The $100,000 Club

The $100k Club is the place for all those lucky or good players who won over $100,000 on a quiz or game show. If I missed someone, let me know.

When several people share the same line, they all won the same amount on a show that has several discrete money levels. They each won that amount, they did not share that prize.
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ContestantWinnings showComments
Brad Rutter Jeopardy!Ultimate Tournament of Champions winner
Million Dollar Masters Champion
Tournament of Champions winner
$40,000 of cars for five wins ($55,102 cash)
$200,000 3rd place in IBM Challenge
Ken Jennings Jeopardy!Won $2,522,700 in 74 victories and $2,000 consolation;
$500,000 for second place in Ultimate Tournament of Champions
$300,000 2nd place in IBM Challenge
Charles Taylor, Francis Goldschmid and Sam Khurana Treasure Hunters"Geniuses Team", Found and shared the treasure worth $3,000,000.
Kevin Olmstead Mega MillionaireWon $1,180,000 bonus for Mega Millionaire
Ed Toutant Mega MillionaireWon $860,000 Mega Millionaire bonus after a $16,000 question was thrown out
Ashlee Register DuelGrand Champion
Lt. David Legler The New Twenty-OneShow's Top Winner under second payoff system, won six games
Curtis Warren GreedTop winner, won $1 million in sweeps event
John Carpenter Who Wants to be a Millionaire?First $1m winner in television history, $125,000 in charity winnings
Michael Haynes The Price is RightMillion Dollar Spectacular, Double Showcase Winner
Chris Jackson and Monica Gonzales Fear FactorCouples Tournament Champions, includes $35,000 bonus cash,Las Vegas trip< and two Jeep Grand Cherokees
Adam Rose The Price is Right$20k from Grand Game, double showcase winner and $1 million bonus
Dean and Ashley Molina Fear FactorCouples 2005 winners. Pair of Jeep Wranglers, Liberties, Sony MP3 players and Jamaican vacation.
Michael Haynes TPIR: PrimetimeArcade Game ($3,495)
Wedding Dresses, Mikaelian & Sons Diamong Ring, Trip to Paris, Chrysler 300 Touring ($42,989)
Trip to Las Vegas, 2 Segways, 2 Lincoln MKZs ($80,578)
$1,000,000 Double Showcase winner bonus
Rahim Oberholtzer The New Twenty-oneTop winner for first payoff system, four victories and $120,000 bonus cash.
Cynthia Acevedo The Price is RightOff Road Vehicle ($3,899) sofa ($899) elliptical trainer ($999)
flag, mini-trailer, three Jeep Patriots ($78,220)
Tim Hsieh It's Your Chance of a LifetimeTop winner plus 19 cents, won $64,000 on Millionaire '03
Michelle Loewenstein Wheel of FortuneMillion Dollar winner
Dan Blonsky
Joe Trela
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?$500 in charity winnings, each
Bob House
Kim Hunt
David Goodman
Bernie Cullen
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Kevin Smith
Nancy Christy
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?Syndicated winners
Sam Murray Who Wants to be a Millionaire?Fall 2009 Tournament of Ten winner
Robert Essig Super Millionaire12 right answers
Jason Luna 1 vs. 100Second season premiere, defeated the Mob
Jamie Sadler Power of 10Youngest millionaire in game show history
Kathy Cox
George F. Smoot III
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
Dan and Laureen Fernandez
Steve and Connie Rutenbar
Cheryl and Bill Gilmore
Connie and Bil Britain
Kim and George
Judith and Bob Holt
Mollie and Larry Davis
Michael and Andrea
Jay and Judy Astor
The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime
Durant Fowler Fear FactorSeason 4 Premiere
Jessica Robinson Deal or No DealMillion Dollar Mission: had five $1m cases in play
Tomorrow Rodriguez Deal or No DealMillion Dollar Mission: had nine $1m cases in play, finished game with three remaining
Sheila Shigainy Studio 7Grand Final Winner
Lauren Griswold Super GreedTop Super Greed winner
David Juliano Super Greed
Michelle Falco Deal or No DealKept her case, had a $6m top prize
Paulara Hawkins Show Me the MoneyTop winner
Kimberly Chastang Deal or No DealHad a $4m top prize
Matthew Sollena Deal or No DealHad the $3m top prize in his case.
