all pop and innocent (where did you go?)

My friend knows this guy named Taylor. I dont think theyre really good friends. I think sometimes they go out clubbing together and they fuck casually, and use each other in some fucked up way. But I dont think theyre close. Katie prides herself in finally being able to sleep with him, like hes some kind of trophy she can wave around. Like it makes her better. Id never met him, and I judged him to harshly. Hes probably, I thought, like every other guy in every other band; horny, snobby, egotistical and hot. Id not been real sure Id like him. Im supposed to meet him tomorrow. Katie is coming to meet me at the mall. Shes been touring with this band hes in, Hanson, for about 4 months and I miss her a lot. Katie loves that life. She can fuck Taylor whenever she wants now. But it was never always like that. Had she changed? Im always known Katie. Since We were really little. She was always more popular and cute and well developed. The boys giggled in their sandboxes about kissing her, but shied away when she came up and asked what they were talking about. Katie always wanted to be a groupie. She knew Hansons band already, but they were all pop and innocent then. They changed their sound, attitude and mostly, their look. They were a new band to her then. She went away to tour with the new hot Taylor (her old childhood buddy) and that was that. And here I was seeing her again. Had she changed?

who do you love?