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My Virtual Photo Album and cyber memorial for Diamound

Diamounds Memorial page

These are some pictures of Diamound and I Diamound is my little girl who was born on Nov 9, 1998 and went to be with our lord Nov 9 , 1998 nine hours later.

Diamound was born with a diaphramic herina know one knew she had any kind of complications until she was born, the hospital were she was born had no means to take care of her, so Diamound and I were air lifted to another hospital, while mom was having her own diffculties tuff decission to make huh well not really, I knew my wife would want me to be with Diamound and I already had my mind made up to be with her.

Even I only had nine hours with her it was one of the greatest loves I ever felt, There was a lot of tears but I did not cry for awhile everyone did not know when I would but any-how, I am glad even know I only had nine hours it was awsome to get to know you in our own little way.

Honey I am very sorry the put you through all the xrays,shots of medicine,uck all the wireing I prayed they would just let you be in pice they would not I am sorry I was not strong enough, I try to get them to leave you alone they would not would not leave you alone dang them I am so sorry, but hay sweet heart we had the last fifteen minutes oh how did I pray for you sing to you even loudrer and harder and I thank you for being my daughter and giveing me a chance to know you, at least you are in a better place, a far better place then I could had offered you and trust me none love you as much as I still do, you know I still cry alot now even when I go and see you and bring you flowers.

I really wanted to show you a whole new world do new things with you teach you like I taught your brohter and sister and that still hurts me I will never get butterfly kisses or watch momma stick flowers in your hair, nor get to walk beside you on your frist pony ride, or hear you tell me Daddy please don't cry cause I love you every mornning and give you butterfly kisses at night, nor will I ever get to walk you down that aile when you get married, there are so much plans I had for us all but our lord had greater ones so you see honney you are already knew you were always sepcial from the day your were created in your mothers womb.

Here are some pics Of diamound and I, I am really sorry there are none of her and mom togather that really breaks my heart this is my wifes third girl that has passed away my first, we have two children Jaimi, Forrest, Jaimi is 5 and Forrest is two I put put this pic in two just so you can see what we all look like.

Oh and Diamound Daddy always will love you honney, My cup runneth over.

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We pray for all of you that have lost a little one or a big one just keep the faith things will get a little better in time there is hope.

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