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A&E Listings

Here are listings for A&E Biography (and other prime-time evening programs), and here's a link for A&E Biography videos.
A&E provides listings on the 1st & 16th (times are EST/Pacific Time):

A&E Programming Schedule

Monday-Friday programs are each repeated once, 4 hours later

NOTE: We are listing both EST/Pacific Time and individual television ratings.
All are [TV G] or [PG]unless noted.
[NR] = Not Rated, news-related program.

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7:00 American Justice. Rape in Connecticut: The Alex Kelly Story. Story of the former high-school wrestling star who spent eight years as a fugitive in Europe before surrendering in Switzerland in 1995. A standout at Darien High School, 18-year-old Alex Kelly was charged with raping two teenaged girls, four days apart in 1986. Kelly is currently serving a 16-year sentence. CC [TV PG]
8:00 Biography. Larry King.
Profile of the talk-show host who revolutionized television, politics, and the viewing habits of millions. King talks frankly about the legal problems that kept him off the air for years and his many marriages. Also interviewed is H. Ross Perot, whose 1992 presidential campaign was launched on a now-famous King show. CC [TV G]
9:00 A Touch of Frost.
Appropriate Adults Frost's search for an 8-year-old girl is complicated when the lead suspect, a young man with Down's Syndrome, has a secret he won't reveal. David Jason stars as the sloppy, disorganized, and disrespectful Detective Inspector Jack Frost. Filmed on location in Yorkshire, England, Bruce Alexander also stars in this 2-hour mystery. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. The Unforgiven.
After two disturbing murder cases, a distraught Officer Sully (Skipp Sudduth) seeks the guidance of a priest (guest star Giancarlo Esposito) when he questions his faith in God. CC [TV 14]

7:00 City Confidential. Baton Rouge: Scand al on the Bayou.
In a state where sinning is an official pastime, Baton Rouge is the capital. When the owner of an escort service went on trial on prostitution charges, she hoped her well-connected clients would pull strings to keep her out of prison. But when she was convicted, there were fears that she would finally blow the whistle on the high and mighty and turn over her client list. Then, she was found dead in her jail cell. Though officially ruled a suicide, many thought it was murder. Paul Winfield narrates. CC [TV PG]
8:00 American Justice. The Central Park Jogger Case: What Went Wrong?
An examination of the case that has rocked the justice system in New York for over a decade. Five black teenagers were convicted of the 1989 rape of a white investment banker, then exonerated in 2002 when another man confessed to committing the crime alone. But some believe the teens were still involved. Includes interviews with three of the accused whose convictions were vacated after spending years in jail. CC [TV PG]
9:00 Cold Case Files. The Unluckiest Man/The Deadly Triangle.
Fire investigator Jack Malooly helps crack the case of an arsonist and killer who set a series of fires to collect insurance money; and a prison inmate tells a homicide detective that he can't help him with his current murder investigation, but knows plenty about another murder that took place in California 15 years earlier. CC [TV PG]
10:00 Crossing Jordan. As If by Fate.
Jordan's venture into romance ends abruptly when her date dies and Nigel has a near-death experience. Stars Jill Hennessy, Steve Valentine, and Miguel Ferrer. CC [TV 14]
11:00 MI-5. Looking after Our Own.
An exciting new series about a crack team of counterterrorism agents who work for MI5, England's security intelligence agency. In this episode, the agents go undercover to stop a man who's trying to start a race war by attacking immigrants. Starring Matthew Macfadyen, Lisa Faulkner, and Peter Firth, with guest stars Kevin McNally and Debra Steph enson. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Biography. Paul Newman.
A special 2-hour portrait of the legendary actor, racecar driver, political activist, and philanthropist. Newman's face, on everything from movie posters to bottles of salad dressing, has come to represent quality and integrity. Includes clips from his most memorable films--everything from "The Hustler" to "The Road to Perdition"--and interviews with Robert Redford and director Robert Wise. CC [TV G]
10:00 The True Story of Seabiscuit.
True story of the amazing racehorse that lost his first 16 races before galloping to glory and becoming so famous that he garnered more newspaper coverage in 1938 than any other individual--man or beast--including FDR and Hitler, and in 2003 had a feature film made about him. Seabiscuit and the jockey, trainer, and owner who guided him, all had to overcome hardship as we see in this documentary special. CC [TV G]
11:00 Crossing Jordan. Digger, Pt. 1
The discovery of a floating corpse sparks a nationwide hunt for a serial killer. Jill Hennessy reunites with fellow "Law & Order" alum Chris Noth in the first of a 2-part episode. With Miguel Ferrer, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Ravi Kappor, and Ken Howard. CC [TV 14]

