My Brother (foreground) and myself.  I was 4 or 5 at the time! This WEB Page Under Construction

During World War I in a wooded area called Belleau Wood, and now known as, The Woods of the American Marines, a nameless Seargent roused his troops with the cry "Come on you bastards, you wanna live forever?" Readying my Eddystone Enfield I reflected that I had removed red meat and breads from my diet for just that reason. Not really, -in case one of my readers is one of those 19 year old girls, half my age that think I'm over the hill, until I pop a viagra and have a go at them for 8 hours. Again just joking. (gawdamn liberals think that we're as stupid as they are, worse they think humor is a confession). This is my page devoted to my varied pursuits in pursuit of immortality. The gray hairs coming into my hair and beard have told me two or three things.................

As My Home Page points out, I am overweight, and as a computer geek, I don't get the kind of exercise that I need, in fact any serious attempt at exercise even excessive trips down and up the stairs in order to visit the real world and then return to my lair give me ankle and chest pains, curses designed by the devil, and those who love me, to defeat my attempt to buff up, if only slightly.

This is key readers, when you attempt change the strongest forces of inertia will be from the closest, most loved people in your life. If you change they are afraid that they will have to change or that that comfort zone they have created will be disturbed. A little fact for you!

You will only change when it hurts too much NOT to!!!

No Kidding kiddies, I have been over-large since puberty, and FAT for fifteen years!!!

My fasicination with the photos of my early childhood stem as much from the fact that I am enamored of a self that existed before my weight became an obstacle to my search for self actualization.

Here is my outline and steps for my recovery of my self.
Daily Journaling of such items as;

If you have a iron constitution, or if you like to see stunning masochism at it's finest and most bloody minded, this is the place to be. Once my "Live Forever" Journal is up and running, you'll have a chance to see what a truly dedicated sado-masochist can do to themselves when they set their mind to it.