a story that kicks ass

Nicole* I wandered around the meeting room casually, amidst the throngs of scantily-clad, overly-made up teenies. The squeals and giggles were enough to give me a headache but we were all here for basically the same reason. To see *them*...Or in my case, to see *him.* There was a tightly packed line leading to the long narrow table where the three young men sat, scribbling their name over and over on CD cases, t-shirts, posters, and various body parts, although their record company rep and their *father* of all people were there to be sure no breasts were flopped out to be autographed, and that none of the girls got overly excited, grabbing at -- or throwing themselves on -- the precious boys. From the back of the room I got a few brief glimpses of the three blondes between the crowd of mostly-girls, waiting their turn for their 15 seconds to make an impression. As the line thinned a bit I finally got a good look at him. His smile was sincere as he looked up and into their tearful eyes, and shook hands with each girl in line, no matter how much she squealed or giggled or cried, he was ever the charming young gentleman, making each one feel as though *she* were special in his baby blue eyes. I smoothed my skirt over my hips and smiled to myself, sure that I had him all figured out, and that my plan would be quite successful. I watched him closely for several minutes until he finally glanced my way. I kept my eyes fixed on his as he looked to the next girl in line, then took a double take, his eyes jerking back to me, roving over me for several moments before the next one caught his attention by waving her CD is his face. Perfect. I smirked. His face changed, the look in his eyes not quite as sincere, he was obviously distracted and took every second possible to steal another glance my way. I was very nonchalant, looking around the room at the thinning crowd, checking my watch, then finally glancing back his way, catching his steely blue gaze, bestowing him with a slightly flirtatious smile, then looking away again. He was squirming. Awesome. I bit my lip to avoid giggling. *Taylor* Autograph signings were not one of my favorite things to do, but I did enjoy meeting the fans. Some of them got a little over-excited and others were a little under-dressed. Too-young girls in too much make up and not enough clothing was just not attractive to me. Sure lots of them were very pretty but after awhile it really took someone different to catch your eye. And *different* was more in attitude than in looks. It took two hours to get through the thickest part of the line of easily exciteable girls. After awhile I started to do everything automatically. Smile, shake, nod, sign, nice to meet you, bye. I felt bad...I wanted them all to know I was sincerely appreciative of their support of the band, but these sessions were mentally exhausting after awhile. I glanced around the rest of the room to see how many fans were left when I got glimpse of her. The young fan in front of me stuck her hand out, giggling, which momentarily took my attention away, but I instinctively leaned to the right a bit to see around her, just long enough for my eyes to do a slow dance over the young woman near the back of the room. She was tall and had long golden brown hair that hung in loose waves over her shoulders and fringey bangs that tangled in her eyelashes. She wore a black and white striped sweater, with a short, but not too short, black skirt that hugged her curves, and black high-top docs. There was something about her that captured my attention and I couldn't drag my eyes away. But I had to. I had to talk to the next fan, and the next...but every millisecond I got, I stole another glance at her. She caught my gaze and a slow smile crossed her lips, causing me to blush. I could feel the heat in my cheeks and silently cursed myself for being so easily flustered. Continuing to smile, shake, nod...I worked my way through the line, hoping she'd either *join* the line, or still be around afterwards so I could talk to her. She seemed a bit older than most of the girls there tonight, and I feared she was playing the big sister role...not a fan, just tagging along to keep track of her little sister who was the "real" fan. Again I caught her gaze and she stared back at me, a look that I felt deep into my soul and made my chest ache. She smiled, then her pink tongue slid across her bottom lip before she bent over at the waist to retie the lace on her boot. I was dumbstruck. I doubt she did it intentionally, but I could see right down her sweater, the tops of her breasts fully exposed to me. I gawked blatantly until Ike elbowed me and whispered loudly. "Tay, c'mon..you falling asleep on us? We're almost done." I jerked back to the business of writing my name and was almost afraid to look back up at her. I knew my face was flushed and the stiffness in my boxers was uncomfortable and distracting. I squirmed in my seat a bit to adjust things. *Nicole* I waited for a break in the line so I could give him a good long look. The blue eyes once again roved over me so I took the opportunity to give him a little show. I smiled, slowly licked my lower lip then bent over to retie my boot, knowing full well he had a perfect view right down my sweater. Thank god for wonderbras. The older one