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Growing the Great Pumpkin

24 May 98: We received the seeds from Erik Lacitis Columnist Seattle Times. The seeds are Dill's Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds from Windsor Nova Scotia.
30 May 98: Planted the seeds inside in peat pots and put them in the garden window to grow.
15 June 98: Click here for large photo Tested the PH of the soil 6.5. Planted 2 of the plants in the garden.
23 July 98: Click here for large photo Been feeding with Miracle Grow starting to set flowers.
10 Aug 98: With two vines growing selected three pumpkins to grow two one one wine and one on the other. Still feeding with Miracle Grow twice weekly.
10 Sept 98: PumpkinThis is the largest of my three pumpkins. The circumference of this pumpkin is 53.5". It is starting to get colder at night now, with sunset about 8:00PM in Seattle. Feeding with Miracle Grow three times a week.

1999 Pumpkin Update

For 1999 had bad luck the weather stayed cold too long and my plants are dead. Plan on trying next year.


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Last updated July 21, 1999