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WhoWhere? - The Best Communications Guide on the Web
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The Books I've Read and Loved...
Any Books not having a review after the title are either fresh read or have moved me so deeply that I haven't sorted my impressions of them out yet!

Pissed-off White Guy's guide to Personal Safety
by JP Outrageous
Yes the dreaded self-plug. A Definite "On the Edge" book. Learn how to counter theives rapists and murderers that might just have a hard-on for you. A round-up of the techniques and resources available to the criminal and those who don't wish to be their victims had better READ and LEARN. "Wake up and smell the blood young ones" Quoted from Queen of the Damned.

The Healing Rottweiler
By JP Bradley
Yep your author has finally taken it upon himself to create beyond a few mediocre web pages. Liberally smeared with stolen out-of-context cliches, like "Rottweilers, the toughest dogs you'll ever love." This book is dedicated to the proposition that once you've raised Rotts, you'll never go back to poodles.................

The Perv's Guide to the Internet
by The Cybersex Consortium
A Definite "On the Edge" book. Issued by a publisher that specialises in xxx-rated stories featuring male homosexuals, the content more than makes up for it's shaky pedigree

The Ultimate Internet Terrorist
By Robert Merkle
I strongly suspect that young Merkle was either heavily edited, which from Paladin Press would be ridiculous, or that he is saving himself for a sequel. I mean you can actually sense that he is holding back. A lot of the most current information has been already superseded by recent developements.

The Ultimate Internet Outlaw
By Robert Merkle
I was right, the boy was holding back. His new offering kind of shorts you on the page count, but more than makes up for it in the quality of what's offered. New tips on how to probe adult pay sites, MP3'z until you wanna puke and also some handy tips on how to avoid taking a good stupfing when you buy your new killah computah..........

The Happy Hacker
By Carol Meinel
A definite must read. I've seen a lot of garbage out there pretending to be hacker/instruction books. I mainly read the fine manuals (RTFM-Carol's Definition) for the information purposes, as I'm way too law abiding nowadays.

How to Date Young Women For Men Over 35
By R. Don Steele
A hunting guide for that most select of big game, the young woman of class, taste & distinction that will realize that you are utterly unique, and everything that she wants before she goes on to Marriable Mr. Rite. The book is only the tip of the Ice Cube, the near legendary feud between Paul Ross Jefferys and the author makes for some interesting reading. (ref: Perv's guide to the Internet).

How to Date Young Women For Men Over 35
Volume II Advanced Skills
By R. Don Steele
A few clarifications from the first volume but certainly not worth the $22.95 price, especially if you shelled out $19.95 for the first volume already. I understand that the man is planning to publish a third volume consisting of his club/groups correspondence. When I bought the first volume and joined the newslist, I was invited to attend his advanced seminar in Whittier California, for free no less. My Aunt Cynthia once said "Anything you get for free usually isn't worth what you paid for it."