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The Elton John Website Ring

You are just the person we have been looking for!
Do you have a webpage or website dedicated to Elton John?
Now you can join the Elton John Website Ring and meet fans
from all around the world.

You will need to fill out the quick & easy form below, submit it
and an email will arrive once you have been added to the webring.

This The Elton John Website Ring site is owned by Joe & Cheyenne.

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  • In the past we have had several sites apply to join the Elton John Website Ring for personal websites. Joe and I discussed this in the beginning deciding to accept only sites dedicated to Elton John. We hope not to offend anyone who has applied in the past or who has considered joining the Elton John Website Ring...

    Joe & Cheyenne

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  • Fill out the form above and submit. Make sure your information is accurate.

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  • You will need to make just a few little changes one you have pasted the code on to your page. In the code, you need to add your email address, name of the person(s) associated with the email and the site number you were assigned (check your email for the number) by removing the --- and placing your site number there.