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Jeretta (Jer-EH-tah); name is invention of the player

Jeretta's Leathers
        Shadow become human, fluid of movement, delicate of build, petite of frame--if she tops five feet, it would be an achievement. Raven's-wing-black hair, sacrificed partially for the sake of convenience, falls to her waist, cropped from floor-length. Straight as a reed, it usually either falls free or is twisted into a neat, tight braid. Pale, perfectly pure ivory skin with no trace of rosiness or blush covers her cheeks. Large, deep eyes of an incredible shade of violet are set in her face like giant amethysts, gleaming darkly in her thin, yet well-proportioned face. A petite, almost elfin build creates the illusion of fragility. Her movements have smoothed out and refined, settling into an adult grace from previous adolescent awkwardness. Her features are delicate, yet well-defined and proportioned to each other as well as the rest of her. Tiny hands posess a light touch, and tiny feet have a light step. Soft lips are easy to smile and slow to frown
       Attached to Jeri's shoulder is a shiny new knot of orange and black, threaded artistically through with brown--a brand new wingriders' knot!
One of the perks of being a full rider as opposed to a weyrling is leathers that actually fit. Trim, well-tailored jacket and trousers in deepest black hug closely to her tiny figure, since she's finally learned the advantage of close-fitting clothing for riding. Under the jacket, a short sleeveless tunic in the same black wherhide is layered over a crisp white blouse (with eyelet edging, naturally). Brand-new black boots cover her feet and legs up to just shy of the knees. Her long black hair is braided in a crownlike arrangement around her head, to cushion the matching black helmet that she wears while flying.
Jeretta and Ruulth

Black Velvet

        Ebony velvet blends with raven hair to form night in human form. Simple tunic and skirt, cut well but not flashy, are crafted of high-quality, thick black velvet. Skirt is cut full and drapes well over her delicate form. Hair is left to stream down her back unfettered by pins or braids. Slung over one shoulder is a bag of the same black velvet, embroidered elaborately with a sparkling silver thread in patterns of delicate flowers and otherworldly plants.

Summer Love

       Light and floating, the gauzy cloth of Jeretta's outfit is perfectly suited to the summer's heat, but dyed in a distinctly non-summery shade of dusky purple-grey. Softly shaped tunic with no sleeves falls to her knees, its simple lines broken by twin slits on either side that reach to her waist. A series of opalescent seashell buttons holds the tunic closed in front. Loose, flowing pants in fabric to match the tunic can be seen below the tunic hemline. Underneath her tunic, she wears a lacy shirt of a similar fabric in a soft ivory, with loose belled sleeves and elaborately cut-out embroidered lace cuffs and neckline. The hem of the tunic and the cuffs of the pants are detailed by a matching cut-out embroidery pattern, worked in a shade of purple perhaps two grades darker than the fabric. Wherhide sandals, dyed black, finish the outfit. Her floor-grazing tresses are wound into one thick braid, which is tied off by a wherhide thong dyed purple.


        Cloaked in earth's brown, a step backwards blends a diminutive dragonet seamlessly into the landscape of a forgotten forest. His patchmeal hide aids the blending process, beginning with a distinctive cap of mousy brown atop the skull while a sunwarmed nose of golden tones peaks emerges beneath eyeridges. Rowan's darkness, stolen from a summer ermine, forms a cape down his back before climbing dramatically up his wingsails, accented by a stripe of near black which completely follows the course of neckridges all the way to tail's tip. Underneath it all lies a rarely seen belly of pine, strangely grafted to the carved ebony forming chest and legs. The loving hand of his rider has garlanded the neck of this brown with an array of fighting straps, carefully tanned and crafted to strict specifications and a perfect fit for the young dragon's form. Unable to stomach the idea of plain, unadorned leather, however, some creative mind has added a tracery of embroidered leaves and vines in a deep shade of hunter green, complementing both leather and dragon hide, up and down the straps. Brassy buckles, polished to a high shine, fasten straps to each other and hold them in place around Ruulth's neck.


The theme of this Hatching was Movie Characters of Fantasy (I think). This desc was written by Kalona@DragonsfireMOO, and was based on Rool, the mouse-hatted brownie from Willow.


