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Land of the Lost

Though best known for puppets and goofy children's programs like "H.R. Puffenstuff", in the early 1970s Sid & Marty Krofft created a live-action tv series about a modern family who are on a river that suddenly empties into another world containing primitive life - dinosaurs, cavemen, and some nasty creatures that may be from another planet or dimension: Land Of The Lost. Each morning one might find oneself being eyed by a curious brontosaurus or a nasty t-rex...

The series would last many years and is sometimes seen on TV late Saturday night. The following videotapes of episodes are available:

Land of the Lost: The Thief / Power Play(1993)
Flight to Freedom / Heat Wave (1993)
Kevin vs. the Volcano / Day For Knight (1993)
Jungle Girl / Shung the Terrible (1993)
Tasha / Something's Watching (1993)
The Crystal / Wild Thing (1993)
Land of the Lost: V. 1 (1974)

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