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rated R (some scenes…well most scenes…might offend some readers..but then what do you expect from an R rated fanflic..<..>)

by anonymous (I'm not suprised)

The sky was bright blue, the ocean was a perfectly mixed blue/green that swayed calmly in the warm breeze and the sun was bright yellow. Everything was perfect. Lister walked down the small hill he stood on, to the golden yellow sand. He gazed across the beach to see a women layed face down on a towel sunbathing. The woman was clearly sunbathing completely nude but Lister couldn't see anything revealing since she was layed face down. All he could see was her perfectly firm buttocks.

He walked up to her and looked down at her great body for a minute before he finally said, "Hi Georgous" the women turned her face to see him without turning enough for him to get a good view of her. He didn't recognise her at all, she was quite good looking but something was wrong. "Hi Lister" said the unfamiliar face. No, it wasn't quite right just yet.

As he lifted the Artificial Reality cover from his face he went back to the programming console at the end of the AR room. He had spent hours working on this program and it was nearly finished just one or two little bugs to fix. He tapped a few buttons, altered a few sprites and changed a few scripts. It was done, there wasn't anything left unfinished he saved the finished program under the name "PARADISE" and put a triple password on it, he didn't want any of the others finding it. He sat back down in the AR chair and put the helmet on again.

Again he was stood on the top of the green hill that led to the perfectly programmed beach. He walked up to the naked sunbathing woman fingers with his fingers crossed. "Hi Gorgeous" he said again. She turned her face and looked at him, with a smile she said, "Hi Lister." Lister found himself staring at the beautiful face of Kochanski. He kneeled down next her and she rolled over onto her front. He looked down her body from her beautiful face, to her large firm breasts, to her black pussy and her slender legs. He layed down next to her and they embraced in a passionate kiss, they locked lips and exchanged tongues. With one hand around her back, he ran his other hand through her black hair. Then he fondled her breasts and teased her nipples with his fingers, still kissing her began to rub his finger back and forth across her pubic hair covered, pussy and he felt it getting all wet.

They separated and he undid his fly, he removed his already erect penis. Kochanski climbed on top of Lister and moved down so her head was at his penis. She moved in and began sucking, Lister smiled as he felt her tongue stroke tip as she moved back and forth sucking. He got so carried away in the pleasure that when he felt himself being overcome with the urge to come, he nearly forgot to stop her, but at the last minute he remembered and shouted "Stage 2."

Kochanski moved away from him and left him to cool down for a minute. She ran off into the sea and began to swim out to a small rock in the sea. Lister huridly removed his clothes falling over once or twice in the process. When he was naked he ran after her into the sea. The lead him to the small rock and she layed herself out on it covering the rock. He swam upto her to her,luckily the ocean floor arund the rock was only a few feet deep so he stood up. (It wasn't actually luck, it was good programming) He leant over in between her legs and began to lick her pussy. He couldn't believe how great the computer generated juices tasted, he heard gasp and gasp until she eventually orgasmed.

As he shouted "Stage 3" the landscape transformed. The beautiful sky turned into a white ceiling, the sea turned into a plush carpet. Next walls came out of the floor joining the carpet and the ceiling where they usually are and finally the rock turned into a four-poster bed with expensive silk linen.

Lister climbed off the floor and got on top of her. They kissed again and Lister decided the time was right and he put his erect penis into her. He moved in and out trying not to seem like the desperate pathetic man he was, he took comfort in the fact that since he was the last human alive there was no man alive less pathetic than him. He went in and out kissing her and fondling her breasts. As the pace got intense he felt that feeling of being overcome again. They both came at once, gasping in relief.

As he lay back staring at the ceiling thinking how great it would be if this were real, the ceiling began to ripple. Suddenly, he saw the image of Kochanski's face, she looked extremely pissed. "You are sick, I didn't think you were that desperate" she said in a stern voice. Lister panicky pulled the silk sheets over his naked body, "er....let me" he mumbled. "Don't bother" she said as her face rippled away.

Outside the AR Sim, Kochanski hit a button on the console and stormed out of the room. At the same time that Kochanski had hit the button, inside the AR unit, Lister found himself falling endlessly stark naked. All of the surroundings had vanished, the bed, the floor, the walls, everything. He realised Kochanski must have shut down the simulation. After a minute of falling in a panicking state, he realised he was being ridiculous and reached out into the real world and disengaged the AR sim. The helmet lifted from his face and he was relieved to see that Kochanski was gone. He stood up and with a great pain he dropped back into his seat. This time he removed the groinal attachment before standing up.