nudged him and said something scoldingly, and he went back to the business of scribbling his name. His cheeks were deliciously pink and he squirmed a bit, causing me to wonder if he was that easily excited. If so, this could prove to be a very delightful evening. I wandered over to the line, standing alongside the last few girls so he couldn't see me until I was right there in front of him. *Taylor* When I had a chance to look up again, she was gone. I felt the frown crease my forehead, but I couldn't help it. She was probably an older sister, just like I suspected. I sighed loudly and tried to put on a fake smile for the last half a dozen fans in line. I looked up expecting to be handed a CD or a piece of paper awaiting my autograph, but gasped aloud. My God it was her. She was even more breathtaking up close. She smiled at me provocatively, her golden brown eyes twinkling with mischief. "H-h-hi..." I stammered. Ohhhh...smooth one Tay. "Hi." Her voice floated from her mouth to my ears, soft yet sultry, sweet yet dangerous. "I'm Nicole." She flashed a killer grin at me. "I was wondering if you knew how to get to the Esquire Hotel from here?" She glanced up, looking at my brothers, my Dad, and Ashley who were standing behind us, appearing that she was asking any one of us, but had been blatantly staring at me up until that point. My mouth hung open. That was the last thing I expected to hear from her perfect pink lips. Dad stepped in. "Sure, it's just down this street about 7 blocks on the right-hand side." Her perfect mouth twisted in an unsatisfied scowl. "Wow. Seven blocks." She looked contemplative. "That's a long way to walk in this weather." She then smiled deliciously at him, causing even Dad to blush. "Okay, well thank you for your help." She turned back and smiled at me again, waving her fingers like we were old friends just saying 'so long' and determinedly walked away. "Wait!" I squeaked. "Nicole?" Everyone looked at me except her. I turned to my left and glared pleadingly at Dad. "We can give her a ride, right Dad?!" I mean that's *our* hotel! We can't let her walk all that way alone it's raining and..." "Okay, okay...calm down Taylor!" Dad frowned. "Yes we can but *please* keep your voice down or we'll have 500 fans waiting outside the hotel when we get there." I looked up but she had already vanished. I scooted my chair back quickly and basically ran to the door looking left down the street, then right, seeing no one. I sighed dejectedly and turned back to everyone's puzzled and curious looks. ++++ *Taylor* I couldn't drag my thoughts away from her. We bumped along in the van to our hotel, Ike and Zac chattering about what they wanted for dinner and who knows what else, but it was annoying the hell out of me. I crawled inside my body and shut them out, gazing through the droplets rivuleting down the window. "Hey, Tay!" Zac nudged me out of my daydream, then stepped out ahead of me to exit the van. He jumped out, stomping into a puddle with both mammoth feet of his. "Fuck, Zac!" I complained loudly, looking down at my wet shoes and the brown droplets all over my pants. Dad shot me a 'watch your mouth' glance and I instantly blushed. "Sorry." I muttered. We walked through the hotel lobby like a tired parade, everyone a few steps ahead of me. I had my hands stuffed into my pockets and my shoulders slumped, really *not* looking forward to spending another rainy night caged like an animal in a hotel room with my brothers. From the corner of my eye I saw a young girl about Avery's age. She recognized me and smiled and waved. I couldn't help smiling back. As she slowly approached me, I glanced ahead at my family. They were waiting at the elevator, completely unaware I wasn't right there with them. I shrugged and stopped to greet her. Her name was Lindsey, and she was 9 years old. She asked the bellhop to take a picture of us together and as I squatted down and put my arm around her small shoulders, I saw the elevator doors close. I actually felt some relief at them leaving me alone. My god I'm 17 years old you'd think I was 5 the way they worry and dote all the time. Just because some people, okay a *lot* of people, and many of them out-of-control-teenage-girl-type people, know who I am, doesn't mean they have to babysit me. I wandered around the hotel lobby, enjoying the freedom. There were small seating areas with large leather chairs and huge ferns and palms around them, giving a semi-private area to talk. I found a vacant one in a corner and just sat, people-watching, and contemplating my brief encounter with Nicole. I rested my head back on the plush chair and soon dozed off. I don't think it was more than a few minutes but I was very disoriented waking up in an odd place. *Nicole* I watched him sleep for several minutes, and almost considered changing my plan of attack but somehow found the will power to stay hidden. He awoke with a start, his wide blue eyes staring about dazedly. He stood up, and I had to press my lips tightly together to avoid moaning as his long lean body stretched to it's full height. With his arms over his head, his shirt rode up revealing a nice peek of lightly tanned skin taught over his flat muscular stomach... just way too much skin for me to handle with his low slung hip hugger cords. I shivered with delicious