Make Me Laugh

Host: Ken Ober, Mark Cohen

Premise: Guess What? Don't laugh, win a few bucks.

Rules: In the first season of this show on Comedy Central, each contestant came out one at a time, and watched each comedian do his or her routine for a minute. Each second that the contestant didn't laugh won the contestant a dollar. When the three minutes were up or the contestant laughed, that turn was over, and the next player took a turn. After all three contestants had a turn, the betting round began.

In the betting round, two new contenders came out, and the three players bet any or all of their money on whether the new player would laugh or not laugh in 90 seconds. The bets paid one for one, and the player who has the highest score after both challenges won the game and played the final challenge.

At the conclusion of the betting round, the player with the most money moved through to the final round. In the final round, the winner tried to not laugh for 60 seconds, at $5 a second, or $500 for the full minute.

In season two, when Mark Cohen took over as host, each of three contestants faced the three comedians, one at a time, earning $1 a second, until 60 seconds are up, or the person laughs. The player can win a possible $180. If the person laughs, their turn is over. In the Betting Round, a studio audience member has the opportunity to win $90 by not laughing for 90 seconds. The players get to bet on Laugh or Not Laugh. The player with the most money won the game. If there was a tie, the players revealed their guess as to their final score, and closest won. In the Final Round, the comedians tag-teamed the contestant for 100 seconds, at $5 a second.