Only a Tattoo Artist? 6/6 Title: Only a Tattoo Artist? 6/6
Author: Kata
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: They belong to the WB, not me!
Summery: Everything is tied up.
Dedication: To my betas! You guys are wonderful. Thank you so much!
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"But why haven't you told Michael? If he knew his father was alive, he would be content. He wouldn't search for Nasedo anymore."

Mr. Washington shook his head. "I left him. I abandoned him. Michael wouldn't understand."

"All he wants is family. He's dreamed all of his life of someone coming here for him."

"I left him. I didn't stay and protect him. He's been all alone, and it's my fault."

"If you go to Michael and explain, he'll understand. Please? I'll take you to him."

Mr. Washington closed his eyes, as he considered her sugestion. "Okay. I'll close up the shop."


Mr. Washington drove himself and Maria to Michael's apartment. Maria went inside to talk to Michael first.

"Michael?" Maria said tentativly.

"What?" Michael asked. He looked like he had just crawled out of bed. (as he probably had.)

"Mr. Washington is outside. He wants to talk to you."

"Why? I don't need to talk to him."

"Please Michael, go talk to him," Maria begged, beginning to grow exasperated.

Michael sighed, "I'll go talk to him."

"And Michael?" Maria said, just before leaving. "Really listen to him, and try to understand."

Maria waited outside Michael's apartment, waiting for the two to finish talking. Finally, Mr. Washington walked out, smiling.

Maria entered the apartment. "Michael?"

Michael came over to her, hugged her, and kissed her. "I finally have a father."