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written by Minarvia
Edited by Cyber Bat

This contains many BABYLON 5 references and American ones as well. That is because it is written by an American.

As one of my favourite characters from Babylon 5 would say that is Captain Sheridan.

"My God stand between you and all of the dark places that you must walk in."

Babylon 5 and all related things are copy write to TNT, PTEN, WB, and JMS. Red Dwarf and all related things are copy write to the BBC and Grant Naylor. The rest of the story is copy write to me, Minarvia.

**** Into the Breach

In the depths of hyperspace the Vortex was moving at its cruising speed despite the tides and pulls that hyperspace had. This ship moves right pass them without trouble, because the ship had a lock on signal on one of the local hyperspace beacons. In was heading toward a destination that the captain of the ship knew of.

Speaking of the captain of this ship, she was a human female, that was standing in the main view center of the ship looking at the view that was given to her through the used of holographic technology. McGurland had always thought that holograms and the technology behind it was a waste of time. Because one couldn't touch the thing, but despite that it possible to get an actual detail account on things.

Seeing this, her point of view was changing toward it, no outside monitors never could do this good as this display did for her. She heard about this before, but she never images anything like this before.

Then she heard a noise in the background and she turned around to see it. She was also confused by this because one couldn't hurt oneself on something that was holographic because it was only light. In fact holographic technology was one of the few technologies that was harmless unless one didn't like light and it one was a hologram. If that was right about that person then she would have to do a little talk to this person about this.
"Oh, bloody hell!" Yelled a person with an English accent.
With that she knew who it was, it was Mark Cole, second in command of security of this ship. With that result, she made a little simile at that.

Second after that he walked through the holographic view screen with his hand over his head.

"So why are you here?!" Asked McGurland.

"Two things, one we are about to reach our destination and two it is about the size of the walls, especially the one here. I kept on hitting it and I don't know why I think that I have a magnet in my head that make doors or me jump out at them," answered Cole.

"If that is the truth, then that so called 'magnet' in your head is very specify," said McGurland.

"Why?" He asked.

"This is the only place in that entire ship were you hit your head on," answered McGurland. Then she turned back to the view screen. " I can understand you annoying me for telling about the destination point, but about you hitting your head all of the time only in this place."

Cole looks at the screen. " This!? You fine this interesting? This is as much interesting as reading a technical manual for a calculator, and what is so technical about that? You just push a couple of buttons to get an answer for a math question."

"Nothing really, if you come to think about it unless you think that pushing a button is technical. The depressing thing is, Mark, some people actually do fine that interesting," answered McGurland.

" You are right about that," said Cole. " So when do plan to leave?"

"If you don't mind I would like to leave right now, or oh that a problem for you right how?" Asked McGurland.

"Oh it is fine with me," answered Cole.

With that the two of them walk out of the room and as they were doing that the view screen went off-line. They walk out of there and just like before Cole hit his head on the wall one more time.

In normal space, a local jump gate open up and out of the vortex of wrapped space, the Vortex herself came out of there. The ship scrapes one of the arms of the jump gate. Then the Vortex moved to where another ship was at, but it wasn't a Minbari War cruiser, it was a White Star class gunboat waiting for them to come to them. When they did they sent out a Minbari shuttle the ship, the ship docked with the Vortex, and after that the White Star jump out, back into hyperspace.

The Vortex herself did the same, but not with used of a jump gate, but with a jump point, McGurland didn't want to scrape the top of the ship again. She was didn't know how long the paint of the ship would how out after being constantly scrape and she didn't know how long the arms of the jump gate would last. She didn't want to pay for either for she didn't have the credits to cover it.

Back in hyperspace, the Vortex, was back on track, to portal the Rim, but she had one more thing to do and she wasn't looking forward doing it, it was to meet the two new people of this ship. When that was done she could go back to normal, what was normal on this ship, nothing.

She walks out of her quarter and she was joined by Alyt Zemor, the two of them greeted each other by bowing to each other. With that the two of them walk onward through the hallways of the ship. While they were doing that G'Lan came onto the place by tripping onto something and the only way that he could avoid from falling down was to jump around until he maintain his balance, which he did.

"You always know how to make an entrance, G'Lan," said McGurland.

"I must agree with that. The mighty Narn Regime, soldiers, ships, and guns, the only thing that you can't conquer is your own two feet," said Zemor.

G'Lan just glance at him, but Zemor ignore him as McGurland took the lead of the group. As the group was walking, Zemor's rode got caught on an exposed corner and because of that he trip. Unlike G'Lan he fell onto the floor in front of G'Lan.

Seeing that G'Lan was about to say something to him about how might his people were and the only thing that they can't conquer was their clothing. Before he could do that Zemor told him not to do that to him.

McGurland turn around to see what up and she saw what happen to Alyt Zemor. It was funny seeing that, seeing Zemor on the floor seconds after he rip up G'Lan for tripping on his own two feet while walking down the halls of the ship.

"Oh, this is cute," said McGurland. " G'Lan I didn't know that Zemor was your type. If he is and if do continue this relationship. I won't ask about it and I wouldn't talk about this thing that you are having right now." Hearing that G'Lan got up from that and place himself at a safe distance from Zemor and let McGurland straight this little thing mess out.

"Thank, Captain, I think that I will be permanently scar from you saying that and I can hear the crew say whenever they see me 'there go G'Lan's Whore'," said Zemor.

"Lighten up, Zemor I was just joking up and you should of seem what it look like from my point of view with my sick mine. Come on, me, I see one person lay out on the floor and the other one lending over him. Now if he was on top of you," said McGurland. Zemor put his hand ups." I don't need to know about how your mind works. I think saw and hear move that is necessary to get the large picture of now you think. Now can you help me get up." He turn to G'Lan, " No comments from you either, I don't need to hear it from you as well."

G'Lan put his hands up. " I wasn't going to say anything about this."

"It's called the big picture and yes I will help you get up from this thing," said McGurland.

So Zemor put his hand out to McGurland's hand and use her as a brace to pull himself up. While he was doing that a piece of his rode-like uniform went under his foot and with all of the force that was under the only thing, that it could do was ripped. Ripped it did, it took the entire front side of his uniform off. McGurland looked at him with a surprise look on her face.

"What?" He asked with a confused look on his face.

McGurland still had the surprise look on her face, but she used her finger to point downward. Zemor did that for her and that he saw what she saw, his face full with embarrassment, he grade the piece of toned clothe. Then he put it over the exposed spots as best as he could do and turn around.

