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---UPDATED 10/1/01. ---ATTENTION READ THIS FIRST: I update this site alot, so just hit your reload buttun every once in a while. Hey People. I've had some mixed feelings about this site. I thought none was reading these...I guess I was wrong. I've desided to put this site back up on the web...but remove "Why does it have to hurt". I'm leaving the short stories up, and might start another long story soon when I have time, but for now, everyone cn read the short ones. My stories are a little bit different then most genaric han-fiction. Everyone who has read them has said they loved them. So, by all means, if you like them, tell me in the g-book! I don't have a hitcounter, so that's why I need the people to sign the g-book. I need some help, people! lol Thanks! Everyone seems to like "Electric blue laser eyes" the best. that one first, if you want.
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