Homecoming Title: Homecoming
Author: Kata
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: :sigh: How many times do I have to tell you? They don't belong to me!
Summery: Very sappy fic about Homecoming. Set betweee "The Balance" and "Indepedance Day." Probably. It doesn't really matter. :-)
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"So, who are you going to homecoming with?" Liz asked Maria as they walked out of the school.

"Oh, I probably won't go," Maria answered. "Why bother?"

"Everyone goes to homecoming, Maria!"

Maria shrugged, "It's just so much money. Tickets, a dress, dinner... and besides, I don't exactly have a million of guys dying to go with me."

"Why don't you go with Michael?"

"Michael! He's just a stupid, stubborn, annoying..."

"Idiot?" Liz suggested, throwing her backpack into the back of Maria's car.

"Dork! He doesn't deserve to be called an idiot..." Maria's voice trailed off as she spotted the spikey-haired object of their converstation.

"And he means absolutely nothing to you?" Liz inquired skeptically.

"Huh? Oh, nothing, less than nothing. I can walk away from anything and anyone," Maria concluded, backing out of her parking spot. "Anyways, are you going with anyone?"

"Probably not. I know Kyle would go with me, but after Max, I just couldn't do that. Alex and I talked about going together as friends, but he really wants to go with Isabel. Hey, is that Alex?" Liz pointed to a figure running towards the car.

"I think so," Maria replied, stepping on the break.

Alex ran up to the car, "Can I get a ride?"

"If you don't mind hanging around the Crashdown," Maria answered. "We're already late."

"Sure," Alex agreed, jumping in the back.

"Where are you still here?" Liz asked. "I thought you were riding the bus."

"I was looking for someone," Alex replied evasivly.


Alex nodded, a bit sheepishly.

Maria sighed loudly, "These Czechoslovokians are ruining our lives! Let's just all go to homecoming together and forget about them!"

"I haven't even asked Isabel," Alex protested.

"Alex, what are the chances of her saying yes?" Maria demanded.

"True. Okay, I'll come," Alex sighed.

"Are you with us, Liz?"

"Sure, I guess."


The aliens were also driving home, and discussing homecoming.

"What lucky guy gets you this year?" Michael asked Isabel.

Isabel shot him a glance full of daggers. "No one. I'm not risking getting invovled in a human relationship, unlike *some* people I know," she added, looking pointedly at Max and Michael.

"I walked away. I can walk away from anything, anyone. Maria's no different."

"Liz and I aren't together anymore, either, and that's the way it should be, right?" Maz looked over at his sister and best friend.

"Yes," Isabel answered.

Michael paused, "One little dance wouldn't hurt, would it? For Isabel, I mean," he added quickly.

"Oh, yes, just me, you wouldn't *dream* of going to homecoming, would you?" Isabel asked.

"No," Max said. "We can't risk getting invovled. Not again. We have to stay apart."

Michael nodded, "I've always been alone, and I'm staying that way."

"Why don't we three go together?" Isabel suggested. "Lots of people go in groups, and we could sort of look out for each other."

"Sure," Michael agreed.

"All right," Max answered. "Just remember-- we can't get too close to them."

The other two nodded.


"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea," Maria said at the dance, looking at the sea of couples. "It seems to be just couples."

"Not quite..." Liz had been looking over the dance floor also, but had noticed something Maria hadn't. "Look-- Czechoslovokian alert."

"Oh no," Maria cried. "Can we leave?"

"Can we go over there?" Alex asked hopefully.

"No!" Liz said forcefully. "We can't leave, and we can't go over there. We're going to be normal for once, okay? We'll stay here the whole time, and we won't talk to them."

"They're coming this way..." Alex warned.

"Bye!" Maria said, and turned to go.

Liz grabbed her arm, "No, stay!"


Max, Michael, and Isabel were making their way across the dance floor.

"Now, remember," Max was saying. "No dancing, just an exchange of hellos. It's going to be a normal meeting of friends, that's *all.*"

"Whatever," Isabel answered.

"I still want to leave," Michael complained.

"Hi, Liz," Max greeted the girl of his dreams.

"Hi," Liz bit her lip nervously.

"Want to dance?" Max blurted out. Liz nodded and the two moved out onto the dance floor.

Maria and Michael turned to stare at their best friends in amazement. Whatever happened to staying apart? They turned to complain to Alex and Isabel, but found that they, too, had started dancing. Finally, they reluctantly turned to face each other.

"Hi," Maria said.


Maria sighed, "Let's just dance, okay?"

Michael shrugged, as if he didn't care, but couldn't stop the grin spreading across his face.


Nearby, Max and Liz were swaying slowly to the music.

"I told Michael and Isabel we were only going to say hello," Max admitted.

Liz laughed softly, "I told Maria and Alex that we were going to stay away from you three."

"I don't want to stay away from you."

"Max, don't..." Liz started to draw back from him.

"No, Liz, I'm not gong to let you go. When I'm away from you, it's so easy to say it's over, but now I know I'll never be happy without you."

"Do you mean it?" Liz asked. "We'll be together no matter what? Because, Max, I can't let you play games with my heart again. If you leave me again, I don't know how I'd survive."

"Liz, I love you, and now I realize that nothing matters if I don't have you."

Liz smiled in satisfaction, and raised her face to recieve Max's kiss.


Alex and Isabel were watching Max and Liz, while dancing-- being careful to touch each other as little as possible.

Isabel shook her head, "Max has no self-control. He told us 'just say hello-- no dancing.' And now look!"

Alex grinned, "Liz said the same thing." Alex paused, "Is being in a relationship really that bad?"

Isabel stiffened, "What do you mean?"

"You always seem so against Max and Michael's realationships with Liz and Maria. What's wrong with it?"

Isabel bit her lip. "I don't know. It's habit, I suppose. You can't really date when you're boyfriend doesn't know your biggest secret. It's hard learning to trust humans."

Alex was surprised that the Ice Princess had opened up so much. "So you wouldn't object to a human-alien relationship" he asked.

Isabel stepped closer to Alex, "That would depend on the human."

"I might be able to find someone who would be interested," Alex replied, wrapping his arms around Isabel.

Isabel lay her head on Alex's shoulder, and smiled in contentment.


Michael shook his head in disgust, "Even Iz has given in."

Maria stopped dancing. "Given in? What's that supposed to mean?" she demanded.

Michael folded his arms across his chest. "Max made us promise that we wouldn't get involved again."

Maria shrugged, "So did Liz, but let's face it, Max and Liz will never be happy apart."

"And them?" Michael pointed towards Alex and Isabel.

"If you didn't know Alex liked Isabel, you must be blind. What's wrong with being in a relationship? You don't *have* to be alone!" Maria's voice had risen, and they were now beginning to attract the attention of nearby couples.

"I don't want to be alone!" Michael yelled, and pulled Maria towards him. "I just wanted to protect you," Michael whispered, just before he kissed Maria. Everyone around them clapped, and then turned back to their own partners.

Maria sighed happily as she lay her head on Michael's shoulder.

*Everyone's finally happy.*