Chapter One

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why does it have to hurt

angels fall without you there

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>survey __ ______ ______ ______ ______ _______ ______ _____ _______ ______ _______ _______ ______ _____ Becky slammed down her fork and sighed. She bit her lip to keep herself from telling her mom just what she thought of her. It was 5:00 and as usual, her and her mom were seated down for dinner. Her Mom always insisted that they eat every night at 5:00. Every one areed her mom was a little "weird" in the head. "Becky, I did'nt like that look" Her mom said, as she sat down at the table and a ranged her napkin on her lap as usual. Becky took a deep breath.I swear to god damn god, if she says that one more time im gonna kill her! What fucking loo k does she mean? and said, as calmly as possable, even though at that time she did not feel any thing close to being calm. She felt pissed. As usual. Her mom always seem to put her in a bad mood. i'll just act dumb. "What look?' "That rolling eye look, I don't think you should be giving me that look or your gonna lose a privladge" her mom answered. Taking a bite of her food and smiling. Becky put her fork down. ~I can't stand it anymore. Why Is her mission in life just to make my life bullshit? Does she just look for trouble or something?~ "You know what mom? I don't even care. All you ever do is say that kind of thing. Do you think it means anything to me? " I just really don't give a shit anymore about what you say! What you want, what you care about means nothing to me? And im not taking your shit anymore!" Becky banged her hand on the table. "And you know what?" Becky threw her chair back and stood up. "I got one thing to say to you. Im leaving'' Her mom stood up and grabbed her arm. Hard. Becky's eyes flashed fire. She had never been so mad. "I'm sorry but your not going anywhere young lady" her mom said as calmly as possable. "Oh yeah!? I'll go anywhre I want to! I don't need you! You and your dumb ass pride! you can't CONTROL ME! You are not my controler!Well, I got one word for you." She looked straight at her mom, ripped her arm away and stared into her eyes. "Fuck you, and I hope you go to hell " As she ran out her door she could hear her mom yelling, screaming, wanting her to come back. A tear fell from her eye as she ran away. ________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

Chapter Two