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That Evil Chili Receipe I promised someone!
Start with three cans of chili in a 12 quart pot!
One pound of Ground Beef - You may sub leftover beef or leave out to pacify vegetarians
Onr undraned can of corn - regular or creamed
One can of Refried Beans
one can of red beans
One and only one packet of peppers from any pizza parlor!

when pot runs low top off in this order......
Refried Beans
Red or Chili Beans
Refried Beans
Red or Chili Beans
Corn Peppers packet
Ground beef cooked
This all should be stirred frequently and thouroughly. without so much beans it also makes a good nacho or burrito filler.......

October 10th 2002,
Got a Compaq Presario 6000 at Fred Meyer's for "Only" $399. That's before taxes but after rebate. Looking at my receipt, I paid $485.37, 85.57 in cash, and a check upon my account for $400.00. My intention was to rip out Windows XP by the roots and place Mandrake LINUX 9.0 in it's place. I've had great fun dinking around with smaller computers and lesser versions of LINUX. Now I want to spread my wings on the internet. But that damn XP. I booted it to see what the hardware was so I could adapt Mandrake to it, and on a whim I hooked up an ethernet cable and this thing screams on the net. I admit that when I've only seen XP at it's worst, not having any of my own until now. Maybe I'll keep the XP or move it to another system.......

Feburary 4, 2000,
I'm going out tonight and have a couple. After 4 days of tending my autistic and 1/2 slaughtered brother, I feel entitled. I once considered becoming a shake-n-bake army doctor. I know I never would have allowed someone to leave the hospital in the condition that the people there did Mark. My god he's been bleeding openly from the incision, and I suspect that the area is ripe for infection. I'm going out for a quick one and a chat with friends. and I'll be back in two hours to sit up with him all night. I think that this is going to take some work.
Feburary 1, 2000,
My brother got home from the hospital today. It is going to be difficult for all of us as his fecal bag has to be tended to once every hour and 20 minutes.
Jan 21, 2000,
Have had the ADSL line since Monday, I can access the hottest stuff and d/l like a champ now, I can access faster than the upstairs lab at SFCC (The CRC). not as good as ths downstairs lab as yet but I am working on it. I am going out to watch my non-computer literate friends get hammered. I suppose by being reasonably sober and driving them home I'm building brownie points toward going to heaven. O/C my heaven is someone elses hell.

Jan 10 2000,
Am expecting the ADSL line today. Also gotta go fight with VoiceStream. They're trying to screw more money out of me than we agreed upon.

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