Becky's Review of the Moffatts concert In Puyallup Wa,

Scott looked at me several times and he smiled at me when i flashed him. (He saw me flash him three times) I touched Dave's hand and i touched Daves leg. My friend Theresa shook Scotts, Daves and Clints hands. And when we were chasing the van (when they were leaving), Scott did this cutr little thing. He put his finger to his mouth, licked it ,and put it againist the window. Lucky thing.That Theresa.Theresa told me this. I don't know it it was true. Dave sang to some girl next to me in the front row. And Scott like striped during the second song. ( written all over my heart) During "Misery" In the "I wish that i could touch you, feel you..." You know. He like runs his hand down his stomach as he sings "I wish that you could hold me, touch me, feel me..." Wow. And he like ( in a nother part) Ran his hands down the microphone....Like he was feeing up or something. He's so hot. At the end Scoot thanked everyone ( you know, his dad, his mom, his fans ect) He said" We want to thank you the best. Because we love you" then he smiled when we all screamed. During his one part (i don't remember witch song) While Scott was doing his little pelvic thrusts,(takeoff on Elvis) Dave saw that the crowd really liked that, so he tried to copy Scott and do it himself. Then he just laughed and walked away. I think Dave is jealous of Scott, but that's another story. What else happened? They did like 3 encores and they sang about five of other peoples songs too. Like Lenny Kavitz's "Fly away" And That "Hey Micky your so fine" Song. at the beginning, when Scott came out on stage, he flipped off the crowd.I saw tha i swear. Real fast though. Not a lot of people saw it. Scott was wearing a overshirt with a oversized tie ( i think it was green ) and shiny metallic silver drawstring wide leg pants, red plaid boxers, And orange Nikes. Dave was wearing a very gay looking multi colered shirt (rainbow) and yellow nylon cargo pants. Bob was wearing a wife beater and i don't know what pants. THough like half of the concert, Clint was wearing a white shirt and i don't remember what pants. I think blue jeans Scott is really fond of the "Rock on" sign. He used it a really lot in the concert. Scott kept making eye contact with me and he got hard during like "misery" and a nother song. I think it was girl of my dreams. Dave was hard during "Miss you like crazy" and another song with i don't reemmber. ( at least i thought he was...i could be wrong..) When Scott was walking around the front shaking peoples hands, Theresa shook it and would'nt let go. He said, " You have to let go, you know" she's like "No! i can't!" But she let go about two seconds later. He smiled at her and kept on singing. during on part of it all, during miss you like crazy, Dave sung to this girl next to me. It was so sweet. All and al, i was inpressed by their skill on stage. It was one of the best nights of my life. Weel, that's all i remember but i hope you enjoyed my concert review! Email me with any comments!