7:00 American Justice. The Trial of Louise Woodward.
A look back at the sensational "nanny" trial, which created a storm of controversy on both sides of the Atlantic. We follow the tense case of 19-year-old British au pair Louise Woodward, who was convicted of second-degree murder in Boston for the death of 8-month-old Matthew Eappen, only to have the jury's verdict set aside by the judge. CC [TV PG]
8:00 Biography. Lana Turner.
Portrait of the movie sex goddess of the 1940s and '50s whose real life read like a film script--she was discovered sitting at a drug store soda fountain. Lana's troubled personal life included seven marriages and the murder of her mob lover by her daughter. Co-stars Cliff Robertson and Sandra Dee are interviewed. CC [TV G]
9:00 Cold Case File s. Murder on the Menu.
A boy's toy Batmobile car provides an important clue for detectives struggling to make a case against a serial killer who stalks and kills waitresses. CC [TV PG]
10:00 City Confidential. Elkhart: Crimes of Passion.
Life in the peaceful, all-American city of Elkhart, Indiana, gets turned upside down when a messy love triangle leads to the murder of a young wife. Paul Winfield narrates. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. The Greater Good.
A loving family wants to adopt Carlos's (Anthony Ruivivar) AIDS-infected baby girl, but he resists because he wants to raise her himself--and because the family is white. CC [TV 14]

7:00 American Justice. Conspiracy to Kill: The Rae Carruth Story.
A look at the trial of the star football player who was implicated in the killing of Cherica Adams. In 1999, Adams, more than six months pregnant with Carruth's baby, was gunned down in her car. Before slipping into a coma, Cherica implicated Carruth in the shooting. Doctors managed to save her baby, but within weeks, Cherica died. Was she killed as a result of a botched drug deal, as the defense maintained, or did a greedy Carruth coldly mastermind the shooting to avoid paying child support? CC [TV PG]
8:00 Biography. Richard Speck.
Profile of the serial killer who massacred eight nurses in Chicago in 1966. We'll explore his life of crime and examine his manhunt and trial, which became the "O.J." of its time. We'll also show portions of the infamous video discovered by Bill Kurtis that shows Speck having a good time in prison as a drugged-up half-woman. CC [TV 14-LS]
9:00 Cold Case Files. The Zodiac Killer.
With access to the San Francisco Police Department's work, including saliva samples taken from letters the infamous Zodiac Killer sent 30 year ago, we reevaluate the case of the serial killer who began terrorizing California in the late 1960s--one of the first to taunt police by sending clues to the media. CC [TV PG]
10:00 MI-5. One Last Dance.
An exciting new series about a crack team of counterterrorism agents who work for MI-5, England's security intelligence agency. In this episode, terrorists demanding that the Turkish government release four Kurds seize the Turkish embassy in London and take Zoe (Keeley Hawes) hostage. Starring Matthew Macfadyen, Lisa Faulkner, and Peter Firth. CC [TV 14]
11:00 Third Watch. Unleashed.
Sherry Stringfield of "ER" guest stars as Dr. Susan Lewis. Searching for her missing 6-year-old niece, Dr. Lewis discovers that the girl may have been taken by her stepfather, a New Jersey cop. CC [TV 14]

7:00 American Justice. Vigilante Dad.
Shocking story of former sheriff Ken Arrasmith's murder of Ron and Luella Bingham. Because he believed they had abused and raped his teenaged daughter, the media depicted Arrasmith as a man driven to take the law into his own hands. But the court case proved to be far more complex, and the jury verdict surprised many. CC [TV PG]
8:00 Biography. Jonathan Winters.
The first documentary of the great comic who delighted TV audiences with his off-the-wall humor. With remarkable candor, Winters talks about his career and bouts with mental illness. CC [TV G]
9:00 American Justice. The San Francisco Dog Mauling.
A look at the sensational case of Diane Whipple, who was mauled to death by her neighbors' dog. When the judge threw out the 2nd-degree murder conviction of one of the dogs' owners, questions were raised about how fair American justice can be when a case receives intense media coverage. CC [TV PG]
10:00 Take This Job... . Catch 'em If You Can.
A series that takes an intimate look at the compelling and often outrageous ways Ame ricans choose to make a living. Both fun and moving, and shot in "fly on the wall" style, it follows the people who do the jobs we love to hate, hate to do, and jobs that are stereotyped or simply different! In this episode, a bounty hunter hustles to catch fugitives and save their souls in Hawaii, while "stalkerazzi" photographers risk life, limb, and speeding tickets to get shots of Hollywood stars. CC [TV PG-L]
11:00 Third Watch. 233 Days.
Taylor (Amy Carlson) has an emotional reunion with her family after the body of her father--a fellow firefighter--is recovered at the scene of the World Trade Center attacks. Guest stars include Veronica Hamel, Bruce Weitz, Ed Marinaro, and Roy Scheider. CC [TV 14]

