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Angelic Ethan's Memorial Page

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2-2-08 Loretta or Rick, please email me. Tell Bradley Gramma Mae LOVES him!!!!

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My name is Diane, better known as 'Gramma Mae'. Ethan is my grandson. His story is a tragic one. I hope to get a message out to everyone who has a baby. I hope Ethan's story brings tears to your eyes and an ache to your heart, and I hope you send this page to everyone you know. Maybe, just maybe, a life may be saved.

Ethan was born May 8, 1998 weighing 6 lbs, and was 19 inches long. Ethan was a happy baby. He loved the Toy Story movie, he would watch it every day. Now he lies in a grave with 'Woody', his toy story guy that his Grampa got him. Grampa doesn't get to buy him any more toys.

On 1-5-99, Grampa got a phone call from Ethan's Mommy, "Ethan's dead daddy", the sobs coming from deep within a Mother's soul. Let me tell you, it is a phone call you never want to receive!!

Please pass this message on

Kerrie (Ethan's Mommy) had gotten off work that night. She went into the bedroom to change her clothes. "I should check on Ethan", she thought, but he was sleeping and didn't want to wake him. Rick (Ethan's Daddy) was in the living room watching the news. Kerrie went to the bathroom and suddenly heard a terrifying scream, "Oh God, no...Oh God, no". Rushing into the living room, there lay Ethan. His crib sheet wrapped tightly around his little neck, his tiny body blue and lifeless. Kerrie picked up her perfect little boy, frantically patting him on the back saying, "breathe baby, breathe". 911 was called, neighbors tried CPR, the ambulance came.

Ethan like most babies, was active. He pulled his crib sheet off his bed, and somehow rolled around, got it around his neck and strangled(or suffocated) to [*See Update Below] death. His is not the first crib sheet death. Good Housekeeping magazine tells about 5 babies that died in 1998. There you will find a list of sheets that can withstand an 8 pound pull test and are considered "safe". Dateline told Marie Reen's Story!!! She also lost her son due to a crib sheet that didn't fit. She now manufactures full cover velcro sheets. BUY ONE!! A woman named Kimberly also lost her son due to a crib sheet that didn't fit. It was a Gerber sheet. She has sued the Gerber Company. I have had countless e-mails of near death, or close calls. Why are manufacturers making crib sheets that don't fit, that babies can pull off and die? Why do stores continue to carry unsafe bedding for our babies? Let me just ask you, "Do your crib sheets fit? Will your family be next?" With all my heart, I hope not.

I never held Ethan, talked to him, played with him, but I did love him A LOT and this is the worst hurt I could ever imagine. Fix those crib sheets, sew elastic to hold them on the mattress. Make a complete cover that slips over the mattress. Buy only the top five that Good Housekeeping has listed on their page. Don't put it off!!!! You see, I knew about the crib sheet deaths, I KNEW!!! I saw the Dateline program with Marie Reen after she and her family had lost little Jimmy. Before my 3 grandbabies were born. I planned on doing something about their sheets so it couldn't happen to one of them. But I put it off.

John got back from Oklahoma 1-12-99. This is Ethan's last picture, taken 2 hours before he died. Cute 'lil fella!! And I miss him!! Applet Image By Elizabeth.

Thank you very much to Danny Hahlbohm
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A memory page for our Little Angels that Jesus Loves. E-mail me to add your Angel.

Ethan's Memorial Fund was closed on 3-16-99. Total donations were $460.00 Our thanks to: Bonnie & Rich, Ron & Betty, Lilly B, Steven & Kristina, Lisa, all our friends and family!!! Special thanks to the anonymous donation of $200.00 that was paid directly to the funeral home.

There was also an article on Ethan's death and crib sheet safety in the January 11, 1999 issue of the Skagit Valley Herald.

Front page shows how we put elastic on my grandson Corbin's sheets so he couldn't pull them off.

Thank you everyone for your mail and support it is appreciated beyond words. A special thank you to Sonya, and my wonderful friend Bonnie!!!

Please go to Page Two for the rest of Ethan's Story.

Ethan's Webrings And Awards Page

*Update: 1-18-99
Ethan's death has been ruled
a "SIDS" death, with the crib sheet being
a contributing factor".
His crib sheet was wrapped
around his neck THREE times!!!
His was a Sudden Infant Death,
and the crib sheet caused it.
How many babies have died from SIDS
and yet had a 'contributing factor??
If you have a baby, SIDS is a MUST READ
site for you and your baby's caretakers!!!!
Please lets do all we can in memory
of all our little angels up in Heaven.
And keep the ones here safe!!!

9-28-2001 Another e-mail from a Gramma
In part it reads: "Initially we suspected
Brayden's death to have been by suffocation.
My daughter found him with his baby blanket
almost stuck to his face. It was one of those
heavy fleece blankets that you see for sporting
teams...only in this case it was teddy bears and
meant to be for an infant. We suspected this
blanket right away....we even held a hair dryer
right up to the blanket and little if any air
came through. But, a week after his death we
received the autopsy report saying he had not
suffocated, but had died of SIDS." (And,) "I am
writing to find out if you are aware of the
deaths of any other babies this way and if you
can put out the warning on your site that babies
are not to be put in their cribs with any
blankets if it can at all be helped.

Well Karla, and everyone, the warning is on the
site. It is recommended that you put your babies
to bed with just warm sleepers on. No blankets,
pillows, stuffed animals, no tiny blankets even.
Babies from age 4 months up to over 2 years old
have died because of all those items in their
cribs. I have not heard of any near misses nor
deaths because of bumper pads, but it has been
recommended not to use those either. I have had
countless e-mails of near misses from many, many
people. I have a list sent to me, of many deaths
attributed to sheets and blankets. Again, please
make your baby's crib a safe place to be.
Read about suffocation on the SIDS site. There
are two links below to the SIDS site.

Marie Reen sent me this.....
paul harvey who does a nationally
syndicated radio talk show spoke
about a study that british doctors
did they are reviewing all the
sids cases in england because of
possible other factors that were
involved apparently if any amount
of blood was found in a childs lungs
the child did not just stop breathing
there was something involved that
caused suffocation it came out in
IT'S IN VOLUME 52 PG 581 B-7 AND PG 553 B-4

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SIDS, suffocation, asphyxia, and sleeping position
Fifteen Points To Consider In Baby Cribs!
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