Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Host: Greg Lee
Announcer: Lynne Thigpen

Premise: Three contestants try to win a trip by catching the elusive fictional crime queen.

Rules: Three contestants are given fifty points to begin the game. Three questions are played in the first portion, where various characters, celebrities, or other situations lead to a choice of three locations where Carmen's henchling is hiding. Correct choices win ten points, wrong ones get nothing. After three of these questions, the players get three questions based on the last location, worth five points each. Players buzz in to guess one of three choices. At this point, three more questions are played, then the Final Clue. In the final clue, contestants are shown the three choices for the question, then bet (0-10-20- 30-40-50 points) on their ability to guess the final answer. The two players with the highest score move through to the second round, and the out player gets a small prize package.
In the interstitial segment, the Chief shows some of the locations where the henchling could be waiting. Greg and the two remaining players move to a stage area looking like a train depot, where a board of fifteen locations await. Starting with the player leading at the conclsion of round one, players alternate naming locations, hopng to find the stolen loot, a warrant for the crook's arrest, and the crook, in order to win the game. Finding one of the three primary locations won a free turn, but the three primary goals had to be reached in order, and there were times that they were not, allowing the opponent to win. The first to accomplish this went through to the map game, and the runner-up won a larger prize package, usually including a camera or CD player.

In yet another interstitial segment, the captured crook places a phone call to rat out Carmen, saying what continent she is hiding out in. The final round took many forms, so here they are individually:
1. The contestant has 45 seconds to locate seven countries (or states if using the US) to win the prize. Large markers were placed on the dots on the floor, and would light up if correct. If not, the contestant got one more guess, then he or she moved on. Accomplishing the task won a trip to anywhere in the contiguous 48 states. Failing at this task won the same prize package, and a boom box.
2. Sometimes Greg would give clues to the location before giving the location outright, but this was rare.
3. Another variation had the contestant place the flag of the state on the required state.
4. During the first season, contestants playing the Asia map were given 60 seconds for the task, and yet still managed to finish in under 45 seconds.
5. During season three and on, eight matches were required to win, and the trip was expanded to anywhere in North America. Also, the US was changed to all of North America, and Australia/Oceania was never used.

During the shows' run, certain mini-games were added:
For the sixth clue, the contestants played five lightning questions, worth five points, but only one player could buzz.
After the lightning round, the contestants were given a "training exercise," where they had to find a clue as quickly as possible, and then tried to identify the country from the clues. First one done had first chance at the question, worth 10 points.