JP's Wit & Wisdom

Pick a toothbrush color and stick with it.
Label old toothbrushes as such, You don't want to brush your teeth,
with the same brush you just used to clean your carburetor.
Politics, much despised as it is, is indispensible to survival in college.
Item 1; Learn everyone's first name and use it as often as possible.

Taking it easy with a cold is counter productive.
Push yourself as hard as possible and don't bother with
trying to sleep, any sleep you get wont be restful.

You can get an excellent college survival primer by sending $5.00 to
You Can Survive College
PO Box 911
Airway Heights, WA 99001-0911

Good Girls go to Heaven,
Bad Girls and Volkswagens go everywhere else!
Bad Girls IN Volkswagens go to places beyond your imagining!
If you can talk a girl/woman into a hot tub,
you can, with patience and finesse,
talk her into anything and everything else.

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