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By Sylvestor Fox
Corrections by Kev Blake

The opening sequence rolls as from the beginning. However, after the ship has sailed away, the title 'Lightspeed' appears over the starfield. After it fades, Concorde's computer-generated head floats up. As he speaks, his head drifts around the screen.

CONCORDE: This is an SOS distress call from -- Concorde's head hits the top of the screen with a hollow thonk.

CONCORDE: Ow! Um, (looks to screen left) where was I?

BUSTER'S VOICE: 'SOS distress call' ...

CONCORDE: Oh, yeah! (faces front) from the mining ship, Pink Dwarf. The crew are all dead. Every one.

BUSTER'S VOICE: What about me?

CONCORDE: Oh. Yeah, there's one left. Dave Buster. I locked him in suspended animation when everyone died, so he's the only crew left.

PLUCKER'S VOICE: And what am I, chopped liver?

BUSTER'S VOICE: More like dust.

CONCORDE: Oh, yeah, that's a hologram of his old bunkie, Arnold Plucker. That's it.


CONCORDE: Oh, forget it.

Concorde's head sinks off-screen.

INTERIOR: Pink Dwarf, corridor

Buster walks up to a food vending machine and hits the 'on' panel.


BUSTER: Hi. Buster, David.

MACHINE: Ah, Mr Bustew, siw! How can I hewp youw?

BUSTER: What's wrong with your voice?

MACHINE: My voice pwocessow has been cowwupted. Don't wowwy, the skuttews have been towld about this pwoblem.

BUSTER: Skutters?

MACHINE: Yes, skuttews.

BUSTER: Whatever. Gimme a carrot shake. The machine klunks. Buster reaches down and takes out what looks like a Chinese take-away.

BUSTER: You sure your voice recognition system's all right?

MACHINE: Sowwy, the skuttews know about that pwoblem too.

BUSTER: Never mind, I'll just go get something from my locker.

MACHINE: Thank you fow choosing Vend-O-Wama. Buster shrugs and walks down the corridor. A few metres later he is met by a jogging Plucker. Plucker jogs in place as he speaks with Buster.

PLUCKER: Well, well, hello there, Buster! What'cha got planned for today? No, let me guess. You're gonna loaf around the rest of the morning, lie around the afternoon, party all night, and sleep in tomorrow. If you weren't the last of the species I'd call you a disgrace to the species.

Plucker trots off.

BUSTER: Hi, Plucker.

INTERIOR: Mess hall

Plucker jogs in. PLUCKER: OK, and stop clock, Concorde. looks down at watch And I ran the 500 metres in 6:45 ... 6:53 ... 7:03 ... Concorde ... CONCORDE! Concorde appears on a monitor looking impatient. CONCORDE: What? PLUCKER: (holding watch arm up) I asked you to stop my stopwatch. CONCORDE: I'm busy. PLUCKER: No-ow ... CONCORDE: Plucker, this ship will break the speed of light in a few hours. I'm trying to navigate a ship the size of a small European country through speeds Einstein gave up contemplating. So you can turn off your own smegging watch, alright? PLUCKER: Listen, you over-inflated slide-rule, I am the highest-ranking crewman left on this crate, so when I give an order, you follow it. Capice? Now stop my watch, and preen my feathers. CONCORDE: Well, all right. Plucker becomes bald. PLUCKER: That's better. Plucker marches off. Concorde chuckles. INTERIOR: Bunks Buster is tossing odd things into storage trunks, while the Skunk looks through some photographs on the wall monitor. Buster sees the next one and smiles broadly. BUSTER: Oh, man, that one's when Steven Spielberg and I went out to Chez Expensive for lunch! We talked about all these great film ideas I had!

The Skunk looks at the photograph. It shows Steven Spielberg seated next to a 'normal' human, with Buster's head crudely superimposed on it. The Skunk shrugs and changes slides. This one shows Barky Marky on a lawn, with some rabbit's toes at the edge of the frame.

