WHO IS ICP????????

To start, here's their names. Violent J's name Is Joseph Bruce and Shaggy 2 Dope's real name is Joseph Ultser.

ICP used to stand for Inner City Posse. Under this name they did two albums; Basement Cuts and Dog Beats. Although Dog Beats can still be found in a few stores, only a few demo/tape copies of Basement Cuts were made. While Dog Beats started to become popular in the Detroit area, Inner City Posse started to become victims of gang violence, causing Shaggy 2 Dope, and Violent J to go out on their own. While some of the old ICP members were still cool with Shaggy and J, they weren't too thrilled with the whole Dark Carnival revolution, leaving the two clowns on their own. This is when the whole Joker's Cards idea started. Producing their first major LP (Carnival Of Carnage) under the name Insane Clown Posse, this would be the first of six Joker Cards. After the sixth card has fallen, the world will come to an end according to ICP. Ringmaster, Riddle Box, and The Great Milenko, and The Amazing Jeckel Brothers are the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th already fallen cards. Now there is only one more card, bringing ICP even closer to their prophecy. About Faygo, well, this is what the two Clowns grew up on while living in Southwest Detroit as kids. Also known as "Poor Man's Pop", it can be found in truck loads at all of of ICP's shows (which will later be sprayed into the crowd, and most likely rot out the clubs floor, and ruin walls beyond repair). Faygo is kind of like a reality check for them, it allows them to never forget their roots, and what their music is really about.

As for magazines claiming the two clowns are just mocking Gangster Rap, and trying to create a joke of it, as well as being prejudice, these two clowns grew up in the middle of the ghetto, living off of food stamps, so they know how it really is. ICP, because their white, are dissed all too often. As far as them being called prejudice, ha, that's the last thing you'd get from these guys. Their albums talk about how much they hate Rednecks and Bigots. Think about it, lyrics like "Who's going Chicken Huntin, we'se going Chicken Huntin..." or some of the lyrics off of The Great Milenko, which contains lyrics like "back to reality and what you're about, your wife can't smile cause you knocked her teeth, and she can't see straight from being hit, because you're a fat fxcking drunk piece of shxt, but it's all good here, come have a beer, I'll break the top off it, and shove it in your ear." I mean, come on, listen to a few of their songs, and if you still think their prejudice, you need to check yourself.

Right now ICP and Eminem are constantly makin fun of each other, but most people agree that ICP is the much funnier than eminem, who cant even make someone laugh. listen to slim anus for the truth about eminem. he tried makin a song about ICP, but it really sucked.