G'Lan saw that and his face beamed with joy at that. " Oh, Zemor, get it to me to be baby. You know that you want to, don't deny it you really, really, really want me, I am 200 pounds of Narn waiting to fulfil all of your needs and wants."

Zemor didn't do anything at that he could take it so he walk away from him. Then he ran into Shal.

Shal look at him. " Oh, not tonight, I am busy. Now if you really want to do that, Saturday night, I'm free for your taking."

With that Zemor growled at that and walk off from the three of them with a look of disgust on his face.

McGurland look at her. " He didn't enjoy that."

"I know that is the reason why I did that to him," said Shal. "Oh, Shal you are going to get it when he come back," said McGurland.

"That why I plan not to be here when he comes back. You know that thing around here are weird," said Shal.

"What do you mean? I didn't notice anything wired around here, we scrape the top of the jump gate that normal. I have to talk to Engisen Osborne about that, tell her to watch out the next time when we used a jump gate. We only have a certain amount of armor on this ship and I don't want to paid for the extra armour on our next supply drop-offs," said McGurland.

"Let her paid for it and was why is the command staff is in one place. That is normally a sign of trouble," said Shal.

"Let Osborne paid for the extra armor, ha! She doesn’t have enough credits to armor the privates of a eunuch. No the command staff is here to get two new members of the crew," answered McGurland.

"You don't sound like you are happy about that," said Shal.

"No I don't and I want to get this done as fast as a woman to a video store that has just release the movie Titanic," said McGurland.

With that Shal walk away from her and with that she got a strange felling about herself. She couldn't explain it and she smell the air with that she knew it. Somebody had cut the cheese and the cheese was a type of blue cheeses.

G'Lan walks up to her and the smell got more worst.

"What's up, Captain?" Asked G'Lan.

" I got a strange felling and a bad smell," said McGurland.

" Sorry that was me," said G'Lan.

"Man, what did you eat?" Asked McGurland.

"Triple Cheesecake with a scope of ice cream on it," said G'Lan.

"G'Lan! You know that you are lactose and you don't get along why did you eat it if you knew that was going to happen to you," asked McGurland.

"I don't know and how will you get the people here to this ship?" Asked G'Lan.

"Not with you for the first and the second I don't know. Welcome to the Vortex, please enjoy your stay, dosen't sound good," answered McGurland.

"Yes welcome to the Vortex sounds like a thing that the Centuari would used during..." said G'Lan.

"Oh no don't tell me," said McGurland.

"It isn't that, man you got a sick mind, Captain. I can't believe that a person with a mind like that is in command of a War Cruiser like this hey what about saying it in the Minbari tongue," said G'Lan.

" I wonder that myself and I won't say it because it sound like a cat couching up a hairball. The last time that I did that I mispronounced the vor in vortex," said McGurland.

"What did you say?" He asked.

"Vertex, that isn't even a bad word in English," said G'Lan.

"Well not in the English version of it, but in the Warrior Caste it means something," said McGurland with a bit disgust in her voice about that thing that happen in her past.

" I can tell by your voice you didn't like what happen after you said that," said G'Lan.

"You right after I said Vertex to the three Minbari Warrior Caste jump onto me trying to have sex with me," said McGurland to him. " Apparently vertex means to sex feast and I didn't know that Minbari were like that. Well they were young male go I shouldn't blame then for acting like that when I said that," said McGurland.

"Was it good?" Asked G'Lan.

McGurland was still wrapped up justify their actions and then it hit her what he asked her. She turned back at him. "G'Lan! How you even ask about that? No it wasn't good and they didn't get anywhere because I cold-cock all of the square in the head."

"Oh I didn't even know that you were so attached in the mind of the other sex," said G'Lan.

"I'm not and how did sex get into this conversation? We are 25 light-years away from the closest outpost of either are own race on board the most adavangte cruiser in space. We should be taking about space and space travel, not this," said McGurland.

G'Lan put his hands up in the air. " You are right about this that we should."

"Fine," said McGurland.

"Right let's go and meet our new crew," said G'Lan.

"Agree," said McGurland.

The two of them walk to be they would meet the two new people and they did. When they did it was fifteen minutes of protoll, greeting, telling humor full stories about themselves and what happen in the past. G'Lan showed that they were enjoy it, they didn't and the only thing that they wanted was to get out of there and get back to ship operation. Which itself was a boring job, but anything would be better that this.

It ended for G'Lan and McGurland. To show their pleasure about that they sat down at one the tables in the mess halls of the ship.

"It is to bad that this ship is Minbari and Minbari can't drink alcohol drinks, well they can, but that is only if you want them to be mad. That is something that I truly don't want on this ship," said McGurland.

"Why?" Asked G'Lan.

"Because after that I really need a drink, I don't care how small it is as long as it is alcohol, I need something to take the edge off of that," said McGurland.

G'Lan got up from the table and wall off from her.

McGurland look at him. " Great just great. I talk about having a drink here, and you walk off just like that. Just my luck, well if I can't have a drink to take the edge off I will have to go and tend to the Vortex, at least that can help me." Then she slide herself off the table and when she got off of the table she lost her balance. Like Zemor and G'Lan she tripped over her own two feet, but she didn't fell on her face, she fell on her butt.

She got up quickly and look around to see if there was anybody around her. There wasn't so she walk off from there and when she did she ran right into G'Lan. Breaking the glass that he had and spilling whatever was in there on both of them.

"Oh frag. I didn't know about that," said McGurland.

" You shouldn't of, I was to surprise you about that. Now I see that my surprise is all over your uniform right now," said G'Lan.

McGurland look down at her uniform and she saw it. " You right you know and all rights I should be angry at you for doing that to me, but surprising I am not. I don't why, G'Lan and be happy for that, for this dose not happen often with me."

G'Lan was confuses by this strange words that McGurland has put together at this event that happen to her. She was right about one thing he would be angry with her if she did that to him, but the only difference would be is how he would react to it.

McGurland looked at her watch and she saw that it was late. "

Well, G'Lan it is late and I need sleep for the next day because we are back out on the Rim, again. Time to go back to guard again, time to have fun and time to blow things up again. Good night G'Lan."

Then she walks out of there to get sleep and G'Lan did that same as well as much as the rest of the crew. Despite that, the Vortex still moved through hyperspace with the help of the other crew.

The Vortex jump out of hyperspace through a jump point and when the jump point close behind then when they were fully out of the vortex.

McGurland was on the bridge of the ship standing with her arms crossed her body. She was ready to announce to the crew about being back on the Rim again.