Monique Jones Super Greed
George Elias Super GreedRichest captain in show's history
Melissa Hall The New Twenty-one
Matt Marr Show Me the MoneyFirst contestant
Drew Carey Celebrity Millionaire
Tim Shields Who Wants to be a Millionaire?$16,000 in charity winnings
Michael Amoroso, Jr. Set for Life$2,800 per month for 15 years
Catherine Rahm Winning LinesTop Winner, 19 on Wonderwall, also appeared on WinTuition, On the Cover, and Sale of the Century
Michael Shutterly Who Wants to be a Millionaire?$500 in charity winnings
Todd Kim
Scott Hoff
Jason Carter
Pat Headley
Super MillionaireAnswered 11 questions correctly
Gary Gambino
David Stewart
Mega MillionaireBoth passed on questions worth over $2 million.
Mary Beth and Rob McNally Couples WWTBAM?Top winners
Mary Burke
Moe Cain
Justin Ray Castillo
Rob Coughlin
David Fite
Phil Gibbons
Stephanie Girardi
Tom Hoobler
Joe Kelleher
Jim Matthews
Mike Menz
Tom O'Brien
Steve Perry
Pat Thompson
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?Series one top winner, Only contestants to get 14 right.
Armand Kachigian
Jeff Gross
Ogi Ogas
Lyn Payne
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?Syndicated program
Rosie O'Donnell
Norm MacDonald
Celebrity Millionaire
Victor King
Stephanie Wombach
John Zole
Alex Outhred
Jason Ramsey
Robert Rudder
Kirk Canoll
Ken Jennings
Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?Answered 10 questions correctly
Dottie Harris Don't Forget the LyricsAnswered 9 questions correctly
Cassandra Whitehead 1 vs. 100
Robert Talon
Christian Saulnier
Christine Howard
IdentityMatched all strangers to identities
Gabriel Reilich DuelSeries two, Five duel winner
Jerome Vered Jeopardy!Top one day total pre-doubled
won $5,000 of Ben Stein's Money
third place in J!UTOC.
Brittany Lewzader Deal or No DealHad $400 in case, had nine $1m cases in game
Kelly Bruce The New Twenty-one
David Madden Jeopardy!19 game winner
$2,000 for second place, $10,000 in Tournament of Champions
Katie Henslin Deal or No DealHad 13 $1m cases in play
Tim Helms The New Twenty-oneWon $150,000 in one Perfect 21 game
Jason Meyer The New Twenty-oneWas current champion when new payoff system was implemented
Melissa Skirboll Greed
Cyndi Pridgen Deal or No DealTook the deal in round nine
Mike McKay Winning Lines18 answers on the Wonderwall.
Alteia Greer Deal or No Deal
Phyllis Harris Super Greed
David Forman Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Sheetal Chetty Deal or No DealTook the deal in round eight
Keith Dillihunt The New Twenty-One
Peter Montesanti Deal or No DealTook the deal in round nine
Kevin Cronin Celebrity Don't Forget the Lyrics
Luke Adams
Katie Moeser
Gabrielle Hatchett
Shomari Berkeley
Jill Small
Melissa Pollack
Celebrity Don't Forget the Lyrics
Barry Lander One vs. 100Biggest winner of series one
Mary Beth Holzheimer Deal or No Deal
Gary Riatto Deal or No Deal
Maria Retofsky The New Twenty-one
Vijay Balse Jeopardy!2010 Grand Champion
Won four games and $2,000 consolation money
First minority to win Tournament of Champions
Celeste DiNucci Jeopardy!2007 Grand Champion
Gretchen Samuels The New Twenty-One
Russ Schumacher Jeopardy!ToC Winner 2004, $5,000 Ultimate J!
Madeline Ali GreedRecently made it to WWTBAM final 10
Lt. Thom McKee Tic Tac DoughToC ranked #1, held game show winnings record for 19 years.
