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A&E Listings

Here are listings for A&E Biography (and other prime-time evening programs), and here's a link for A&E Biography videos.
A&E provides listings on the 1st (times are EST/Pacific Time):

A&E Primetime Programming Schedule

Monday-Friday programs are each repeated once, 4 hours later

NOTE: We are listing both EST/Pacific Time and individual television ratings. All are [TV G] or [PG]unless noted. [NR] = Not Rated, news-related program.

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8:00 Biography.  Andre the Giant: Larger Than Life. Tale of the poor 
French farm boy who became the most famous professional wrestler in 
the world. Due to a disorder that produces continual growth, Andre was 
7'5" tall and weighed 450 pounds. CC  [TV G] 
9:00 An Officer and a Gentleman.   Movie. A three-hanky romance 
with one of the great feel-good endings of all time. Richard Gere 
struggles to make it as a Navy pilot while girlfriend Debra Winger 
dreams about leaving her dreary small-town life. Great cast includes 
Lou Gosset Jr. as the tough-as-nails sergeant who makes Gere's life 
miserable, and David Keith. (1982) CC  [TV PG] 
11:30 NewsRadio.  The Crisis. Only two weeks into his new job, Dave 
(Dave Foley) faces his first news crisis when a fire strands a subway 
train between stations. Then, another problem throws a wrench into 
the works--the delivery of Matthew's (Andy Dick) new desk, a purchase 
that Dave approved. With Stephen Root, Phil Hartman, Maura Tierney, 
Khandi Alexander, Vicki Lewis, and Joe Rogan. CC  [TV PG] 

8:00 Behind Closed Doors with Joan Lunden.  Marine Corps 
Mountain Warfare Training Center. Joan goes into a remote stretch of 
the Sierra Nevadas in California where U.S. Marines prepare for the 
rigors of mountain warfare. She goes on mountain patrol, joins a 
helicopter airlift, and watches as Marines endure a grueling snowshoe 
biathlon. CC  [TV G] 
9:00 Columbo.  Murder, Smoke and Shadows. An egocentric film 
director resorts to his mastery of special effects to murder a vengeful 
friend who discovered the director's role in the movie-stunt death of the 
friend's sister years before. Peter Falk stars with Fisher Stevens, Molly 
Hagan, and Steven Hill. CC  [TV PG] 
11:00 Nero Wolfe.  Champagne for One, Pt. 2. Police Commissioner 
Skinner asks Archie to withdraw his sta
tement that he believes Faith 
was murdered. Archie, disgusted, refuses. And the next morning, with 
everyone assembled, Wolfe demonstrates how the murderer poisoned 
Faith's champagne. Timothy Hutton and Maury Chaykin star. CC  [TV 
8:00 Nero Wolfe.  Before I Die. A notorious gangster who wants to 
keep his daughter's identity a secret hires a "fake" daughter to
for her. But when the "fake" turns around and tries to blackmail
gangster, Wolfe and Archie get tangled up in a plot that threatens their 
lives. Timothy Hutton and Maury Chaykin star. CC  [TV PG] 
9:00 City Confidential.  Virginia City: Showdown at the Mustang 
Ranch. In the heart of Nevada's silver country lies America's most 
infamous ranch--a ranch without cows or cowboys that was closed by 
Uncle Sam in 1999. Before it was over, a brothel baron and three city 
officials were placed in compromising positions, and Virginia City lost 
its biggest industry. Join us for a showdown at Mustang Ranch. CC  
[TV PG] 
10:00 Third Watch.  Sunny, Like Sunshine. Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) 
enters a fast-burning building, refusing to leave when a rookie (guest 
star Sharrieff Puch) is lost inside. Bobby Caffey (Bobby Cannavale) 
visits his older brother (guest star Jon Seda) in prison, and tries to 
express his feelings to Kim (Kim Raver). Davis (Coby Bell) and Sully's 
(Skipp Sudduth) working relationship improves, but Doc (Michael 
Beach) and Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) get into a fistfight. Yokas (Molly 
Price) tells Bosco (Jason Wiles) not to lie for her. CC  [TV 14] 
11:00 Murder, She Wrote.  Hooray for Homicide. Jessica Fletcher 
arrives in Hollywood to protest the filming of her novel and prevent it 
from becoming a trashy movie, only to find herself heading a list of 
murder suspects. Angela Lansbury stars with John Saxon and 
Samantha Eggar. CC  [TV G] 

8:00 TVography.  Home Improvement. The behind-the-scenes story 
of the creation and evolution of the hilarious sitcom that took a fresh 
look at fam
ily relationships. Features clips from the series and 
exclusive interviews with stars Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Richard 
Karn, Zachery Ty Bryan, and Taran Noah Smith. CC  [TV G] 
9:00 Biography.  David Bowie. A 2-hour profile of the free-spirited, 
gender-bending rock'n'roll revolutionary. Traces Bowie's long career, 
which includes his controversial androgynous image, his Ziggy 
Stardust character, and his bouts with cocaine addiction and 
bankruptcy. Interviews with wife Iman and friends, plus footage of 
Bowie's many exhilarating live performances, provide an intimate 
portrait of the pop legend. CC  [TV G] 
11:00 Third Watch.  History. A disturbing visit from his former high 
school girlfriend (guest star Khandi Alexander) forces Doc (Michael 
Beach) to confront a horrible deed that he has hidden for years. Carlos 
(Anthony Ruivivar) struggles to pass a crucial genetics exam that could 
cost him his shot at becoming a doctor. CC  [TV 14] 