"We are back on the Rim again and like before there are three rules that you must live by if you want to live here. One, always be on guard for anything no matter how small it is. Two, know who are your friends and foes are, and three never be afraid to ask question about anything," said McGurland.

"Sir, we are picking something up that is ahead of us," said Lonell.

McGurland walk up to see what she was looking at and she saw it. "Skylark what is that thing?" Asked McGurland.

"You are asking him about this? That computer system can't even get out of a paper bag that is wet, with one side that is rip out," said Lonell.

"You right about that," said McGurland.

Lonell has a shug look on her face.

"But at least he dosen't complain like you do about anything and everything on almost everyday," said McGurland.

With that, her look was gone just like that. "That thing out there is like a jump point," said Skylark.

McGurland just rolled her eyes at that. " Ah, that is a general term, I need something more specific, I need to know what type of it is and what it can do to this ship."

"I can't tell you that," answered Skylark.

"What! What can you tell me and whey can't you tell me that?" Asked McGurland.

"I can't because I haven't experience it yet and I can tell that it is white and we are heading toward it right now," he said. Hearing that she went to her screen and saw that he was right about that. "Why didn't you tell me that?"

"You didn't ask," he said.

"Yes I did," she said.

"No you didn't you ask me what type of and what it can do to the ship that all," he said.

McGurland was about to say something to that, but then she reminded that. He was right about that. A thing that scare her. "How long?" She asked.

"10 seconds," answered Osborne.

McGurland look around. " Great."

The Vortex enters the thing that was like a jump point. Red Dwarf, a six-mile long ship, made it way through space and on board the ship the crew was busy with ship operations. In one of the cargo bays there was a series of boxes up in a triangle shape. On the top was David Lister on an industrial size-backing pan. He was ready to slide down the boxes. On the bottom of it was Rimmer, the Cat, and Kryten looking up at him with looks that range from being worry to compete disgust at what he was about to do on that thing.

"I have a real bad felling about this," said Rimmer.

"I don't have a bad felling, I know that this thing is bad, man. One the boxes are all different colors. Look he is using an earth tone color with a neon-based color. The only thing that this can mean, we call E Fashion Emergency," said the Cat.

"Mr. Lister, Sir this appears to be an unsafe combination, applying a frictionless substance to the button of a cooking tureen and using it to drive yourself across the floor," said Kryten.

Hearing that the Cat was confuses by that. "What?"

"He is using oil on the boxes and the floor to make it easier to move across the floor. He also put shorten on the boxes as well. Kryten can't you say anything in simple words that even Listy can understand," said Rimmer.

"What are you saying?" Asked the Cat again.

Rimmer looks at the Cat and saw that he had cotton balls in his ears. He pull them out hard so hard that he pull out some of the Cat's hair. The Cat let out a yell that was heard outside of the ship and broke the glass of a ship that was about 100 light years away from them.

Seeing that and having no idea what was on Cat's hair, he being to shake his hand to get it off of his hand. He couldn't no matter how much he tired to get it off.

"Cat I have a question about your hair," said Rimmer.

"What is it?" He answered.

"How much things to you put in your hair?" He asked still trying to get Cat's hair off his head.

"Hey look at this, goalpost head is asking me for advice for hair. So what is it? Now to kept it under control under windy con-."

"No! Not that you over grow hair ball vending machine! I want to know what you put in your hair because it is sticking to me like a piece of roll paper and no matter what I do I can't seem to get ride of it," he said.

"Sounds like you some time," said the Cat. He walks over and took the hair off Rimmer's hand. " It is Ultra Super Hold Grip 2000 your Hair Will Stay Put no Matter What Gel, that was in my hair. It claims that the more force that is put on it the more it will stay in place."

"Oh I will reminder that the last time I touch your hair again." Said Rimmer who notice that he had the gel still on his hand do the only thing that he could so was wipe the stuff off on any part of his uniform. In doing that he had a stain on his jacket.

"Now look what me do you petty over grow litter box lover. I have stain here, now I will have to get this change," said Rimmer.

He was walking backward facing the Cat and not Lister who has just release himself. He was heading down the boxes and before anybody could tell Rimmer what was up he was hit by the plate. With that he was on board with Lister for the ride on that thing, racing through the halls of Red Dwarf screaming out loud.

"Nice job, brilliant plan," said Rimmer.

Lister didn't say anything his eyes were fixed at something that was in front of him.

"David, do you hear me?" He asked.

Lister picks ups his finger and pointed at something that heading to them.

Rimmer turn around and saw it, it was a wall. "Oh smeg!"

Cat and Kryten grin at the sound of them crashing into the wall.

"Oh that got to hurt," said the Cat.

Then Cat started to walk toward were Lister and Rimmer took off. "Cat I thought that you didn't like the two of them?" Asked Kryten.

"I'm not worry about them, I'm more worry about the ship to see if she could take that and see if the paint is still on wall, even if the paint is one of the most ugliness color that I have seen in my life," said Cat.

Rimmer look around and he saw that he was up against the wall with Lister on him. He looks at it and it didn't look good.

"Hey get off of me," he said.

He got nothing from him.

"Hey Listy it's time to get your bath and to entertain you during that is some Christian Rock Music," said Rimmer.

After that Lister shot up from the floor. " Don't even think it."

"I wouldn't, I just want to see if you were alive and unfortunately you are," said Rimmer.

"Thanks," he said. " I think that we have just found a new purpose for you, an airbag for if you won't on that thing I wouldn't be here talking about it."

With that the Cat and Kryten came up.

"Sirs are you all right?" Asked Kryten.

"Beside the fact that I was slammed up against the wall by Lister's ride I'm fine," said Rimmer.

"Just a headache, but me is fine," answered Lister.

"What do you expect? Hitting a hard-light hologram, a nice soft landing, no. You are lucky that you just got a headache," said Rimmer.

"Well that would be the only thing that you would get since there isn't anything in there to hit."

"Purple Alert," the voice of Holly fulls the air.

Rimmer put his hand on his face. " He is back isn't he?"

"No it isn't Ace Rimmer's ship it is a ship of unknown configuration," said Holly.

"Aliens!" Yelled Rimmer as he ran down the hall of the ship to the bridge of the ship.

The rest of the crew looks at each other.

"He hasn't say that in years," said Lister.

"Why? He is a hard-light hologram that can touch things why would he need aliens," asked Kryten.

"I don't know why he just did that," said Lister.

