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First day home for Dusty

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Hi! My name is Dusty and I am a purebred Beagle. When I came home on Friday July 17th I found my new home has three cats Tyson, Duke and Harooo (Bandit), a bird (blue) and two Iguanas. The big Iguana, Zeech is scared of me and I am of Her. I have a prison (kennel) outside and I don't like it much. I hope they don't make me sleep out there!!

Photo of Dusty and Tyson It is now July 31th and I have been home for two weeks and yes they are making me sleep in the kennel. You see me here with Tyson in my kennel. I am starting to learn to play fetch (sometimes I bring back the toy) and go for walks. On the July 28th I went to the vet and got a shot (I was good) the Vet gave me a treat to eat.

It's December and there are lights on the house and a tree inside. I keep hearing something about going to the Vet again (I like the vet) I going to get neutered that can't be bad can it?

Bye for now Dusty.

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October 29, 1999


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