Al Schaeffer Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Michael Falk Jeopardy!2006 Tournament of Champions winner, $250,000
Robert Abramoff Greed
Evan Benner Greed
Annemarie Buchta GreedSecond highest winner on Press Your Luck
Jill Schilstra Greed
Jeff Ester Greed
Bruce Seymour Jeopardy!Super Jeopardy! winner
Eileen Jason The Joker's Wild$250,000 Tournament of Champions winner
Mark Dawson Jeopardy! 2003 ToC Champion, plus Corvette
Bryan Kennedy Deal or No DealMiss USA edition
Michael Jezierny Battle of the Child GeniusesGrand Champion
Ben Vies
Linda Sypien
Clay Aiken
Avis Wrentmore
Ben Buys
Neil Roden
Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?Answered 9 questions correctly
Zack Cohen and Angela Nolfi Fear FactorHeist Episode, $275,000 cash and trip
Neil Larrimore Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Chelsea Drake Deal or No DealDaily version
Rob Griffin The Joker's WildTournament of Champions Champion
Mike Levy Deal or No DealFrom Philippines, had $750k
Traci Wilkerson Deal or No DealTook a Deal in round nine
Michael Avitzur Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Michelle Bergeron The New Twenty-One
Tom Walsh Jeopardy!First seven day champion;$50,000 Tournament of Champions (Second place) $25,000 Nifty Nine Ultimate Tournament
Bob Verini Jeopardy!1987 ToC Winner, Super J!, 2nd place, $1M Masters, 3rd place
Frank Spangenburg Jeopardy!Top 5 day total pre-doubled
Round of Six in J!UTOC
Michael Wallace Deal or No DealTook the deal in round eight
Teddy Nadler The $64,000 ChallengeTop winner, held winnings record until Thom McKee
Toby Moore
Tom Ashton
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Peter Braxton
Gary Cahall
Eric Grosskurth
Tony Mangaser
Jack Martin
John Norquist
Eric Oberhand
Marty Scott
Connie Stoltz
Mega Millionaire
Andy Aaron
Chris Barker
Tom Bolton
Eric Buske
Jane Charnin-Aker
David Clayton
Dave Colquitt
Bob Combs
Dan Demars
Jason Dickinson
Adam Edgell
Phil Gibson
Chris Gum
Dave Hann
Allen Harris
Terry Jones
Ken Krantz
Jim Lairmore
Gary Levine
Jonathan Lubin
David MacLaine
Matt Marcotte
Scott McKeeve
Reece O'Dell
Henry Olsen
Jeanne Pomenti
Nancy Redd
Joel Reid
Ian Reifowitz
David Rice
Robin Riglin
Joe Roberts
Christopher Ruth
Kevin Simcox
Doug Van Gundy
Donna White
Paul Young
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?Thirteen club
Peter Sarrett
Julie Hunter
Francis M. Grant, Jr.
Ginny Crispell
John Castellano
Rick Spears
Dino White
Carole Price
Jeff Crosby
Howard Johnson
Dante Constable
Brianne Sherman
Roger Storm
Jehan Shamsid-DeenMbr> Jeremy Blais
Syndicated "Millionaire"
Jim, Tracy and Conner Lawler Syndicated "Millionaire"Family Week
Kathy Hempel Syndicated "Millionaire"Loser's Revenge (missed Q5
Jeff Jones Tom Merlino Syndicated "Millionaire"
Martin Poteralski Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"Llama's Revenge" week
Christopher Langhan
Clint Tauscher
1 vs. 100
Josh Fedeli and Lauren Drysdale Syndicated MillionairePlay To Pay for Your Wedding
Tom Merlino Syndicated MillionaireTV Week
Mason Spencer, Jodi Roth, Alexandra Clark World Series of Pop Culture"El Chupacabra", 2006 tournament winners
Victor Lee, Andrew Unterberger, Andrew Meyer World Series of Pop Culture"Twisted Misters", 2007 tournament winners
Robin Grover History IQDefeated Leszek Pawlowicz in Championship Final
Steven Benjamin The ChairFirst perfect champion
Sherman Mitchell Deal or No DealTook the deal in round nine