7:00 American Justice. Body of Evidence: The Tom Capano Trial.
Story of Thomas Capano, the powerful former Delaware prosecutor who was sentenced to death for the murder of his ex-lover. Though Capano claimed another one of his mistresses killed the woman in a jealous rage, the case cracked open when Capano's brother admitted helping Thomas dump her body into the sea. CC [TV PG]
8:00 Biography. Carolyn Jones.
Profile of the late actress immortalized by her portrayal of ghoulish Morticia Addams on TV's The Addams Family. Jones suffered near-fatal asthma attacks as a child, married Aaron Spelling in 1953, received an Oscar nomination, and co-starred with Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra before Morticia made her a pop culture icon. Includes an interview with "Addams" co-star John Astin. CC [TV G]
9:00 Columbo. Agenda for Murder.
Columbo (Peter Falk) matches wits with a brilliant attorney (Patrick McGoohan) responsible for the murder of the one man who could stifle his meteoric political career. Guest star McGoohan also direct ed the episode. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. Blackout.
Sully's (Skipp Sudduth) words of warning to Davis (Coby Bell) prove prophetic during a power blackout, and Bosco (Jason Wiles) must rely on a drug-bust suspect to help an injured man. CC [TV 14]

7:00 American Justice. The Killer Within.
Bill Kurtis probes the bizarre murder case of Tom Bonney, who shot his 19-year-old daughter 27 times in 1987. Claiming that he suffers from multiple personalities disorder, Bonney says that one of his "other" personalities committed the killing. CC [TV PG]
8:00 Biography. Glen Campbell.
A boy-next-door image and a golden voice made him one of the most successful singers ever, but alcohol and cocaine nearly destroyed him. This portrait of Glen Campbell showcases the Rhinestone Cowboy's greatest hits and recalls the hosting stint on the Smothers Brothers' show that made him a star. Rob Reiner, Tommy Smothers, Vince Gill, and Jimmy Webb offer their takes on Campbell's life. CC [TV G]
9:00 A Touch of Frost. Quarry.
Detective Inspector "Jack" Frost discovers a cache of stolen paintings and antiques while investigating the murders of animal rights activists. David Jason and Colin Buchanan star in a 2-hour mystery shot on location in Yorkshire, England. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. The Lost.
While searching for a kidnapping victim buried alive, Sully (Skipp Sudduth) feels overwhelmed. Paramedic Bobby (Bobby Cannavale) finds a tattered and lost 4-year-old boy who brings out his fatherly instincts. Faith Yokas (Molly Price) keeps her pregnancy secret from her husband (guest star Chris Bauer). Bobby, attracted to fellow paramedic Kim (Kim Raver), chides her for visiting her injured ex-husband, fireman Jimmy Doherty (Eddie Cibrian), who remains hospitalized from his shooting. CC [TV 14]

7:00 City Confidential. Nashville: Murder in Music City.
Nashville performer and "Hee Haw" star David "Stringbean" Akeman had a strange habit. The banjo picker and joke teller kept $3,000 in cash in his overall's bib pocket, and ten times that hidden at home--cash for a rainy day. For Akeman and his wife, that rainy day never came. Murdered in 1973, their killers never found either stash. Narrated by Paul Winfield. CC [TV PG]
8:00 American Justice. Murder Online.
The mysterious killing of a businessman leads to a precedent-setting case that reveals just how easy it is for two people to arrange a murder while chatting on the Internet. CC [TV PG]
9:00 Cold Case Files. "Soft" Kill/Unsolved.
Police run down more than 11,000 leads before coming up with a suspect in the murders of three Virginia girls; and the abduction and strangulation of a California woman continues to baffle investigators more than 11 years after the crime. CC [TV PG]
10:00 Crossing Jordan. Upon the Wasted Building.
Jordan and the rest of the morgue staff lead the recovery effort when a devastating explosion leaves a high-rise building in ruins. With Jill Hennessy, Steve Valentine, Miguel Ferrer, Ravi Kapoor, and guest stars Fredric Lane and Jerry O'Connell. CC [TV 14]
11:00 MI-5. One Last Dance.
An exciting new series about a crack team of counterterrorism agents who work for MI-5, England's security intelligence agency. In this episode, terrorists demanding that the Turkish government release four Kurds seize the Turkish embassy in London and take Zoe (Keeley Hawes) hostage. Starring Matthew Macfadyen, Lisa Faulkner, and Peter Firth. CC [TV 14]