8:00 Biography.  Peter Fonda: Fortunate Son. Portrait of the actor 
linked in the public's mind to his sister Jane and father Henry, but who 
has forged his own identity as an artist. We explore Peter's traumatic 
childhood, his film triumphs with "Easy Rider" and "Ulee's Gold",
his life off-screen with wife Becky in rural Montana. Features interviews 
with Peter, Jane, daughter Bridget, and Brooke Shields. CC  [TV G] 
9:00 Cold Case Files.  In the Care of a Killer/Deadly Lies. The 
suspicious death of 2-year-old Billy Blankenship is solved when police 
force his babysitter to re-enact the circumstances of his death. Then, a 
murder case is solved when the dead man's body is accidentally found 
by divers searching underwater for an antique car. CC  [TV PG] 
10:00 Cold Case Files.  One Night on the Bayou/The Buckeye 
Misdemeanor. Alligators feasting on a human corpse help police to 
crack a murder investigation, and Phoenix police discover that a 
preacher is the culprit in a 20-year-old murder. CC  [TV PG-L] 
11:00 Third Watch.  A Hero'
s Rest. Officers Yokas (Molly Price), 
Bosco (Jason Wiles), Sully (Skipp Sudduth), and Davis (Coby Bell) 
fearfully search for a cop killer. Bosco's new superior (recurring guest 
star Brad Beyer) already hates him. Patti D'Arbanville guest stars as 
Bosco's irascible mother. CC  [TV 14] 

8:00 Biography.  John Walsh: Fighting Back. Profile of the host of 
TV's "America's Most Wanted", who has helped put hundreds of 
criminals behind bars. Behind the tough-guy image is a man still 
coming to terms with the grisly murder of his son in 1981, a crime that's 
still unsolved. We follow the Walsh story as he becomes an advocate 
for missing children, launches his crime-fighting TV career, and 
struggles with his health and other personal problems. CC  [TV G] 
9:00 American Justice.  Suicide by Execution. The astonishing story 
of Daniel Colwell, a man who wanted to die but lacked the resolve to 
commit suicide. Instead, he shot and killed a middle-aged couple that 
he selected at random in a Wal-Mart parking lot in the hopes that he 
would receive the death penalty. His attorneys say there may not be 
another case like it in the annals of criminal justice. CC  [TV PG] 
10:00 City Confidential.  Memphis: Burning Betrayal. Federal 
Express airline pilots Holly and Mike Mullins seemed to be flying high 
when they first married. But as they soon learned, marriage between 
pilots has its ups and downs. Bitter divorce proceedings between Holly 
and Mike came to a sudden end when Holly's body was found in a 
burned-out van. When Mike eventually went on trial for murder, all of 
Memphis waited breathlessly for the verdict. Find out if he got away 
with murder. Paul Winfield narrates. CC  [TV PG] 
11:00 Third Watch.  True Love. Fists fly as a vengeful Officer Bosco 
(Jason Wiles) risks everything and tears after his sobbing mother's 
abusive boyfriend following another beating, while Firefighter Doherty 
(Eddie Cibrian) gets ambushed by a seething fellow fireman, 
Lombardo (guest star Nick Sandow), who sp
itefully pays him back 
double for seducing his girlfriend. Also, the loveless Officer Sully 
(Skipp Sudduth) meets an attractive--and interested--Ukranian 
neighbor (guest star Savannah Haske), and makes a date. CC  [TV 14] 

8:00 Biography.  Gary Cooper: The Face of a Hero. Clips from "High 
Noon", "The Pride of the Yankees", and other Cooper classics
this retrospective on the great actor renowned for portraying strong, 
silent heroes. CC  [TV G] 
9:00 Murder, She Wrote.  South by Southwest. A chance meeting on 
a train with a woman, who accidentally witnessed a murder and now 
fears for her life, involves Jessica with foreign spies and stolen 
government secrets. Angela Lansbury stars with Mel Harris and Keith 
David in this 2-hour special. CC  [TV G] 
11:00 Third Watch.  Duty. Sully (Skipp Sudduth) is hurt and angered 
when he is roughed up by Internal Affairs cops trying to squeeze a 
confession out of him after a rogue cop accuses him of manufacturing 
evidence against a child molesting killer. The allegations hit just when 
it seems he might discover a little joy from his newfound romance with 
an attractive Ukrainian neighbor (guest star Savannah Haske). 
Elsewhere, Kim (Kim Raver) is concerned about Bobby's (Bobby 
Cannavale) mood change. CC  [TV 14] 