Willy Gibson ESPN's Two Minute DrillGrand Champion, Season One and Two, Nine ESPN Experiences John Epperson Super GreedBailed out and took Jaguar and $75,000 cash, $80,000 for reaching $1 million. Chris Miller Jeopardy!2004 winner, Round of Six in J!UTOC Kris Mackerer The ChairFirst to beat the Chair. Tad McKitterick Set For LifeWon $3,700 per month for five years, could have won for ten years Elfrida von Nardoff Twenty-oneTop winner David Krauch Deal or No DealHad $50 in case, on location in Estonia Stephanie Ritzenstein Set for Life$3,625 per month for five years, could have won for ten years Rob Murphy It's Your Chance of a Lifetime Robin Carroll Jeopardy! Brian Weikle Jeopardy!2003 ToC runner up, record for five-day winnings with double dollars format Randy Pitner Winning Lines Bryan Thompson Deal or No dealTook the deal in round eight Reggie Miller Daily Deal or No dealHad $300 Amy Ditbrenner Deal or No DealTook the deal in round seven Jared Eisenstadt,
Todd Giles The New Twenty-One Elena Cervantes $100,000 Name that TuneSuper Tournament winner Robert Louie Greed Natasha Warsaw Greed Jared Bielow Greed Elisabeth Rodgers Greed Bob Harris Super GreedFinalist in J! ToC '97 Liz Ostow Super Greed Carl Graham,
Jarod Young Greed Alfonso Gomes The ContenderThird place winner Joseph McBrantley Don't Forget the Lyrics Bret Michaels Celebrity Don't Forget the Lyrics! Kit Salisbury Tic Tac Dough2nd place TTD winner, 1985 Bob Blake Jeopardy! Amber Brkich Survivor$22,500 Borneo, $175,000 All-Stars Jenny Thomas Hollywood SquaresSeason 5 champion, won Wild Card week. Robert Strom The $64,000 QuestionTop winner, three added levels for him. Lisa Stigers Super GreedBailed out and took Jaguar and $75,000 cash. Jason Vittorini Deal or No DealTook the deal in round eight Bob Harris Jeopardy!Won $58,000 and twin Camaros in regular play
Won $10,000 in 1998 Tournament of Champions
Won $25,000 in Masters Tournament
Won $44,400 in Ultimate Tournament
Delia Clayton Weakest LinkSecond Chance Winner (players who lost in the Final Round) John Cuthbertson Jeopardy!Round of Six in J!UTOC, won $5,000 of Ben Stein's Money Tim Hollaran Sale of the CenturySyndicated winner, $20,000 in Tournament winnings. Doug Hicton Jeopardy!2007 ToC runner up, $84,900 regular winnings Tom Nosek Jeopardy!Tournament of Champions winner, 10th anniv., Second Place, $5,000 Ultimate J! Sheena Lindholm TPIR: MDS April 2005$77,566 Cadillac XLR, RV in showcase. Top winner. David Brownlee Hollywood Squares 2000$117,062 regular season, plus ToC winnings, and $50,000 "uberchamp" bonus Leszek Pawlowicz Jeopardy!Won $5000 of Ben Stein's Money, $9100 on History IQ: Tournament Edition, $5,000 Ultimate J! Daniel Mostad The Price is RightBob's 80th Birthday special winner, includes four cars, biggest showcase ever. Chuck Forrest Jeopardy!Tournament of Champions winner, Super Jeopardy! QF, $1M Masters SF Eric Newhouse Jeopardy!'88 Teen Champ, Teen Reunion Champ, $1M Masters 2nd place Ray Barnhart and
Bill May The Rich ListTwo-time champions Chad and Cory Baumgartner
Kelly Warren
Adam Adori
Philip Schraeder
Chris Washington
Tony Hawk
Regis Philbin
Greg Johnson
Ryan Kesh
Aidal Lebo Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?Answered 8 questions correctly Colby Donaldson Survivor: $100,000 Australia, (Pontiac Aztek)$55,000 All-Stars Vik Vaz Jeopardy!$100,000 in Tournament of Champions Dave Abbott Jeopardy! Steve Vincentini Deal or No DealHad $10 Michael Daunt Jeopardy!Second International Champion Adesina Koiki ESPN's Two Minute DrillAlso won four ESPN prizes and $500 Circuit City card Tarek Tolba Hollywood Squares 2001Top 5 day winner, second place in ToC Mark Spagnolo Hollywood Squares2002 Tournament Champion Erin Birch Deal or No Deal LeVar Burton Star Trek: Weakest LinkTop Celebrity winner Michael Dupee Jeopardy!ATGSer Alert! Steve Flynn
David Becker
Arthur O'Leary