BUSTER: Ah, there's my dad. SKUNK: Zis is votre pere? BUSTER: Yeah, this is the best picture, I ever got of him. SKUNK: Eet does explain your mannairs eef zis creature was your fathair ... BUSTER: No, that's my dad, there, almost off the frame. Buster points to the toes. SKUNK: Zen vhat is zis think, zen? BUSTER: That was his dog. SKUNK: A 'dog'? BUSTER: Yeah. It's a pet. SKUNK: You 'people' are tres weird. The Skunk gets up to leave. Buster looks around, then notices a carrot lying on top of a table. He walks over to it. BUSTER: Hey, something's wrong here ... Buster picks it up, then raps it on the dresser a few times. On the third whack, it lights up. BUSTER: There. And they said this was a waste of money. Three million years later and it still works! That's craftsmanship. Buster sets the carrot light down and resumes placing his things in the chest. Plucker walks through the door. He is followed by the Skunk, staring at the still-plucked Plucker. Buster does not notice it yet, as he is concentrating on packing. PLUCKER: What's with him? BUSTER: Who? PLUCKER: Your skunk. He's following me, like I just painted a white stripe on my back. Buster looks up and sees Plucker. Somehow he keeps a straight face. BUSTER: It's your back, all right. And your front. And your sides. Buster points to a mirror. Plucker looks at it, and notices what Concorde did to him. PLUCKER: Wlaaaah! CONCORDE!!! CONCORDE!!! Concorde's head appears on the wall monitor. CONCORDE: (stilted somewhat) Hello. You have reached Concorde, the computer of the 'Pink Dwarf'. He is busy at the moment, so leave your message at the beep. Beep. PLUCKER: Hey, it's me. Remember? The poor duck you shaved and made the laughing stock of the entire ship? [turns back to Buster] And what are you looking at? BUSTER: Never mind me, I'm just packing for the trip back. PLUCKER: Wait a minute, why are you packing? BUSTER: I'm going back into suspended animation. Didn't Concorde tell you? PLUCKER: (pointing thumb at screen) We're not exactly on speaking terms right now. But why? BUSTER: Well, I kind'a figured, that since it'll take three million years to get back to Earth, I might as well take a little nap. PLUCKER: And what about me? What do you expect me to do, while you're sleeping? How do you expect me to stay sane for three million years alone? BUSTER: You might talk Concorde into giving your feathers back. Buster walks out of the room. Plucker follows him. INTERIOR: Bridge Buster walks in. Plucker follows, this time fully feathered. PLUCKER: Well, that took up what, four seconds?

BUSTER: Hey, I didn't think you'd take it this bad.

PLUCKER: Oh, no, I wouldn't mind being stuck by myself for three million years while you bung yourself away in your hidey-hole. I know, I'll read the paper. That should take care of a few thousand years. BUSTER: Try re-taking your officer's exams. You might actually pass them, before I'm out. PLUCKER: Har har. BUSTER: Hey, if it's that bad, just tell Concorde to turn you off. PLUCKER: Great. I spend my whole life striving for success, and what happens when I die? Clap on, clap off ... BUSTER: Why don't you just get over it? PLUCKER: Buster, I'm dead. D e a d. How do I get over that? It's not like some headache I can take an asprin for. BUSTER: Maybe when we get back, they can cure ya. PLUCKER: So what you want me to believe, is that mankind, assuming it still exists, and assuming Earth still exists, has in six million years, cured death, and that they can do something with a six million-year-old pile of dust. BUSTER: Will you stop whining about this? PLUCKER: Like you'd be any better if you were just a computer simulation. BUSTER: You're the same person you were before ya died! Same body, same personality, unfortunately... PLUCKER: Buster, if you were given the choice of either a corpse or a living person for a job, which would you take? BUSTER: Death isn't that big a handicap anymore. PLUCKER: Great, now I can't even get a handicapped parking space now. Not like I can drive a car anymore. BUSTER: Plucker, it's not just that. It's gonna take this thing 4000 years just to turn around! You can't just drive into someone's driveway when you're almost past lightspeed. PLUCKER: I see you've been reading up on 'Astronavigation for Dummies'. BUSTER: That doesn't make it untrue. PLUCKER: I know it's still true, you stupid hare! I've taken the astronavigation test eleven times! Thirteen, if you count the times I went mad. BUSTER: Listen, if you don't like it that much, just turn yourself off for the trip. PLUCKER: Like you'll turn me back on. BUSTER: Huh? PLUCKER: Fact: Concorde brought me back, since you were alone in deep space. Fact: When you're back on Earth, you won't be alone anymore. Conclusion: The hologram disk marked 'Plucker, Arnold'gets tucked away in a vault and forgotten. BUSTER: Ah, so you do think there's gonna be people on Earth? PLUCKER: Why do I even bother? BUSTER: Maybe you can think about that for a while. (walks to door, then smiles) See ya in three mil, Plucker. [exits]


[Buster is in the shower stall, singing slightly off-key.]