8:00 Biography.  The Rat Pack, Pt. 1. A look back at the hip 
entertainers and pop-star bad boys who influenced American culture, 
music, comedy, and style. The legendary group included Frank 
Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey 
Bishop. (2 hours) CC  [TV G] 
10:00 Biography.  The Rat Pack, Pt. 2. Home movies, archival 
footage, performance clips, and candid interviews reveal the inner 
workings of the group, the connections that put them at the top of show 
business, and their involvement in the political career of John 
Kennedy. (2 hours) CC  [TV G] 
8:00 Behind Closed Doors with Joan Lunden.  Con Air/Hubble 
Space Telescope. Each year, the U.S. Marshals Servi
ce moves more 
than 150,000 inmates. Joan goes aboard "Con Air", where all the 
passengers are criminals and all the flight attendants are armed 
deputies. Then, she finds out what it takes to keep the Hubble Space 
Telescope in orbit and able to see to the furthest reaches of the 
universe. CC  [TV G] 
9:00 Columbo.  Ashes to Ashes. When a flamboyant Hollywood 
gossip columnist vanishes, Columbo uses his inimitable detective skills 
to prove that she was murdered by her ex-lover, a suave funeral 
director. Peter Falk stars with Patrick McGoohan, who also directed the 
episode, and Rue McClanahan, Sally Kellerman, Spencer Garrett, and 
Catherine McGoohan. CC  [TV PG] 
11:00 Nero Wolfe.  Door to Death. When Wolfe's usual gardener has 
to tend to his sick mother, a desperate Wolfe decides to visit a plant 
man in Westchester. But when he and Archie arrive, they find the 
man's fiancee murdered in the greenhouse owned by the wealthy 
family that employs him. Timothy Hutton is Archie, Maury Chaykin is 
Wolfe, and Marian Seldes guest stars as Mrs. Pitcairn. CC  [TV PG] 

8:00 Nero Wolfe.  Help Wanted, Male. When Wolfe's work in 
convicting a military criminal comes back to haunt him, he hires a body 
double to pose as him while he tries to solve the case. Timothy Hutton 
and Maury Chaykin star. CC  [TV PG] 
9:00 City Confidential.  Beverly Hills: Brothers in Arms. The story of 
brothers Erik and Lyle Menendez, convicted of the brutal murders of 
their wealthy parents. In their two highly publicized trials, the brothers

admitted to the killings, but claimed they acted in self-defense after 
their parents physically and mentally abused them for years. Narrated 
by Paul Winfield. CC  [TV PG] 
10:00 Third Watch.  Impulse. Bosco (Jason Wiles) brutalizes a 
murder suspect. Davis (Coby Bell) is incensed when his partner Sully 
(Skipp Sudduth) goes to a movie with Davis's recently widowed mother 
Maggie (guest star Lonette McKee). Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) 
attempts to revive a premature fetus whose m
other he accidentally 
injured. Despite Kim's (Kim Raver) warnings, Bobby (Bobby 
Cannavale) welcomes his trouble-prone brother (guest star Jon Seda) 
home from prison. CC  [TV 14] 
11:00 Murder, She Wrote.  It's a Dog's Life. While visiting her cousin 
at Langley Manor, a country estate in the South, a man dies under 
strange circumstances during a hunt and Jessica tries to find out what 
really happened. Angela Lansbury stars with special guests Lynn 
Redgrave and Forrest Tucker. CC  [TV G] 

8:00 TVography.  Cheers. The story of the sitcom that was a ratings 
disaster when it debuted, but went on to become one of the most 
successful series in TV history. Ted Danson, Shelley Long, and Bebe 
Neuwirth reminisce about their unforgettable roles, and series creators 
James Burrows, Les Charles, and Glen Charles talk about the bar 
"where everybody knows your name." CC  [TV G] 
9:00 Antony & Cleopatra: Passion for Power.   The story of Roman 
general Marc Antony and Egyptian Queen Cleopatra's great love and 
their cataclysmic battle for the future of the Roman world plays to its 
dramatic end in this 2-hour special. Interviews with experts and 
dramatic reconstructions also strip away the myths about Cleopatra 
and reveal the real woman. Rather than being a dangerous femme 
fatale, she was highly educated and cultured and fairly plain looking. 
Narrated by Kim Cattrall. CC  [TV PG] 
11:00 Third Watch.  A Rock and a Hard Place. Officers Yokas (Molly  
Price) and Bosco (Jason Wiles) are trapped undetected with Carlos 
(Anthony Ruivivar) and a wounded Doc (Michael Beach) in a dark, 
abandoned basement where their radios are useless. As they ponder 
their fate, Doc's life seeps away--while their only hope might be a 
vengeful gang of drug runners who are certain to return for a lucrative 
heroin stash. Elsewhere, Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) and fellow firefighters 
get into mischief during a long lull between calls. CC  [TV 14] 