Gayle Takasaki Tax Free Millionaire Dayna Klein The New Twenty-one Carol Gerard Deal or No DealHad $75 Wilbur Hicks Tic Tac DoughToC ranked #2 Derone Rankin The Price is Right: $1,000,000 SpectacularTop winner, includes Cadillac and $105,020 showcase Jenny Fernandez,
Liz Ellis The New Twenty-OneJF: First winner Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien Survivor$85,000 Marquesas, $75,000 All-Stars Mark Lowenthal Jeopardy! Wes Kauble Weakest Link11th Graders (includes $102,000 in one round) Pam Mueller Jeopardy!2000 College Champion
Round of Six in J!UTOC John Gose Sale of the Century Frank Dillon The Joker's Wild$50k and $100k Tournament of Champions winner Ryan Holznagel Jeopardy! Jim Scott Jeopardy! Stephanie Holmquist Sale of the Century1985- Tom O'Brian Sale of the CenturyLot winner Rachael Schwartz Jeopardy! First woman to win ToC, $5,000 in Ultimate J!. Barbara Phillips Sale of the CenturyFirst to win all the prizes and cash jackpot. John Beck Jeopardy!5-time champion, includes $34,000 Jaguar Norman Tyree Deal or No Deal Cheryl Reinwand The $100,000 Pyramid& a trip to Fiji, Top winner Mark Hewlett Fear FactorSeason 3 champion, includes Mazda RX8 in winnings, $125,000 cash. Cliff Galiher Jeopardy!Tournament of Champions third place, College Champion Jeff Beisel Fear FactorGrand Champion Andrew Turcich Battle of the Child Geniuses IIGrand Champion Tom Kavanaugh Jeopardy!2006: eight victories plus $2,000 consolation, $5,000 in Tournament of Champions Marilyn Evans The $100,000 Pyramid$100,000 tournament winner Vickyann Chrobak-Sadowski TPIR35th Season Premiere
one bid: Beachcomber Hut Tub ($3495)
Dodge Caravan SE $20,194: Push Over)
$1,000 from wheel
NYC, 4 cameras, Saturn Sky ($33,089)
JBL Home Theater, Robotron/Joust, Dodge Viper SRT10 ($89,739)
Double Showcase Winner
Deborah Cohen &
Steve Argyropolous Wheel of FortuneTop winners in only 2 days Steve Chernicoff Jeopardy!$88,902 in original appearance Brian Donovan Tic Tac Dough Gary Meyers Tic Tac Dough Helaine Lowey Sale of the CenturyWon the Lot on Syndicated version Christine Denos and
Jack Wagner Wheel of Fortune$100,000 winners; that amount to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Alice Conkwright Sale of the CenturyWon all the prizes and $77,000. Linda Credit Sale of the CenturyCleared Winners Board and $50,000 cash bonus. Rani White Sale of the CenturyOnly player to win car and $50,000 in Big Money Game format. Brian Moore Jeopardy! Bob Glouberman It's Your Chance of a Lifetime Toni Crispino Deal or No DealSeven $1m cases, had $100 Ryan Weakest LinkElvis Impersonators show Stefan Goodreau Jeopardy!$84,870 in five games, plus $2,000
Third place in 2010 Tournament of Champions: $50,000 Mehrun Etebari Jeopardy!$5,000 in Tournament of Champions Tom Cubbage Jeopardy!College and ToC Champ, Missed a $125,000 query on WWTBAM, $5,000 on Ultimate J!. Curtis Warren Sale of the Century Patrick Coffin It's Your Chance of a Lifetime M.G. McCormick The $100,000 Pyramid$100,000 tournament winner Josh Schwadron Fear FactorSeason 4 Las Vegas Special M. G. McCormick The $100,000 PyramidPlus Rio trip and home computer Cookie Lea Olshein The New Twenty-one Jerry Frankel Jeopardy!ToC #1, died within one year after appearing Vicky Tomasino Wheel of Fortune Robert and Natasha Prudum Wheel of Fortune$100,000 winners on "Sweetheart's Week" Paul Glaser Jeopardy!$10,000 in Tournament of Champions Charlie Brown IV Hollywood Squares '02Won car, $25,000, world tour Philip Yellman Jeopardy! Robert Slaven Jeopardy! Gerald Singleton TPIR: MDSone-bid: necklace ($3,500)
Ford Expedition and $1,000 cash ($34,000) Hole in One
Twin PSPs and Game Bundle Neat-o chair Gourmet kitchen (fridge, range) Jaguar XK Coupe($91,988)