anticipation. He sauntered slowly towards the elevator, but even though he didn't move quick his long strides put him further ahead of me than I wanted to be. He pressed his thumb on the button on the elevator, tunneled his long fingers through his golden hair, then stepped in as the doors opened. I ran the last few steps, waited just until the doors began to close, then stuck one long leg in, causing the doors to pop back open. I heard his "Oh!" of surprise. *Taylor* I still felt dazed as I stepped into the empty elevator. I walked to the right corner and pushed the 12 button, staring at it as it lit, absent-mindedly waiting for the swoosh of the doors closing. The two doors had less that a foot between them when a long, shapely, mostly-bare womans' leg stepped between the doors, causing them to jerk back open. "Ohmygod!" I gasped, afraid the person would be hurt. The doors opened and she stepped into the elevator, seemingly as surprised to see me as I was to see her. "Nicole..." her name escaped my lips in a whisper. "Well, Taylor Hanson! So we meet again!" She flashed a devious smile and her eyes sparkled. My heart fluttered in my chest and I couldn't help grinning back at her. As the doors closed sealing us in silence I felt suddenly awkward. Here I could go out on stage and sing my heart out in front of thousands of people, but in a small confined place with one beautiful girl I was speechless. She put her hands on her hips, and shifted her weight to one leg, cocking her hip out. My gaze went to her hands, her hips, then slowly back up to her face where I saw the devilish gleam sparkling like flecks of gold in her eyes. She took two steps closer to me, in an already closed space and I was literally frozen. My mouth was very dry, my tongue sticking to the roof of my mouth, and I was clueless what her intentions were, all I knew was that she was captivating and she had my undivided attention. She reached up and fingered a long piece of her hair, twirling it around her finger and grinning up at me through her long bangs in a pseudo-coy fasion. There was nothing coy about her, but she made it look damn good. She took one more step towards me, bringing the space between us to a mere few inches. My breath caught in my throat and I swallowed thickly as she reached out and walked her fingers up the front of my shirt, then laying her palm flat against my chest she took that last step, making full body contact. Holy fuck. "I...Uhh..." I cleared my throat. *Nicole* God this was even easier than I thought. He's helpless. As I took the last step that gently pressed my body into his I felt him tremble. This control thing was making me so hot I thought I'd just melt into a puddle. He stammered a bit but before he could get coherent I reached out with my other hand, and pressing them both firmly on his chest, slammed him against the wall. A squeak escaped his lips, but he never got a chance to protest. I pressed my lips against his sweet, soft mouth and as soon as I got the slightest hint of compliance I slipped my tongue between his lips exploring the mouth of the sexiest man I'd ever seen. His arms were still at his sides, while mine were rapidly unbuttoning his shirt and opening it so I could run my fingers over his hot flesh. He had another shirt underneath so I worked this one off his shoulders and tossed it on the floor. I broke the kiss and gazed into the small pieces of blue sky he'd captured in his eyes. They darted up to the numbers above us desingating what floor we were at. I didn't like the distraction and reached over slapping the Emergency Stop button. The elevator stopped with a jolt and the lights went out. It was pure darkness for a few brief seconds before the emergency lights flickered on, they were dim but rather nice. His eyes grew wide. "We....you...can't..." He stammered in a panicky whisper. "I certainly fucking can." I growled. I grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and yanked it up over is head, watching as his golden hair floated back down around his shoulders. Reaching up and smoothing it out of his face, I again attacked his lips. He was startled but very responsive this time, his hands starting at my waist then sliding down over my hips, and moving around to my ass, squeezing it gently. I moaned and moved my lips down to his jaw, kissing a trail down to his neck, then finding a particularly sensitive spot that made him quiver, I sucked, feeling his pulse quicken under my lips. His head fell back and he sighed loudly, his hands caressing my ass, then sliding up my back. My fingers crept down to his waist, the jingling of the belt buckle bringing him back to reality. He grabbed my wrists. "Whoa -- what are you doing?!" "Taking off your pants sweet thing." I purred and licked my lips. That flustered the hell out of him. "Wh-wh-why? I mean...we can't. Not here....not...