Then Lister, Kryten, and Cat walk down the hallway that Rimmer ran down the hallway.

On the bridge of the Red Dwarf, Rimmer, Lister, Kryten, Cat, and Kochanski were present looking at all of the screens and display that the ship had here.

"Hol, show is the ship," said Lister.

"You got it," she said and with a wink of her eye, the alien ship appeared as a thin vertical straight line. All of the crew looks at the thing.

"Oh smeg!" Said Lister.

"What?" Asked Kochanski.

"If I think what that thing is we should move away from it," said Lister.

"Why?" Asked Rimmer.

"Did you guys see that movie with that long black thing in it?" Asked Lister.

"Yes I did see 2001 and I didn't even understand it even after the third remake of the movie. I just didn't understand Dave going to that thing I wouldn't have done it. I would have just let that thing out there doing what it did before," said Rimmer.

"Do you think it is that thing?" Asked Lister who sounded scared.

"No, I don't and why? Because first that thing was black, that ship is blue," said Rimmer.

Blue, hey that is a good color, that is very flatting and that is the first ship that I seen who have a good fashion sense. What or ever built that ship I must meet to see what they wear," said the Cat. " To see if they are as fashionable as I am."

Rimmer looks at the ship one more time and knew what the ship was from.

"Cat, I bet you that ship as come from an American SF series," said Rimmer.

"How do you know?" Asked the Cat.

"American series, love to paid close attention to detail to their ships and sets, but do nothing to the plots expect a few but that is rare," answered Rimmer.

"Oh," said the Cat.

"If there are, they don't have even an once of intelligence and if they do they must be color blind," said Rimmer. " Fur more, Lister, that thing in 2001 was horizontal this thing is vertical so it wasn't the monlift from that movie," said Rimmer.

"What do we do?" Asked Lister.

"Wait until that ship get a little closer," said Rimmer.

"How close?" Asked Kochanski.

"Weapon range," said Rimmer.

On the Vortex, McGurland lifted her head and she look around the bridge. She saw that she was the only one who was up right now. She tried to get up from the floor and when she did she got a major headache from doing that.

"Oh God I feel like I just got my head got bashed by a chair," said McGurland. She turned around and saw that there was a chair that was broken." Oh I did."

She crawled across the bridge to check the rest of the crew and she saw that they were all alive the were just knock out by the that thing.

"Man I feel like I just experience New Year's Eve all over again," said Osborne.

McGurland look at her. " I thought that your New Year's Eve were safe and without any type of alcoholic drinks."

"I lied," she got up in her chair.

Lonell got up. " Is this the feeling that your humans get after drinking alcoholic drinks? If it is I don't want to drink that not because it is deadly to my race but I don't want to wake up feeling like I am in another incarnation over and over again."

"That how many people feel like after drinking, Lonell, trust me I know all to well," said McGurland as she got up to her chair. Waiting to maintain some sense of pride to herself.

Lonell was looking at her display. " Sir, we are picking up a ship."

"Yes, I confirmed it," said Osborne.

"Wait a minute, isn't there an order of events that we follow heading into a thing?" Asked McGurland who still had a confused look on her face.

Both Lonell and Osborne were just as confuses as McGurland was at this.

"If there is one, I didn't know about that," said Lonell.

"There are many things that you don't know about," said Osborne.

"Skylark can you give us are location?" Asked McGurland.

"We are about 50,000 kilometers from the nearest planet and 7,000,000 kilometers from that ship," answered Skylark.

"Not that your drunken foot loop, the extract location on a map," said McGurland.

"For that I would need a point of reference," answered Skylark.

"Like what?" Asked T'Lan.

"Well, like a map with a big red x on it that says ' You are here would be nice'," he answered with.

" I firmly think that before he was put into this ship, I think that were his IQ rating was held was kicked by two Drazi, one purple and other green fighting over the location of a chair," said T'Lan.

" I can't believe this, I'm loss, I'm disoriented with a computer with a fraging screw lost," said McGurland. " This can't get any worst."

" I got it," said Skylark.

"What, your mind?" Asked T'Lan.

"No I know were we are and why I would I," said Skylark.

"Oh nothing," said T'Lan.

"Where are we?" Asked Lonell.

"We are in another dimension that is three millions years in the future," said Skylark.

"I had to ask, didn't I," said McGurland.

"Now can we go to the ship?" Asked Osborne.

"Yeah, so we can blow it up!" Said T'Lan.

"No we first invest the ship to see if the ship is a threat or not and if it is we shot at it, if necessary we will blow the ship up. Reminder, not before I give the word," said McGurland.

"What happen if that ship is a threat?" Asked Lonell.

"Then we work with that ship because that ship is the only sign of life and I bet you they know about this place then we do," said McGurland. " By the way can you show me what that ship look like. I need to know what that ship look like before I make any more choices about what we are doing."

"Done," said Lonell as she waved her hand across her display panel.

With that holographic displays was put up and see saw the ship. It was a red dot across a nebula.

"Increases the view," said McGurland.

She did that for her and she saw the ship was more detail. She saw that the ship was a red box with a fan-like structure in front of the ship.

"Sir that ship has an unknown configuration to it, it is armed, but they haven't lock onto us, and the ship is six miles long by three miles high," said Lonell.

"What about the vector, is it coming to us?" She asked. "No it is just sitting there like a bunch of US Senators," said Lonell.

My bet doing the same that we are doing, trying to find out who are what we are and why we are here," said McGurland.

"What are they doing?" Asked Lister.

"It appears that they are just sitting there, Sir," said Kryten.

"Why? I would like to flaunt that a ship like that if I was the commanding officer of that ship," said the Cat.

"Holly, what can you tell about that ship?" Asked Kochanski.

"Well I can tell you that ship is three miles high and about two thousand meters across," said Holly.

Rimmer has a confused look on his face. " Holly, not to sound like I am arrogant."

"To late you always do," said Lister.

"But miles and meters aren't in the same type of measurement, you dingle berry!" Said Rimmer.

"I know, I just thought it would be easier for all you to get the point of view what the size of that ship. Well it is about four kilometres tall and about a kilometre long. It is armed but, I can't tell what they are armed with," answered Holly.

"Holly let's make this ship more interesting for them, let's invite them to come here," said Rimmer.

"What do you suggest we do hand a sign outside that ship that states 'Come here we would like to meet you'?" Asked Lister.

" I would have to say you are right, unfortunatly," said Rimmer. "Okay, Cat, I get the poster board, you get the markers," said Lister.