8:00 Heartbreak Ridge (movie)
Clint Eastwood stars as a tough Marine leading raw recruits into battle in the invasion of Grenada. With Marsha Mason. (1986) CC Repeated 12am [TV PG]
10:30 Crossing Jordan. Digger, Pt. 2
Jordan develops a personal connection with FBI criminal profiler Drew Haley as she tries to track down the serial killer known as Digger. Stars Jill Hennessy and guest star Chris Noth, her former "Law & Order" co-star. CC [TV 14]
11:30 American Justice. John Wayne Gacy: Mass Murderer.
The bizarre case of the successful businessman and volunteer parade clown who murdered 33 young men after luring them to his home in suburban Chicago. Tried in March 1980, he was executed by lethal injection in 1994. CC [TV PG]

7:00 American Justice. Dealing with the Devil.
The incredible story of Marion Pruett, a "mad-dog killer" who went on a murder spree while he was in the government's witness protection program. This documentary features footage of Pruett two weeks before he was executed and interviews with his victims' relatives and the government official who put him in the witness protection program. CC [TV PG]
8:00 Biography. Carroll O'Connor.
After 26 movies and 100 TV appearances, the role of Archie Bunker looked just like another part. But within the first broadcast year, Carroll O'Connor's portrayal skyrocketed him to fame. Our profile spans his life from Merchant Marine to school teacher to stage, film, and TV career, and includes the tragedy of son Hugh's suicide. CC [TV G]
9:00 Cold Case Files. Bodies in the Bay/Till Death Do Us Part.
A sunset boat ride in Florida leads to death for a vacationing woman and her two daughters, and police investigate a Texas man whose three wives all died in mysterious fashions. CC [TV PG]
10:00 City Confidential. Wellesley.
Dirk Greineder was a renowned physician and devoted family man--or so it seemed. Then one Halloween morning, h is wife May was found dead, and the doctor found himself in a world of trouble. Investigators uncovered a secret life that this father of three kept hidden--and intended to keep secret, no matter the cost. Residents of the affluent Massachusetts suburb Wellesley were shocked when the well-respected allergist was accused of the brutal murder of his wife. Narrated by Paul Winfield. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. Faith.
Fed-up with her reckless husband (guest star Chris Bauer) and pregnant, Officer Yokas (Molly Price) must make her own life-and-death decision as she helps track a rapacious rapist who's terrorizing the neighborhood. Her partner, a jealous Officer Bosco (Jason Wiles), makes a tactical blunder when he confronts his girlfriend Nicole (guest star Nahanni Johnstone) about salacious rumors of her sexual past. CC [TV 14]

7:00 American Justice. Getting Away with Murder.
A case study in how the double jeopardy law sometimes helps criminals escape punishment. Melvin Ignatow was acquitted of the brutal murder of his girlfriend when key photographic evidence could not be found. Later, the photos were discovered, but Ignatow couldn't be retried for murder, though he was sentenced to 5 years for perjury. CC [TV PG]
8:00 Biography. Kevin Costner.
The "guy next door" actor opens the door to his successful career as the modern soft-spoken leading man. Costner's close friends speak candidly about the actor/director, businessman, and perfectionist, whose movies have broken barriers and box office records. "Waterworld" CC [TV G]
9:00 Cold Case Files. A Map to Murder/Life on the Run.
After a long manhunt, cops finally cl ose in on a serial killer with the help of the Internet and information supplied by a subsidiary of Microsoft. And a drug trafficker jumps bail, goes into the bike shop business, and helps pioneer the sport of mountain biking while he's on the lam. CC [TV PG]
10:00 MI-5. Traitor's Gate.
To disrupt a visit by President Bush, anarchists stage an anti-globalization demonstration that causes a split between MI-5 and MI-6, the international undercover operation. Peter Firth, Matthew Macfadyen, Esther Hall star in this exciting new series about a crack team of counterterrorism agents who work for MI-5, England's security intelligence agency. Guest stars include Anthony Head and Bronwen Davies. CC [TV 14]
11:00 Third Watch. 4 Days.
Doc (Michael Beach) gets involved in a tense racial situation after the media focuses on the lone white victim in a bloody restaurant shooting. Nancy O'Dell guest stars. CC [TV 14]