8:00 Biography.  Neil Sedaka: The Show Goes On. A look at
roller-coaster career of music legend Neil Sedaka, the piano prodigy 
who teamed with neighbor Howie Greenfield to write such classics as 
"Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" and "Love Will Keep Us Together".
see how Neil's career was sidetracked by The Beatles and his own 
insecurities, then revived by Elton John. Features interviews with 
Sedaka, Elton John, and Maurice Gibb. CC  [TV G] 
9:00 Cold Case Files.  Vanished. The story of serial killer James 
Rodney Hicks, who left a trail of bodies and kept police, prosecutors, 
and the FBI quite busy working on his cases for over 20 years. Hicks 
murdered his wife, his children's babysitter, and a girlfriend. CC  [TV 
10:00 Cold Case Files.  Terror in Telluride/Signature of a Killer. A 
tipster's phone call helps solve the murder of the heir to the U-Haul 
company fortune, and a grisly murder case is solved two decades later 
with the use of new fingerprint technology. CC  [TV PG] 
11:00 Third Watch.  Requiem for a Bantamweight. Bobby (Bobby 
Cannavale) risks his life when his former girlfriend Gina (guest star 
Judy Reyes) asks him to help his old childhood friend Paulie (guest 
star Kirk Acevedo), a would-be pugilist whose career quickly flamed 
out and now a hopeless junkie near death. Meanwhile, Officer Sully 
(Skipp Sudduth) finds out that Tatiana (guest star Savannah Haske), 
his new Ukrainian girlfriend, is an illegal alien and has a son. CC  [TV 
8:00 Biography.  J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and Me. An unique 
insight into the Harry Potter phenomenon and author J.K. Rowling. 
Here is the definitive story of how the books were created, as told by 
Rowling herself, and how Harry became a media and business empire. 
There are even a few teasers about what readers may find in books 
five through seven. CC  [TV G] 
9:00 American Justice.  The Witness and the Hitman. The incredible 
story of Bob Lowe, an innocent bystander who witnessed a mob 
murder, then agreed to enter the witness protection program as he 
waited to test
ify at the trial. Lowe and his family gave up everything--
their former lives, their home, and even their identities--only to watch in

horror as the hitman was acquitted in a fixed trial. CC  [TV PG] 
10:00 City Confidential.  Aspen: Murder on the Slopes. The story of 
actress Claudine Longet, ex-wife of singing star Andy Williams, who 
was accused of shooting and killing her lover, downhill ski champion 
Spider Sabich, in 1976. Longet claimed the shooting was an accident, 
but the incident and trial shocked the ultra-rich and star-studded Aspen 
community. Narrated by Paul Winfield. CC  [TV PG] 
11:00 Third Watch.  Unfinished Business. As doctors try to save 
Bobby's (Bobby Cannavale) life, Officers Bosco (Jason Wiles), Yokas 
(Molly Price), and fellow cops scour the city in search of the shooter--a 
desperate drug addict (guest star Kirk Acevedo) who's on the run while 
hoping to score one last fix. Meanwhile, a helpless Kim (Kim Raver) 
watches emergency room doctors labor to save the victim's life, casting 
a vindictive eye at the junkie's overwrought sister (guest star Judy 
Reyes). Cops capture the shooter, but Bobby dies. CC  [TV 14] 

8:00 Biography.  Marlene: Inventing Dietrich. The life of one of 
filmdom's greatest stars, who first won acclaim in the 1930 "The Blue

Angel", directed by Josef von Sternberg. This tell-all portrait looks
the German-born Dietrich's stand against Hitler and reputation as a 
difficult actress, and includes scenes from her classics, including 
"Judgement at Nuremberg". CC  [TV G] 
9:00 Poirot.  The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Movie. Belgian sleuth 
Hercule Poirot is jolted out of retirement when his neighbor, wealthy 
industrialist Roger Ackroyd, is murdered. Suspects include Ackroyd's 
grasping sister-in-law, chauffeur, parlor maid, personal secretary, and 
adopted son Ralph, who suddenly disappears. Stars David Suchet, 
Philip Jackson, and Jamie Bamber. (1999) CC  [TV G] 
11:00 Third Watch.  The Self-Importance of Being Carlos. Carlos 
(Anthony Ru
ivivar), rebellious and seemingly by the tragedies around 
him, is ordered to attend a sensitivity seminar with other hostile city 
workers, including Officer Bosco (Jason Wiles). Carlos tries to learn 
how to better relate to people and discovers he actually enjoys being 
nice. However, the sensitivity counselor (guest star Eric Bogosian) is 
dubious about his desire to change. Meanwhile, Firefighter Doherty 
(Eddie Cibrian) gets a scare from a former lover (guest star Caralyn 
Kozlowski). CC  [TV 14] 
8:00 Biography.  Phyllis Diller: First Lady of Laughter. The inspiring 
story of a housewife who overcame a childhood disfigurement, 
disastrous marriage, and poverty to become the first woman to star as 
a stand-up comic. Features her hilarious routines, which included jokes 
about her fictional husband "Fang", and interviews with Joan Rivers,

Jonathan Winters, and Steve Allen. CC  [TV PG] 
9:00 TVography.  Jackie Gleason: The Great One. Portrait of the 
incomparable comic who became an American icon playing bus driver 
Ralph Kramden on "The Honeymooners". Gleason's drinking, 
spending, and over-the-top lifestyle became legendary as he climbed 
to the top of show business. We look back at the ladies in Gleason's 
life, birth of "The Honeymooners", and his successful career in movie

dramas, including "The Hustler". Features interviews with Milton
Sally Field, Burt Reynolds, Jayne Meadows, and Neil Simon. CC  [TV 
11:00 Biography.  Benny Hill: Laughter and Controversy. The career 
of the British slapstick comic whose TV shows were seen in over 140 
countries, but who died alone at age 68 in a rented apartment. Twice 
rejected by the women he proposed to, Benny never married, and 
despite his riches, he never owned a house or a car. CC  [TV G] 