Jeretta is a quiet, introverted girl, more given to embroidering pillows than embroidering tales. The daughter of a woman of Ista Hold and a Fishcrafter, her father was swept overboard and drowned in a ferocious squall, leaving her mother alone with a very young daughter. Jeretta's mother had no idea what to do with a child, not being that far from one herself. She sought comfort after losing her spouse in the arms of other men...many, many other men, displaying morals looser than your average nightgown. Jeretta was spending more and more time with the other holders' daughters at Ista, and soon realized that not only was her mother's behavior not normal, it was also very much not acceptable. In horror, she withdrew from her mother, but couldn't get away from her entirely. Eventually, Lady Zemala decided that Jeretta would be better served by fosterage, and sent her to Lady Yasmine at Fort Hold. Yasmine was delighted to have a new student to tutor in the embroidery arts, at which Jeretta excelled. Roughly a Turn after her arrival at Fort, however, she was snatched off by blue Kadarth, and dumped in front of a clutch of dragon eggs at Ista Weyr. It was there that she met the true love of her life, in the form of brown Ruulth. She settled into a quiet life at the Weyr, disturbed mainly by Ruulth's insistence in chasing any green that decided to rise...which was severely at odds with her self-imposed celibacy. Thankfully (or so she thought), he never managed to catch one, and her virtue remained intact.

In her fourth Turn of full riderhood, Ruulth's chasing ways didn't alter much--until his clutchmate Aldrieth rose and he gave chase, as usual. Not so as usual--he caught her, much to his shock and his rider's utter dismay. Aldrieth's rider, J'sen, was surprised at her total inexperience, and was amazingly gentle with her. The two had been friends since Candidacy, which helped. They began spending rather a lot of time together, and observers noted that Jeri started to loosen up around others, especially around men. However, idylls were not to be...

Jeretta had evolved into a woman who needed a single, monogamous, stable relationship. In a Weyr, especially a Weyr with Ista's proclivities, such relationships are few, far between, and incredibly difficult to find. That didn't stop Jeri from trying, though. When J'sen couldn't deliver, Jeri took up with Ua'rk, the former Weyrleader. The two became close enough to weyrmate. It actually looked like it was going to work out, until one rather interesting night. One -very- interesting night. Ruulth had established a fondness for Paniliath, Fiora's green dragon, and this fondness led him to seek out Pani on someone else's ledge. That someone was G'briel, Ista's established...well...uh...randiest person in residence. Some interesting things happened that night. Confused, and a bit frightened, Jeri found herself distancing from Ua'rk, and talking to D'san, rider of bronze Mnemaxath, and a recent transfer from Igen Weyr. Things only got worse a couple of months later--Jeri found out she was pregnant, and had no clue whatsoever who the father was. Her disturbance over this only grew as it became increasingly obvious that she might never know who the father was, as Ua'rk and G'briel bore more than a slight resemblance to each other.

Most of the time, when a rider Impresses, it serves to stabilize their personality. Every now and again, though, there are exceptions, and Jeri is one of them. Being a very feminine girl, Impressing a very masculine dragon served to further knock her emotions out of alignment. As Ruulth insisted on chasing every last female dragon that went up, this served to send the young lady into a spiral of intense self-hatred and depression. It was D'san who came to her rescue, serving as shoulder to cry on, ear to listen, and gentle protector all in one. It's no surprise that Jeri was more than a little smitten with the tall bronzerider. One night, though, the Weyr's senior queen, Tajiath, chose to rise, and Ruulth gave chase-but it was Mnemaxath who caught, making D'san the Weyrleader

D'san almost immediately had Jeri move in with him, as her weyr was on an upper level and she was too far advanced in pregnancy to mount Ruulth properly. Shortly thereafter, despite Jeri's best efforts to keep him groundbound, Ruulth chased another gold, this time Isabeth. Much to both his and Jeri's shock, he actually caught, making him a first-time clutchsire. A month or two after Ruulth caught Isabeth, Jeri went into labor, and, with D'san in attendance, gave birth to a small, but healthy daughter, named Jetje.

So Jeri and D'san ended up on the Sands together, and embarked on the challenge of raising little Jetje together. What should have been a blissful time was marred by Jeri's increasing self-doubts. Jeri and D'san had long since become lovers, but D'san couldn't or wouldn't commit and be faithful to her. Believing this to be caused by her own inadequacies as a lover and a person, Jeri started heading back down into a terrible depression, one that wouldn't break regardless of anyone's best efforts. It took one very interesting slap in the face for her to snap out of it--in the form of the Weyr's newly acquired handyman, Jorrin.

Jorrin was a Holdbred man, with a particularly brusque attitude. He had first seen Jeri on his first day at the Weyr, and had somehow decided that she -would- be his. No questions asked, no arguments. He also told Jeri as much. Jeri, appalled by the mere idea, resisted his every move, until Ruulth lost yet another flight, and he happened to be around. That was when she realized this gruff man had made more of an impression on her than she wanted to admit. After that night (and all he did was kiss her, too--terrible tormenter, he was), Jeri moved out of D'san's weyr, though the two remain on very good terms and share the duties of raising Jetje.

All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright(c) Anne McCaffrey 1967,2000, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.