He got up and Rimmer pulled him down. " No, not like that, but I wouldn't mind seeing you and the Cat attempt to put up a three mile sign. We are going to make this ship look like that is abandon and when they get on we catch them."

"When do we do this?" Asked Kochanski.

"Right now if you don't mind," said Rimmer.

With that Holly winked and the lights went off. In the dark the crew got up from their seats. Since it was dark, everyone tripped on something or someone.

"Okay who is own my hair?" Asked the Cat.

"Hey Chris, we are in the dark want to...," Lister started.

"Dave if you talking to me I am over here," said Kochanski.

"If you are over there, then who I am talking to?" Asked Lister.

Lister got the answer by somebody snacking him on the side of his head. " Me!" Yelled Rimmer.

"Oh smeg!" Yelled Lister.

"'Oh smeg' is right. If you do that again I swear that I will do something to you, but I don't what it is yet," he said.

"Hey man I ask who is my hair, I feel like Crystal Gale caught in a revolving door," said the Cat.

"Sorry that was me," said Rimmer. He moved his hand up off of the Cat's hair.

"Can we put the light back on?" Asked Kochanski.

"No the only way that we can do that is with a timer," said Rimmer.

"And you don't have that with you right now?" Asked Lister.

"No I don't. Dose anybody have a torch or something so that we can see here," said Rimmer.

Unseen by them something tip over and head toward Lister. It hits him square on his head.

"What was that?" Asked Kochanski.

"I don't, but something hit me head," said Lister. " I look for it in the dark." He felt for it around the deck of the ship, he found it and look for the on off button, but he didn't know that he has the end with the light facing his face. He turns the thing on right in his face and he reacted to it. By jumping back from the light.

Seeing that Rimmer moved over to were Lister was at and he took the thing. " Hey, Listy, that is your first bright, even if has to fall down and hit you in your head."

"Let's go," said Rimmer.

Then the rest of the crew moves with Lister in the back of the group grading for spots.

On the Vortex, Lonell turned to McGurland.

"Sir, the power level on that ship went down to none," said Lonell.

" I see, that is something, I am taking a flyer to the ship," said McGurland.

"Which one?" Asked Lonell.

"The Telonn," answered McGurland.

"Why?" She asked.

"Don't you know, that my own personal flyer, she is also armed, and she can carry six people not counting the pilots," she said. "Who is going?" Asked Lonell.

"Me, Alyt Zemor, Talok, Sergeant Cole, Lt. Commander Lowell, and Shal," answered McGurland.

"Okay," said Lonell.

The Telonn launch from the Vortex into the blackness of space heading toward the Red Dwarf. That was being piloted by Shal. In the aft section of the ship, McGurland was sitting down in an atmospheric outfit as the well with the rest of the crew.

"So, Chris what you think you will fine here?" Asked McGurland.

" I don't know maybe we fine a space alien that ate the entire crew and all of us must defeat it or we may even fine a new species of life," answered Lowell.

"You know that is an element of a bad science fiction film," said McGurland.

"I think that he is having illusions of greatness again," said Cole.

"Well, this my point of view on this if you are going to have illusions of greatness you should go for the real big ones," said Lowell.

"What about you?" Asked McGurland.

"Me? Well I don't know what we will fine on that ship. All I know is that we will fine something even if we fine nothing, because nothing is something," said Zemor.

The rest of the crew looks at him with a dazed look on their faces.

"Come on, if you think about it nothing is something, let's get Skylark on this thing," said Zemor.

"Please, no. I don't need him right now. I don't need a computer that thing that Valen is a type of oil. No offence," said Lowell.

"None taken," said Zemor.

"It is a common mistake that any non-Minbari can make," said Zemor.

"He isn't even alive and because of that he isn't any of the race. And I believe this you are defending a computer that I think dosen't know what time is it," said Lowell.

"Chris, sometimes you don't even know what time it is either," said Cole.

Hearing that this was turning into an argument, McGurland got up from her seat and more to were Shal was at.

"Hello, Captain," said Shal. "What are you doing here?"

"I don't want to in there with them fighting about Skylark," said McGurland.

"What do you think about that?" She asked.

"Skylark is a AI and what I have said before about this still stands, that is that AI is way overrated," said McGurland. She turned her head toward the window and she saw the ship.

"Dam, that is a big ship! It is about as big as an Explorer-class ship," said a socked McGurland.

"It bigger that that type of ship," said Shal.

"I know we are going to have to rethink how to cover the ground on that ship," said McGurland. "Dock with the ship and I want this to be a gentle dock not the bottle rocket one you did before."

Shal nodded her head at hat and the Telonn move to one of the docking bays of the ship. When they enter the ship it scrapes the top of the ship. Then Shal landed the ship down on the floor of the ship.

"Give me the environment of the ship," ordered McGurland.

"It is breathable," said Shal.

"Okay," said McGurland. She opens the door to the rest of the crew.

"All right, people we have landed on this ship. The air is breathable, but I don't know the quaintly of it or what we will meet on this ship. We got a lot of ground to cover so we will be splitting up in groups," said McGurland.

Hearing that Cole reach for the PPG riffle that was no the floor.

"Mark what are you doing?" She asked.

"Getting the biggest, badest weapon that I can get before I go into this place," said Cole.

"Why?" She asked.

"So I can feel safe," he answered.

"Why I am not surprise by this," said McGurland. " Here are the teams, Zemor with me. Talok you are with Cole and Lowell you with Shal."

"What about the ship?" Asked Shal.

"We leave and the ship will be put in lock down. So let's go," said McGurland.

So the team grades their weapons and flashlights, they made their way out of the docking bay and into the halls of the ship. McGurland pass the flashlight around and see saw three different hallways, all of them in the dark.

"Okay, crew this is were we split up and come back here in about tow hours. Report what you find out and we will maintain radio silence. I don't want what could be on this ship to know that we are here," ordered McGurland.

"Ah, it to late that and how do we come back here? Since it is pitch black and you can't see your own hand," asked Lowell. He was moving his hand in all over the place and then he hit Cole in the face.

"Watch it next time and you did that on purpose!" Said Cole.

"See what I mean ," said Lowell.

"Set your homing beacons to the ship's location signal which is 99.2 megahertz," said McGurland.

Everyone did expect Shal.

"Captain," said Shal.

"What?" Asked McGurland.

"I picking something up, but I don't think that is the ship. It some type of music that is full with people that are winning and signing," said Shal.

"You pick up Lonell's stuff," answered Cole.

