Fan Fiction links

Okay. I have read all these stories, and they are my apsolute favorites. This my collection of various hanson fan-fiction links. ( in other words, gay, straight, science fiction, romance, death ones, whatever!) These,in my opinion, are some of the best fan-fiction on the web. I have chosen these carefully, I HIGHLY recommend "Behind the walls of silence" and "Ever lonely", if you want to read a amazing story and you don't mind long ones (just bookmark). I had to add this page because there are so many good stories out there I have read that need people to read them! I don't know if my apinion means anything, but hey, I think it does! I don't read shitty fan-fiction. The below are my very favorite stories of all time in the han-fic world. I busted my ass looking all over the net for these links, be grateful! Be very grateful! LOL some of these I read along time ago....but they are still around. These stories will change you. most of these stories are rated R or PG-13. Enjoy!

ever lonely
alot of things can happen
behind the walls of silence
until the end of time
distortedly perfect
like a sunburn
dying wishes
never before and never again
eternal night