7:00 American Justice. The Green Beret Murder Mystery.
A probe into the highly charged case of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald, a physician and former member of the Green Berets, who was convicted of murdering his wife and children in 1970. MacDonald maintains his innocence and continues to battle for exoneration. CC [TV PG]
8:00 Biography. Liberace.
The life of the brilliant pianist whose extravagant outfits, trademark candelabra, and winning personality made him a show business legend. This profile goes behind the scenes to reveal how Liberace's battle to hide his homosexuality came to dominate his life, and charts the private spiral into decadence that ended with a teenage boyfriend getting reconstructive surgery to look more like Liberace. Includes an interview with Scott Thorson, who sued Liberace for palimony. CC [TV G]
9:00 American Justice. Mystery at Sea.
A Louisiana town is left bewildered when a boat captain dies mysteriously at sea and the only man who knows what happened is Alvin Latham, a slow-witted bagger at the grocery store. The search for truth shows how a man's life can be swept away by forces beyond his control. CC [TV PG-L]
10:00 Take This Job... . Love Connection.
Matchmakers help their wealthy clients find love for fees as high as $100,000, while a sex therapist helps couples keep their love alive through sexual empowerment. Shot in "fly on the wall" style, this series takes an intimate look at the compelling and often outrageous ways Americans choose to make a living. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. Jimmy's Mountain.
After being severely shot, firefighter Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) fights pain and fear when he returns to the station a bit prematurely for a full day of emergencies, but he can't accept that his physical weakness prevents him from peak performance--and his stubborn pride just might get him and other fire personnel killed. Meanwhile, a reserved female firefighter (guest star Amy Carlson) transfers in under a cloud of suspicion after previously charging a popular fireman with sexual harassment. CC [TV 14]

7:00 American Justice. When a Child Kills.
Story of the sixth-grader who became the youngest American tried as an adult for murder. Nathaniel Abraham, who shot a teenager and claimed the killing was accidental, l aunched a debate between those who saw his treatment as inhumane and those who said killers of any age must pay for their actions. Includes an interview with Abraham's mother. CC [TV PG]
8:00 Biography. Tom Clancy.
Profile of the insurance salesman-turned-author who's churned out a string of blockbuster bestsellers including The Hunt for the Red October, "Patriot Games", and "Red Rabbit". Features interviews with Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck, who have played Clancy's hero Jack Ryan, on the screen. Harrison Ford couldn't be bothered. CC [TV G]
9:00 Columbo. Columbo Goes to the Guillotine.
Lt. Columbo (Peter Falk) delves into the world of magic, ESP, and sleight of hand as he investigates the death of a magician who was beheaded by his own invention--a trick guillotine. Is there a tie to a prodigal psychic supported by a government-founded institute on parapsychology? Guest stars include Anthony Andrews, Karen Austin, and Anthony Zerbe. Directed by Leo Penn. CC [TV PG]
11:00 Third Watch. Kim's Hope Chest.
Kim (Kim Raver) makes a desperate play for Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) in the faint hope of rekindling their romance and uniting their fractured family. Kim's sudden quest for a "normal" family is spurred by concern for her young son (guest star Kristopher Scott Fiedel) after he plays with matches and starts a fire at school. And Kim eventually must be brutally honest to deal with the real and imagined wounds inflicted by her mother (guest star Anne Twomey) and sister (guest star Marisa Ryan). CC [TV 14]

7:00 American Justice. The Boy Who Saw Too Much.
An 8-year-old boy who witnessed a murder is killed to prevent his testimony, sparking charges that authorities should have provided hi m with witness protection. Includes an interview with famed attorney Johnnie Cochran, who is representing the boy's family in a civil suit against Bridgeport, Connecticut, where the boy lived. CC [TV PG]
8:00 Pride and Prejudice, Pt. 1 (boring movie)
Elizabeth Bennet's mother worries about her five unmarried daughters and is determined to marry off one of her girls to a rich new neighbor, Charles Bingley. Everything goes according to plan, until Bingley's snobbish friend, Fitzwilliam Darcy, interferes. Jennifer Ehle, Colin Firth, Alison Steadman, Julia Sawalha, Susannah Harker, and Crispin Bonham-Carter star in this adaptation of Jane Austen's novel, which won an Emmy for Best Costume Design, Miniseries or Special. (1995) CC [TV G] Part 2 airs tomorrow at this time
11:00 Third Watch. The Tys That Bind.
After Davis (Coby Bell) rescues a traffic reporter from a helicopter that crashed in the East River, a pretty woman (Sara Ramirez) who saw the news report introduces herself to him. But she doesn't want to date Davis--she's his half-sister. Davis is devastated to learn that his father, who was Sully's (Skipp Sudduth) partner and was killed on duty, loved another woman and reared Gwen while married to Davis's mother. CC [TV 14]