BUSTER: I miss the Earth so much, I miss my's lonely out in space...[camera aside] Hey, matches the show's theme. [resumes] On such a ti-i-i-I --

[The Pink Dwarf sails through space. It suddenly flashes the entire screen white, a loud bang goes off...then everything returns to normal.]

[Buster pokes a soaked rabbit head, out of the stall and yells to Concorde.]

BUSTER: Hey, Concorde!

CONCORDE: Um, yup?

BUSTER: What just happened?

CONCORDE: Um, we just broke the light barrier.

BUSTER: Weren't we supposed to do that later?

CONCORDE: We were going faster than I thought. [turns head to left] Whoa, close call.


CONCORDE: We almost hit a black hole Or a pothole. Never could tell the two apart.

BUSTER: You've got an IQ of 6000. Can't you steer?

CONCORDE: We're going faster than light, Buster. You know how, when you break the sound barrier you fly past something, then hear it? BUSTER: Yeah ... CONCORDE: Well, since we broke the light barrier, we fly past something, then see it. I mean, I have an IQ of 6000, but I literally can't see it coming! BUSTER: So, what should I do? CONCORDE: Just relax, I think I'm figuring this out. BUSTER: [shrugs] If you say so. [resuming shower and song] On such a ti-i-I-imeless flight ...

[The shower stops. Buster hops out of it and looks in a mirror as he towels himself off. His reflection, however, is yelling toward the doorframe. Buster stares at it as Plucker's reflection responds. The reflections hold an animated discussion. Buster then turns to the doorframe and yells.]

BUSTER: Plucker! Hey, Plucker!

[Plucker runs in.]

PLUCKER: Hey, what's going on?

BUSTER: Look, in the mirror! You see anything weird?

[Plucker looks. The image in the mirror is normal.]

PLUCKER: Yeah, I see a dead duck telling a screwy rabbit he's nuts.

BUSTER: No, not that! It was really weird?

PLUCKER: Like what?

BUSTER: Never mind.

PLUCKER: Listen, if you see anything else weird, that isn't there and you don't wanna tell me about, just yell hysterically and I'll run down here to insult you. Now shut up and give the dead some peace, will ya?

[Buster just shrugs.]

[The Skunk is pushing a cart full of items.]

SKUNK: Tip toe, into stasis, that's where I'll be, just tip toe, into stasis, avec moi!

[Buster, just wearing a towel he stole from a Holiday Inn, steps out and looks at the Skunk.]

BUSTER: What's with the U-Haul?

SKUNK: No gentleman would go anywhere weethout hees personal care items.

[Buster reaches into the bin and takes out some odd item.]

BUSTER: What is this?

SKUNK: Eeeu, just mah foot-fur massage/pedicure/trim kit.

BUSTER: I said pack light.

SKUNK: Is this not so?

BUSTER: Bare essentials.

SKUNK: Monsieur! Vous would have moi walk around een uncared-for feet?

BUSTER: Listen, when we get back to Earth, I'll get you some new fur-care stuff, OK?

SKUNK: Eeeeu ...

BUSTER: Just come on.

[Buster grabs the Skunk's wrist and drags him down the corridor.]

[Buster walks in, then yells back outside.]

BUSTER: Hey, Skunk, meet me in the suspended animation section in fifteen minutes.

SKUNK'S VOICE: [fading] Enough time for mah tail-brusheeng...

BUSTER: [shaking head] Skunks, always preening their fur.

[Plucker walks through the opposite door. Buster looks up and sees him.]

BUSTER: Hey, I've been giving this thing some thought...


BUSTER: This suspended animation thing...

PLUCKER: What'd I do?

[Buster blinks, and notices that Plucker is not speaking to him. Buster runs around Plucker trying to get his attention in the ensuing conversation, failing utterly.]

BUSTER: What'cha mean, 'What'd I do?'?

PLUCKER: Stop ranting.

BUSTER: I'm not ranting! I haven't ranted once this episode!

PLUCKER: Whatever. Listen, I've been in the bathroom, thinking, and...

[Plucker then sneers, again to the non-entity he is speaking to. Buster continues listening.]

PLUCKER: Of *course* holograms have to use the potty! Anyway...when you go into suspended animation, leave me on.

BUSTER: So, what'cha gonna do?

PLUCKER: Say what?


PLUCKER: Stop picking over my lines!