"No, that would be in Minbari and have some type of bell in it, this dose not. It is in human and the only thing that I hear is guitar music which isn't that good also," said Shal.

"That Country and Western Music, Shal, I can't even believe that they have that form of music still around. Let me have it," said McGurland.

Shal handed her homing beacon to her. McGurland heard it and jump back form it. Quickly she changed it and gives it back to Shal.

"Man who would listen to that has no taste or maybe even tone deaf. It sound like two cats mating while inside of a blender that is on," said McGurland.

"I agree," said Zemor, checking his ear," that is one of the worst sound that any sentie being can go through."

"No not really the worst thing is any song that is from Banney," said Lowell.

McGurland shivered at that thought.

"Got that," she points the flashlight down one hall. "Talok and Cole you do down there."

The two of them walk down there and then there was a hard smack that was heard in that area. The crew looks up and saw that Talok had hit her head on the ceiling of this ship.

"That is a pain that is going to last and leave a mark," she said.

Then she ducks and with Cole the two of them walk down the hall. After that Shal and Lowell went the center hall.

"Well, Zemor, it is time, let's go," said McGurland.

The two of them walk down it.

Shal and Lowell were busy walking through the hallway of this ship. Looking at all of the details that the ship had, or the lack of.

"Man whoever design this ship must of work on a real cheep budget," said Shal.

"Like a set designer for a show is from the BBC?" Asked Lowell. "Maybe," answered Shal.

Unseen by Shal, Lowell cocked his PPG and fired it. It shook everything around it including Shal. When it was over with, Shal walk back and hit Lowell on the side of his head.

"What?!" He asked.

Shal say nothing, but she wrested the PPG from his hand. "This." "Give me that," said Lowell.

"No, until you can handle it right, which could be ten years from now," said Shal.

"It will not, I can handle it right now. So please give me the PPG," said Lowell.

Shal put her hand up. " I heard something," she whispers. "What?" He asked.

Shal looked at him. "If I heard something, then I don't know what it is, all I know that I was a sound."

"What do we do?" Asked Lowell.

"I will take point," said Shal.

"And leave me in the back without a weapon. No I'll take point and you will be in the back," said Lowell.

"No, you know the deal about the person who leads, they get token out. I do it because I'm expendable you're not," said Shal.

"Wait I have a better idea we walk together down there," said Lowell.

"That good enough for me," said Shal.

So the two of them walk down the hall together.

Shal look on her left and then Lowell was gone. Seeing that Shal senses were heightening by that, for she knows that she was next one the hit list. She look downs at her robes and saw that it was caught up and something so she went down to fixes it. She did that and she got up with that she got the feeling that somebody was behind her. She was right about that, it was Rimmer, have some type of evil simile on his face.

Shal knew that the was only two ways to get out of this. One, that person would knock her outs and takes her somewhere. Two, she would knock that person out and she would go back to were the ship was at.

She made the choice to go for two. She made a fist and turn around hit the person behind her. Then she gives that person a swift kick on the side of him. Rimmer reacted to the force that was applied to him, but not the pain, because he was a hard-light hologram, that wasn't capable of felling pain.

He got back up from that and with that she saw him. She saw that he was dress in a blue jacket with a black H on his head. She didn't know what that was for or why that was there. That didn't stop her, she back up to get her a flying start to give her more force with the kick that is planing to do. She did that and he went down on the floor.

"That should be good enough to take him off," said Shal.

Then she saw that she was wrong about that, he got up again. "In Valen's name, this guy isn't human. Oh this is real great, how do I get myself into these things, I wish I knew. I should of stay in bed today," said Shal.

She heard another noise in back of her and she turn around to see what it was. She saw that it was a thing that was a machine thing. With that Rimmer hit Shal on the side of her face. Shal was a little disoriented by this, because Rimmer hit her again on the same side of her face.

"Oh I knew that I should of stay in bed today," she said and then she hit the floor.

Rimmer look at the thing, and it was the fist time that he was happy to have these things. " Thanks, Bob and reminder this is the first and only time that I am happy that you are here with me."

Bob showed his graduated to him and move away from them. Lister jumps out from the shadows to take a look at the two people that were on the floor.

"What do we do with them?" Asked Lister.

"Oh, I have horrible plans for them, Listy," said Rimmer.

"What? Read them your diary or show them painting of you. That would be enough to make me screen out load," said Lister.

"I will take them to Level 13," said Rimmer.

"'Level 13', we don't have a smegging Level 13. Rimmer are you becoming disalusional?" Asked Lister.

"Yes, we do and it was on a need to know basic and need to know that until now," said Rimmer.

"Rimmer, you are a bonehead," said Lister.

Rimmer pointed down to Shal. "No, I am not, that is a bonehead." "Okay, two down for more two more to go," said Lister.

With that Lister and Rimmer pick up Shal and Lowell up from the floor.

The samething happen with Talok and Cole, the only two lefts were Zemor and McGurland.

The two of the were walking in the hallway with Zemor holding the flashlight and McGurland taking the lead.

"Man this is going to take forever," said McGurland.

"I know," said Zemor. Then he moves the flashlight to a wall that had something on it.

"Did you fine something?" Asked McGurland.

"I think so, follow me," said Zemor. The two of them walk to it. They saw that it had dust on it.

"Apparently they don't clean here," said McGurland.

Zemor started to dust off the dust with this hand and the dust disffused in the air.

Seconds after that Zemor sneezed. The sneeze was loud and hard, so hard that Zemor fall back from the force of the sneeze. McGurland look up at him. " God bless you."

"Thanks," he said.

"I didn't know that Minbari have allergies," said McGurland.

"We do," he said.

"I bet that your is dust," said the captain.

"How could you guest?" Asked Zemor.

"Ah, that huge sneeze that you just had a second ago was a very good clue," said McGurland. She picked up something.

"What that?" He asked.

"It appears to be a dust buster," said McGurland. "Let's clean up that wall and see what is on the writing on the wall."

McGurland moved that dust buster across the wall and the dust was suck up by that thing. As they were doing that, they saw what was on it.

Zemor brought the flashlight up to the wall and the two of them saw what it was.

"'Careful, watch your step'," said Zemor.

"'Watch your step'?" Asked McGurland. Seconds after that she firugure something was up." "'Watch your step'!"

Before they could react to that the floor fall under then and because of that the two of them fall down into something. When that happen to them they yell out loud.

"Oh fraging hell! This just put the icing on my cake. Not only do I get zap into another world with a computer system that is totally nuts but I fall down a laundry chute into a place that I don't know about," said McGurland.