August 16 - no primetime listings available rest of month. 8pm today was a movie, I think
The Mayor of Casterbridge (another boring movie)
No prime-time listings received from A&E for rest of month, so here are 8pm Biography subjects:
Jane Pauley
was one of the pioneering young women who would change the face of broadcast news--and 30 years after she started, she's still going strong. We trace the life of this broadcasting icon and one of the most familiar faces on TV from her Indiana roots, marriage to Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau, and meteoric rise to stardom. Interviewees include Barbara Walters, Bill Cosby, Bryant Gumbel, Candice Bergen, Cher, Gene Shalit, Tom Brokaw, Stone Phillips, and Willard Scott.
Patrick Swayze (of the Monstervision movie Red Dawn)
Patrick was born in Houston in 1952, his mother a dance teacher and his father an oil-company draftsman. Patrick grew up taking dance lessons, but, as he entered his teens, chose to concentrate on athletics. When he graduated from high school, he was offered both athletic and dance scholarships. He chose San Jacinto College in Pasadena, Texas, on a gymnastics scholarship. In 1972, he met his future wife, Lisa Niemi, at a roller rink. She was 15 and he 20. They fell madly in love. In 1976, the couple married and moved to New York.
Having renewed his dedication to dancing, Swayze was hired as a principal dancer with the Eliot Feld Ballet company. Then disaster struck. He seriously injured his knee and the infection that followed surgery almost forced the amputation of his leg. The narrow escape led him to acting class, and then he won the lead role in Grease on Broadway. He was later cast in The Outsiders by Francis Ford Coppola, followed by roles in a series of "macho" movies. He then landed a major role in the civil war miniseries North and South. It was Dirty Dancing in 1987 that made him an international star: The film broke all records for a small independent release. Several years later he scored another blockbuster hit: Ghost. The movie grossed over $200 million and Swayze was nominated for a Golden Globe for the second time.
BIOGRAPHY: Patrick Swayze recounts how Swayze was off-kilter during the next several years, having been gripped with a serious drinking problem. He checked himself into a rehab clinic. After he and his wife Lisa weathered the bad times, they bought a ranch in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Whether or not Patrick Swayze will ever again achieve the gigantic success of Dirty Dancing or Ghost remains to be seen. However, even through the dry spells of his career, his appeal remains.
Roseanne (of "She-Devil")
Roseanne was called a pioneer, a radical feminist, and many, many names that are unprintable. As we follow her stormy life from Salt Lake City to the stand-up circuit to Hollywood, we find out how TV's funniest homemaker came to rule the air waves, challenged the norm, and proved that one determined housewife could change the world. Highlights include interviews with Laurie Metcalf, Louie Anderson, and Marcy Carsey.
Tom Hanks (Apollo 13)
There isn't an award in Hollywood that he hasn't won for best actor in a leading role: Golden Globes, the People's Choice, back-to-back Oscars and the American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement Award. BIOGRAPHY: Tom Hanks chronicles the life of one of America's most honored and recognized actors. But, as Tom Hanks' story reveals, no award means as much to him as his wife and children do. Despite the constant glare of Hollywood's spotlight, Tom has managed to keep his private life out of the news.
BIOGRAPHY: Tom Hanks traces the actor's amazing career from a dysfunctional childhood, through his early career as a Shakespearean actor, and finally down the sometimes bumpy road to stardom. New interviews, anecdotes from behind the scenes, and little known facts about Hanks' life off-screen round out the picture of the man who's been called, "one of the nicest guys in Hollywood." Interviews include Steven Spielberg, Penny Marshall, Garry Marshall, Peter Scolari, Gary Sinise, Roger Ebert, Richard Roeper, Tom's former drama directors, and childhood friends.
Ted Danson (Creepshow, a good copy of Tales From The Crypt)
He was born in 1947. His father had a doctorate from Harvard and was the director at the Museum of Northern Arizona. BIOGRAPHY: Ted Danson recounts how Ted spent nearly a year of his childhood in bed with rheumatic fever while his mother read Greek myths to him. His father chimed in with Dr. Seuss. At age 13, Ted departed Arizona to attend a private boarding school in Connecticut. A part in the school play sparked his interest in acting. He graduated from Carnegie-Mellon in 1972 with a major in drama. He soon found work off-Broadway and on the soap Doctors.
BIOGRAPHY: Ted Danson relates that Danson's road to stardom began with his screen debut in The Onion Field. That led to a supporting role in Body Heat. During filming, he was offered the role that made him: Sam Malone in Cheers. Sam Malone became one of TV's most lovable characters, earning Danson $450,000 per episode during the show's final season. In 1992, after 15 years of marriage, Ted and his second wife Casey Coates discussed separating. Before they made their final decision, Ted started dating Whoopi Goldberg, much to the delight of the tabloids. But the relationship ended after Ted appeared in black face munching watermelon at a Friar Club Roast for Whoopi. It was during this time that Ted was in a very serious car accident. In the ambulance he kept thinking "move on, let go". He quit it all, including his toupee and four cigars a day, reinventing his life and career. Interviews include Ted, his father, his stepson and daughters, his new wife Mary Steenburgen, actress JoBeth Williams, director Leonard Nimoy and Tom Selleck and Woody Harrelson.
In the late 1990s, he landed the title role in the CBS sitcom Becker, and also starred in the feature film Mumford (1999).
American Justice (no Biography ep today) "Who Killed Hannah Hill?"
