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Jeroen Krabbe

I hope that this page will one day become a wonderful information resource for Mr. Krabbe', but I still have a lot to learn myself. A veteren of over FIFTY films,Jeroen Krabbe'still remains little known in the United States, though some may recognize him from such films as The Fugitive, Immortal Beloved, and Ever After. Others may even be able to associate him as a villianous character, due to roles in The Living Daylights,The Prince of Tides and as Georgi Koskov in the James Bond film The Living Daylight, but those are hardly his only great achievements. Jeroen has proved to be gifted in a large variety of films and continues to work steadily at this after thirty-plus years in the business. He is my favorite actor and I hope that others will appreciate him after viewing this page.

And you can always feel free to e-mail me if I have some wrong info or if you know some great facts of him. My address is cutsily .(but that does not mean that I am Jeroen!)There is also a guestbook. Sign the guestbook. Jeroen would appreciate it.


The many films of Jeroen Krabbe'--I have seen over twenty of them and will offer an opinion.

Facts on Jeroen Krabbe'--I have read several articles and plan for this to be detailed

The many films and co-stars of Jeroen Krabbe (a page of links--under construction)

and more!(perhaps)

Jeroen is set to direct his second film The Discovery of Heaven based on the acclaimed novel. Set to film in the spring on 2000, this seems like a major release, complete with an internation cast and a 15 million dollar budget, the biggest budget to be used for a film in Holland. A 2001 release date has been mentioned.

Jeroen will also appear in the CBS telefilm Jesus, playing....Satan. This should be airing before the end of spring. Jeremy Sisto and Gary Oldman co-star.

Appearantly Jeroen has a film called Cash Cows that played in the 1998 Cannes Film Fest(so it's not exactally new), so I would like to assume that it is going to be released one of these days. I know nothing about this film, but if anybody does, please let me know!

And a couple of Jeroen films are now available on video. One being the acclaimed An Ideal Husband, where Jeroen co-stars among Rupert Everett, Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett and Minnie Driver, and the other Business For Pleasure, a film directed by Zalmon King (of the Wild Orchid films) in which Jeroen stars.


Here is Jeroen at the premiere of Left Luggage with co-star Isabella Rossellini and his wife, Herma.

And here is an article on Jeroen discussing all that he went through during the making of Left Luggage.

Another story on the same subject

And another from the time it played the the Berlin Film Festival.

Jeroen and Renee Soutendijk, his co-star of Spetters and The Fourth Man

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What is Shadowman you might ask? Little is known about this rare film starring two great talents, Jeroen and Tom Hulce, but somebody did know enough to make a page about it. Click on the picture to find out more.

Besides being an actor, Jeroen is also known for his painting. Well, here is a site that actually displays two of his works. Take a look.

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Jeroen in Left Luggage.

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