"You aren't happy about this?" Asked Zemor.

"No I not, how did you guest," said McGurland.

Zemor didn't say anything to this, he knew that she was not happy and he didn't want to go any further into her state of mind right now. If he did, he wasn't so sure about his safety with her right now.

As they two of them went down the tube they saw that what they were going to was well lit.

"As they saying goes, 'The writing is on the wall'," said McGurland.

They stop and because of that, the two of them went flying. Zemor stopped right before the bars, but McGurland didn't, she hit them hard.

"Next time I drive," she said and then she hit the floor just as hard when she hit the bars. Zemor bit down on his teeth. After that Zemor move to her and he saw that McGurland was on out cold on the floor. He looks around and saw that the rest of the crew was there as well.

"Shal," whisper Zemor.

Shal turned around. "What, they got you also. Well at least we are all here and we don't have to worry about looking through this ship finding each other."

"Always finding the positive point in all of the things," said Zemor.

"Yes I do, I do you expert me to survive our little Civil War when I was on the killing ground," said Shal.

"So what is up?" Asked Zemor.

"Nothing much, I have only seen one person, and I tell you Alyt, that person isn't human. I give him my best kicks, he fell down, but he got right back up again with no sings that I even hit him," said Shal.

"How Chris?" Asked Zemor.

Shal look at him. " He is fine, he got hit in the back of his head, that is all, but he is fine he will survive this if we get out this alive."

The two of them heard footfalls and with the two of them went down on the floor, closed their eyes and wait for the people to come in here. The two of them did this so they look like they were out cold.

The two of them heard them all talking about them and they both pick up five differences voices four of them were male and the other one was female. All of them expect two had English accents to them. He pick up about them in what they were talking about was the ship's name, then, and that is all because all of them were out. It was a start for all of them.

McGurland got up from the floor with her hand on her head. "Oh man, I got one killer headache. I feel like that I was in the Muti with a pair of Drazi that used me for a punching bag," she said.

"Welcome back to the land of the living, Captain," said Zemor.

McGurland look around the area, she saw where she was at and saw that she was still on the ship plus the rest of her group was here as well. "Man I am still on this ship. It wasn't a dream, it's a nightmare!"

"Calm down," said Zemor.

"'Calm down', look at we are in right now we are in other world on a ship that I have no idea what it's name is or how many people that we have to deal with right now and you tell me clam down I can't right now," said McGurland.

"We are a ship called the Red Dwarf and the crew I can guest has about five people on it and you were out for about two hours," said Zemor to her.

McGurland sign at hearing that. "You are right, out first enemy is fear and our second enemy is who is ever out there."

"You got that right," said Shal.

"They got you to," said McGurland.

"Yes they did and at least a put up a fight, poor Chris got hit in the back of the head, he didn't even have a change to put up a fight," said Shal.

"How do you feel?" Asked Zemor.

"How would you feel, if you hit medal pole at full force? Talking about getting your bell hit," answered McGurland.

Seconds after that all of them heard footfalls and they look up too see the people. They saw the people of this ship. In that Shal saw the person that knock her out.

"That him, In Valen's name, that him! Watch him," said Shal. McGurland took that piece of wisdom in stride.

"You are up?" Asked Rimmer.

"'Up'? That might be up to interruption. I still getting the cobwebs out of my head," said McGurland.

"Don't look at me," said Zemor.

"I'm not looking at you, well not yet," said Rimmer.

"Oh excess me, I didn't know," said Zemor.

"Now you know," said Rimmer. "Now with you are moving around and talking to me and to me that is good enough for me to think that you are 'up'. I would like to welcome you to Level 13 official this level doesn’t exist. "

McGurland wasn't impress by this for she had been around places that had levels that official won't real. "Unofficial levels, been there, done that, get the T-shirt back at my ship to prove that."

The blue jacket man nodded his head at one of the person that was with him. The black humoid got the job. He walks up to the cage and pull McGurland out of there. The next thing that she knew she was throw up against the wall by that person and that she had a gun right up on her neck.

"Well that is a new way to greet a person. Rip them from their cell, throw up against the wall and put a gun up to their face," she nodded her head, "Yes, definably a new way."

She heard the cock of the weapon. " Apparently you don't want us to be here on your ship. I am right?"

"Who are you? What are you doing here? And do have any clue how to get the rust stains that appear after you wash your cloths?" Asked Rimmer.

"Where do you want to start?" Asked McGurland.

"By saying who you are," said Rimmer.

"Well that is new, I thought that when you start you click onto the Start Button," said Shal.

Zemor, McGurland, and Rimmer look at her.

"No, that isn't the way that you start, if you do that like that are on a computer that is being run by Windows 95 or 98," said McGurland.

"Oh," said Shal.

Rimmer looked back at McGurland. "By saying who you are," he said.

"Okay, granted, but if I do that, I would like to know who are you? Why do you have the fraging h on your head, it is so fassonial unwise," said McGurland.

"Goalpost head he got that h on his head because he is a hologram," said Cat.

"Oh, that why. Nobody tells me anything until they want to or it is too late and that why when he hit me, I feel I was stunned by a trilliumary," said Shal.

Zemor look at him. "Like you would know that."

"Like you do," said Shal.

McGurland just rolled her eyes at that. She couldn't believe the two of them were fighting like that.

"Stop it you two. You sound like the two of you are marry. Now if you have plans to do so I would be happy to minister the service for the two of you. If you need to know my name is Shara McGurland, what is your?" Said McGurland.

"My name is Anorld Rimmer the other people around you are David Lister," said Rimmer.

Hearing that Lister did a half smile and wave to her. McGurland did the same to him.

"The one in front of you with the gun is Cat," he said.

With that Cat winged his body and did a full smile at her. "Hi there." He started to extend his hand to her to shake her hand.

"Cat! What do you think you are doing?" Asked Rimmer.

"I am about to shake hand with this person and if you need to know why. I will tell you why because she shows sings of having a type of fashion sense. To me is a sing of having intelligent and by the way she has a nice ass," answered the Cat.

"You can't because of Space Core Dective 27," said Rimmer.

"Sir, Space Core Dective 27 is "That no roads are not allow to be model after the Skykill Expressway," said Kryten.

"Not that one you..." started Kryten.

"Brick head," said McGurland.

"'Brick head'? Man, that is the best put down that you could think of? Even alphabet head can come up with better," said Cat.

"Cat, I can't because I am not use to put people down all of the time like you are. Now if you can teach me how to do that I would like to know how," said McGurland.

