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My First Piercing

Why Piercing?

This is an under construction web page dedicated to my piercing experiences.

My Favorite Web sites

This guy has the coolest site I've visited so far!!!!

This is a page relating my body piercings and the ones of friends who were kind enough to share thiers with me. My first one was an ear, (Of Course) and it was such a great feeling to have an extra hole there to hang the car-key on.

I'm teasing my parents here, dear people who through thier own lack of understanding, herded me headlong into various alternate lifestyles.

Returning to the subject, my first pierce was also a self pierce. I did it one fine afternoon when my parents were out for the day and I had my various chores in hand. It was kind of primative really. I had seen the Rod Stewart video "Young Turks" that scene where "Billy got his ear pierced, drove a pickup like a lunatic." with his girlfriend piercing his ear with a needle and an ice cube.

Trust Me! That is NOT the way to do it.

Sewing needles are just dandy for woven cloth, which if you've ever examined under a microscope, is essentially threads woven together and the needle can be (and usually is), ball-pointed rather than sharp.

That sucker really hurt and for several days. I was fond of neosporin and hydrogen peroxide solution. The exact two items that pros nowadays say NOT to use.

I survived my ignorance and prospered with an ear bead until my parents, God Bless 'Em, hit me with an ultimatum to either, "Remove that earring or leave this house!" Being 17 and in college, I capitulated on that occasion.

Upon leaving home, one of the first things I did was re-pierce my ear.

The left one of course since I was throughly brainwashed by the right-wing BS that the right ear piercing indicated a homosexual.

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