Only a Tattoo Artist? 3/6 Title: Only a Tattoo Artist? 3/6
Author: Kata
Rating: PG
Category: M/M
Disclaimer: Roswell not mine. But know what I realized? Mr. Washington is mine, all mine!
Summery: Michael gets a warning, but will he listen?
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As Maria got nearer to the man, she thought he seemed familiar, but it wasn't until he spoke that she recognized him.

"Welcome," the man said.

Maria gasped. It was Mr. Washington!

Michael looked over at her, as if to say "what is it now?"

Maria quickly shook her head. For some reason, she knew she shouldn't tell Michael that had already met Mr. Washington.

"My name is Mr. Washington," the man continued, seemingly oblivious of the exchange between Michael and Maria.

"Did you send my the vision?" Michael demanded. "Are you-- Nasedo?"

Mr. Washington shook his head. "I am not Nasedo, Michael, but Nasedo is the reason I wanted to talk to you."

"Why? Do you know him?" Maria grabbed Michael's hand, trying to calm him down.

"Yes, but," Mr. Washington paused, "he's dangerous, Michael. Stay away from him."

"Stay away from him? But he could have all the answers!"

Mr. Washington sighed, "He does have some of the answers, but it's not worth it. Do you want to put everyone's lives in danger?"

"I need to find Nasedo. He's my family."

Maria finally spoke, "Michael, listen to him. Please don't put all of us in danger."

Michael looked as if he were considering what she said, but then turned away. "No," he said, pulling his hand out of Maria's grasp. "I'm going to throw away any change of finding my family." He turned and walked back to Maria's car.

Maria watched after him, and then turned to Mr. Washington. "I'm sorry. It's just... he doesn't have anyone. Michael thinks that Nasedo could be his father, and he will never give that hope up."

Mr. Washington shook his head. "He is the difficult one. I had hoped to reach him..." Mr. Washington shook his head. "But you're the only one who can help him now. Go to him. He needs you." With that, Mr. Washington turned and left.

Maria watched him go. There were so many questions left unanswered. She didn't even really know who Mr. Washington was. Alien? Human? There was no way of knowing. Slowly she turned and walked back to the car, where, surprisingly, Michael was waiting for her.


"So, what did he say to you? Keep me away from Nasedo at all costs?"

"Why can't you just listen for once? Nasedo could be *dangerous.* You can't just put your life in danger by looking for him. You don't even know where to start!" Maria was shouting at him.

"And I'm supposed to listen to some complete stranger? We don't even know who he is!"

"You can trust him, Michael, no matter *what* he is!"

"Are you trying to see he's one of us?" Michael was calming down now.

"I don't know, Michael, I just don't know. But how else would he know about Nasedo?"

Michael was shaking his head, "I didn't get any sense of him."

"He still gave you a warning, you can't ignore that, and you don't even know where to look for Nasedo. He could be anywhere on the planet."

He had already realized the one thing she hadn't. "I wouldn't be too sure of that. If this Mr. Washington guy is warning me about Nasedo, than he must be nearby."

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