reed in Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life (1946). He received a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his performance as the heart-of-gold hero who must choose between his worldly ambitions and the familial demands of his small hometown. While the film was at first received without much enthusiasm, it has since become a beloved holiday classic.
Stewart reprised his 1947 Broadway role in Harvey (1950), playing an alcoholic who forges a friendship with an invisible 6 foot rabbit. His performance in the film earned him yet another Best Actor Oscar nomination. For Otto Preminger’s Anatomy of a Murder (1959), costarring Lee Remick and Ben Gazzara, Stewart was again nominated for a Best Actor Oscar. He won the New York Film Critics award for his performance in the film.
As his own career manager, Stewart was known to have a good business sense. In the 1950s, after his status as one of Hollywood’s greatest leading men was fully established, Stewart began moving freely from one studio to another and negotiating deals that secured percentages of box office returns rather than a flat salary. Like many of his contemporaries, Stewart chose to work with certain actors and directors on projects. In addition to his three films with Capra, he starred in The Glenn Miller Story and The Far Country (1954), both directed by Anthony Mann. He appeared in director Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope (1948); Rear Window (1954), costarring Grace Kelly; The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956); and Vertigo (1958), costarring Kim Novak. Stewart played roles in an array of film genres, from romantic comedies and war dramas to murder mysteries and Westerns. Among his more successful Westerns were The Naked Spur (1953), The Man from Laramie (1955), and John Ford’s The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence (1962), costarring John Wayne. Other projects he worked on with Ford included How the West Was Won (1962) and Cheyenne Autumn (1964). In 1971, he ventured into television with his self-titled series, The Jimmy Stewart Show.
Stewart received numerous honorary awards, including the Cecil B. DeMille Award in 1965, the Life Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild in 1969, the Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute in 1980, and the Honorary Golden Berlin Bear Award in 1982. He was awarded the John F. Kennedy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1983, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award in 1985. Also that year he received an honorary Academy Award for his fifty years of memorable performances in over 80 films.
Stewart was the author of a slightly tongue-in-cheek book of poetry, Jimmy Stewart and His Poems, published in 1989.
He married Gloria Hatrick McLean in August 1949, and together they had twin daughters, July and Kelly. Stewart was stepfather to two sons, Ronald and Michael, from McLean’s previous marriage. Ronald died during combat in the Vietnam War. The Stewarts celebrated 45 years of marriage before Gloria’s death in 1994. Said to be heartbroken by the loss of his wife, Stewart died on July 2, 1997, in Los Angeles, California of a lung embolism. He continues to be remembered as one of the most admired and beloved actors in the history of American cinema.
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Jimmy Stewart's movies:
1934  Art Trouble  
1934  Hollywood Hobbies  
1935  The Murder Man  
1936  Wife vs. Secretary  
1936  Important News  
1936  Next Time We Love  
1936  Born to Dance  
1936  Small Town Girl  
1936  Speed  
1936  The Gorgeous Hussy  
1936  After the Thin Man  
1936  Rose-Marie  
1937  Seventh Heaven  
1937  Navy Blue and Gold  
1937  The Last Gangster  
1938  Of Human Hearts  
1938  You Can't Take It With You  
1938  Vivacious Lady  
1938  The Shopworn Angel  
1939  Ice Follies of 1939  
1939  Destry Rides Again  
1939  Mr. Smith Goes to Washington  
1939  It's a Wonderful World  
1939  Made for Each Other  
1940  The Philadelphia Story  
1940  No Time for Comedy  
1940  The Mortal Storm  
1940  The Shop Around the Corner  
1941  Pot o' Gold  
1941  Ziegfeld Girl  
1941  Come Live with Me  
1942  Winning Your Wings  
1945  Thunderbolt  
1946  It's A Wonderful Life  
1947  Magic Town  
1948  On Our Merry Way  
1948  You Gotta Stay Happy  
1948  Rope  
1948  Call Northside 777  
1949  Malaya  
1949  The Stratton Story  
1950  Winchester '73  
1950  The Jackpot  
1950  Broken Arrow  
1950  Harvey  
1951  No Highway in the Sky  
1952  Bend of the River  
1952  The Greatest Show on Earth  
1952  Carbine Williams  
1953  The Naked Spur  
1953  General Electric Theater: "The Windmill"  
1953  Thunder Bay  
1954  Rear Window  
1954  The Glenn Miller Story  
1954  The Far Country  
1955  The Man from Laramie  
1955  Strategic Air Command  
1956  The Man Who Knew Too Much  
1957  The Spirit of St. Louis  
1957  Night Passage  
1958  Vertigo  
1958  Bell, Book and Candle  
1959  Anatomy of a Murder  
1959  The FBI Story  
1959  Startime: "Cindy's Fella" (TV)  
1960  The Mountain Road  
1961  X-15 (voice)  
1961  Two Rode Together  
1962  The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence  
1962  How the West was Won  
1962  Flashing Spikes (TV)  
1962  Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation  
1963  Take Her, She's Mine  
1964  Cheyenne Autumn  
1965  The Flight of the Phoenix  
1965  Dear Brigitte  
1965  Shenandoah  
1966  The Rare Breed  
1968  Firecreek  
1968  Bandolero!  
1970  The Cheyenne Social Club  
1971  Directed by John Ford  
1971  The American West of John Ford (TV)  
1971  The Jimmy Stewart Show (TV)  
1971  Fools' Parade  
1972  Harvey (TV)  
1973  Hawkins (TV)  
1973  Hawkins on Murder (TV)  
1974  That's Entertainment!  
1976  The Shootist  
1977  Airport '77  
1978  The Magic of Lassie  
1978  The Big Sleep  
1980  Mr. Krueger's Christmas  
1981  Afurika monogatari (Green Horizon)  
1982  A Salute to Frank Capra  
1983  Right of Way  
1985  That's Dancing!  
1986  North and South II (TV)  
1987  James Stewart: A Wonderful Life (TV)  
1988  My Secret Identity: "The Invisible Dr. J" (TV)  
1991  An American Tail (voice)  
1994  A Century of Cinema  
1996  Marlene Dietrich: Shadow and Light (TV)

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