Andrew Rostan Jeopardy!$5,000 in Tournament of Champions Debbie Seppien $100,000 PyamidKeyboard player, CD player, trip to Hawaii Joyce Brothers The $64,000 Question/Challenge1Only contestant to win $64,000 twice Thomas Harrison, Jr. The Price is Right: Coast Guard Won Triple Play and Showcase Mark Leinwand Tic Tac Dough ToC winner, ranked #5 Bill McDonald Jeopardy!19 game winner
$50,000 in Tournament of Champions Craig Westphal Jeopardy!10,000 in Tournament of Champions Erin Lander Hollywood Squares '02Won car, $25,000, world tour Mark Stender /td>Hollywood Squares '995-time Champion, $108,289 regular season Michael Rooney Jeopardy! George Elias Pyramid (2002)Finished Winners Circle in 40 seconds for the championship Jody Gray Pyramid (2002)Finished Winners Circle in 31 seconds for the championship Mary Hammond The New Twenty-one Peter and Abby Abide Family MillionaireTop winners John Aducci
Alex Aldrich
Rob Berman
Mike Billok
Jason Block
Barry Chromey
Steve Cornman
Tracy Cotter
Jason Dettelbach
Eileen Duffy
Steve Ellson
Todd Flanders
Tony Frausto
Mark Gluckstern
Mike Harvey
David Honea
Paul Hougland
Mike Hughes
Leigh Jaunsen
Fowler Jones
Lauren Kelner
Steve Kummer
John LaMantia
Maureen Lawlor
Jack Lechner
Derek Leif
Michael Lowenstein
Bill MacDonald
Joe Mallion
Kristine Marklein
Jody Matzer
Paul McCallion
Jason McClung
Rob McDaniel
Edison McIntyre
Kevin McSwain
Michael Mernin
Al Metz
Jennifer Morgan
Joe Mulcahey
Dan Nevarez
Jane Oviatt
Mark Peterson
Omer Poirier
Mark Prysant
John Rainard
Tim Reilly
Paul Riecke
Andres Rivera
Don Rohan (Super Bowl Special)
Michael Rosenthal
Bob Schick
Marcus Schick
Michael Shveima
Bryan Sigrist
Jay Snyder
Andrew Strange
Tom Syta
Ron Trigueiro
Bob Watts
Tom Wheltle
Jim White
Jonathan Wilks
Annamaria Zavala
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? DeEtta Andersen
Dean Anderson
Hester Bass
Eric Cates $0 Winners Week (missed Q5)
Caren Chancey
Bonnie Deaton
Shari Dunn
Annie Gorman
Abbey Gropp
Patrick Hart
Cle' Holly
Suzanne Jonker
Nick Jungman
Ellis Levinson
Debra McBride
Jim Meyer
Alison Nicol
Mike Raufman
Bill Redder
Steve Roberts
Ron Russell
Ed Schiffer
Jeff Schmidbauer (Radio Week)
Stu Sherman
Max Shuman
Dave Simpson
John Siwinski
Robin Stoddard (Radio Week)
Preston Torrence
Tom Tracy
John Walters
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?Syndicated version, season two Stephenie LaGrossa SurvivorRunner-up, Guatemala, $25,000 from Palau Rob Cesternino Survivor$85,000 Amazon, $40,000 All-Stars Maria Wenglinsky Jeopardy!2005-five time winner Pieter DeVries Tic Tac Dough Carol Potter Weakest LinkTV Moms Mother's Day Edition Allyson Thaddeus Deal or No DealTook the deal in round seven Sean Ryan Jeopardy!First six time champion, $2,000 for 2nd place Jeff Colburn Sale of the CenturyLot winner Mary Monte The $100,000 Pyramid$100,000 tournament winner Patty Geiger The $100,000 Pyramid Carla Antonio
Lando Hawkins Lost$100,000 and Mercury Mountaineer Lisa Munoz Sale of the CenturyWinners Board format, won 10 games Keif Ferrendini The $100,000 PyramidWon the $100,000 by giving in the Winner's Circle David Rogers Sale of the CenturyDaytime winner, 1984, $109,000 cash jackpot Melissa Camacho and Jim Matheis Fear FactorCouples tournament: $80,000 cash and two Jeep Wrangler Xs. Bonni Malone and Karen Davy Wheel of Fortune (2002)Won all toss-up puzzles, all main game puzzles, $100,000 in bonus game. Angela Berg The Price is Right25th Anniversary Special Winner, includes three cars Jessica Derenbecker Wheel of Fortune$100,000 bonus win; November 2005 Grace Veach Jeopardy! Cathy Lanctot Jeopardy!