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Indie Jones' Hangout

Hi! Welcome to Indie Jones' Hangout.
I'm an 11 year old boy and will be in 6th grade. I'm looking forward to this being my last year in elementary school and not having my sister around all the time.

I have some great news to share!! I am now a black belt in karate! Yesterday I was allowed to run the lower belts through drills and warm ups and it was really a lot of fun. One of my karate teachers told me that in order to earn my adult black belt rank I need to help teach for a set number of hours and that takes up to three years. By then I'll be 14 and will be in the adult class. If I do complete it, I'll get a certificate stating that I am an adult black belt and will receive the black pants too. Right now my uniform is white. Mom asked me if I'm going to try to do it, I'm not sure at the moment, so I guess I need to think about it a little more.

This week I got to trade some baseball and basket ball cards with a friend of mine. I got one of my old cards back that I traded last time. My friend wanted Dennis Rodman, so we swapped, which was fine by me. I sure have a lot of them, I think there must be nearly 100 cards. I'll have to count them and see. Mom took me to a card shop and I saw a card I really would like to have, but it costs $180 so guess I won't be getting that one.

What else is there about Indie Jones? Well, my favorite movies are Indiana Jones series, Star Wars and probably Toy Story. I love to play Nintendo with my buddy, flag football with my friends at school and legos are my favorite toys. I love to eat, bread, mom's homemade pizza and Mexican food are my favorites. I hate to drink milk, but mom let's me put chocolate in it so I do. I also play piano which reminds me, I have a lesson today, so maybe I can ride my bike to the teacher's house since it's staying light out later. I shouldn't forget to mention that I'm almost as tall as mom and I love to drive her nuts. Nothing makes me happier then to ask her what I can have for lunch. . .you should see the look on her face. Usually she says, what you see is what you get, but it's worth just yanking her chain. Actually I probably shouldn't do that too much, because she's always saying to dad, "Do you know what your son did??". Do you think maybe I irritate her a lot? :-) Oh well, I have to have something to do during this rainy, crummy summer and irking my sister isn't fun anymore.

I love animals and if I could get away with it, I'd have a whole bunch of pets. Our family have two birds, parakeet, Sunny and a cockatiel, Doc. Doc and I are really special friends. You should hear him scream when he hears me come home from school. Doc spends most of his time riding on my shoulder and whistling at my feet. It's weird, but he loves socks, must think they are another bird. Well I suppose this is enough for a while, I'll add a few more links and I hope you enjoy visiting here!

Before I go, I would like to ask you to please do not download this background, as it is a special gift from Lady Fox to me, thanks!! If you would like to have a special one made for you, please visit her homepage and she'll be more then happy to do it!
Thank you Lady Fox!!!

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