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Allegria's Castle!

Allegria, by Keryn@DF

Pronunciation of Name: Ah-LEH-gree-ah. French/Italian 'e' sound on the second syllable. Last syllable is more of a schwa sound than a true 'ah' sound.
Origins of the name: A combination of the Spanish term 'alegria', meaning happiness, and the Italian musical term 'allegro', meaning swift or fast. Both words fit her personality quite well.

Proud stance and perfect posture add the illusion of inches to a frame average in height and still slim, though she is no longer the waiflike girl she once was. Thick, well-kept tresses of richest auburn red, shot through here and there with golden amber, hang in a cascade of luxurious spiral curls to her trim waist. Eternally bright emerald eyes, framed by long lashes, glitter from a sharp-featured face tanned to the color of toast by the constant sun of Ista Island, and sprinkled ever-so-slightly with freckles across her delicate nose and over her cheeks. Rather formidable curves define a well-proportioned figure, while long legs still walk in the loping stride of her youth. Rosy lips smile readily, and no wrinkle or line mars her face just yet.

Allegria is a native of the Fort Hold area, a daughter of a wealthy small holder who holds his lands of Lord Naslon and raises grain and root crops. She came to the Harper Hall at the age of fourteen, and elected to take an apprenticeship, rather than simply a student position as most girls of her age and station would. She quickly achieved Journeyman status, and spent most of her Journeyman period in Ista Hold with her lover, Harper Master Rylian. After some time, they had a falling-out which resulted in her being reposted to the Harper Hall. Shortly before she attained her Mastery, she learned that Rylian had died in a freak accident. The fact that she never had a chance to reconcile with him still weighs on her soul, albeit not as heavily as it did several Turns ago. Since then, she's settled into being the Hall's somewhat eccentric, but always strict, Vocal Master. The apprentices all groan about having to sit classes with her, but every last one of them admits that she has a lot to teach them, and only jumps all over them when they haven't done their assignments.

Allegria has not had any real emotional involvement in her life for over a decade, being utterly dedicated to her work and her students. Literally days after her thirty-second Turnday, though, the liking she had always had for the Hall's watchrider, D'ron, blossomed most unexpectedly into love. Such things can't last forever, though, and eventually the relationship fizzled out, leaving Allegria to spend time with a number of people, most notably Fort Hold's steward, Sabin, the womanizing lech that he is.

And then we get around to a certain point in Allegria's life, perhaps halfway through her thirty-fourth Turn. The Masters of the Harper Hall were gathered for an informal meeting in Masterharper Charlton's office, with Gaelin griping and Ella sniping and Byre just kind of there, when Charlton dropped the bomb--he was retiring, and handing his knot over to none other than Allegria herself. Stunned, she nonetheless accepted, taking over after twenty Turns of guidance from Charlton. It remains to be seen how this will affect the rest of her life.

Allegria, age 19

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