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Gorsha Family Photo Album

The Thumbnail Pictures Below Are All ImageLinks to Larger Pictures of the Frank Gorsha, Sr. Family
1906 Frank Gorsha Wedding GroupFrank Gorsha and Josephine Russ Wedding Party on October 1, 1906 in Gilbert, MN. Is that Ignais Russ with the accordian?
Frank & Josephine Gorsha in about 1907Frank and Josephine (Russ) Gorsha in about 1907
1913 John & Frank Gorsha CommunionJohn and Frank Gorsha First Holy Communion with their father, Frank Gorsha, Sr., in about 1913
7 Gorsha Brothers in about 1921Seven Gorsha Brothers in about 1921. Back Row: Joe, John, Frank, Front Row: Stan, Lou, Hank, Tony
4 Gorsha Brothers in about 1921". . . we were rough and ready guys, . . ." Four Gorsha Brothers: Stan, Tony, Lou and Hank in about 1926 on the front porch of the family home in Maple Heights, Ohio
ClassroomThe original photo in its mounting looks older, but with the bird names on the blackboard in English, is that John Knaus at the far left with the rabbit?

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