8:00 Behind Closed Doors with Joan Lunden.  Westminster Dog 
Show/Sotheby's. Joan takes us behind the scenes at the Westminster 
Dog Show where 2,500 of the world's best purebreds compete to see 
who's top dog. She fol
lows several of the leading contenders through 
the two-day event to find out what really goes on backstage and in the 
ring. Then, she visits the world famous Sotheby's Auction House to find 
out how they collect and sell the items that go on their auction block. 
CC  [TV G] 
9:00 Columbo.  Columbo Goes to College. Lt. Columbo is invited as 
guest speaker in a criminology course and squares off against two 
cunning students, who are confident that they have duped the 
lieutenant with various leads, when their professor is found murdered. 
Peter Falk stars with Stephen Caffrey, Gary Hershberger, James 
Sutorius, and Robert Culp. CC  [TV PG] 
11:00 Nero Wolfe.  Christmas Party. Archie engaged? Nero refuses 
to believe it and insists that Archie come clean. But Archie is out the 
door to attend a Christmas soiree with his fiancee. Unfortunately one of 
the guests at the party will never make it to Christmas morning alive. 
Starring Timothy Hutton as Archie and Maury Chaykin as Wolfe, with 
Francie Swift as Margot. CC  [TV PG] 

8:00 Nero Wolfe.  Immune to Murder. Wolfe is asked to cook his 
famous baked trout for a meeting between an American oilman and an 
Eastern European ambassador at a fishing lodge. But after Archie 
finds a body in the trout stream, Wolfe has to solve the murder before 
he can go home to his brownstone. Timothy Hutton and Maury 
Chaykin star, with guest stars George Plimpton, Seymour Cassel, and 
Giancarlo Esposito. CC  [TV PG] 
9:00 City Confidential.  Ozark: Deadly Medicine. One of the 
wealthiest doctors in Arkansas finds trouble when she meets a ruthless 
con man who convinces her to give him more that a million dollars. 
Narrated by Paul Winfield. CC  [TV PG] 
10:00 Third Watch.  History of the World. On Thanksgiving Day, 
Bosco (Jason Wiles) tries to resolve a family conflict in a restaurant, 
while his partner Yokas (Molly Price) attempts the same thing at home. 
Bobby's (Bobby Cannavale) mother (guest star Socorro Santiago) 
won't allow her son Matty (guest 
star Jon Seda) to attend the family 
holiday celebration. Davis (Coby Bell) will not perjure himself to 
support his partner Sully (Skipp Sudduth). Doc (Michael Beach) makes 
a date with a patient (N'Bushe Wright), who lies alone in a hospital 
bed. CC  [TV 14] 
11:00 Murder, She Wrote.  Lovers and Other Killers. While in Seattle 
lecturing at the university, Jessica is convinced that the young man she 
hired as her secretary is not a killer. Angela Lansbury stars with 
Andrew Stevens and Peter Graves. CC  [TV G] 
8:00 TVography.  Telly Savalas: Who Loves Ya, Baby? Life of the 
actor who played villains and madmen before finding fame as TV's 
"Kojak", and whose many affairs betrayed his wives and children.

Viewers learn landmarks in Savalas's career--acclaimed role in 
"Birdman of Alcatraz", how a baldhead became his trademark, and the

story of the lollipop-sucking cop who made him a star. CC  [TV G] 
9:00 American Justice.  Who Is the Lipstick Killer? The controversial 
case of William Heirens, the "lipstick killer' convicted of murdering
women and a 6-year-old girl in Chicago in the late 1940s. He's been 
jailed ever since, but insists that he's innocent. We'll explore the 
troubling case, from the near hysteria of the media coverage to the 
inconsistencies in the physical evidence used to wring a confession 
from Heirens. CC  [TV PG] 
10:00 IR: NY Justice: The Mental Health Dilemma.   By following 
the criminal cases of acutely mentally ill people accused of serious 
crimes, we explore the explosive intersection between psychiatry and 
the law, and their often diametrically opposed goals. In addition, we 
follow mentally ill felons as they leave the corrections setting and go 
back out onto the streets. While the public fears these insane men and 
women, the fight for their legal rights is left to a handful of dedicated 
public lawyers, who are sadly underpaid and overworked. CC  [TV PG] 
11:00 Third Watch.  Honor. Doherty (Eddie Cibrian) plays against his 
rival firefighter (J
ason Sehorn) in a football game, but the competitors 
must join forces to battle a deadly blaze. Meanwhile, Doherty gulps 
hard when Brooke (guest star Eva LaRue) serves him with divorce 
papers and he learns that his best friend's girlfriend (guest star Caralyn

Kozlowski)--who earlier cheated with him--is pregnant. CC  [TV 14] 

