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Welcome to Wallace World

I believe there is a variety of subjects including
Cherokee history and graphics, original
art, lake applets, a section on Country Humor,
genealogy on the Morton family, my wood work, a
computer desk, curio cabinet and much more.

Hopefully you will find something

of interest to you and enjoy your visit.
I would appreciate any comments you would
care to leave in the guestbook and it is easily
accessible from any of our pages.

I am a housewife, Mother, step-mother,
grand-mother of nine.

Just an all around "normal" person.
What ever normal is these days.
I am a Native American of the Cherokee tribe.
I enjoy wood-working, being outdoors and of course 
the wicked computer.
Please enjoy your time spent at my site
and I do welcome all here,

regardless of their beliefs.
It is not my intention to alter anyone's way of thinking
or to judge theirs.

Wallace Hollow is dedicated to Jerry's parents and
Wallace Wayside is a chance to get to know a little
about Jerry and I.

Please don't miss Country Humor,
it's all about the funny side of life in the country.
There are Lake applets and poetry
along with original art, digitial and pen/pencil 

by me Sharon and our niece, 
Kimberly Jo Wallace,
who now has her own site.

The Morton Family Search page is set up to 
leave or collect information about the Morton Family.
and has a separate guestbook for you to leave
any information. Either a working email address
or snail mail address is required before your information
will be posted to the Morton Family Search page. 

Please take time and browse around my site
and let me know you were here by signing the guestbook.

A new feature of Wallace World will be to showcase the
newest site to honor us with an award.
I don't apply for awards and
when I receive one I am deeply honored.

I know how much time and effort is put into making
each award and I am always honored when I receive one.
I will showcase the site
the award came from for approximately two weeks,
after that time the award will be in the awards section.

Once again, Thank You All!

Backgrounds and graphics other than
awards we have received or gift graphics
were made by Sharon Wallace
and are the sole property of Wallace World
and are copyrighted as such.
Please be kind, look but don't take.
I have on occasion loaned my graphics
or made background sets for others.
If you have a special need for a background
or graphic, email me and I will try to help.

All pages are set up to right click on button
to turn music On or Off.

Earth and Sky by Elan Michaels
used with permission.

Thank You for spending your time
with Wallace World.

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