Chapter Six

_______________________________________________________ Ring. ring. ring. "Damn it, pick up the phone Becky" Taylor mummbled to himself. "Hello?" "Becky?" "Fuck you" She hung up the phone. A dail tone rang in his ear. "Damn it!" Taylor yelled, throwing the phone across the room. it hit the wall, falling to the floor. He sat on his bed and ran his hnads thow his hair. "Why won't she talk to me?" ________________________________________________________ "WHAT!?" Andie screamed. "What the hell did you say?!" Zac cringed.He tried to think of a smart thing to say "Um Andie....." He trailed off. " I' m sorry...." "Your sorry!? YOUR SORRY!" Andie turned the other way, trying to hide the fact that she was crying. That was the last thing she wanted Zac to see. She did'nt want him to have the sadisfation of knowing that he had hurt her. she did'nt want pity. "Yes, I am." "How can you be SORRY! YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH A NOTHER mother fucking GIRL! a SLUT! I know Kalie! you think I don't know what she's like!?" Zac sighed. He did'nt know what to say. "I just thought you might want to know" She looked at him. Tears streamed down her face, smudging her mascara and running down her face. Zac had'nt known she would cry. He felt bad now. He guessed he thought maybe she wound'nt take it so hard. He did'nt know just how much she had cared about him. "Andie....." He shoved his hands in his pockets. There was a long silence. All but the tv blaring from a the other room, it was silent. "What?! Spit it out Zac!" Zac ran his hands throw his hair. "I have to go" He mummbled. She looked the other way. She wiped her hand across her face. "I'll see you around...I guess." She did'nt say anything , so he turned the other way and started to leave. "Wait." Zac stopped but did'nt turn around. Andie took a deep breath before speaking. "Did you know how much you ment to me Zac? did you even know? you were so importent to me.You were everything to me. You don't know what your missing, leaving me." She stopped then started again. " I trusted you. I cared about you. And what do you go out and do? You go out nad find some slut who will give you what I would'nt, huh?" She looked right at him . Zac did'nt answer. Was'nt she being a bit dramatic?? "I thought so." She nodded. "What did she do? Blow you?" Zac looked at the ground.Andie shook her head. "Look Zac, please don't talk to me okay? and don't come crying to me when she dumps you." Zac was about to say something whan she interruped him. "Don't bother. You can't change time Zac. And maybe, if your really sorry, you would have not done it in the first place." Without turning around, Zac walked out the door, leaving Andie there, crying a whole new set of tears. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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