Win, Lose or Draw

Host: Bert Convy, Vicki Lawrence Shultz, Robb Weller
Lifespan: 1987-1990
Premiere Guests: Dom DeLuise, Burt Reynolds, Annie Potts, Betty White
Premise: Draw things, win money.

In round one, the artist is given the name of a celebrity, and has 60 seconds to draw, for $200. At thirty seconds, the value drops to $100, and the option of handing off the marker to the other celebrity comes into play. If time runs out, the opponents can steal for $100.

In round two, words were sent in by people from across the country, and could be filed under any category. The play is similar to round one. The person who sent in the word or phrase would have the drawing sent, along with an autograph of the celebrities playing that day. Two such phrases are played per team.

Round three was the speed round. One artist tried to draw as many items as possible within 90 seconds. Two times during the speed round, the player could pass on a phrase. Each correct guess is worth $100 (later $50). The team with the most money after this round won, and had $1,000 added to their score.

For the daytime run, with Vicki Lawrence as the host, the first round changed: the artist had sixty seconds to draw as many clues as possible in 60 seconds. The clues guessed fit into a puzzle worth $200 to the team that guessed it.

When the show was revived with Robb Weller as host, the winning team played a bonus round. The team had sixty seconds to guess seven pictures, worth $50, $100, $200, $400, $800, $1600 and $5,000. The caveat was that passing on any picture reset the winnings to zero. Champions could return for up to ten days.