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Light Tanker

These fire units are the main response vehicle used in our brigades at present for the quick containment of wild fires etc. They are a Toyota Landcruiser 4x4 6 cylinder diesel. It`s water capacity is 600 litres and is fitted with a Briggs & Stratton 12HP and Daw pump (max pressure 14 bars) it`s also equipped with draughting facilities. Turnout crew is a minimum of 2, maximum is 3 firemen. This vehicle is so versatile in getting to places where larger vehicles can not go, due to our sandy conditions here in Western Australia.


This is a 2.4 Multi-Purpose Tanker, used on the fire ground for containment of wild fires and in structural incidents. The 2.4`s are either Isuzu or Hino 9 ton 4x4 wheel drive trucks. It is fitted with a 2000 litre water tank. The pump is rear mounted with 2 live hose reels,the pump has a pumping capacity of 1400 litres per minute and like the fast attacks have draughting facilities . Crewing for this unit is a 6 member turnout , but can respond with as little as 3 crew members. With it`s use as a structural fire unit there is provision for C.A.B.A.(Breathing Apparatus) to be carried on board these vehicles.


This is the 3.4 Heavy Duty Tanker, it is also a unit used for control and containment of wild fire and structural incidents. The 3.4`s are 4x4 drive Isuzu or Hino 11 ton trucks equipped with a 3000 litre water tank. With a rear mounted pump and two live hose reels, it is capable of pumping 1400 litres per minute and can draught water from static water supplies. Like the 2.4 it has a crew turn out of 6, but can operate with a 3 member crew. This unit is capable of carrying breathing apparatus as well.


This vehicle type is similar to a rural 3.4 tanker. This unit is a Twin Cab Isuzu 9 ton flat top, it has a slide on, slide off tank and pump. The unit is a 2 wheel drive, and can come in 4x4 drive.The idea of the twin cab is for optimum protection for crews.