$5,000 in Tournament of Champions Tracy Trench $100,000 Pyramid Plezetta West Wheel of Fortune$100,000 winner Ariel Wellman and Denise Banks Wheel of Fortune21-Nov-2005, $100,000 winners, Teen Best Friends Week John Hatt0n BlockbustersTop winner, only solo player to go 20-0 in Gold Rush Liz and Pat McCarthy BlockbustersOnly family pair to win Gold Rush 20 times. Cassandra Dooley The Joker's Wild$1,000,000 Tournament Runner-up Saima Shah Deal or No DealHad $5,000 Gary Lane Set for Life$2,000 a month for five years Richard Mahafey The $100,000 PyramidFirst to win $100,000 on a Pyramid show Lan Djang Jeopardy! Byron Pope Wheel of Fortune$100,000 winner Mary Coyle Deal or No Deal Denise Bumbliss The $100,000 Pyramid& a Rio trip Taylor Irving and
Vlada Miller Wheel of FortuneWon on "Teen Best Friends Week" Uwimana Waller Wheel of Fortune$100,000 winner Paul Larsen Wheel of Fortune$100,000 winner, May 2011 John Welsh Tic Tac DoughToC ranked #7 Freda Paswell TPIR: MDS April 2005Won $105,000 cabin cruiser, largest prize in the show's history. Daryl and Duane Luke Wheel of FortuneWon $46,400, two Buick Enclaves David Siegel Jeopardy! Capt. Doc Fass Tic Tac DoughToC ranked #8 Mark DeCarlo Sale of the CenturyTen prizes and $50,000 Christian Haines Jeopardy!$10,000 in Tournament of Champions Emmy Stamatelatos Fear FactorNew York vs. LA, $50,000 plus customized motorcycle Rudy Boesch Survivor$85,000 Borneo, $30,000 All-Stars Elyse Thomas Wheel of Fortune2006 College Week $100,000 winner Mark Bartos ScrabbleAll-American Tournament Winner Bob Griese and
Babette Dominguez Wheel of Fortune$100,000 Winners, NFL Players Week Jeff Spoeri Jeopardy!$10,000 in Tournament of Champions Douglas Ross Wheel of FortuneFirst $100,000 winner in 2001 bonus format Doreen Mercer Wheel of FortuneThree day winner; two bonus wins Babette Dominguez and Bob Griese Wheel of Fortune$100,000 Winners: NFL Players Week Andy Culpepper The $100,000 Pyramid$100,000 tournament winner Steve Unite Jeopardy!$5,000 in Tournament of Champions Stan Newman The Challengers Kellie Falbo Hollywood SquaresSeason six champion, first to win fourth bonus game. Leticia Austin Hollywood SquaresDouble or Nothing format Jody McHugh Weakest LinkAnne Robinson Lookalikes show John Papapavlos Hollywood SquaresSeason Five winner Eddie Timanus Jeopardy!$70K, Camaros, Top winner in 2 years Mark _____ Wheel of Fortune Marisol Deal or No DealDaily version: $103,000 deal (had $500,000) won trip to Whistler, BC Michael Larson Press Your LuckTop one game winner in game show history Kevin Marshall Jeopardy!2006: Six time winner plus $2,000, $10,000 in Tournament of Champions Kermin Fleming Jeopardy!2004 College Champion, $5,000 on Ultimate Jeopardy, $5,000 in Tournament of Champions Randy Huston Fear FactorWon $60,000 on a "Favorite Winners" special Brett Sloan Deal or No DealTook the deak in round seven Michelle Kitt Weakest LinkFirst female winner, first $100,000+ winner George Takei Wanna Bet?Played for Japanese American National Museum Leland Yung BlockbustersUndefeated champion Heba Salama The Biggest Loser: Series SixReunion winner, also won RV with Ed. Natalie Steele Super PasswordToC winner Eddie Rickowski Hollywood SquaresSeason 4 five-day winner Jeffrey Corcoran TPIR: MDSone bid: Harley Davidson Pinball Machine ($4395)
Secard Paris Spa ($6775, Coming or Going)
$1,000 from wheel
Motorcycle, Trip to Tahiti, Larson Ski Boat, Dodge Ram 1500SLT ($93,722)
Nancy Kuhn Wheel of Fortune$100,000 bonus winner Nico Martinez Jeopardy!2005 College Champion, $5,000 in Tournament of Champions Craig Piano The New Twenty-one Chloe McGlover Syndicated DealHad $5,000 Allan Lichtman Tic Tac Dough"Golden Dozen" Stephanie Johnson The Price is RightCelebrity Week DSW:
MacBook Air ($1,299)
