Pick Your Brain

Host: Marc Summers
Assistant: Meredith Summers
Announcer/2xl: Greg Berg

Three kids answer questions and play games in the hopes of winning a $5,000 college savings bond.

In round one, the three players (age 12-14) each vote on which film they want to see. The goal is to remember as much information as possible. In round one, seven questions are asked about the film, worth 25 points for a right answer, but no penalty for a wrong guess. Only one player may attempt each question.

In round two, each contestant brought out an older friend or teacher to assist. The high scorer in round one played first. They randomly chose one of three games, each worth a possible 250 points:
Phys Quiz: A physical game, where each correct guess won 50 points.
2 by 2: The kid was read two categories, and pickded which category the grown-up would have to answer a question from. Each right answer won 50 points.
XL's Extra: A list game. The team was read a question, and had to alternate giving answers. Each right answer won 50 points, and giving five right answers won a bonus prize.

In round three, only the kids played. Each kid was awarded "brains" for points scored previously: the leader got two, second got one. In case of a tie, both kids got the higher number of brains.
Random questions were asked, and each right answer won a brain. First to get to five won a $5,000 savings bond.

In the "bonus game" the kid chose from four numbers, trying to match either of two prizes, usually a vacation to a nearby resort or $1,000 cash.

At the end of the show, all three contestants won a sweatshirt from the college they want to go to.