Hosted/produced by Bill Kurtis Official bio of Bill Kurtis @ A& - though it doesn't mention that he produced both Kolchak the Night Stalker tv-movies
Steven Spielberg
For over a quarter of a century, the films of Academy Award-winning director Steven Spielberg have exhilarated, terrified, and touched moviegoers around the world. But as a boy, Spielberg struggled with insecurity. Devastated by his parents' divorce and ashamed of his Jewish heritage, he channeled his self-doubts, dreams and nightmares into stories that would captivate the world. In the process, he rediscovered his Judaism and found personal fulfillment through family.
Using exclusive footage, stills and home movies, plus interviews with family members and friends, including Richard Dreyfuss, Harrison Ford, Robin Williams (Popeye) and Tom Hanks, BIOGRAPHY: Steven Spielberg explores the life of a filmmaker who continues to challenge himself commercially and artistically.
Charlie Sheen
The troubled life of the Hollywood bad boy who has starred in a string of acclaimed films while struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Includes scenes from Platoon, Hot Shots!, and TV's Spin City, and the full story of the scandals that have made Sheen a tabloid cover boy. In 1996, Sheen assaulted his girlfriend, and in 1998, he overdosed on drugs, forcing his father, actor Martin Sheen, to sign an arrest warrant for Charlie in a desperate attempt to save his life.
26 The Dixie Chicks
The story of the three women from Texas--sisters Martie and Emily Erwin and Natalie Maines--who shook up the country music scene with the release of their first CD in 1998--and caused a storm of controversy when Natalie made a critical remark about President Bush before a sold-out crowd in London in March 2003 while America was at war.
Drew Barrymore
Metamorphosis. That one word sums up the life of Drew Barrymore. She left the cocoon of being America's favorite little girl behind and developed into a teenager who abused drugs and alcohol.
By the age of 14, she had lived enough to write a bestselling autobiography. At the same time, she successfully and legally declared independence from her parents. But that rebellious skin would also soon shed; and the Drew we have before us today is an energetic, talented actress that holds Hollywood (the town that almost swallowed her whole) in the palm of her hand.
BIOGRAPHY will explore 24 tumultuous years in the life of Drew Barrymore. In 1975, she was born into an acting lineage that was all but forgotten. It was up to her to restore the luster to her family name, and she didn't waste any time. From commercial stardom at age one to big screen superstardom in her 20s, hers has been a life literally lived on camera. It was 1982's E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial that brought the Barrymore name back into households everywhere. From that point on, she was a famous little girl in great demand. She grew up on the set, adopting each new crew and cast as the extended family she never had. However, the pressures and temptations she was exposed to under those Hollywood lights were too much for her to handle: night clubbing at age 10; cocaine at age 12; rehab at fourteen.
Ultimately though, Drew's story is one of success. Biography will detail the shift in her professional image over the years that followed. She reemerged in her teens as a notorious bad girl, taking steamy roles in B-movies like Poison Ivy (1992), Doppelganger and Amy Fisher - Beyond Control (1993). She even posed for Playboy and flashed David Letterman. Today though, she is again a known commodity at the box office. Some of her most recent roles have seen her as a Cinderella in "Ever After" (1998) and as a virgin sent back to high school in Never Been Kissed (1999).
Nick Nolte
Nominated twice for an Academy Award as Best Actor (Prince of Tides in 1992 and Affliction in 1999), Nick Nolte has come to be considered one of the greatest actors of his generation. His breakthrough performance in the 1975 television miniseries, Rich Man, Poor Man, was actually the culmination of 14 years of stage training in regional theaters.
Once dubbed "The Sexiest Man Alive" by People Magazine, Nolte has spent most of his career trying to avoid capitalizing on his good looks. He seems to delight in making himself as unattractive as possible onscreen...often disappearing completely behind the bad hair color, bad haircut, and the extra poundage he has gained for a role. Thus, he is known for versatility and lack of vanity, a combination rarely seen in other film performers.
Over the years, Nolte has earned a well-deserved reputation for hard living and hard drinking. His constitution has always been such that his heavy drinking habits never interfered with his work onscreen. But coinciding with his son's birth, Nolte quit drinking and joined Alcoholics Anonymous. In recent years, he has become self-taught in alternative medicine and nutrition.
Humphrey Bogart
A&E presents BIOGRAPHY: Humphrey Bogart, the story of one of Hollywood's greatest enigmas. Physically, Humphrey Bogart wasn't a typical movie star, but he became one of the screen's biggest. He was a father of two children, and the father of the notorious Rat Pack. He was a consummate professional, while his private life was often laced with alcohol and troubled marriages. He loved to battle authority, yet was a dedicated patriot. He went to Washington to denounce the infamous blacklist, yet later recanted. The one thing that can't be questioned is his stardom, and that only seems to increase as time goes by.
BIOGRAPHY: Humphrey Bogart reveals how Bogart became "Bogart", the enduring movie icon. The program features Lauren Bacall's rare home movies of Bogart on location, at home, and on vacation, plus scenes from some of his most famous films and behind-the-scenes photos. Interviews include Stephen Bogart (son of Bacall and Bogart), film critic Roger Ebert, former neighbor Art Linkletter, studio executive A.C. Lyles, Bogart impersonator Robert Sacchi, actress (and wife of director John Huston) Evelyn Keyes, and authors Foster Hirsch (The Dark Side of The Screen) and Ernest Cunningham (The Ultimate Bogart).