BUSTER: I didn't do anything!

PLUCKER: Those carrots must've finally rotted your mind. [camera aside] What little there was to begin with.

BUSTER: Hey, don't dish the carrots!

PLUCKER: Listen, Buster, you look into the future. I'm gonna go tell the skutters to get you a nice padded suspended animation chamber.

[Plucker turns on his heel and walks out the near door. Buster watches this, not noticing another Plucker entering from the far door. Buster turns, muttering.]

BUSTER: Daffy old hologra-a-a-a- ...

[Buster's jaw drops, as he sees this Plucker.]

BUSTER: Hey! What'd you do that for?


BUSTER: You just left and came back again!

PLUCKER: [talking to Buster now] What'd I do?

BUSTER: I swear you just left here!

PLUCKER: Stop ranting.

BUSTER: Listen, I'm tellin' ya, you just pulled a Droopy Double!

PLUCKER: Whatever. Listen, I've been in the bathroom, thinking, and...

BUSTER: Wait, holograms have to use the potty?

[Plucker sneers at Buster.]

PLUCKER: Of *course* holograms have to use the potty! Anyway... when you go into suspended animation, leave me on.

[Buster blinks as he recognises Plucker's last sentence.]

BUSTER: Wait a minute, you just said that!

PLUCKER: Say what?

BUSTER: You said that, too!

PLUCKER: Stop picking over my lines!

BUSTER: This is a big instant replay!

PLUCKER: Those carrots must've finally rotted your mind. [camera aside] What little there was to begin with.

BUSTER: Plucker, ya gotta believe me -- I saw you saying all this stuff before!

PLUCKER: Listen, Buster, you look into the future. I'm gonna go tell the skutters to get you a nice padded suspended animation chamber.

[Plucker turns on his heel and walks out the near door. Buster waits a few moments, waiting for another Plucker to walk through the door. When none appears, he rushes after the (dearly) departed Plucker.]

[Buster catches up to Plucker.]

BUSTER: Won't you listen to me?

PLUCKER: Listen, Buster, you couldn't get Pinky to believe that cockamemie story of yours.


[Before Buster can respond, the Skunk screams in pain and runs past. His fur is singed, smouldering, and on end, as if he was electrocuted.]

SKUNK: Mon fur! Mon belle fur! Eet took *ages* to get it comme ca!

[He runs past, ignoring Plucker and Buster. They watch, then run to where the Skunk came out, their quarters.]

[The Skunk is reading a novel, while his tail sits under a hair-dryer. He looks up and removes his reading glasses politely as Buster and Plucker run in.]

SKUNK: Bon soir, mes amis!

PLUCKER: Wait, didn't you just run out the corridor screaming?

SKUNK: [thoughtfully] Eeeu ... eef I 'ave, I do not remembair eet.

BUSTER: Y'know, this might have something to do with lightspeed.

PLUCKER: What makes you say that?

BUSTER: This guy.

[Buster yanks the writer in, obliviously clicking away at a keyboard. He tosses him back off-screen, resulting in a crash and a slight 'Ow'.]

PLUCKER: Hey, Concorde!

BUSTER: I'm tellin' ya, it's this lightspeed thing.

PLUCKER: [mockingly, to Buster] Hi, Concorde. How's your digital beak, hmmm?

BUSTER: Bet ya five bucks.


[Concorde appears on the room's monitor.]

CONCORDE: [imitating Lurch] You yelled?

PLUCKER: What's going on?

CONCORDE: Not much, just a normal day. You?

PLUCKER: I'm not asking how your day went, I wanna know what's going on, on this ship!

CONCORDE: Look around you, then. See ya.

PLUCKER: Get back on that screen!

CONCORDE: Now what?

PLUCKER: Read my bill.

CONCORDE: Like what?

BUSTER: Like me, seeing Plucker's future.

CONCORDE: Oh, that stuff. It's Future echoes.


CONCORDE: We're going faster than light, right? So, we're catching up to future events. We're seeing them, before we get to them.

PLUCKER: Try dumbing it down a notch or two.

BUSTER: Or in Plucker's case, a notch or several billion.

[Plucker sneers at Buster again, as Concorde shrugs as best as a hovering head can.]

CONCORDE: It's like clairvoyance, only all scientific-like.

PLUCKER: Gee, thanks.

BUSTER: So, sometime in the future, the Skunk's gonna get zapped?

SKUNK: Pardon?

CONCORDE: Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup.

