Harmer Family Association
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Harmer Family Association

For those studying their Harmer, Harmar, Harman (and other variants) family history

We're Worldwide!

The Harmer Family Association (HFA) is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1978. Its goals are to:
1. Promote and support research into the history of the Harmer family
2. Promote unity and fellowship amongst the descendants of the Harmers
3. Sponsor the quarterly publication of the Harmer Family Newsletter
4. Sponsor the publication of a history of the Harmers

HFA members are currently found in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
The HFA Newsletter is published quarterly in the UK and an annual reunion is held in the UK each summer.

1997 UK Harmer Family Reunion

2000 UK Harmer Family Reunion

On 8 August 1998, 129 members attended the 20th Annual Reunion at Heathfield, East Sussex.

On 11 September 1999, 84 members turned out at Matfield, Kent for our annual reunion.

On 9 September 2000, 90 members turned out at Rushlake Green, East Sussex for our annual reunion.

On 1 September 2001, more than 70 members met at the Village Hall in Broad Oak, near Heathfield, East Sussex for our annual reunion.

The 24th Annual Reunion will be held on Saturday, 14 September 2002, at Matfield, Kent.

Three major groups of Harmers (all from England) have been identified so far:
1. Sussex Harmers
2. Norfolk Harmers
3. Gloucestershire Harmers

The Sussex Harmers have been traced back to John Harmer in the mid-16th century. Norfolk and Gloucestershire Harmers are mentioned in the Domesday Book. An index of more than 36,000 Harmers has been created to date.

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Harmer Haunts in East Sussex

Being a collection of photos of villages, churches and other places in East Sussex where our Harmer ancestors lived, worked, prayed and played in centuries past.....

Heathfield, East Sussex
Cuckoo Trail
Typical East Sussex Fields
All Saints Parish Church, Heathfield
All Saints Parish Church - #2
A Jonathan Harmer Terra Cotta
"Harmers", Jonathan Harmer's Cottage in Old Heathfield
Heathfield Community Centre, Venue for the 20th Reunion

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(as of 12 August 2000)

Jonathan Harmer's Terracottas (1799-1839)

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Join Us!

To join the Harmer Family Association, contact one of the following:

Mrs. Gillian Price
37 Lache Park Avenue
Chester CH4 8HS
phone: 01244 674897
Email: gill.price@virgin.net
Click here to join: HFA Membership Application - UK

Keath Cowell
3884 Douglas Mt. Drive
Golden, CO 80403
phone: 303-279-0895
Email: COMMWELL@aol.com
Click here to join: HFA Membership Application - USA
Click here to order a free HFA Newsletter from Keath: Free Newsletter (USA Addresses)

John Sayers
2157 Fillmore Crescent
Gloucester, Ontario K1J 6A1
phone: 613-747-5547
Email: sayersji@sympatico.ca
Click here to join: HFA Membership Application - Canada
Click here to order a free HFA Newsletter from John: Free Newsletter (Canada Addresses)

Mrs. Cora Num
17 Pendred Street
Pearce, ACT 2607
phone: 02 62865887
Email: dnum@pcug.org.au
Click here to join: HFA Membership Application - Australia

Click here to go to Cora's Genealogy Website: Cora Num's Genealogy Page

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Harmer Email Addresses

To add your Email address to this list, send your information to me at my Email address below:

Email: harmer@worldnet.att.net

Images From the First Reunion of the HFA in 1978

Visitors Book from the First Reunion
John Harmer Addresses Reunion
Haremere Hall, Site of the First Reunion
John and Dale Harmer at Haremere Hall

Visitor Number

Email: harmer@worldnet.att.net

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