*at all*, we can't!" "You need to learn, that I can do whatever I want. And do." I unbuckled his belt and slowly unzipped his pants, never taking my eyes off his. We both gasped as the palm of my hand grazed the head of his swollen cock sticking out of his pants. I looked down, shocked to see how long and hard he was, and the lack of underwear caught me off guard, a delicious surprise indeed. I whispered against his lips. "Brace yourself, baby." A puzzled look flashed through his eyes until I dropped to my knees. I worked his snug pants down his hips and thighs so I could more fully enjoy his beautiful body. I glided my hands up the front of his thighs, smoothing them around the back and up further to squeeze his small round ass. He was alternately trembling and sighing as I slid them to the front, cupping my hands under his soft heavy balls, caressing them as I closed my lips over his deliciously hard cock. *Taylor* OhGod. Her warm mouth closed over my dick, and I thought I'd pass out. I'd never felt anything so incredible in my life. Considering I've never done anything like this, that's no surprise. As her lips moved further down, taking more and more of my hardness inside her, I realized why she warned me to brace myself. I grasped the handrail mounted to the wall behind me and held on for dear life while her lips and tongue stroked me. It wasn't going to take me long to cum, it never did, but this was a whole new sensation and it felt better than my hand did anyday. The emergency phone on the wall of the elevator rang and I freaked, jumping a foot off the ground. I looked at her wild-eyed. She slipped her lips off my cock long enough to whisper against it... "Answer it, baby." Her breath was hot and I shivered with desire. As I stuttered out a timid "H-h-hello?" She wrapped her lips back around me, causing me to groan right into the phone receiver. Someone on the other end was asking me details about how many people were in the elevator, what our names were and if there were any medical emergencies. There were long pauses between his questions and my answers. Keeping control over my voice was impossible, I was groaning and gasping as Nicole increased the speed of her strokes, her tongue dragging along the underside of my cock. He advised me the lights would come back on and the elevator would begin moving soon, so to try and remain calm. How fucking ironic. Remain calm. I hung up the phone, and would have laughed if I wasn't in such bliss. I looked down at her pink lips wrapped around my cock and moaned loudly. "God...Nic...that feels so fucking good." I whispered, running my hands through her hair, then holding the sides of her head while she finished me off. My thighs were trembling and I could feel the heat creeping up on me. She moaned around my cock creating a vibration, and that was it. I threw my head back with my eyes squeezed tightly shut and groaned loudly, pumping her mouth full of my hot cream. I felt my legs give way. She grabbed me around my waist and stood, pressing me between her body and the wall, which is the only thing that kept me from collapsing on the floor. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight, burying my sweaty face on her shoulder. She smelled like roses. *Nicole* The lights in the elevator flickered and it gave a jolt, slowly moving upwards. I looked up at him through my lashes. "You okay now?" He nodded, a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth. I helped him with his pants and noticed we were almost to his floor. I ran to the corner grabbing his tshirt, and tossed it to him. While he slipped it over his head I picked up his over shirt, turning the sleeves right side out and held it up for him to slip his arms into. We stood there looking at each other, me with the 'cat that ate the canary' grin and him unsure of what to do or say. Gulping, he reached out and grabbed me by my upper arms, pulling me to him, crushing his lips against mine. The ding of the bell over our heads broke our kiss. We were both panting and flushed when the doors finally slid open. His father, and two brothers all stood there with a couple of security guys. Taylor was disheveled and flushed and his Dad looked quickly from his son, to me, and back again. "Are you both okay?" His father asked us with concern in his voice. "Yeah, we're fine Dad." My boy said, patting his Dad's arm reassuredly. His brother Isaac smirked and looked us both over as though he knew *exactly* what we'd been up to. I winked and smiled at him, popping a piece of gum into my mouth. Zac smiled. "Hey I remember you!" Then to his brother. "Not a bad person to be stuck in an elevator with, huh Tay?" He nudged my boy whose cheeks sported bright pink splotches. "Shut up Zac." He hissed. When everyone was assured that there was no emergency and some strange force must have caused the elevator to stop they wandered back down the hall to their hotel rooms. Taylor stopped to look at me longingly. "Do you really have a room here?" He asked quietly. "Yup." I nodded. "Fifth floor." He glanced down the hall towards his family, then back to me. "Do...you...want me to walk you to your room?" He looked at me somewhat shyly, but with a spark in his baby blues. "That could be nice..." I whispered, biting my lip. "Dad? I'm going to the fifth floor to make sure Nicole gets there safely." His Dad nodded and waved. We stood between a door marked STAIRS and the elevator. He looked at me mischieviously and grinned. "Elevator?" "Most definitely!" I grinned back, tossing my gum in the trash. We rushed into the elevator and as the doors closed, he firmly pushed me against the wall and ran his hands over my breasts before growling in my ear. " Now its your turn, baby" <<<< By Nicole

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