PLUCKER: Great. How long's this gonna last?

CONCORDE: Oh, just until I've slowed us down from lightspeed.

BUSTER: When's that?

CONCORDE: After the episode's done.

BUSTER and PLUCKER: Figures.

SKUNK: Ah, monsieurs, I, as you say, am not go-eeng to be electrocuted. Eet would ru-een mon fur. [gets up, fluffs tail, then looks down] Que les?

[Buster and Plucker go over and check. POV Buster as he picks it up: a photograph of himself holding two babies, and hamming up the camera. Resume shot.]

BUSTER: Hey, look...

PLUCKER: [mockingly] Awww, you're gonna be a da-da!

BUSTER: How'm I gonna get two babies?

PLUCKER: [leering] Lemme watch, when ya do, OK?

[Buster spins into a Road Rovers' uniform, his blue fur close to that of Exile.]

BUSTER: [imitating Exile] Don't be a weird-duck.

[Buster, now normal, walks down the corridor. Two of the ship's skutters, service robots that look like bending desk lamps with a three-fingered claw replacing the bulb and mounted on a moving base, meet him bearing signs: 'Don't make us stay with Plucker!' and 'Free us from the green thing!' Buster sighs and pats one on the 'head'.]

BUSTER: Sorry, chums. I gotta do this. It's the only way.

[The skutters droop.]

BUSTER: It's not that bad. Really.

[A skutter holds up a sign: 'Liar'.]

BUSTER: OK, it really is that bad. But --

[The entire ship is rocked by a massive explosion.]

BUSTER: Isn't it always the same? Ya try to get ready for a nap, but something happens.

[Plucker runs into the corridor. The skutters see him and flee. Plucker ignores this.]

PLUCKER: Buster! Buster!


PLUCKER: I just saw you blown to atoms!

BUSTER: Say what?

PLUCKER: It was a future echo. You're gonna be blasted!

BUSTER: How bad was it?

PLUCKER: You know the small intestine?


PLUCKER: I emptied that, when I threw up.

BUSTER: That bad, huh?

PLUCKER: Um, Buster, you're not panicking.

BUSTER: Why should I?

PLUCKER: Well, there's the fact you're gonna die in the near future.

BUSTER: It can't be that close.

PLUCKER: You were wearing that shirt. With the same set of stains. Except for the blood, but that was put there.

BUSTER: You're sure?

PLUCKER: I'm sure that was your wallet, that got driven half a metre in the wall.

BUSTER: [panicking] I'm not ready! I'm too young to die!

PLUCKER: So was I!

BUSTER: Wait... you said I was wearing this shirt?


BUSTER: Fine, then, I won't wear it anymore.

[Buster pulls off his shirt.]

PLUCKER: You can't change the future!

BUSTER: *This* coming from a Spielberg employee?

PLUCKER: It's already will have happened. It will have already has...... um, hold on...

[Plucker takes out his script and looks it over, Buster reading over his shoulder.]

BUSTER: I'd hate to have to say *that* line.

[Plucker turns the page and shows it to Buster.]

PLUCKER: Just look at your reply.

[Buster's eyes bulge out.]

BUSTER: OK, let's just skip on to this part.

[Plucker looks down, nods, and puts away the script.]

BUSTER: If we can stop the skunk from electrocuting himself, we can stop the future!

[Buster rushes down the hall.]

PLUCKER: It's not gonna wo-ork!

[The skunk now has his head covered with the dryer. Buster runs in and sees it. Melodramatic zoom up to Buster's face.]


[Buster lunges at the still-surprised Skunk, knocking him out of the chair and to the floor. The Skunk stands up, quite annoyed.]

SKUNK: Monsieur! Explainez-vous yourself!

BUSTER: If you don't get electrocuted, I don't get blown up?


BUSTER: It's causality.

SKUNK: [sighing] Fooleesh rabbit... I need a snack.

[The Skunk picks up the carrot from the dresser. Buster blinks, then realizes that it is his carrot light, but unlit again. Before he can do anything, the Skunk bites down hard on it and is zapped. He screams and rushes out smouldering, past Plucker who just walks in. Plucker sneers and starts humming a funeral march.]

BUSTER: It's sick how you're gloating.

PLUCKER: 'Death isn't such a big handicap anymore'!

BUSTER: Ha ha.

PLUCKER: Anything you'd like on your tombstone? Or, considering what's left, your trashcan lid?

[Concorde's head appears on the monitor.]

