50 facts about JP Outrageous

(concept also cheeerfully expropriated from Molly Zero's site)

  1. I despise Diet Soda of any sort.
  2. If god had meant for us to drink diet soda, S/He wouldn't have made bicycles and 15 miles of road!
  3. I have no problem beliving in god as a woman, a man couldn't be so cruel!
  4. I am starting a bicycling regimen.   (I'm hoping to get up to 20 miles a day!)
  5. This isn't for weight control.
  6. This is to liberate myself from rising gas prices
  7. I am quite overweight.
  8. I have spent more than my fair share on diets and "Miracle Cure's".
  9. I was playing / experimenting with house current electricity since age 3.
  10. I didn't even hear of Tesla until I was 17.
  11. I can fix or wire almost anything using household electrical current.
  12. Most of the time I don't even bother to switch off the power.
  13. My main goal in life is to have enough cash to tell anyone who wishes to annoy me to "Fuck Off"!
  14. I have raised one Rottweiler to young adulthood, and am amazed at the intellegence level.
  15. I'd like to raise a few Rottweilers just for the pleasure of their company.
  16. If Reincarnation is real, I wanna be a Rott. next time around.
  17. R O T T W E I L E R S     R U L E ! ! !
  18. This list and the other things are an effort to re-interest myself in web programming.
  19. It has begun to bore me of late.
  20. I have two favorite T-Shirts.
  21. The first reads "Fuh-Goth!".
  22. The other reads "They are called Goths, not MIMES!"
  23. I am a great fan of Lost Causes.
  24. The Amiga Computer.
  25. The Constitution as a basis for law and justice.
  26. Trying to make the world a better place through non-violent means.
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