8:00 Biography.  Robert Mitchum: Poet with an Ax. Portrait of the 
roguishly handsome actor who captivated audiences for over 50 years. 
After first rejecting acting as "unmanly", Mitchum rose to stardom
in the 
1940s and gained a reputation for enjoying nights filled with booze and 
starlets. He scandalized Hollywood with a marijuana arrest, romanced 
Shirley MacLaine, and starred in the film classics "Cape Fear" and

"Night of the Hunter". CC  [TV G] 
9:00 Cold Case Files.  Ticket to Nowhere/The Paper Route. A 13-
year-old girl's mother is murdered and 20 years later she helps bring 
the killer to justice; and a dogged policeman gets to the bottom of the 
brutal murder of a 63-year-old newspaper delivery woman. CC  [TV 
10:00 Cold Case Files.  Killer on the Strip/The Doll Murder. In Palm 
Beach, a determined cop solves the murder of prostitute Lucy Pate five 
years later, when he connects Lucy's case with another case that was 
overlooked at the time. The prostitute who survived agreed to help and 
identified her attacker. In 1989, socialite Susan Doll was found beaten, 
raped, and strangled in Colorado. Investigators extracted DNA from a 
semen stain, but had no suspect to match it against--until 1995 when a 
local landlord found 25 pairs of panties stuffed into a furnace. CC  [TV 
11:00 Third Watch.  Walking Wounded. Officers Bosco (Jason Wiles) 
and Yokas (Molly Price) futilely scramble to find a dealer selling a bad 
batch of "China Red", a lethal mixture of heroin that is claiming
as fast as the paramedics can scoop them up. Meanwhile, Sully (Skipp 
Sudduth) sorts out his conflicted feelings for his practical-minded 
Ukrainian girlfriend T
atiana (guest star Savannah Haske) at the urging 
of his partner Officer Davis (Coby Bell). CC  [TV 14] 

8:00 Biography.  John Wayne: American Legend. A special portrait of 
the legendary actor whose portrayals of rugged, straight-shooting men 
made him an American icon. Charlton Heston, Ron Howard, and 
Patricia Neal, among others, offer their remembrances of "Duke".
[TV G] 
9:00 American Justice.  The Cult Murders. The story of Jeffrey 
Lundgren, a cult leader who convinced his followers to conspire to 
murder five members of an Ohio family. This is a portrait of fanaticism, 
a glimpse into a group whipped into such a religious frenzy that they 
were willing to commit a mass murder in the name of God. Interviews 
include Lundgren's ex-wife, who conspired in the murders, and two 
other followers, as well as videotaped interrogations of several more. 
CC  [TV PG] 
10:00 City Confidential.  Green Bay: Terror in Titletown. A police 
arson investigator is suspected of strangling his wife to death and then 
setting her body on fire to cover up the crime. Paul Winfield narrates. 
CC  [TV PG] 
11:00 Third Watch.  Man Enough. Paramedic Doc (Michael Beach) 
proposes marriage to Dr. Sara Morales (guest star Lisa Vidal) and then 
learns of her lucrative offer to move to Philadelphia. While Doc tries to 
ignore Carlos's (Anthony Ruivivar) joking, he fears that he might be 
perceived as playing a secondary role in his relationship with Sara. 
Elsewhere, Doc intercedes on behalf of a pneumonia-stricken single 
mother (guest star Karen Young) and her troubled young son (guest 
star Joshua Harto) who needs medication and special attention. CC  
[TV 14] 
8:00 Biography.  Richard Widmark: Strength of Characters. 
Interviews with Sidney Poitier, Robert Wagner, and Karl Malden 
complement this look at the "actor's actor" famed for the rugged,
nonsense characters he played in his long film career. Highlights 
include clips from "Panic in the Streets" and "Kiss of Death",
ing 1937 color footage Widmark shot of Nazi Youth Camps. CC  
[TV G] 
9:00 Murder, She Wrote.  Town Father. Bachelor Mayor Sam Booth 
is challenged by a pro-development candidate in an election that's 
murder, especially for a woman who shows up claiming Sam fathered 
her five children. Angela Lansbury stars with Ruth Roman, Gloria 
DeHaven, Lee Purcell, John Considine, and Kathryn Grayson. CC  [TV 
10:00 Murder, She Wrote.  Class Act. Jessica's friend Jake Ballinger, 
one of the best homicide detectives in L.A., is faced with a case that 
places his career in jeopardy. Angela Lansbury stars with Barry 
Newman. CC  [TV G] 
11:00 Murder, She Wrote.  Capitol Offense. Jessica is assigned to fill 
the empty seat of a deceased congressman for a brief period of time 
and finds a great deal of political game-playing in Washington. Angela 
Lansbury stars with Herschel Bernardi and Edie Adams. CC  [TV G] 

8:00 Biography.  Charles Bronson: Brute Force. Portrait of the one-
time coal miner who struggled for years in Hollywood before making it 
big playing a vigilante in the controversial hit "Death Wish". Off

camera, Bronson was devastated when his wife Jill Ireland died of lung 
cancer, prompting him to help organize the "Twice Gifted" celebrity
show to benefit the American Cancer Society. CC  [TV G] 
9:00 True Lies.   Movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, this time 
playing a spy who fools his wife (Jamie Lee Curtis) into believing that 
he sells computers for a living. But the game ends for both of them 
when terrorists threaten their lives. With Tom Arnold and Bill Paxton, 
and directed by James Cameron. (1994) CC  [TV PG-LV] 