"No not one, 26. That states,' That no member of the Space Core should shake hands with a person that from a hostile group that could be a threat," said Rimmer. Who was pride of himself from doing that.

"Oh, no that isn't 26," said Kryten.

Rimmer face that had pride on it was gone and replace by anger. "What? Then what one is it?"

"227," answered Kryten.

"At least he got the 27 right that is more that I can get," said Shal. "You know my memory about things with numbers."

" I know. I reminder the last time you used numbers you program my shower for ice water that was from the Antic Ocean. I went into my shower and two seconds later I had an icicle hanging from my fighter. I felt like Jack Frost in training," said McGurland.

"You know me and conversations they just don't get along. It like Chris Lowell being in a glass store and not breaking anything," said Shal.

"Or you flying into a docking bay and not scaping the walls," said McGurland.

"By the way, the one that quote the Space Core Directives, is called Kryten, and the woman behind me is Christine Kochanski. McGurland bowed her head to them. She forgot that there was a gun near her head and she hit her head right in the same place were she hit her head on the metal bars.

"That smarts," she said. Then she fainted again.

Rimmer walked up to the Cat.

"What do you do?" He asked.

"Nothing man. She bowed down, hit her head on this gun and then she fainted," said the Cat. " I show you." He did the same thing that she did.

"I can see why," he said and he feels down toward the floor. Since his hair had that gel in his hair he bounced right back up from the floor.

Shal put her face in her hand. " I can't even believe that we got caught by this group of people."

"I can help you, if you want to. All I need is to is to be let off of this cell," said Zemor.

Rimmer looked at him. "Why should I. Why should trust an alien who female version hit me?"

"Hey, Rimmer, that is the only type of hitting that you will get from a female alien or human," said Lister.

"I trust him," said Kochanski.

"What? Why would you trust an alien dress like a monk with a heavy metal feedis with blade head that has a bone in it. It look like something that Star Trek would make up." Said Rimmer.

"First, I had Holly run a sensor sweep on that ship," said Kochanski.

"And she found something that was actually real," said Rimmer.

"Yes, she is did and she check to see if the sensors themselves were clean. Yes they were, we found out that ship is heavy armored, but hasn't lock onto us," said Kochanski.

"She is right about that. We won't lock on unless they are told to, the only sign that we might be firing is that we will open all of our gunports, but that is all," said Zemor.

"Why? Opening your gunports without the intent of firing at something, is so stupid. And I bet that type of action has coast you a couple of times," said Rimmer.

The Cat hit the floor again.

"Look at him. He is getting beat up by nobody and that is something. I haven't seen before because a flight at least involve two people," said Shal.

"I defiantly can't believe this, I need a new life," said Shal.

"Come on, one of your crew is getting beat up, don't you care about that," said Zemor.

Rimmer looked at him. "No, not really."

"No, not a new life, a new soul would be better," said Shal.

"Rimmer look, he is offering help. Now with all of the encounters that we had over the six years how many can you say wanted to help us?" Said Lister.

"One, the Legion, he give me a hard-light body don't you reminder, Listy," said Rimmer.

"Rimmer, you are even more of a smeghead than I thought you were when I first meet you. That Legion was all of us, so you help yourself become a hard-light hologram and I said us, not you. Now you think that you are us, but we are not you," said Lister.

"Of coarse not! How can that be possible? You are single and us are more than one. I can't even believe that there was a thing out there that was a combination of this crew on in Valen's name that must have been an ugly looking thing. I hope that I don't get that image in my mind. Please...," said Shal. She put her hands on her head to help stop it from coming to her, despite all of that she still get it in her mind. "It there and that image has been burned into my mind, thank you very much."

"Then none," said Rimmer.

"My point exactly. All of the times when we had encounters the things wanted to hurt, kept, dissected like bugs, play with us, and many more things that were unpleased to us. I trust him," said Lister.

"I do," said Kochanski.

"What about you, Kryten?" Asked Rimmer.

"I would agree with Chris and Dave, Sir," said Kryten.

"Fine, I let you go," said Rimmer. He opens the door for him and Zemor help the Cat. He put Cat down on the floor, he took a look at him and McGurland. He saw that they were alright.

Zemor got up from the floor. "Will, we know who you are all, but who don't know who all us are. Well let's start with McGurland, she is right about her name, but she didn't tell you that she is a captain, the captain of that ship. I am second in command of that ship, my name is Alyt Zemor, my race is called the Minbari."

Hearing that Rimmer stood to attention to him and gives him his style of saluting. For he knew that he was in the present of officers.

"At ease," said Zemor.

Rimmer did. "McGurland is a captain if I knew that about her. I would have treated her differently."

"Oh you would of still grade her out of the cell," said Shal.

"Yes, I would of, but I would of done it and not through her up against that wall," said Rimmer. " Who is the rest of your crew."

"Well, that female Minbari that hit you, her name is Shal and the human that is lay out on the floor is Chris Lowell. In the next cell, the human that is sitting is Sergeant Mark Cole second in change of security and the head of security is that alien called Talok," said Zemor.

"Can they be trusted?" Asked Lister.

"Yes, they wouldn't here unless McGurland and I trust them, we do," answered Zemor.

"If you are lying, I will have you lock in a room with Rimmer and he would tell his Risk story," said Lister.

"Understood," said Zemor.

In space the Vortex pull up along side of the Red Dwarf. McGurland was in one of the confess rooms of Red Dwarf were she told what happen to and Rimmer told what happen to them.

"So three millions years in the furture, lost, with a dead crew, what do you pass the time?" Asked McGurland.

Holly pops in one of the screens. "You will be surprise by the things that the crew thought of."

"With all of the free time they have here I can image. I should know I'm one of them," said McGurland.

Lister enters the room. "Well people I leaving."

"Where?" Asked Rimmer.

"That planet I heard that is beautiful you are all invited to come," said Lister. Then he walks off.

Rimmer got up and said something to him.

"Three millions years in the future in another dimension, who knew that I would be talking with a dead hologram with a mind of his own and a Cat before lunch. 'Welcome to the greatest trips' who knew how right they were," said McGurland.

A loud clashing sound fulls the area.

Holly just rolled her eyes. "Welcome to another wonderful day of the Red Dwarf."

McGurland just closed her eyes." This is going to be a long and painful rode ahead of me and my crew."

Pity I am not a fan of Babylon 5, I only saw 2 episodes and found them too confusing to follow….but it DOES have a great ships too.