$10,000 (Pay the Rent)
$1,000 at the wheel
$3K Beverly Hills Shopping Spree Trip to Manhattan for Fashion Week Mercedes C250 Sport Sedan ($51,108)
Four BMW bicycles, Orlando. 2012 Jeep Patriot Sport CVT FWD ($30,939) Felecity Hale TPIR: MDS #16One-bid: Yamaha Digital Grand Piano ($3,120), $10,000 from Big Wheel, Home Gym, Brass Bed, Cadillac XLR ($90,239) Guy Woodson Hollywood Squares2002 Friday Finals Heba Salama The Biggest Loser: Families$100,000 runner up prize, $3,000 bonus, also won RV with Ed Karen _____ Wheel of FortuneTwo cars, Friday finalist Hope Holm Winning Lines14 answers on Wonderwall. Shi-Ann Huang Survivor$17,500 Thailand $85,000 All-Stars Todd Truly Russian RouletteTop winner Al Winchell Russian RouletteFirst $100K winner on GSN original, finished Killer Questions with :22 left Maria Laye Russian RouletteFirst $100K winner of second season, one in six safe zones Vince Tolliver Wheel of FortuneThree day champion John Stefan Bingo America Jason Richards Jeopardy!2005- four wins plus $2,000 consolation prize Maris Brunson ParanoiaCombines home and studio winnings Daniel Gruskin Weakest LinkHalloween Special Richard Ramirez Deal or No Deal Tom and Brian Collins Wheel of FortuneFamily Week: Two Buick Enclaves Cynthia Robbins Hollywood SquaresDouble or Nothing Format Kathi Fitzgerald
Terry Halpin
Michael Harwood
Denise Noyes
Dan Avila
Matt Feeley
Nancy Neff
Steve Boyd
Tom Spencer
Roseann Avolio
Amy Low
Pam Peck
John Vile
Stan Greenfield
John Sharpe
Melissa Donohue (TV Week)
Anne Boyd
Lena Bouris
Christing Merritt
Adam Pinson Who Wants to be a Millionaire?12 right Bengt Pedersen
Wayne Forester
Michael Koehn
Judi Stauber
Devin McMahon
Chris Smith Super Millionaire John Hurst and Elvira Cho
Elika Preston and Matthew Zimmerman
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?Play To Pay For Your Wedding, season three David Wieland
Sarah Badics Who Wants to be a Millionaire?Play To Pay For Your Wedding, 2004 Steve Borzoni
Linda Hendrick
Valerie Thatcher
Mark Coyle
Rafael Rivera Million Dollar Password>tr> Jim Jividen ESPN's Two Minute DrillRanked #6, won two complete games Jimmy and Zuly Pumariega Take the Money and Run Teresa Lee Street SmartsTournament Winner Jeffrey Gouda Super Greed Sandy Dicey,
Howard Brenner,
,Brian Noonan,
Alex Newman,
Jerry Kernian,
Mike Levin
Mike Watts
John Kotch
Mitch Bravo
Emma Danoff
Steve Nadel
Heather Couperis
Penny Ridgeway
Laizer Gould
Michael Berman
Julie McCormick Greed Joe Coffey
Fred Ives
Eric Kaplan
Jack Merker
Pat Chialtas
Carol Klein
Karen Newsome
Margaret Robinson $100,000 Name that Tune Stephanie Threlkeld,
John Grossman,
John Sheahan,
David Jones The New Twenty-One Larry Toffler,
John Massey,
Mike Wallace,
Richard Wainer,
Todd Yastel That 70s Greed Craig Powers All-American Ultra QuizGrand Champion John Hawksley Battle of the Child GeniusesRunner-up Clay Sellers
Deborah Basset
Larry Redding
Lakisha Livingston
Josh Arnold Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?Answered 7 questions correctly Kelly Wiglesworth SurvivorRunner-up, won last five challenges Kim Johnson Survivor: AfricaRunner-up Neleh Dennis Survivor: MarquesasRunner-up Clay Jordan Survivor: ThailandRunner-up Twila Tanner Survivor: ThailandRunner-up Katie Gallagher SurvivorRunner-up, Palau Alicia Calaway Survivor$20,000 Australia $80,000 All-Stars Dave Fioravanti
Pete Thomas
Jim Jermanakos
Gerry Hayes The Biggest LoserReunion consolation winners Josh Souza Big BrotherRunner-up, 2000 season Ryan Wolf Boot CampLost The Gauntlet 7-6 George Ortuzar
Christie Youssef
Ray Hernandez
Ellen Valinotti
Michael Greenland
Paul Schon
Curtis Frank
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