8:00 Behind Closed Doors with Joan Lunden.  Subway/QVC. Joan 
takes us into the command center of New York City's subway system 
to see how workers coordinate the movement of more than 6,000 
trains traveling over 722 miles of tracks. Then, Joan takes a look at the 
one shopping mall that never closes--QVC Television. CC  [TV G] 
9:00 Columbo. 
 Murder: A Self Portrait. Lt. Columbo investigates a 
world-renowned painter who captures the soul of his subject in a work 
of art that can also be used to belie reality. Starring Peter Falk. CC  
[TV PG] 
11:00 Nero Wolfe.  Disguise for Murder. When Wolfe lets the 
Manhattan Flower Club into the brownstone to have a look at the 
orchids in his plant room on the roof, a woman is murdered in his 
office. Starring Timothy Hutton as Archie and Maury Chaykin as Wolfe, 
with Debra Monk as Mrs. Carlisle. CC  [TV PG] 

8:00 Nero Wolfe.  Cop Killer. Fearing deportation, two illegal aliens 
flee the barbershop where they work when a New York City policeman 
comes in to ask questions. But when the cop turns up dead, the two 
become suspects in the murder because they fled the scene. Timothy 
Hutton and Maury Chaykin star. CC  [TV PG] 
9:00 City Confidential.  Las Vegas: Deadly Jackpot. The story of 
Larry Volk, the informant whose murder came shortly after confessing 
to state agents that he helped "fix" slot machines for the American

Coin Company, one of the largest slot machine providers in Nevada. 
About to be the star witness in a case that would shake the city, he 
never got the chance. Narrated by Paul Winfield. CC  [TV PG] 
10:00 Third Watch.  Modern Designs for Better Living. Davis (Coby 
Bell) inadvertently endangers a youth (recurring guest star Jade 
Yorker) he's trying to help. Doc (Michael Beach) learns that his father's 
(guest star Ossie Davis) overdose was not accidental. Police, 
paramedics, and firefighters converge on an extremely obese woman 
(guest star Sophie K) with a severe heart condition, who can't be 
extricated from her house unless some walls come tumbling down. CC  
[TV 14] 
11:00 Murder, She Wrote.  Hit, Run, and Homicide. Jessica helps a 
most unconventional neighbor who is accused of murdering his former 
partner with one of his inventions. Angela Lansbury stars with Van 
Johnson, June Allyson, Edward Albert, and Patti D'Arbanville. CC  [TV 

00 TVography.  Carol Burnett: Just to Have a Laugh. Everybody 
loves Carol, and viewers will enjoy this review of her career. Includes 
clips from her early TV appearances on "The Garry Moore Show" and

her own popular variety show. CC  [TV G] 
9:00 American Justice.  An Execution in Doubt. A look at the 
controversial case of Roger Keith Coleman, who was executed in 
Virginia in 1992 for the brutal rape and murder of his sister-in-law. 
Now, in an attempt to exonerate him, Coleman's defenders want to 
conduct DNA tests, which were still under development at the time of 
Coleman's execution. Will the state be willing to put the DNA, and its 
own legal system, to the test? CC  [TV PG] 
10:00 IR: Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity.   Examines the 
controversial "not guilty by reason of insanity" verdict from all
angles. We visit patients at the Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center in 
New York City and follow defense attorney Bob Peck as he represents 
a defendant who is pleading insanity. CC  [TV PG] 
11:00 Third Watch.  Exposing Faith. Officer Faith Yokas (Molly Price) 
feels neglected when a romantic 3-day weekend alone with her 
husband Fred (guest star Chris Bauer) crumbles after he enters a 
foolish contest to win a truck. She tarts herself up and takes a 
rebellious walk on the wild side--where she encounters a bohemian 
artist (guest star Anthony DiSando) who frees her like an alluring 
breath of fresh air. Meanwhile, Fred, Bosco (Jason Wiles), and another 
contestant (guest star Tim Meadows) compete for the monster truck. 
CC  [TV 14] 

8:00 Biography.  Dr. Phil: Getting Real. Profile of the tough-love 
psychologist who became a star by doling out down-home advice on 
the "Oprah Winfrey Show". Dr. Phil met Oprah when he helped her 
beat a lawsuit brought against her by Texas cattlemen, and soon he 
was winning fans on her show by telling crybaby guests to "get real".