Bob Newhart @ 9pm
This two-hour BIOGRAPHY Special chronicles the life of one of the most beloved comedians in America. At age 30, Bob Newhart was floundering as a Chicago accountant and salesman, but his luck soon changed. His first attempt at stand-up comedy resulted in the album The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart. The album became one of the greatest selling comedy records of all time. Newhart's edgy, anti-establishment humor was a strong contrast to his straight, Midwestern, everyman appearance. He quickly became a favorite on Ed Sullivan and Jack Paar. In 1961, the half-hour Bob Newhart Show premiered on NBC. At the end of the season, Bob's show won an Emmy, a Peabody and - a pink slip from the network.
In the late-sixties, Bob Newhart was a Las Vegas headliner and acted in films such as On a Clear Day You Can See Forever and Catch-22. In 1971, Bob was persuaded to star in a sitcom also called The Bob Newhart Show. It was a different and innovative part of CBS's powerhouse Saturday night lineup that also included the Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Burnett shows. In 1982, sitcom gold struck again for Bob with the success of the show Newhart. He became the only person ever to star in two successful long running situation comedies. Today, Bob Newhart continues to sell out concert halls across the U.S, Canada and England, where he performs his famous forty-year-old monologues.
Bob's fascinating story is told in this two-hour BIOGRAPHY Special through never-before-seen childhood photos; wonderful home movies; footage of Newhart's stand-up performances; clips from his variety show appearances; hilarious scenes and outtakes from both The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart. Interviews include: Bob Newhart; his four children; his three sisters; fellow comedians and friends Tim Conway, Dick Martin and Don Rickles; co-stars Suzanne Pleshette, Peter Bonerz, Marcia Wallace, Bill Daily, Jack Riley, Julia Duffy, Peter Scolari and Tom Poston; and many more..
American Justice "Mystery at Sea"
Jackie Gleason
BIOGRAPHY: Jackie Gleason recounts that in 1959, Gleason appeared on Broadway in David Merrick's Take Me Along, winning a Tony Award. Then Jackie gave Hollywood another chance, playing Minnesota Fats in The Hustler. He won an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. In 1962, Gleason created a new TV show-Jackie Gleason and His American Scene Magazine-but, without The Honeymooners, the ratings were disappointing. Jackie then insisted that CBS move the entire production to Miami. In 1966, Gleason reunited with Art Carney and Audrey Meadows in a hour-long special of The Honeymooners. It was such a hit that Gleason reverted to his old format to include The Honeymooners. However, in 1970, CBS cancelled the show and Gleason was off the air. Jackie accepted a role in the movie Smokey and the Bandit, and it became a huge box office success. In the late 1970s, Gleason kept The Honeymooners alive with a series of TV specials from Miami. Gleason had had two marriages before he finally settled down with an old flame, Marilyn Taylor, in 1975. In the '80s, Jackie appeared in numerous films, but in 1987, at 71, he succumbed to colon cancer. On the marble steps of his lavish mausoleum, he had inscribed, "And away we go."
BIOGRAPHY: Jackie Gleason includes spectacular TV and film clips, as well as footage of Gleason performing on Broadway in 1944. Interviews include Steve Allen, Anthony Quinn, Burt Reynolds, Edie Adams, Jayne Meadows, Joyce Randolph, Kevin James, Sally Field, June Taylor, Larry King, Milton Berle, Neil Simon, Jackie's wife Marilyn Gleason, and others.

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