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Lose Your Fear of Fundraising!

Do You Hate To Ask For Money?

Most organizations are quite capable when recruiting volunteers. Churches always have devoted members with a strong sense of mission, and groups which minister to the less fortunate have the passion of true dedication. All these folks are marvelous volunteers. However, mention the word "fundraising", and they head for the exits! Just what IS this fear of asking for money--and how do some very successful fundraisers overcome it so easily?

Let's start with this: Most volunteers are no strangers to the concept of "sales", and many are actually successful professional salespeople. However, because there is no immediate or promised exchange of product or service for the money they receive, volunteers usually perceive fundraising as "begging". Further, the language of fundraising--"gifts", "donors", "charity", etc. supports these misconceptions and reinforces volunteers' feelings that they appear to be asking for money for themselves--which they would never do.

On the other hand, everyone seems to know a volunteer who is not only willing to ask for money, but actually finds some satisfaction in this process! In addition, this person is usually very successful at fundraising. These folks are not necessarily more intelligent, more powerful, or more aggressive than the rest of us. They quite simply have an attitude--an approach to the task--that almost assures their success.

What do they know that will bring you and your fundraising campaign the same success? Learn the seven great secrets of successful fundraising in this basic booklet, and everyone will think you're a fundraising genius! Order a copy for yourself, as a fundraising volunteer, or as a sample for your organization to review. Churches and other religious groups, social service agencies, health agencies, and other nonprofit organizations may order supplies of this wonderfully helpful booklet "Successful Fundraising Techniques" in quantity at a substantial discount.


Here's how to order this really helpful booklet. Send US$5.00 (includes first class return postage), Canada US$6, all others US$7. Ask for the "fundraising" booklet. Make your check payable to Robert E. Harrison, CFRE and mail to 2125 West 15th Street, Port Angeles, WA 98363. Generous discounts given on quantity orders!


You'll Love It!