Title: Consequences
Author: Kata
Disclaimer: Roswell still doesn't belong to me. Rating: PG
Summary: "Departure" tag. Isabel POV.
Author's Notes: Believe it or not, I completely forgot that I had written this fic! Let me know what you think, itís the only ďDepartureĒ tag Iíve done, most because Iím still in denial about Alex and Tess.


When you're little, your parents always warn you of consequences. At first, you don't pay any attention to them. After all, a six year old never thinks about the future. Slowly, you begin to learn. A burnt finger taught me not to touch the stove. A broken bowl taught me to be careful with my powers. As I grew older, my friends and I learned of more serious consequences.

We all learned about consequences when Max healed Liz. For the first time, humans knew our secret. I was so angry at first. Who knew what Liz would do? Who she would tell? And she did tell. More consequences. Fortunately, these consequences turned out all right. Max found his soulmate in Liz, Michael had his own hands full with Maria. And I had Alex.

Michael learned about consequences when he killed Pierce. And I learned the same lesson when I killed Whittaker. Maybe Tess faced the same consequences when she killed those Skins. I guess I don't know much about Tess anymore.

I even learned about the consequences of my past life. I don't know how my former self could have betrayed my family. I could never do that. Those past actions caused a rift between me and Max, ultimately leading him to go to that conference. An act that led to more consequences.

Max slept with Tess, and for once the consequences seemed to of a normal teenager sort. Teen pregnancy is an issue we all learned about at school. I just never thought we'd have to deal with it. And, of course, it couldn't be a normal pregnancy. The baby was sick.

All of this lead to the ultimate consequences. Tess' betrayal and departure. We all trusted her. Kyle thought of her as his sister, Max SLEPT with her! But she... she killed Alex!

Alex... if it hadn't been for that, I might have been able to understand her. Maybe even sympathize with her. My predecessor was a betrayer. She killed my first love. I wish I had told him I loved him. Telling him in a dream will have to be enough.

Tess brought about more consequence than she would have ever dreamed. She ultimately drove Max and Liz together. I doubt that was her intention. Michael and Maria took their relationship to another level. And I was left alone. It doesn't seem fair that I'm always the one left out. The consequences have left me alone. Because of that, I can never forgive Tess.