Includes interviews with Dr. Phil and Oprah. CC  [TV PG] 
9:00 Biography.  Oprah Winfrey: Heart of the Matter. A spe
cial 2-hour 
profile of Oprah's rise from humble beginnings to megastardom. Here 
is the whole story: born to unwed parents; raped at age 9; pregnant at 
14 with a baby that soon died; doing TV evening news at 19; rise to 
talk-show queen; and constant fight with fat. Friends Maria Shriver, 
Maya Angelou, and Stedman Graham comment. CC  [TV G] 
11:00 Third Watch.  ...And Zeus Wept. A school shooting mobilizes 
the cops, paramedics, and firefighters. Kim (Kim Raver) struggles with 
her deepening depression. Yokas (Molly Price) receives disturbing 
news from her doctor. Meanwhile, Sully (Skipp Sudduth) and girlfriend 
Tatiana (guest star Savannah Haske) ponder their future together. CC  
[TV 14] 
8:00 Biography.  Bob Crane: A Double Life. The mysterious life of the 
family man and TV star who was brutally murdered in 1978. We look 
beyond Crane's starring role on "Hogan's Heroes" to explore his 
obsession with unusual sexual activities, which he videotaped assisted 
by the man charged with his murder, but never convicted. Co-star 
Robert Clary is interviewed. CC  [TV G] 
9:00 American Justice.  Brutal Revenge. When a beautiful young 
San Antonio mother is killed in front of her four babies, the trail leads to

her wealthy ex-husband and a bungling gang of hired hitmen. CC  [TV 
10:00 City Confidential.  San Antonio: Maximum Justice. A Texas 
judge who liked to throw the book at drug dealers is murdered, and the 
hitman suspected of doing the job is Charles Harrelson, father of actor 
Woody Harrelson. Narrated by Paul Winfield. CC  [TV PG] 
11:00 Third Watch.  Welcome to Camelot. The firefighters and 
paramedics assigned to the firehouse located at the corner of King 
Blvd. and Arthur--hence its nickname Camelot--often must work 
together with police officers from the adjacent 55th precinct station 
house in New York. Rookie Davis (Coby Bell) rankles partner Sully 
(Skipp Sudduth). Doc (Michael Beach) reassures newcomer Carlos 
(Anthony Ruivivar). Bobby (Bobby Cannavale) secretly love
s co-worker 
Kim (Kim Raver), but she flirts with ex-husband Doherty (Eddie 
Cibrian). CC  [TV 14] 

8:00 Biography.  Audrey Hepburn: The Fairest Lady. Chronicles the 
career of the classy actress who brought elegance and grace to all of 
her roles. Traces her life from childhood in a Nazi-occupied town in 
Holland to her stage and movie triumphs in England and America. CC  
[TV G] 
9:00 The Lost World.   Movie. Three-hour adaptation of Sir Arthur 
Conan Doyle's wondrous tale about adventurers who go into the 
Amazon jungle to search for a lost civilization. Led by the maverick 
Professor Challenger, the expedition finds dinosaurs and other 
prehistoric monsters that exceed even their wildest expectations. Stars 
Bob Hoskins, Peter Falk, James Fox, Tom Ward, Matthew Rhys, and 
Elaine Cassidy. (2001) CC  [TV PG] 

8:00 Biography.  Donald Rumsfeld: Top Gun. A look at the embattled 
U.S. Secretary of Defense, who came under fire by critics early in his 
tenure but then became a leading spokesman for America in the wake 
of September 11. Having served in Congress and as Secretary of 
Defense under President Gerald Ford, Rumsfeld is a veteran of 
Washington politics, and despite all the challenges to America, 
"Rummy", a former naval aviator, remains optimistic about the nation's

future. CC  [TV G] 
9:00 The Lost Battalion.   Movie. The true story of the "Lost 
Battalion" of U.S. soldiers, a group of Irish, Italian, Jewish, and Polish

"gangsters" from New York who were trapped behind enemy lines in

World War One and fought heroically against the odds. Rick Schroder 
stars as battalion leader Major Charles Whittlesey, the civilian-turned-
soldier who won the Congressional Medal of Honor for keeping his 
outnumbered troops alive and fighting in the face of seemingly 
insurmountable odds. (2001) CC  [TV 14-V] 
11:00 Murder, She Wrote.  Doom with a View. While staying in an 
opulent hotel, courtesy of Grady's fraternity brother Gary, Jessica must 
clear Grady of a woman's murder th
at is tied to Gary's past and 
blackmail. Angela Lansbury stars with Michael Horton, John Callahan, 
Monte Markham, Janet Leigh, and Charlotte Rae. CC  [TV G] 

8:00 Behind Closed Doors with Joan Lunden.  The Best of the Best 
in Personal Transportation: The Bentley/Feadship Yachts. Joan visits 
the places where the most luxurious modes of travel are made, 
including Bentley cars (starting price $325,000) and Feadship yachts 
($20-$100-million). CC  [TV G] 
9:00 Inspector Morse.  Death Is Now My Neighbor. Morse's 
investigation of two killings in Oxfordshire gets him tangled up in the 
nasty election for Master of Lonsdale College. John Thaw and Kevin 
Whately star. CC  [TV PG] 
11:00 Nero Wolfe.  Eeny Meeny Murder Moe. A lawyer's secretary 
arrives at the brownstone to ask Wolfe to help her find out if a member 
of her law firm is selling secrets to a client's adversary. After going 
upstairs to persuade Wolfe to hear the woman's story, Archie returns--
and makes a shocking discovery. Timothy Hutton and Maury Chaykin 

And be sure to check out the James Bond movie store for books, videos and DVDs available.

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