CONCORDE: Um, Buster?


CONCORDE: Could you come up to the bridge for a bit?


CONCORDE: If you don't, the ship'll blow up.

PLUCKER: Yeah, you died on the bridge.

BUSTER: [sighing resignedly] Well... see ya in the next life.

PLUCKER: This *is* my next life.

BUSTER: Whatever.

[One of the control stations is smoking, emitting sparks, and generally running up the special effects budget. Buster walks in the door and is addressed by Concorde again.]

CONCORDE: See that burning control station?


CONCORDE: You need to turn it off, or it'll blow up.

BUSTER: Great. How do I do that?

CONCORDE: See that red 'OFF' switch?


CONCORDE: Hit it. See that other red switch?

BUSTER: The one right next to the off switch?

CONCORDE: Yeah. Hit that one and it'll blow up.

BUSTER: They're exactly the same!

CONCORDE: We don't have a big props budget. Hurry up!

[Buster looks from one red switch to the other, not knowing which to hit. He scrunches up his eyes, screams, and dives at them. View from behind the console as Buster dives to its front, and presumably hits a switch.]

[Plucker strains to listen at the door, as the Skunk re-grooms his fur, grumbling.]

PLUCKER: Where's the 'Ka-BOOM!'? There's supposed to be a ship-shattering 'Ka-BOOM!'!

[The door opens and Buster walks through it and Plucker, then flops into his upper bunk, smiling broadly.]

BUSTER: Yes! I'm alive!

PLUCKER: Hey, it's not fair!


PLUCKER: You're supposed to be dead!


PLUCKER: You can't escape it, you know.

VOICE: Oh, yes he can!

[Buster and Plucker start at the voice, then search for its source. This turns out to be an old rabbit lying in Plucker's bunk. This rabbit looks like a very old Buster.]

PLUCKER: Hey, get outta my bed!

OLD BUSTER: Shut up, Plucker.

PLUCKER: Hey, if you're a future echo, how can ya tell me to shut up?

OLD BUSTER: Simple, smeg-head. I remember you saying that, back when you are. Listen, I'm a future echo.

BUSTER: What's it like?

OLD BUSTER: Boring, really. Anyway, I'm here to tell ya, that you don't die in that explosion Plucker saw.


OLD BUSTER: Pointless scene, really. I'm just explaining away a plot-hole. Seems that Plucker saw your son getting blown up.

BUSTER: I'm supposed to be relieved at this?

OLD BUSTER: By the way, just before he died he stole your wallet!

BUSTER: The git!

OLD BUSTER: That's how Plucker saw your wallet fly out of the rabbit-paste. Now get your camera and head down to sickbay so we can close all this time-loop stuff.


PLUCKER: Wait ... hey, Buster, do I ever become an officer?

BUSTER: He can't hear you!

PLUCKER: No, but *you* can, so you can tell me, when you're him, about me!

BUSTER: Gotcha.

[Buster gets his camera and dashes out. The old Buster then turns, to where he thinks Plucker is standing.]

PLUCKER: OK, tell me, do I become an officer?

OLD BUSTER: I just remembered ... Plucker wanted to know if he ever became an officer ...

PLUCKER: Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me!

[The old Buster thinks for a moment, then smirks.]

OLD BUSTER: Nah, it's a surprise.

[The old Buster laughs. Plucker fumes, then storms out down the corridor. The Skunk shrugs.]

SKUNK: Weird people, non?

OLD BUSTER: Ya got that right.

[The old Buster then fades.]

Corridor whirr and flash Camera PLUCKER: this? like show a end gonna We're

BUSTER: ya. See something. or senile go you're Guess FUTURE here? down me send I why Then took. Skunk the one was earlier, saw photo That chum. Sorry, children.] carrying not but older, slightly door, out walks Buster another Finally more. some waits And waits. nods, [Buster sons. your guy, old to According

CONCORDE: what? be, see's thing next So lightspeed. below we're as Soon stop? echoes these When'll Concorde! Yo, camera.] his up sets he Buster, catches [Plucker sickbay] outside

[Close-up of a photograph: Plucker stands smartly. Below it is Plucker's autograph, although above it in a different hand reads: 'To Buster, from a total smeg-head'.]

[End credits roll.]

A weird story deserves an obsure picture....JUST what kind of fan flic was that!!! I wonder what cross over it was ment to be with (eg star trek and discworld) any ideas??
ps an odd picture for an odd story